B&B Short Recap Monday, January 30, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Sheila listens in sadly while Bill asks Katie if she’ll get their family back together again if he turns Sheila in to the police. Katie agrees that they should put their son’s welfare first, but she won’t discuss getting back together. Sheila comes out, greets Katie warmly and kisses Bill. Katie insults Sheila, saying that she’s brainwashed Bill and lists her crimes. They argue. Katie doesn’t know how Bill can risk his own life with Sheila, since she shot her own child. Sheila sticks up for Bill, saying Katie doesn’t understand him. Bill stays quiet as he has been, lately. Katie keeps trying to reason with Bill, saying she won’t give up on him and will keep fighting for him. After Katie leaves, Sheila worries that Bill will fall for Katie again, so he knows that she overheard them. He swears that he just got caught up in the memories they had. He swears that what he had with Katie is nothing compared to what he has with Sheila and that he’s committed to her. They kiss. Sheila brings up Taylor’s shooting Bill, saying that it’s a shame Katie doesn’t know what Taylor did, so then she’d know that they’re not the only ones that have done something wrong.

Steffy and Hope discuss how crazy it is that Bill is with Sheila (and blackmailed Steffy to get her out of prison). Taylor drops by to visit and meets new executive Charlotte, who can’t believe that Sheila is out of jail. Taylor still wants to turn herself in to the police. Steffy and Hope don’t think it’s a good idea and might not even guarantee that Sheila will get locked up. Later, Katie visits Steffy to demand how Bill was able to blackmail her and Finn. Steffy won’t tell her. Katie is scared for Bill as well as for the rest of them. Taylor comes out and tells Katie that she’s the one who shot Bill.

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