Days Short Recap Tuesday, March 7, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Brady told Chloe that he was out on bail. She yelled at him for what he did to Stefan. He said he would have done worse to make sure they got back together. He said everyone else was glad he did it. He wondered what she thought about it. She said he knew he was trying to undo what Kristen and Li did, but Rachel still hated her. She said it wasn’t happy ever after. He said it was a new start because Kristen wasn’t around to turn Rachel against her. John brought Rachel to the Square. She hugged Brady. She yelled at Chloe. She told Chloe it was her fault her father was in jail. John yelled at Rachel while she was yelling at Chloe. He took her to a bench. He told her Brady knew about not wanting anyone to replace his mother. He said Marlena could explain it better than he could. She said she missed Marlena too. Brady said he missed her too. He said Marlena wasn’t his mother, but he loved her. Rachel said Marlena was her grandmother, but Chloe wasn’t. She said she would never love Chloe and wanted her gone. When John left to meet Steve, Brady told Rachel that they needed to talk. She said she wasn’t going anywhere with Chloe. Chloe told Brady that Rachel has been through a lot. She said Rachel needed to feel as if she came first with him. She left. Sloan went to see Eric in jail. She said she wanted to be his lawyer. She showed him Leo’s gossip column that said she was having the best sex of her life. She said she was upset with him, but she might have ended things too soon. She said she missed the fun they had. She said if he missed it too, they could work things out. He said he didn’t have a job so he couldn’t afford her. She said she would take it out in trade.

EJ told Nicole he was going to get Stefan kicked out of the company. Johnny walked in and heard what EJ said. EJ told him the vial he found was Stefan’s. EJ said he was worried that his brother was on drugs. He asked Johnny to keep it a secret while he checked it out. Johnny agreed not to say anything and left. EJ told Nicole that Johnny would be the perfect witness to Stefan’s demise. Stefan was dizzy while he was talking to Gabi. He said it was the effect she had on him. She reminded him that she was still married. She told him about the deal she made with Li. She told him she signed the contract because she felt rejected by him. She said now that he is back to his old self, she would tell Li to shove his shares where the sun didn’t shine. He said he wanted to be with her, but they needed the board’s approval for her to be his CEO. He said it was Rolf’s fault that he felt fuzzy. He said they didn’t have enough votes without Li’s shares. She said even if she gave Li back his shares it would revert the status quo. He said not if EJ was incapacitated. Li told Wendy that he was upset that Gabi lied to him about where she was going. He said she was in the park He said he knew who she was with. Wendy said he was stalking Gabi. He said he loved Gabi. She asked if he wanted a wife who was in love with another man. Li called Sloan. He told her he was having second thoughts about the contract with Gabi. Sloan said he had Gabi where he wanted her. She said if Gabi cheated on him, she would lose her shares. He said that was news to him. Stefan told Gabi that he was drugging EJ. He said Li’s shares were their insurance policy. He said she had to stay married to Li. She said she wasn’t expecting that answer. He said they could have it all. He said he loved her. They kissed each other. He apologized for the way he treated her. She said the only thing that mattered was they were together. Li showed up and wanted to know what was going on.

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