Days Short Recap Thursday, January 19, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kristen asked Rachel if she wanted to leave town with her. Rachel wanted to know why her father wasn’t going with them. Kristen said they needed a time out. She said Rachel had to choose who she wanted to be with. Rachel asked her to promise they would come back. Kristen said they would come back. Rachel asked if her father was okay with them leaving. Kristen said she and Brady would make up when they get back. Rachel said she would go. When they were about to leave, they ran into EJ. He reminded Kristen that she isn’t supposed to be alone with Rachel. Kristen said she had a right to see her daughter. Rachel told him they were leaving town because her mother and father needed a time out. EJ wanted to call Brady. Kristen tried to grab the phone. He said he wasn’t going to let her do that to Rachel. She said if he called Brady, she would tell Stefan that he stood by while Li was brainwashing Stefan. She said she wondered which parent Stefan would take after. EJ gave in to her. She and Rachel left. Belle showed up at the hospital. Eric told her things weren’t good with their mother. Belle said she shouldn’t have stayed away so long. He said Claire needed her. Belle asked if anyone killed Kristen yet. He said John and Steve were in the front of the line.

Rafe called Brady and told him about Kristen’s confession and how Johnny went along with the confession. Rafe told Brady not to go after her. Rafe wanted Brady to call him if he heard anything. Allie and Belle saw each other in the hospital. Will showed up and told them Marlena’s only chance at survival was the second dose of the antidote. Allie went to the chapel with Brady. She told him what was going on with Marlena. He told her about Kristen. Allie said Kristen went too far. He said they had to find the b*tch. He brought up that Rachel’s friend’s mother was picking her up. Allie wondered if Kristen knew that. He called the woman and found out Kristen had Rachel. When he got off the phone, he said he was going to kill Kristen. Rafe and Jada went to the DiMera mansion. They asked EJ where Kristen was. EJ said he didn’t know. EJ said Kristen kidnapped Rachel. While Kristen and Rachel were at John and Marlena’s apartment, Kristen tried to rush them out of the apartment. When she opened the door, Brady was there. He asked if she was going somewhere. Rachel said they were going away for a timeout. Brady sent Rachel to her room. He yelled at Kristen. He said the game was over. He called out to Rafe. He showed up and read her her rights. Jada handcuffed her.

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