Days Short Recap Monday, April 10, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chad went to see Marlena and talked to her about Kate. Marlena told him about what happened with her. Marlena told him that the person who shot Kate was probably the one who kidnapped Kayla. He said the henchman could have been Thomas Banks. Marlena didn’t see Thomas there. She knew someone else was there. He was happy to know that she and Kayla were alive. He was about to leave when Stephanie arrived asking Marlena to hypnotize her. Kayla found Victor’s letter to her mother. Caroline never opened it. Kayla got emotional reading Victor’s letter. He apologized for not staying in Salem. He wanted to have a family with her, but he had to return to Greece. He wanted her to visit him so they could get married. Bo wasn’t happy about Steve touching him. He wanted to know how he was alive and why he was there. He also wanted to know why Bo was dressed like Shane. He lied to Steve and said he was on a case and wanted to get evidence. Bo was upset when Steve kept questioning him. Steve grabbed him and told him that he was looking for Thomas Banks since he had Kayla. He told Bo that Hope was there too. He was about to make a call when Bo snatched the phone from him.

Bo let Steve know that Thomas Banks didn’t take Kayla because he did. Steve wanted answers from him. Bo tried to leave, but Steve stopped him. Bo pulled out a switch blade. Steve knew he wouldn’t hurt him. Bo reminded him that he took one eye and has no problem taking the other one. He tries to stab him, but he grabbed the gun. Steve told him that he didn’t know what happened to him but he couldn’t erase their years of knowing each other. He told Bo that he would always be his closest friend. Bo was tired of listening to him so he knocked him out. Hope and Harris were at a tavern when they were approached by him. He was going to take them out with a bat. Hope showed her the story of Harris being exonerated. After she explained everything, Hope showed him a picture of Kayla and Thomas Banks. He wasn’t much help with Kayla and Thomas. Bo dragged Steve to the station. He had the police drag him so he could get arrested. Marlena put Stephanie under hypnosis. She remembered her phone call with Kayla. Stephanie remembered hearing her talk through static. Chad interrupted the conversation. Marlena had to bring her out of hypnosis. Chad apologized for ruining the session. Stephanie said she remembered hearing Victor Kiriakis. Kayla finished Victor’s letter. Bo returned to the prism with Steve. When Bo left the room. Steve looked surprised to see Kayla.

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