GH Short Recap Thursday, May 4, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Nina persuades Sonny to take a trip with her to forget about their problems for a little while. Nina wants to keep Sonny from finding out she tipped off the SEC about Carly and Drew. Sonny tells Nina that he thinks Ned called the SEC and if it is Ned he better brace himself.

Willow awakens and she and Michael must decide if she will stay in the hospital and fight for her life or go home to hospice care. Willow decides to stay in the hospital hoping that Drew will bring Liesl home to do the bone marrow transplant.

Jordan and Diane keep Robert from being arrested by the WSB. On the island, Laura drops the syringe with the pathogen since she can’t risk the lives of innocent people. Valentin continues to fight for his life as the pathogen ravages his body. Anna rescues Laura and Drew but Victor gets away with Liesl. Holly stops Victor from getting away with Liesl. Spencer, Trina, and Ace are about to get off the Haunted Star when Trina remembers she has to call Jordan to send reinforcements. Jordan tells Trina they have to get off the island because the WSB is sending drones to bomb the island.

Laura tells Anna where Valentin is and that Victor used him as a test subject for the pathogen. Curtis tells Laura they have to leave and find the others and get off the island. Laura sees a computer and tells Curtis they can’t leave yet because this computer is making the same sound that she heard years ago when Victor was working on the weather machine project.

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