B&B Short Recap Wednesday, August 2, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Liam shows Steffy a video of Finn hugging his birth mother, Sheila, who has a history of being a dangerous person. Liam is concerned about the potential danger to their daughter Kelly. Steffy, however, remains surprisingly calm and defends Finn, her husband. Liam’s brother, Wyatt, questions Liam’s motives and whether he still has feelings for Steffy. Meanwhile, Sheila and Deacon discuss her actions in saving Kelly’s life, and Sheila hopes that this heroic act will lead to her being accepted into Finn’s life and family. When Steffy confronts Finn about the hug, he admits it happened, leading to a significant breach of trust in their relationship.

The story revolves around the tensions and suspicions surrounding Finn’s past with his birth mother and the impact it has on his relationship with Steffy and their daughter. The characters are grappling with complex emotions, trust issues, and past traumas. Sheila’s actions are seen as both heroic and potentially manipulative, adding further complications to the situation. Steffy and Finn’s relationship is put to the test as they confront their doubts and fears about their future together.

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