GH Short Recap Tuesday, January 31, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Drew tells Curtis that Nina is Willow’s mother and that Carly kept it a secret from Nina. Curtis thinks that Drew is a better man then he is because he could never forgive someone who kept something so important from him. Curtis also thinks that it is good that Drew and Carly are just friends and don’t have a romantic relationship.

Stella talks to Jordan and wonders why she was so concerned about the close relative she found months ago when she did a search one of those websites that helps your family. Jordan and Stella talk for a long time and Stella figures out that Jordan suspects Curtis is Trina’s father. Jordan tells Stella not to tell Curtis anything because they don’t have any proof. Stella tells Jordan that she won’t officiate Chris’s wedding without him knowing he might be Trina’s father.

Nikolas (now played by Adam Huss) and Carolyn go to Spring Ridge to see Esme and Carolyn thinks that Esme has disassociate amnesia brought on by trauma. Esme agrees to hypnosis to get back her memory. Carolyn feels conflicted because she doesn’t want to suppress the memory of a pregnant woman, so she decides to go talk to Elizabeth.

Ava gives Spencer the link to the video that has Nikolas fake confession saying that he is responsible for Esme’s disappearance so Spencer can get custody of Esme’s baby. Spencer tells Trina about the video and they watch it together to decide if they should use it against Nikolas.

Michael and Willow’s baby girl is born by c-section and is healthy. The baby is taken to the nursery and Willow asks Michael to go with their daughter, so she won’t be alone. Once Michael is gone, Willow’s blood pressure drops because she is hemorrhaging, so the doctors use the paddles to try to revive her. Willow sees a light and she sees Harmony telling her she isn’t alone.

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