Y&R Short Recap Monday, February 20, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Daniel connects with Lucy, who gave him a bracelet. He’s committed to being a better father to her. Heather asks him to be careful with Lucy’s feelings. Lily drops by to see him, so he feels her in on Heather and Lucy’s impromptu visit. Daniel is upset that Heather and Lucy are leaving him again. Lily tries to give him a pep talk, but he decides that he doesn’t want to focus on the video game any more. Lily points out to him how successful the game will be; she doesn’t think he should give up.

Devon hires Christine to represent him in his case against Chancellor Industries. They go over some paperwork. Chris runs into Nate as she’s leaving (at the elevator), so he tries to find out why she was visiting Devon. She sidesteps his question and congratulates him on his job with Newman Media. Devon and Abby discuss the lawsuit. She worries about what personal toll this will take on him and his family.

Adam has a list of demands for Victor, including being CEO (instead of Victoria). He knows what Victor did, working with Kyle to get him out of Jabot. Victor refuses to replace her with Adam but has bigger plans for Adam. Adam gives him a 24-hour deadline.

Victoria tells a doubtful Nick that Tucker wants to sell his company to Newman. Nate lets them know what Audra did. Victoria thinks they should buy up all of Tucker’s debt so they’ll be in a better bargaining position. Nick doesn’t think that’s a good idea, but Victoria disagrees and thinks Victor will side with her. Later, Victoria fills Victor in on what’s going on with Tucker. They agree to buy up Tucker’s debts. Victoria gets a call and tells him, shocked, that someone else already took over Tucker’s company. They wonder who could have done it. She thinks it’s Devon, but Victor thinks this is someone else.

Tucker visits Ashley to show her how he’s changed, by selling his company. She’s shocked but knows that he’s having financial problems. She’s skeptical that he’s doing it for unselfish reasons. He gets annoyed that she doesn’t believe him. He gets a phone call, telling him that someone (not Newman) already bought up his debt. It bothers him that he doesn’t know who it is. Ashley tells him that she bought his debt and isn’t going to make things easy for him.

Chloe wants to celebrate with Sally at Society, but Sally can only worry about who the father of her baby is. Sally wants the baby to be Nick’s, not Adam’s. Sally is grateful to have a best friend like Chloe. Nick drops by, so Chloe leaves. Nick tries to make Sally feel better about worrying about the paternity test. Adam arrives, so they go to leave; things are very awkward. Nick and Sally go to the coffee house. Sally gets a text to let her know that the paternity test results are in.

Lily runs into Christine at the coffeehouse. Chris tells her that she’s representing Devon in his lawsuit. She wants them to come to an agreement, but Lily tells her that they tried that already. She phones Amanda to try to get her to come back, to defend CI from the lawsuit.

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