Days Short Recap Tuesday, June 13, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Megan went to see Li. She wanted to talk to him about the power struggle at DiMera. She said she wasn’t there because of EJ. She said she was there because of her. She said EJ was sweet, but he didn’t know how to be cutthroat. She reminded him that he pledged his loyalty to Gabi. She asked how he let someone use and betray him to keep him from getting what he wanted. She said his resentment would push him to want to work with her to take over the company. He said that wasn’t going to happen. She said her brothers could only go so far. She said she could move in different directions. She said Gabi was emotional and hotheaded. She said take Stefan away and she was knocked down. She said that was where Li came in. She said he should be thinking about getting revenge on Stefan. He refused to do it. She told him to think about it. EJ told Gabi and Stefan that Nicole was pregnant. Gabi said EJ would be free since he wouldn’t be at DiMera anymore. Gabi and Stefan told him they had Kristen on their side. EJ said he had Megan. They all argued over who was the worst sister. Gabi suggested that they stop arguing and work together because Kristen and Megan were working together. Stefan thought their marriage and Nicole’s baby should have them come together, but EJ wasn’t interested.

Sloan wanted to know what was wrong with Eric. She knew he wished he was the father of Nicole’s baby. He said it wasn’t about Nicole. He said he wanted to be a father. She suggested they have a baby together. He was shocked. She said they loved and were committed to each other. She said his kindness and love changed her. She said she wanted to give him something back. Xander went to the Kiriakis mansion. Bonnie went crazy when he was there. When he got close to her, she told him to stay away from her. He asked if she was still afraid of him because of the clown incident. She said she forgave him. She knew he wouldn’t do it again. She brought up Sarah while she was talking. He was hurt that she brought up Sarah and how she hated him. She said things changed. She said nothing was certain death and babies. She tried to leave, but he asked her why she was upset when he came in. She said she felt like she was getting a cold and didn’t want to infect him. He told her he was turning down Maggie’s job. He also told her he was involved with Chloe. Bonnie asked how involved they were. She said if he got involved with Chloe, it would hurt Sarah’s feelings. He didn’t believe her. She kept going on about Sarah. He ended up leaving.

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