GH Short Recap Tuesday, October 31, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Anna sublets Maxie’s apartment and calls Sonny to tell him she doesn’t need a bodyguard anymore because she feels safe in her new apartment. Sonny thinks Anna should keep the bodyguard until they find the person who is targeting her but, Anna thinks she needs her privacy.

Laura tells Cyrus he shouldn’t have come to her apartment uninvited. Laura tells Cyrus that if he wants to see her he should wait until she invites him to her apartment.

Laura asks Sonny to give Spencer advice if Spencer comes to talk to him.

Finn and Elizabeth go apple picking in order to bring home some apples for Aiden to make pies. Elizabeth paints some portraits of the Vermont scenery so she can remember her and Finn’s special weekend.

Valentin agrees to let Charlotte go trick or treating alone if she agrees to talk to Kevin. Charlotte overheard Valentin talking to Laura on the phone asking Laura if Kevin could see Charlotte right away because he is afraid she is troubled.

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