GH Short Recap Friday, May 5, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Laura figures out that Victor is aiming the weather machine toward Port Charles to finish what his brother started in 1981. Laura remembers the code that she memorized in,1981″ to stop the computer program that runs the weather machine.

Holly fights with Victor and is able to free Liesl from his grasp and then Drew and Liesl head for the plane. Holly heads to find Valentin and Anna with the antidote to the pathogen that Liesl stole from Victor.

Willow’s condition worsens, and she makes Nina promise to let go of her vendetta against Carly.

Curtis calls Robert and tells him that Victor is on the Haunted Star with the pathogen. Robert gets the WSB to listen and they redirect the drone to the Haunted Star. Drew calls Willow and Michael to tell them he and Liesl will be home soon.

Spencer tells Trina to take Ace with her because he is going back to the Haunted Star to stop Victor from using the pathogen to hurt people. Spencer punches out Victor and takes the pathogen away from him. Trina finds Curtis and Laura to tell them Spencer is on the Haunted Star with Victor. Spencer sees the drone before the Haunted Star explodes as Curtis, Laura, and Trina watch the explosion from shore.

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