Days Short Recap Tuesday, January 24, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abe went up to the hospital rooftop with John. John said he knows Marlena is up there looking down on him wanting him to get past this. He said he would never get past it. He asked how Abe was able to sleep in the empty bed without Lexie. Abe told him his children and grandchildren needed him. He said that would help John go on. He invited John to stay with him and Paulina. John said he needed to feel Marlena’s presence at home. Allie and Alex were at her apartment. She told how she saw Chanel and Johnny almost kiss. Alex said it was more innocent than she thought. He told her to trust them. He said he was talking from experience. Paulina went to see Stephanie. She brought food for Stephanie and Steve. Paulina said she needed her help. She told Stephanie about Sloan suing her. She asked if Alex could get information on Sloan. Stephanie said she would love to help, but she and Alex broke up. Stephanie told her what happened. Paulina said she agreed with her. Paulina said she could use Chad to help with the situation with Sloan. She said Alex might think Stephanie was doing it to get back at him. Stephanie said she didn’t care what he thought. Paulina told her not to dwell on not telling her mother goodbye. She said Stephanie would never heal. She said Stephanie should think about the happy times with Kayla.

Eric went to see Sloan. She was glad he didn’t bring Rachel. He told her Marlena was dead. Sloan asked why he wasn’t with his family or with someone he loves. He said he didn’t want a shoulder to cry on. She asked what he wanted. He kissed her. They had sex with each other. When she was finished, she asked if it helped. She said she wasn’t trying to push him away. She said it brought up memories of her mother. He apologized if he made her feel as if he was using her. She said he needed her. She said she wasn’t used to someone needing her. They talked about her lawsuit. He said her need for revenge was an obsession. Johnny asked Chanel what happened with her an Allie. She told him what happened. He said it was his fault. She said they both did it. He apologized for coming on to her. He said he would never do it again. They hugged each other. He stopped hugging her in case Allie saw them. Alex told Allie why Stephanie broke up with him. Allie said he made a stupid mistake, but he should be forgiven. He was glad that she had his back. Chanel walked in on them. Allie told her Alex offered a shoulder to cry on the same way Johnny did for her. Allie suggested that they have another threesome since Chanel was bored with her. Chanel said that wasn’t true. Allie said she wasn’t in the room. Marlena walked through white doors and didn’t know where she was. She called out to John. She heard Susan. She was glad to see Susan alive and well. Susan said she was well but not alive. Marlena wondered if she was dead too. Susan said she was. Marlena asked where Kate and Kayla were. Susan thought it was funny that Kate would be there. Susan told Marlena she was there to make sure she transitioned to the other side. After Marlena walked through the door, Susan’s eyes glowed yellow.

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