B&B Short Recap Tuesday, August 22, 2023

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Recap written by Suzanne

Liam fills Steffy in on his conversation with Hope (trying to convince her to stay away from Thomas). Steffy wonders if he wants Hope back. Liam doesn’t really answer her question but maintains that he just wants her away from Thomas.

Brooke is hopeful that Hope will dump Thomas and go back to Liam. Hope likes that Thomas loves just her, whereas Liam loves Steffy. Hope is torn.

Thomas is put on the spot by Ridge about what his relationship is with Hope. RJ comes in and can tell they’re having an uncomfortable conversation. When Ridge tells him what they’re talking about, RJ puts in his two cents that Hope should get back together with Liam. Thomas assures them both that he wants what’s best for Hope. RJ brings Ridge a cupcake. Brooke drops by and jokingly gives Ridge a hard time for eating cupcakes. She fills them in on her conversation with Hope.

Hope goes to see Thomas. When he tries to kiss her, she freezes up. She tells him that she’s been thinking about the trouble in their past, so he knows she means the trouble he caused. He reminds her that he’s very different now.

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