GH Short Recap Monday, November 6, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Carly and Drew kiss because he just came home from prison. She fills him in on how that happened to get him out.

Chase brings Brook Lynn more chocolate bars after they ran out (for trick-or-treaters). They discuss how Tracy has treated her.

Laura tends to Ace after he was crying and woke her up. Esme comes in and they have a nice chat. Esme tells her that she and Ace need to move out to their own place (because it hurts her to be around Spencer). Laura understands. When Esme tells her about how most people treat her (due to her past), Laura tells her she loves her and to let go of the guilt.

Sam tells Dante that Danny was out with Charlotte and Jake, but both disappeared. Danny answers their questions.  Dante is called in to work for a shooting. Sam and Danny have a chat about Charlotte. Later, Dante phones to tell her that Anna shot Charlotte.

Charlotte goes through Anna’s trunk in her living room. She finds a flashlight, but it doesn’t work. Anna returns home to find that her apartment door is unlocked. She puts down her bags and draws her gun. She walks in and sees a figure and yells “Freeze!” The person turns and has something pointed at Anna, so Anna fires. She goes in. Just then, Jake runs up and yells Charlotte’s name. Waving him back, Anna goes in and uncovers the figure on the floor. To her horror, it’s Charlotte. Jake asks why she shot her, horrified, but she doesn’t answer. She goes into automatic mode and has Jake help her put a pillow under Charlotte’s feet, and she uses his costume on Charlotte’s wounds. She has Jake call 9-1-1. Dante arrives, and the EMT’s. They take Charlotte away. Valentin arrives and is upset. He’s told that she’s shot. He leaves with the EMT. Anna, still in shock, tells Dante what happened. She gives him her gun.

Elizabeth remarks to Finn that GH seems quiet for Halloween, but he warns her not to jinx it. Elizabeth worries about Jake after hearing about the shooting, but he arrives, along with Dante and Anna. Jake is very worried about Charlotte, who’s taken into surgery. Anna tries to explain that it was an accident, but Valentin can’t deal with that right now. He does tell Jake it’s not his fault when Jake blames himself. Dante takes Anna to the PCPD to give her formal statement.

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