Days Short Recap Thursday, August 24, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Sloan woke up and told Eric that she had a dream that she lost the baby. Eric told her that she did lose the baby. EJ had a dream about the night his mother died. Ava screamed when she thought she saw Susan at Bayview. Harris wanted to know why she was screaming. Ava told him that Susan Banks came back from the dead. Harris assured her that she wasn’t seeing Susan. Ava wasn’t convinced because she told her to leave her alone. Marlena and Roman talked about Victor passing away. Marlena had a memory of Victor. They talked about Eric being engaged to Sloan. They weren’t happy about it. Sloan was heartbroken over losing her baby. Kala walked in to check on her, but she snapped at her. Sloan wanted to know why she lost her baby. Melinda snuck out of Li’s bed and started searching through his things. She found his phone and started to look through it when he woke up. He wanted to know what she was doing. He wanted to know why she was looking through his phone. She lied and made it seem like she was using her phone. He wanted to make love to her again, but she had to go to work. Kayla told Sloan that she had an auto immune disorder and that’s what caused her to miscarry. Sloan told Eric the disorder wasn’t why she lost her baby. She thought she was being punished for the decisions she made. He told her that wasn’t true, but she didn’t believe that. EJ talked to Nicole about the night Ava killed his mother. Ava continued to think that Susan was at Bayview. Ava told the woman that she didn’t mean to kill her. She demanded that Susan leave her alone. Harris told the lady to walk away from Ava. She didn’t think she would ever be okay because she still sees dead people. She didn’t think she would ever be well again.

EJ revealed to Nicole that he was having nightmares about Ava killing his mother. He felt like he was having them because he didn’t get revenge on her. Ava continued to tell Harris that she wasn’t getting any better. Eric wanted to know why Sloan was being punished. He wanted to know what she did. She said she did terrible things. Eric reminded her that she was trying to tell him something before she collapsed. Sloan was about to say something when Kayla returned with information about her disorder. Sloan wanted to know if she would be able to have another baby. Kayla said the treatment was curable. Nicole didn’t want EJ to get revenge on Ava. She thought he should try to let it go. He told her that she’s a threat to his family. Harris thought Ava should talk to Marlena, but she said she had a past with her. She told him about the things she did to Marlena. He said that he did things to Marlena too, but she was a good therapist. Melinda went to see Sloan at the hospital. She apologized for what happened. Sloan wasn’t sure if she meant that. Nicole continued to talk EJ out of going after Ava. He finally gave in and decided not to go after Ava anymore. Nicole had to go to the hospital pharmacy to pick up her prescription. Melinda told Sloan that her apology was sincere. Sloan didn’t care anymore since she lost her baby. She thought that Eric deserved the chance to be a father. She was going to tell Eric that he’s the father of Nicole’s baby. Melinda didn’t think she should do that.  Eric talked to Roman on the phone and told him that Sloan lost the baby. Nicole arrived and heard Eric’s news.

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