GH Short Recap Tuesday, September 12, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Jake and Charlotte go on their first date while Liz worries that Jake and Charlotte are too young to date.

Sonny tells Nina he knew he wasn’t going to jail because the FBI expected to find a shipment of illegal arms but what they found were a shipment of premium coffee beans used to make Corinthos coffee. Michael tells Sonny that he loves him and he is happy that he didn’t go to jail. Michael tells Sonny he is tired of being angry with him and he is ready to let go of the anger. Sonny reminds Michael that no matter what happens he will always love him.

Cody takes Sasha to a cabin Sam got for them. Cody helps Sasha detox from the drugs doctor Montague gave her. Gladys lies to Nina and tells her Cody kidnapped Sasha because he works for Dr. Montague.

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