Y&R Short Recap Thursday, June 15, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Victoria tells Nate she needs his help while Nick takes a leave of absence. Elena interrupts their lunch and tells Victoria that Nate is going to use her just like Ashland used her.

Connor apologizes to Billy and Chelsea for the way he has been acting lately. Connor doesn’t want to go talk to a therapist. He tells Chelsea he just needs her.

Cameron asks Sharon to go away with him and he will bring Faith home. Sharon is about to leave with Cameron when Nick arrives and he and Cameron punch each other for a few minutes while Sharon screams for help. Cameron knocks Nick to the floor and reminds Sharon he has Faith. Nick comes to and follows Cameron upstairs. Nick comes back downstairs and tells Sharon he saw that Cameron got away through a hole he made in the closet of Noah’s old room.

Sally and Adam are eating at Society when she starts having cramps. Adam takes her to the hospital where she tells Elena her symptoms when she has another cramp.

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