GH Short Recap Tuesday, March 7, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

olly takes the home pregnancy test and tells TJ she isn’t pregnant. Molly and TJ have a talk and decide they want to have a baby.

Willow talks with Nina about how she is feeling and about the possible bone marrow transplant. Willow tells Nina she talked to her about her health because Liesl asked her to do so but she won’t talk to her about her kids.

Marshall and Curtis wait for the results of his genetic tests.

Mason lets Ava know that he knows she and Austin hid Nikolas’ body in the tack room Wyndamere and puts his phone number inside her phone. Mason demands that Ava answer her phone when he calls her.

Drew tells Carly that he is ready to take their relationship public because he is going to let Michael and Ned run ELQ.

Nina overhears Sonny and Olivia talking about the fact that Drew and Carly have to hide their relationship because Ned threatened to turn them in to the SEC.

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