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Recap written by Terry

Although there’s no official police statement that Faith has been kidnapped, a hysterical and horrified Sharon knows it in her heart. Chance, who is guarding Sharon, tries to give her some hope, but a colleague calls Chance with the news that Faith was not on the flight back to college. Sharon is completely devastated at the thought of Cameron having Faith and is unaware that Nick’s been arrested.

Nikki and Victor, who also don’t know about the kidnapping, talk about how to deal with Cameron, and also how to deal with Nate. Victoria’s idea of Nick taking a leave of absence because he’s in jail is unacceptable to Victor and Nikki. Nikki asks Victoria if she would give Nick’s job to Nate. Victoria says that if Nick left the company permanently, she would consider giving the Chief Operating Office job to Nate. Later, Victor witnesses Nate and Audra scheming about how Nick’s leave of absence could be an opening that Nate could take advantage of; Audra could then take Nate’s job at Newman media, which is her current goal. Nate and Audra raise their glasses to the plan while Victor looks on.

A furious Nick regretfully acknowledges to Micheal that the police arresting him is Cameron’s plan to get him out of the way so that Cameron can get to Sharon. Micheal says that Cameron anticipated Nick’s fury and used it against him when he stormed into Cameron’s hotel room and punched the wall. Michael reassures an imprisoned Nick that Sharon and Faith are safe, with so many people protecting them.

Phyllis contacts Summer and adamantly forbids her from doing anything else to get Phyllis back to town. She also urges Daniel to protect Summer. Summer informs Michael about her plan to get Phyllis back to town. Michael vehemently disagrees, but later acknowledges that the EMT could be a critical part of the puzzle. He thinks it’s a long shot to find him and get him to co-operate but that Summer should not act on her own. Summer appeals to Grandpa Victor to help her. Victor is hesitant, but agrees after Summer puts on her best pleading puppy dog eyes that he can’t refuse.

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