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Update written by Joseph

Kayla goes to the Horton House and tells Julie that she’s sorry to barge in like this. Julie says it’s fine and mentions that Doug is upstairs watching Yellowstone on Peacock. Kayla explains that she came because she’s worried about Chad as she’s been trying to reach him but he’s not answering. Julie informs her that Chad is not available because he’s at Abigail’s grave.

Chad and Jack go to the cemetery where Abigail’s grave is being dug up. Chad thanks Jack, knowing it wasn’t an easy decision. Jack can’t believe they are doing this. The crew inform them that the coffin is ready to be opened. Chad asks if Jack is sure he’s ready for this.

Leo tells Kerry that this is happening. Kerry says when he’s attracted to someone, he doesn’t like to waste time as they then kiss.

Jada goes to see Marlena and says she’s sorry to bother her at home but her office said she left for the day. Marlena guesses she’s there because she saw Bobby at Bayview.

Connie goes to see Bobby at Bayview.

Marlena mentions that Stephanie asked Jada to visit Bobby. Jada explains that Stephanie thought she might have better luck having Bobby let Everett out but she didn’t. Marlena notes that she didn’t either. Jada asks if Bobby said anything else to her but Marlena says he didn’t. Marlena knows this all must be very difficult for Jada. Jada confirms seeing him was difficult but not for the reason she thinks. Jada then informs her that Bobby dangled information about one of her cases as he claims to know who murdered Li Shin.

Connie asks if Bobby is going to say hello. Bobby thinks back to seeing Connie in the park, crying and swearing that she didn’t mean to do it to Li. Bobby then asks Connie if they know each other. Connie introduces herself but Bobby says he’s never heard that name before. Connie asks if Li Shin rings any bells.

Julie tells Kayla that she’s been Chad’s sounding board and tried to stand by him through all this as they are both grappling with the uncertainty. Julie adds that Chad has been an emotional wreck, relviing Abigail’s horrific death and then being told all of this. Julie mentions that Chad said Kayla came up with the idea of opening the grave and exhuming Abigail’s body. Kayla knows it’s extreme but if Chad finds out that Abigail’s body is in the grave, it could end this whole speculation of her being alive. Julie confirms it will do that. Kayla says now that she knows where Chad is, she feels a little bit better since she knows Paulina approved her request but then he said they hit a snag, so she was concerned about him. Julie then informs Kayla that it wasn’t a snag, but a person.

Jack tells Chad that he’s not okay. Chad asks if he needs a minute. Jack says it’s not physical and complains about Clyde. Jack feels they are going to open the coffin and Clyde will just be inflicting pain by letting them relive losing Abigail all over again. Chad says Clyde could be lying but if there is any chance that Abigail is alive. Jack then agrees to do this so Chad tells the crew to go ahead. They open the casket to find that it is completely empty, shocking Jack and Chad.

Leo and Kerry continue kissing until Leo stops and decides he doesn’t know if he wants them to sleep together.

Julie explains to Kayla that when Jack found out, he was horrified and then furious so Chad had to bear the brunt of that. Kayla points out that you can’t blame Jack. Julie supposes this is the only way to find out if Clyde is telling the truth. Kayla calls it surreal and can’t believe she’s having this conversation since she’s the one who declared Abigail dead. Julie points out that Kayla doesn’t sound sure. Kayla says she would be foolish to think it’s impossible after everything that has happened. Julie states that their families have had their losses but they’ve had their miracles too. Julie notes that Jack and Chad have been at the cemetery for a long time now, so they must know something.

Jack asks if they opened the wrong coffin. Chad assures that it’s Abigail’s. The crew asks what to do. Chad says he doesn’t know and then tells them that they’ve got it from here so the crew exit.

Jada informs Marlena that Bobby claims to have seen Li Shin’s killer shortly after the murder. Marlena asks what led up to this revelation. Jada calls it a big game of keep away. Marlena notes that conversations with Bobby sometimes feel like a chess match. Jada says she’s been reading a lot and knows that Bobby is his own personality, separate from Everett, but she wonders if that means he has his own motivations outside of protecting Everett. Marlena asks what she is getting at. Jada says it’s very clear to her that Bobby wants her to keep visiting him and he’s trying to restart their relationship. Marlena asks if she thinks he’s just trying to manipulate her. Jada says she doesn’t know if alters are even capable of that which is why she wanted to come talk to her. Jada asks if Marlena thinks Bobby is telling the truth about Li Shin’s murder case or if he’s just stringing her along to give her a reason to keep coming back to Bayview.

Connie tells Bobby that Li was murdered last November. Bobby claims he may have heard something about that since he’s a journalist. Connie thinks this story might have stood out for him. Bobby claims that nothing springs to mind. Connie calls that interesting and says she has no reason not to take him at his word, but questions why he told the police that he does know something about Li’s murder.

Kerry questions what Leo doesn’t want exactly. Leo thinks they should stop then asks him not to be mad as he swears it’s not personal. Leo assures Kerry that he’s incredibly hot. Leo thought he wanted to not resist him. Kerry asks if he wants to try again to be sure but Leo says no as he doesn’t know what the point would be because he’s not feeling much of a spark. Kerry tells Leo not to worry about it as it happens. Leo thanks him for understanding. Kerry calls it a funny way to treat his first groupie. Leo worries that he’s lost a fan but Kerry says no. Leo feels awful and offers to buy him dinner but Kerry says it’s okay. Leo then kisses Kerry one more time and says he just wanted to be sure. Kerry then exits the room. Leo wonders what is wrong with him.

Doug joins Julie and Kayla in the living room and talks about catching up on Yellowstone. Julie invites Kayla to watch with them but Kayla says she promised Steve that she would wait for him. Doug asks what brought Kayla by today. Julie tells Doug that there’s something she hasn’t told him about but now Jack knows, so there is something he has to hear.

Jack asks Chad if it can really be since Abigail’s body is not there. Chad doesn’t know. Rafe arrives and says he just got a call from the city, then is shocked to see the open casket. Rafe tells Chad that he’s so sorry and promises that whoever desecrated Abigail’s grave will pay and that she is returned. Chad then reveals that they don’t know if this actually was Abigail’s final resting place.

Jada tells Marlena that there’s no way to know if Bobby truly has information on Li’s murder or if he’s just using it as a tactic to keep her in his orbit. Jada feels even if there’s a one percent chance, she has to listen. Marlena knows she’s in a tough spot and says she’s glad to talk if she can help at all. Jada says she’s helped already and feels she’s taken enough of her time as she thanks her. Marlena hopes that Jada will investigate further if Bobby is telling the truth since Li was a patient/client to her and she’d like to see him get justice. Jada thanks her again and then exits.

Connie tells Bobby not to judge as she’s not a eavesdropper but she overheard Rafe and Jada talking about how Jada’s ex husband knew who killed Li Shin and that Jada had just came from seeing her ex who lives here in Bayview. Connie says Bobby shouldn’t know this but she and Li were very close and she was devastated by his death, so it’s important to her that his killer get brought to justice which is why she was happy to here that the police zeroed in on Gil Carter. Connie says if Bobby has information pointing to someone else, she’d really appreciate him sharing it with her. Bobby says he’s sorry but he can’t help her as it’s sort of between he and Jada. Connie says she worried he wouldn’t be very forthcoming, so she will have to give him a hand. Connie then asks if he was talking about her.

Marlena answers her door and is surprised to see Leo. Marlena questions what he is doing here. Leo says he desperately needed to speak to her and her office was closed. Leo says he’s not looking for a session and he respects everything about her. Leo tells her he wanted to book a session for tomorrow as early as possible. Marlena asks if he’s alright. Leo says no as something happened tonight that has him worried that he’s morphing into another person. Marlena tells him that she has no plans tonight so they can sit down and talk about it.

Julie and Kayla inform Doug that Chad and Jack are at Abigail’s grave now, hoping they can prove whether or not Clyde is telling the truth about Abigail being alive. Julie tells Doug that she knows it’s a lot to take in. Doug acknowledges that stranger things have happened in their town but declares it would be wonderful news if Abigail is alive. Julie agrees that it would be a miracle.

Rafe says he’s sorry for all the questions but this is hard to believe. Jack says they thought so too while Chad adds that it’s starting to look a lot more believable. Jada arrives and asks about a possible grave robbery. Rafe says he will fill her in but sends her to call for a unit right away. Rafe tells Chad and Jack that they will take over from here and suggests they go home to handle their thoughts. Rafe says the first order of business will be to see if the grave was tampered with after Abigail was put in it. Jack agrees that makes sense. Rafe says that Clyde could’ve created all of this to add to his story of Abigail being alive. Chad admits he wouldn’t put it past him. Rafe says he’ll be in touch. Chad and Jack thank him as they exit. Jada returns to Rafe and asks what is going on.

Bobby asks why he would think Connie killed Li Shin. Connie says that he saw her the night that it happened where she was sitting alone on the bench, deep in thought and she saw someone walking away. Connie says she didn’t see the face but after listening to the cops, she wonders if it was him. Connie adds that she was just taking in the night air and doesn’t know what would’ve given him the impression that she was behind Li’s death. Bobby then recalls her being covered in blood and he heard her say “I’m so sorry, Li, I didn’t mean to do it”. Bobby jokes that he doesn’t know what else would give him the impression that she killed him.

Leo tells Marlena about what happened with Kerry and how he sent him away. Marlena says that like Kerry said, that happens sometimes but Leo argues it doesn’t happen to him. Marlena asks if he’s considered that his reaction was really all about Dimitri. Leo asks if she means because he was the last person he was with. Marlena acknowledges that Dimitri hurt Leo very badly, so she’s wondering if Leo’s interaction with Kerry made him threatened and maybe his instinct to fight or flight kicked in. Leo asks if that means he was protecting himself from being hurt again. Leo points out that Dimitri is long gone, so he thought he was at least kind of over him but maybe he’s not. Leo asks if this means he will never be attracted to another man and if he’s straight now. Marlena tells Leo that he’s just fine and he will meet and fall in love with another man. Marlena thinks he has to be patient and let himself heal from the breakup with Dimitri. Leo agrees to try to be patient with himself and thanks Marlena, saying this has been so helpful. Leo then realizes he’s missing RuPaul’s Drag Race and has to get home. Marlena then invites Leo to watch it here as she would hate for him to miss it. Leo is thrilled to accept the invite.

Connie tells Bobby to mind his own business and stop bringing it up to Jada. Bobby says he can’t and the cat is out of the bag as Jada is on the hunt and she will keep coming around as long as she thinks there is more to learn. Bobby adds that he likes Jada coming around. Connie guesses that’s because he has the hots for her and asks how long she will be coming around. Bobby asks if Connie is going to kill him and says that would be pretty stupid and direct Jada back to her. Connie argues that no one knows she’s here. Bobby points out that there are security cameras all around the place. Connie asks how long he thinks he can string Jada along as she’s going to want definitive answers. Bobby thinks time is on his side and that Jada will realize what she’s missing out on. Connie comments on his ego and reminds him that Jada is dating Rafe, so every night she’s going home to Rafe’s warm bed while Bobby is stuck in this one.

Rafe fills Jada in on everything surrounding Abigail. Jada asks if Rafe thinks Abigail could really be alive. Rafe calls it the most extreme possibility but still a possibility. Rafe adds that there are more probable explanations like it being a hoax orchestrated by Clyde. Jada asks what would be the point other than getting Chad and Jack’s hopes up. Rafe guesses that could be the point since they are dealing with a sadistic psycho. Rafe comments on Chad’s expression when he told him they had to make sure Clyde didn’t take the body. Rafe knows Chad is holding on to hope that Abigail is alive and wants to know where he can find her.

Chad and Jack return home to inform Julie, Doug, and Kayla that Abigail’s casket was empty which shocks them and that Rafe and Jada are there now investigating. Kayla doesn’t understand how it could be since the hospital did everything by the book. Kayla wonders if it’s possible that Clyde could have stole the body. Jack mentions Rafe thinking it was a possibility. Doug asks if they are sure it’s a hoax while Julie wonders if it’s possible that Abigail is alive.

Marlena and Leo watch RuPaul’s Drag Race. Marlena pauses it to ask Leo how RuPaul decides who goes home. Leo informs her that now they have to lip sync and encourages her to continue watching.

Julie tells Doug that Chad has never stopped mourning Abigail and then to hear all this has put him in Hell, hoping it’s true but fearing it isn’t. Julie talks about how long it’s been since Abigail has been with her children. Doug says it’s been painful for everybody. Julie says that Chad and Abigail never had much time together while they’ve had years and years. Julie tells Doug how much she loves him. Julie says she was lost when she first laid eyes on him and everything they went through. Doug says he had to change to deserve her while Julie says he brought out the best in her and they’ve been good partners. Doug talks about raising Hope. Julie calls him a wonderful father and quite the family man as he never let anyone in the family down ever. Julie talks about seeing the whole world and their adventures and says their love outlasted time as they kiss.

Chad and Jack go to the Brady Pub. Chad feels that what happened at the cemetery is just one more piece of evidence that it’s Abigail in the video. Jack points out that they won’t know for sure until Rafe and Jada figure out what happened to Abigail’s body. Chad declares that’s why they need to find the woman in the video.

Jada tells Rafe that if Clyde is staying true to his character, he had the coffin dug up and moved Abigail’s body. Rafe says the question is where to since he’d need a secure location. Jada says unless he buried her somewhere else. Rafe adds that the other possibility is that Abigail was never in there to begin with. Jada calls it all so strange and sad. Jada says her heart goes out to Chad and Jack since they’ve suffered through a lot and losing Abigail. Rafe sarcastically suggests talking to Bobby to see if he has any insight since he’s been helping out with cases lately. Rafe then apologizes for that not being right and insensitive. Jada agrees but says since he brought it up, she was planning on returning to Bayview tomorrow because she wants to see if Bobby will identify the person he says is Li Shin’s killer. Rafe says she knows his opinion. Jada hopes that Bobby is not lying because she’d love to prove Rafe wrong.

Bobby tells Connie that he’s not worried about Rafe. Connie asks if Bobby thinks Jada will be so grateful to him solving Li’s murder that she’ll fall in to his arms. Connie assures that he’s just a job and when she’s done, she’ll go back to her boyfriend with only one personality. Bobby comments on her doing her research but says he thinks he’ll take his chances. Connie asks what if there’s an easier solution for both of them. Connie suggests Bobby keep her name out of this and she will take care of Rafe.

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GH Short Recap Thursday, July 11, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Portia talks to Jordan because she wants to start a petition to recall Laura as mayor. Laura visits Heather in Pentonville and Heather tells Laura to stop trying to reopen her case because she wants to serve her time for her crimes.

Blaze and Kristina decide to do an interview to tell her fans her side of the story.

Brook Lynn decides to work from home so she be home to take care of Violet.

Chase decides to work at the police station three days a week so he can be there for Violet.

Felicia talks to Cody and tells him to give Mac time to forgive him and he will have the family that he has always wanted his whole life.

Maxie talks to Mac and tries to persuade him to forgive Cody because Cody has changed since he first came to town. Mac thinks Cody can’t be trusted and he has a hidden agenda. Cody arrives at Maxie’s house to return Felicia’s phone which she left at the stables on purpose so Cody would have to return it to her so he and Mac would talk to each other.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Sasha makes Cody promise not to leave town without first talking to her if he decides to leave town.

Sasha tells Felicia and Maxie that she knew that Cody was Mac’s son and she switched Cody’s hair sample with hers when Felicia ran her own test, that is why the test Felicia ran come out negative.

Ava talks to Sonny’s pharmacist and tells him to switch Sonny’s bipolar medicine for placebos or she will tell Sonny that he has been giving him a quarter of the bipolar medicine his doctor prescribed.

Willow tossed and turned all night and Michael is worried something is off with her. Michael asks Drew if he has noticed anything off with Willow. Drew tells Michael that Willow is fine and he shouldn’t worry about her. Drew tells Willow that the kiss between them shouldn’t rain their friendship or make things awkward between them because they will be so busy they will soon forget about the kiss.

Jason can’t shake the feeling that there is something strange going on with Sonny’s medication although Carly tells him that she checked and Sonny is taking his medicine. Carly tells Sonny she will testify for him at Avery’s custody hearing.

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GH Short Recap Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Cody tells Mac he is his son and he tries to explain why he lied to him but Mac doesn’t listen because he is angry that Cody lied to him and his family.

Cody tells Maxie the truth and he explains that he lied at first because he wanted Leopold Taub’s money but, when he changed his mind about the money, he lied because he didn’t feel worthy to be a part of Mac’s family. Maxie makes Cody promise not to leave town until he gives Mac time to process how he feels about being a father.

Drew tells Willow that if they had met, before she met Michael, their relationship may have led to romance, but she loves Michael so nothing can happen between them. Drew and Willow agree that the kiss that just happened between them will never happen again and the kiss only happened because they were excited about the holiday and they had two drinks.

Curtis persuades Nina and Michael to put their past differences aside and work together to make Aurora Media a better company. Nina thanks Drew for building a bridge between her and Willow. Nina is happy because Willow told her she is glad that she and Michael put aside their differences.

Portia is angry with Laura because Laura is having Heather’s case reopened and she tells Laura she will do everything possible to make sure Heather stays in jail.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, July 12, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Nate helps Audra relieve some stress by going to the park and getting her some tea to calm her nerves. Audra decides to have sex with Nate to get out of her head and have some fun.

Summer talks to Chelsea and Sally about starting a new line targeted at a younger demographic. The new fashion line would be called Marquetti and Summer wants Sally to be the lead designer for the new fashion line. Chelsea thinks it is a great idea, so Summer hires Sally to be the lead designer for the new fashion line. Sally tells Chelsea she always knew that her job as creative director would be temporary and she never would have taken her job from her if Summer was thinking about offering it to her. Sally thanks Chelsea for giving her this opportunity.

Chelsea feels so guilty about having comfort sex with Adam that she shed a few tears and Sally asks her to tell her what is wrong but she makes a quick getaway saying she has to go. Adam is conflicted about helping Victor ruin Jabot because he respects Jack, so he tells Victor he will sleep on it and give him a decision in the morning.

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GH Transcript Wednesday, July 10, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


Transcript provided by Jim


Good morning, Sasha. Good morning. May I interest you in a cup of coffee? Yes. Yes, that would be amazing.

Oh, thank you. Thank you. I got to warn you, though, I’m kind of dragging a little bit this morning, so this might be the first of a couple. Yesterday was a long day. But your speech, I mean, the part that I heard, it was really inspiring. Oh, well, thank you for saying that. I mean, I’ve given other speeches before, you know, to shareholders or whatever, but I was surprised at how different last night’s felt. Last night was, uh, full of surprises. Willow, hi. Good morning. Um, coffee, beignet? Uh, yes, to both, please. I, uh… don’t want to brag, but Wiley says that these are his new favorites. He calls them bayonets. [ Laughter ] Well, I made a bunch of them, so help yourself. Bless you. All right. Well, um, I should get going and, uh, see Cody at the stables and talk about house stuff. Well, is there anything I can do for you while you’re gone? No, no. Uh, coffee pot is full. There’s milk and sugar. You guys just, uh, enjoy your morning. Thank you, Sasha, for everything. No problem. Thank you.

I can’t believe it. I always thought there was this connection between Cody and Mac. I could feel it. Yeah, well, your Spidey senses have always been borderline terrifying. And then when my off-the-books DNA results came back negative, I — We thought it ended there. Yeah. Could something have happened to the DNA sample you sent in? No. I’ve used this lab a hundred times. They’re the best. But even if the lab did contaminate my sample, which they didn’t, the contamination would only add to the DNA results. It wouldn’t take anything away from it. Right. Contamination wouldn’t overwrite Cody’s DNA. No. It wouldn’t. Look, I know you’ve gotten to know Cody as a friend, and… Yeah, Mom, I have. Spinelli, Sasha, and I, we’ve all spent a lot of time with him together lately. And you’ve seen him around here, assembling furniture, fixing cabinets. Not to mention the riding lessons he’s been giving James. Cody’s been wonderful. Which is why I don’t want you to get mad when I say what I’m gonna say. But I desperately want to be wrong about this. Cody was lying before. Could he be lying now? Right. Why should we believe him now when he says Mac is his father?

Scott! [ Grumbling loudly ] Briefcase is 40 years old. Let’s get you a new one. Because that does not exactly inspire confidence. Who you looking for? Oh, um, a certain FBI agent had me followed. It’s an unfortunate circumstance of spending time with Sonny. Well, would that be, uh, Agent Jagger Cates? Or — Or, his name is John Cates now. Yeah. Yeah, that’s the one. I knew him since he was in high school. He’s a good guy. Well, the best thing I can say about him is that he appears to despise Sonny. Like I said, he’s a good guy. What’s wrong with that? So, what are you doing here, Scott? And are you billing me for it? Yeah. Oh, yeah. I got Diane’s countersuit here. Sonny wants sole custody of Avery.

I’m glad that, uh, you know, I’m able to bring Avery over here to play with Donna. Oh. Well, you know, they’re doing crafts with Pillar, so I — don’t be surprised if they’re covered with glitter, right? Well, I’ll blow it off right before she gets in the car. [ Chuckles ] Well, good luck with that. And you know what? Uh, thank you. ‘Cause it’s nice to spend time with Donna. And, you know, she’s growing up so fast. Yep. Kids do that, huh? Don’t you think it’s a little too fast? Yeah. But I think that’s why we need to enjoy these glitter-filled days. Yeah. So, now that Ava’s moved out, is there any way you can reconsider having, you know, Donna spend overnights? I mean, Avery would love it. I would love it. [ Knock on door ] Hey –

I, uh, didn’t come up here looking for you. Oh, no, no. I know you didn’t. But I am glad I ran into you. I want to be clear. I love Michael with all my heart. I know you do. It was wrong for us to — to kiss. It never should have happened. That’s not — That’s not who I am. It was — It was a… It was an accident. Like, a result of too many drinks, too many fireworks. Look, I… I love Michael, too. He’s my nephew. I would — I wouldn’t — I would never hurt him any more than you would. Too late. We already did. We did something impulsive, something…stupid, really. But we both regret it, and… I mean, one kiss doesn’t have to change anything. Anything for anyone. You, me, or Michael. Mom, I talked to Cody last night, and I don’t think he’s lying. I really like Cody, too, but I saw the DNA results that proved that Mac wasn’t Cody’s father with my own two eyes. Right. But those were the results from the top-secret, “Don’t tell anyone I did this” test. Cody claims that the results from the first test prove he and Mac are related, and although he lied about it at the time for reasons that are not so great, he’s convinced that Mac is his father. Could Cody be working an angle or making a play of some kind? Like what? A big payout? I don’t know. I’m asking you. Who’s writing the check for this big payout? The father that he lied to or the wife of the father that he lied to? Oh, stop making me sound like I’m crazy just because I asked a question. Mom, you’re not crazy. When I talked to Cody last night, I could tell he was ready to bolt. How could you tell? I recognized the look of panic in his eyes. And I know what it feels like to want to run as far as you can from the mistakes you’ve made. Because if you can’t see them, then you can pretend they never happened. I don’t remember his exact words, but he said something about James being wonderful. James is wonderful. I know James is wonderful, Mom. Cody was trying to say goodbye without actually saying it. I knew it, he knew it, and I had to threaten him into staying. He cannot leave town right after telling Mac he’s his son.

Cody? Have you got a second? For you — and Comet? Yeah. Sure, whatever. Thanks for that compliment. I never thought I’d be in Comet’s league. Okay, uh, I was gonna keep this to myself, but I can’t. And you’re the only person I trust to tell. So, last night — Yeah, last night, I told Mac that I’m his son. I told him. Oh, wh– why? I mean, good. But why last night? I just kept thinking about what you said, and I hated lying to him, so, I don’t know, it just — just came out. And how did it go? I should’ve kept my mouth shut. Cody… Yeah. It was just like I thought. No, it was worse. It was worse. Mac’s furious with me. I’m so sorry. He said that, uh, he had given me plenty of chances to tell him the truth, and I didn’t, and he’s right. He did, I didn’t. It wasn’t exactly that cut and dry. No, it kind of was. I also told Mac about the whole Taub/WSB stuff with Scott. Okay. D-Did that help? Did Mac understand? [ Scoffs ] What Mac understands is that he opened himself and his family up to me, and I betrayed them all. The reasons why don’t matter. Look, it’s a lot to take in for both of you. Yeah. Well, Mac stormed out of here, so it seems like he took in enough. Only person he was madder at than me was himself for believing that I could be anything other than a grifter. Okay. That — that is harsh and wrong. Give him some time. You dropped a lot of information on him that he wasn’t expecting. He’s probably in shock. He seemed pretty clear at the time. Well, for what it’s worth, I’m really proud of you for telling him. You must feel a little better having that secret off your chest. I feel like garbage, and there’s still a weight on my chest. It’s just for a different reason. So what do you want to do now? I want to get the hell out of town.

It’s no surprise that Sonny is suing for sole custody of Avery. It’s exactly what we thought he would do. Yes. Yes, it is. But, you know, you pay me for my legal expertise. And after reading Diane’s filings, I think your expectations should be a little lower. Is Diane really that formidable an opponent? No, I’m not afraid of anybody in the courtroom. No one. But I don’t like the facts of this case. Avery’s father is a dangerous man working in a dangerous business with other dangerous people. What other facts do you need? Well, but you’ve been living with him for a while now with Avery. I was at Sonny’s to keep Avery safe and to be a sort of loving touchstone for her in an otherwise stressful time. Yeah, well, I’m just saying that, uh, Avery has been ping-ponged around here, back and forth, and, you know, judges, they like stability. They don’t like seeing kids being ping-ponged around. I don’t, either! That’s precisely why I want Avery here with me, full-time. Yes, Ava, I know it is, but you’re at the Metro Court. You’re in a hotel. It’s a nice suite. But at Sonny’s, Avery has a routine. She likes living with her father. So do you think a judge is gonna take a kid away from that? Didn’t you say that if Sonny had a public meltdown… Well, yeah, yeah, all bets would be off. But I doubt that Sonny is gonna have a public meltdown during a custody battle. He’s not that stupid. Good morning, Sonny. Uh, um, I got personal matters to discuss with Carly. Uh, Sonny and I are talking about the kids. I love Avery. Everybody does. She is welcome to be here with Donna any day. Well, I appreciate that. Um, well, um… I got — I got something I gotta take care of, so… Like this garbage right here. Ava, you know, served me because she thinks she deserves to have sole custody of Avery.

Well, I’m really happy I don’t have to wade into this mess. Well, you could be called to testify. Why? Because you and I share custody of Avery’s sister. Right? And I need to know what you’re gonna tell the judge as far as my suitability as a parent.

had our problems, and, uh… I-I-I just need — I just want to know that you’re not gonna go into the courtroom and say that I’m a terrible father. It’s true. We’ve had our problems. It’s no secret that I’ve had issues with you, Sonny. Right. And I’m sorry. I’m sorry. But if I’m gonna walk into a courtroom and trash anyone, it’s gonna be Ava. Well, that’s not exactly what I wanted to hear, but I’ll take it.

So, uh, did you and your FBI buddy, Jagger Cates… find anything about me?

You’re leaving? I said I wanted to leave. No, it would be a hell of a lot easier to disappear than to face Mac again. But, no. Maxie made me promise not to leave. Oh, good for Maxie. Yeah, well, Maxie’s not the reason I’m not leaving. You are. At least for now. Hey, you — you have to stop doing this. You want a connection so bad with something, with someone, but… every time you feel like getting close, you — you make up some reason to bolt. You and I, we’re — we’re building something.

You can’t go.

If you do, you will have a lot more than Maxie to worry about. I will hide Tracy’s secret cashbox, and I will tell her that you took it. And she will have anyone with ICE looking for you, and they will have badges. Wait. Tracy — Tracy has a secret cash box? Not a very well-kept secret. [ Both laugh ] Promise me you won’t go. Okay. How about this? You will talk to me before… if you decide to go. I can do that. Great. Well, should be getting back up to the house. You have no idea what could be going on up there.

You’re not supposed to be back here. What can I say? I’m a rule-breaker. You, more than anybody, should appreciate that. I’m gonna have to ask you to leave. I have a staff meeting in 15 minutes. Oh, I have time to sit in. I’m sure I’ll find it fascinating. And I bet your staff will find it fascinating, the special way you fill the bipolar medication of a certain Sonny Corinthos. So is there gonna be coffee at this meeting, or…? I know you’re not Mr. Corinthos’s wife. He doesn’t even have a wife. Give him time. He will. But for our purposes, it doesn’t matter. Because, wife or not, I happen to know you’ve been filling his prescription with less than a quarter dose prescribed. I think that’s frowned upon in your profession. But then you’re the pharmacist, not I. You have to understand — No, you have your reasons, I’m sure. I don’t care what they are. I do care about Sonny’s dosage, though. I’ll change it to the proper dose immediately. You’ll change it to zero. Zero milligrams? You want me to give Mr. Corinthos placebos? What’s in the placebos? Sugar powder, sometimes starch. Yep. Give him that. But — Oh, I don’t care who’s paying you off or threatening you. Unless you want Sonny Corinthos to know what you’ve been doing, you’re gonna do what I want. What you want is dangerous. Well, I think that we’re willing to take that risk. And Sonny’s going full placebo until I tell you to stop.

We… We kissed, and we regret it. And we both agree that it won’t happen again. Absolutely not. So… So then, the worst thing that we could do is — is to dwell on it, you know, like, let it make things awkward between us, let it affect our friendship and our work together, and, most of all, how either of us are with Michael. You’re right. Michael and I are so happy right now, I — I don’t want to compromise that happiness for any reason. Least of all a kiss on July 4th. So let’s just put it behind us, okay? Like in a week, in a month, I’m sure it’s not gonna, um… feel as big of a deal. In a year or two years, we probably won’t even remember it. Our mind will be too crowded with a bunch of other stuff. Hey. I knew I smelled beignets.

you before you headed out. Um, did you get the — the budget proposal for the wellness division that Curtis worked up? This conversation sounds like it’s going to be too exciting for me, so…

So… The budget? Oh, yeah. Right. Um… If you’ve got the time right now, sure, let’s, um… Let’s take a look at that. So maybe Cody isn’t lying or trying to pull something. Maybe he’s just mistaken about the first set of DNA results. I don’t know, Mom. It seems like DNA test results are pretty conclusive. You either are or you are not related to someone. I mean, I know they give you percentages, but there’s no real room for interpretation. Maxie, my results were 0% match for Mac and Cody. Zero. I don’t know what to tell you, Mom. I can’t explain it. [ Knock on door ] Oh, Maybe Mac is looking for you. Oh! Hi. Hi. Um, come in. I’m — I’m sorry to just drop in like this. Uh, is this a bad time? No, no, no. No, it’s just a — a time. I would have called, but, uh, this is important. I know that Cody is Mac’s son. If you’re mad at Cody, then you should be mad at me, too. Cody told me the truth months ago.

I understand completely, and I’ll take care of it. There’s something about you, Clement. I knew I could count on you. Thank you. Oh. Has anybody come around here asking about me? No. Why would they? I don’t know. But if anybody does, tell them I was here for a consultation. About what? Doesn’t matter. Drug interactions, side effects, my annual flu shot, whatever. Just make it believable. Got it. Good. And I hope your staff meeting is… What do you hope it is? Informative. Efficient. Supportive. Then I hope it’s that. I also hope you don’t do anything that’ll make me have to come back here.

I’m not working against you, Sonny. Okay. I hope it stays that way. I gotta go. Um… I’ll be back to pick up Avery. Okay.

He’s not wrong.

You’re working with Cates. Yeah, I am working with Cates but not to take Sonny down. Then tell him that. Why don’t you tell him the only reason you’re working with Cates is to protect me?

are going to be a variable — gas, electricity, depreciation on equipment, but… You want to put a pretty nice chunk of capital at Curtis’s disposal, I see. Oh, yeah. We’re launching a new division in an expanding but very highly competitive market. And you’re going to be campaigning all summer, and if you win, well, Curtis is gonna have to bring on some new C-suite stuff. Yeah, that’s true. But in the meantime, I’m, uh — I’m guessing you’re gonna take full advantage of last night’s momentum and get out there, huh? I was thinking about that, yep. All right, um, just one more, uh thing before you go, you know, sort of shaking hands and kissing babies. Um, this morning, before I showed up, did Willow seem — I don’t know — off to you?

Cody. I — I’m sorry. I hope it’s okay that I’m down here. Yeah. Yeah, of course. I mean, I’d be jealous of all the friends that Comet’s made, but used to it by now. He is — He’s so sweet. [ Both laugh ] Yeah, he gets me, too. I was wondering how the horses are doing after all the fireworks last night. Oh, they — they did all right. You know, I left the lights on so that the flashes didn’t scare them and gave them some extra hay. That seemed to help. Really? Yeah. Yeah, some people say you’re supposed to play, like, classical music or something like that to soothe them, but I know these guys. They’re metalheads.

[ Fireworks exploding ]

Everyone says fireworks are beautiful, but they’re kind of disorienting. You get so distracted, you kind of lose your bearings. I knew that Cody had lied about the DNA test, and that Mac was — is his biological father. I’m sorry. You knew about this months ago? I’m so sorry for not saying anything, but it — it didn’t feel like my secret to tell. I understand. Okay. I guess I do, too. Felicia: I just don’t know how you can be so sure. I ordered my own DNA test results, and they came back negative. Well, you remember, Sasha. You were there at Deception. When I told Cody that I did that test behind his back. I was also at the “Home & Heart” set when you ordered the DNA test. I saw you take a strand of hair from Cody’s brush, and I, uh… switched it out for my own hair.

I don’t get it, Jason. Why can’t you tell Sonny the truth from start to finish it? I can’t. Because? Because Sonny despises Cates, and if he finds out that Cates is threatening you, God only knows what he’ll do. [ Sighs ] Well, you’re right. I mean, he’s already had Cates beat up. Who knows what’ll happen if he goes after him again, especially with how volatile he’s been these past few months. Anything with the meds? I checked. He’s taking them. And Sonny has a lot of faults, but he is always disciplined when it comes to taking his medication. I know, but something — something is off. I agree. When Sonny was sitting here, in my kitchen, for a minute, it was like Sonny was his old self. It must’ve been nice to see. It was a relief. It means that the old Sonny is still in there somewhere. I mean, for a minute, I thought we were turning a corner. Until I walked in. Yeah. And that’s when the Sonny I don’t recognize showed up. I just — I can’t — I can’t tell Sonny the truth. Not yet. What if he goes after Cates again, and this time, he kills him?

[ Knock on door ] Is this garbage supposed to mean anything to me? Uh, I don’t know. Scott put it together. Right. You allege that I am — I’m unstable? Emotionally unstable? Is that what you said? I’m not talking to you when you’re like this. Should I call security? Taking a page out of your book. [ Beeps ] Just in case something’s, you know, uh, misinterpreted later on. Don’t do it, Ava. I will bury you.

Not a fan of fireworks? Not last night, anyway. Yeah. Yeah, me too. The view from here wasn’t great. You should’ve come up to the house. No, no, I wanted to stick around here, make sure these guys were okay. What, I miss a good time? Well, obviously you were in better company, but the people were pretty good, too, and the mood was nice. People are really upbeat about Drew’s run for Congress. Yeah. Uh… You think the Quartermaines are gonna get behind him or…? not try and sabotage him? [ Chuckles ] Someone in the family is actually running for Congress. Even Tracy is on board. You, uh, think you’re gonna campaign for him? Me? Yeah. I mean, why not? You’re beautiful. You’re warm, sincere, you got P.R. experience. I know I’ve done a couple of PSAs for the New Tomorrow Institute, but that does not make me some savvy campaigner. Well, you are also a teacher, so you have experience talking to large groups of people. Of children, about geography, not town meetings full of would-be voters. Children are people, too. [ Both laugh ] I’m just saying, okay, Drew is running as a Quartermaine. It would probably help out if the Quartermaines supported him. You know, get the family involved. And let’s be honest, aside from the kids, you are one of the more appealing family members. Cody has been wrestling with his decision to tell Mac, and I knew that if he just had more time, he would get there. So I switched out the hair samples to buy him that time. But I really hated lying to you both. Please believe that. I do. Okay, okay. Um, I don’t understand Cody’s need to wrestle with the decision to tell Mac. I mean, Mac is a great guy. Oh, he is, and Cody knows that. But Cody has this whole thing about not being good enough, and he’ll have to tell you the rest, but I owed you an explanation and an apology. I accept, and so does my mom. What? You are much nicer than I am and way more forgiving. And we appreciate your honesty. Well, now that it’s out in the open, what — what happens next? Well, this could work out to be a wonderful thing for Cody and Mac. It could, but Cody said that Mac was really hurt and angry. Yeah, he is, and it’s gonna take some time for him to trust Cody again. He was really hurt that Cody put off telling him all of this time. He might never have known that he had a son. I know. I was trying to help, but by delaying the inevitable, I — I only made things worse. You’re peddling some kind of bull about me like I’m, you know, emotionally unstable. No wonder Scotty Baldwin is the only lawyer you can get. Unlike you, I don’t need to keep a lawyer on retainer. Well, how do you think that’s gonna match up once Diane starts revving up? It’s the strength of the case that matters, not the strength of the lawyers. Is that what your slip-and-fall guy told you? I’m not sure all the time you and Diane have racked up in courtrooms together over the years is gonna be the big advantage. you seem to think. Defenseless mothers tend to do well in family court. Oh, you got a defenseless mother to stand in for you? ‘Cause that’s something that you’re not. Then you’ll be right at home in court. Respectful. Polite. Stable. Unless, of course, somebody says something you don’t like or looks at you funny. Then all bets are off. Diane can find 20 witnesses that will testify that you are an unfit mother. And you think what? That your reputation is off-limits? Irrelevant? Really? What judge is going to award custody of an innocent child to a notorious mobster who used to run a strip club?

ard on yourself. This whole thing was gonna be rough on everyone the second Cody decided to lie about the first test results. You were just trying to give him time to figure out how to tell Mac. I appreciate you understanding, but I don’t know what to do anymore. Cody is devastated, and he’s talking about leaving Port Charles. Oh, I know. I made him promise that he wouldn’t. So did I. Okay. Well, his promise to you definitely carries more weight. Although I threatened him, and I’m more dangerous than you are. Mm. Not really. You’re so sweet. You could be related to my mom. These days, for all we know, maybe you are. I would know. Mac is devastated, too. But neither one of them is going to approach the other, at least not for a while. Like father, like son. Yeah, it does seem like they share the same stubborn gene. Okay. So, what are we gonna do about it?

Okay. Don’t get me wrong. I like all of the Quartermaines, but, uh, let’s be honest, some of them are more approachable than others. Like, uh, can you — can you — can you picture Tracy on the campaign trail? No. No, not so much. Mama Q, yeah, totally. I mean, she’s salt of the earth. And, um — And Brook Lynn, Chase, to a point. What’s the catch? Well, Chase is a hero cop, so some people are gonna want to vote for him. You don’t want to split the vote, right? Definitely not. Right? Exactly. Now, all kidding aside, though, I do think Drew should run as a part of a family. I mean, ’cause that’s the dream, right? Be a part of a family? Be surrounded by people that love you, care for you, want the best for you, even sometimes when you don’t deserve it. Yeah, you’re right — about being part of a family. The Quartermaines have done that for me, and especially Michael. He’s given me… everything.

What do you mean Willow’s off? Like, sick? Because she seemed fine to me. Oh, okay. Good. What? Did she say that she wasn’t feeling well? Like, did she say something? No, no, no, nothing like that. It’s just, um… Willow doesn’t always tell me when she’s not feeling well. She doesn’t want me to worry, so she just, you know, muscles through. Yeah. Yeah, that sounds about right. And maybe I’m just being oversensitive, but every single time she comes down with something, I’m, uh… I get afraid that, um… the cancer came back. Yeah, no, um… I mean, that’s, uh… that’s a very normal human reaction for someone that’s been through what you have. Oh, Willow’s the one who actually went through it. I mean, I just… You just witnessed the person that you love go through a terrible disease, and you witnessed her fear and your own, and… and you got to give yourself a break. I’ll try. You know, just, like, last night, though, she — she was tossing and turning all night. She probably didn’t even get an hour of sleep. Well, yesterday was a big day. Maybe she just had a tough time kind of winding down. You’re right. Yeah, you’re right. I mean, it was a big day. It sure was. All right. Well, if you tell me that she seems fine to you, I will take a breath. I’ll stop worrying. It’s probably nothing. All right.

What happens to Donna and Avery if Sonny’s in prison for killing a federal agent? I get it. And I hear you. Especially now that there’s a possibility that I could go to prison. Well, no, that’s not — that’s not gonna happen. I’m not gonna let that happen. Jason, I know you believe that. And if there was anyone who could stop that from happening, it’s you. But it may not be up to you.

I’m glad you’re recording this. I think anybody who listens to it will find it quite illuminating. I know I have, and I thought I’d seen the worst of you. Not even close. Keep talking, Sonny. Howl at the moon for all I care. And then go home and listen to yourself. Then you can judge how suitable you sound as a parent. I’m not going anywhere. Man: Is there a problem here?

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Days Update Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


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Update written by Joseph

Leo sits in the town square, typing an article about Gabi exposing EJ’s lies at the press conference from Hell. Xander comes jogging by shirtless and asks for the water from Leo’s table.

Justin and Bonnie eat together at the Brady Pub. They joke about Xander possibly showing up to his own wedding without a shirt or in a tuxedo. Bonnie jokes about Justin following in Xander’s fashion footsteps. Justin brings up Alex and Theresa’s wedding as well. Bonnie is shocked that Theresa agreed to sign the prenup. Justin says they’ll have to see if she follows through and says it would put his mind at ease if she actually signs it. Bonnie knows that Justin thinks Theresa is digging for gold and points out that even if she signs the prenup, she still could be marrying Alex for his money.

Alex joins Theresa in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. They kiss as Theresa informs Alex that she was scouting ideas for their honeymoon. Theresa brings up the idea of buying a super yacht, then says to forget it so they don’t give Brady and Justin more reasons to think she’s a gold digger. Alex tells her not to worry about them as what he thinks is all that matters. Theresa points out that he did make her sign a prenup. Alex feels it’s the best way to silence the doubters while Theresa calls it a little insulting. Alex asks if Theresa is having second thoughts about signing it.

Chad sits at home and gets a call from Kayla. Chad informs Kayla that he talked to Paulina about exhuming Abigail’s body and she agreed to expedite the request but he hasn’t heard anything, so they must have hit a snag. Jack then storms in and asks Chad if he has completely lost his mind. Chad tells Kayla that he thinks he found the snag, so he’ll call her back. Chad hangs up. Jack tells Chad not to play dumb because he got a call from a friend at the city, who said there was a request to exhume Abigail’s body and that the request came from Chad, which he confirms. Jack questions why Chad would want to desecrate Abigail’s grave.

Xander drinks Leo’s water and thanks him, saying it hit the spot. Leo says it hit his spot too and jokes about sucking up to his boss. Xander calls him a valued employee and asks about his column. Leo says it’s coming along which Xander is glad to hear. Xander invites Leo to join him at the Pub for a drink and says they can talk work. Leo surprises himself by declining, saying it’s probably not a good idea. Xander tells him to suit himself then and walks away.

Justin tells Bonnie that if Theresa signs the prenup, she won’t get a penny if she and Alex get a divorce. Bonnie suggests maybe she won’t want a divorce, so her plan could be to stay married and live in the lap of luxury. Justin guesses that Bonnie still thinks Theresa doesn’t actually love Alex. Bonnie says it’s hard to say since Theresa was in bed with Brady one minute and then back to Alex, so some might say she is fickle which Justin agrees with. Justin hopes that Alex doesn’t get his heart broken. Bonnie understands that Justin can’t stop worrying about him. Bonnie then gets a text that she has to go meet Sarah to help plan the wedding. Bonnie encourages Justin to try not to worry as Alex. Bonnie says maybe they are wrong about Theresa and she is desperately in love with Alex and marrying him for all the right reasons. Bonnie points out that they do know that’s possible as she then exits the Pub.

Alex asks Theresa if he missed something since he thought she was okay with signing. Maggie then arrives and informs them that the messenger just delivered the prenup. Maggie says she didn’t realize. Alex says people get the wrong idea but assures that he has no problem trusting Theresa, but Justin made a huge deal about it. Theresa insists that she’s signing it because she’s marrying Alex for love, not money, even though people are doubting that, so if signing will prove people wrong, she will. Alex asks if she’s still on board then. Theresa wishes Alex would’ve talked to her about it first but says she is totally okay with it.

Bonnie goes to meet Sarah with a stack of wedding magazines and says she hopes she’s not too late. Sarah tells her that her timing is perfect and says it will be fun. Sarah talks about being married multiple times making her feel like wearing white is a stretch. Bonnie doesn’t care and says she will be the star so she should wear whatever she wants. Bonnie says she would hate to have Sarah share her day with anyone but asks if she’s thought any more about a double wedding with Alex and Theresa. Sarah says not really. Bonnie says that they are full speed ahead and she hears that Theresa is signing the prenup tonight.

Theresa goes over the prenup and says if she’s reading it correctly, she gets nothing if she commits fraud or adultery. Theresa asks if that’s something Alex is concerned about. Alex says it’s just standard prenup stuff. Theresa asks what if he commits adultery or fraud and what she gets then. Alex jokes with her and then assures that she will never have to worry about him cheating on her ever, so he expects that he would never have to worry about that either. Theresa jokes that they basically just said their vows as they kiss. Theresa then decides there’s nothing to worry about, so she then signs the prenup.

Justin remains at the Pub and thinks back to when Alex was a baby. Xander arrives and invites him to join him for a beer. Justin mentions hearing that Xander gave Maggie her check back and admits he was surprised since Maggie wanted him to have that money. Xander feels that Victor wanted it all to go to Maggie and Alex. Xander comments on Alex being a real jerk to Justin since finding out he’s not his dad. Justin says Alex’s entire life turned out to be a lie, so he can’t blame him for acting out. Xander points out that Justin was hurt too but he didn’t change. Xander states that he was hurt by being left out of Victor’s will but he thinks Justin is the one who was hurt the most.

Jack is grateful that his friend upheld the process until he could confront Chad. Chad apologizes as he didn’t want him to find out like this. Chad asks if Jennifer knows. Jack shouts that she doesn’t as he wanted answers first. Jack demands Chad explain why he wants to dig up his daughter’s body. Chad responds that it’s because according to Clyde Weston, Abigail is still alive.

Leo finishes typing his column. A man approaches so Leo immediately tells him that he is finishing his water. The man then says he came over to ask if he’s Lady Whistleblower and he just came to say he’s a huge fan. He introduces himself as Kerry and tells Leo that he’s so funny and clever. Leo introduces himself as Kerry calls him easy on the eyes and says he’d love to know his secrets. Kerry then suggests they go somewhere more private and asks if he lives nearby.

Bonnie hopes Sarah doesn’t think she’s being too forward as she knows most brides would run for the hills at the idea of a double wedding. Sarah reminds her that it’s not her first wedding so she’s not worried about sharing the spotlight. Bonnie points out that a second wedding to Xander kind of goes with the double wedding idea. Sarah calls it a hard sell because Xander has clashed with both Theresa and Alex in the past. Bonnie feels it’s all the more reason to have a double wedding to have all the Kiriakis family celebrating Xander and Alex together. Bonnie declares that it could be a new beginning for the entire family.

Theresa suggests talking about more pleasant business now that the prenup is signed and suggests setting a wedding date. Alex suggests talking with Xander and Sarah so they don’t pick the same date. Theresa mentions that Bonnie thinks they should have a double wedding which Alex says is news to him. Theresa is unsure about the idea while Maggie points out that she had a double wedding once. Theresa asks if it was awkward. Maggie says it was lovely. Theresa notes that everything would have to line up. Maggie mentions that her double wedding was on Valentine’s Day and calls it one of her fondest memories. Alex guesses the difference here is that Maggie and her daughter got along while he and Xander can barely stand each other. Maggie suggests it doesn’t have to be that way and that it could be a bonding experience to keep the family together.

Xander tells Justin that he can’t imagine what it was like to find out Alex wasn’t his son, blowing up his entire family. Justin says it wasn’t even the first time he had to deal with Alex’s paternity since Anjelica told him that Alex wasn’t his when he was first born, so he had a blood test run and Dr. Tom Horton confirmed that Alex was his. Xander guesses the old style blood tests aren’t as reliable as DNA tests. Justin guesses the test came back positive because he and Alex are still related by blood even if not father and son. Justin says it’s still so hard for him to believe that Victor conceived a child with Anjelica and kept that secret from him all these years. Xander then asks if Justin is saying he doesn’t believe it’s true and that Alex really is his son?

Jack tells Chad it’s not possible. Chad says he thought the same thing at first which is why he didn’t want to say anything to Jack and Jennifer until he knew. Jack complains that Julie knows, so Chad explains that Julie knows because she’s trying to help him find out if it’s true. Chad declares that he needs to know and he knows digging up Abigail’s body is extreme but it’s the only way to find out any answers. Jack tell Chad to forget about that because it’s not going to happen as he won’t allow it. Jack threatens to fight him on this in court as he will do anything to stop Clyde from desecrating Abigail’s memory any more than he has. Jack doesn’t care what Clyde says and calls him a liar, murderer, and drug dealer. Jack argues that Clyde is just trying to get free by tricking Chad in to believing Abigail is alive. Chad assures he doesn’t trust Clyde but it’s more than just his word as he gave him evidence to support his claim which Jack questions. Chad says he will show him and turns on the video.

Alex doesn’t think he and Xander will ever get along. Maggie feels there’s no harm in making an effort. Maggie says as Victor’s heir, Alex is head of the family now. Maggie believes that Victor would want Alex to make amends and become a united front. Maggie feels this could be his chance to do that. Alex asks what Theresa thinks. Theresa says she despises Xander, but he also despises her, so maybe they cancel each other out. Theresa states that she wants to get married as soon as possible and if that means hitching their wagon onto Xander and Sarah’s big day, then maybe it’s not such a bad idea. Theresa asks what Alex thinks.

Xander asks Justin if he’s told Alex that he thinks he’s still his son. Justin calls it just wishful thinking and says Victor wouldn’t have left half his estate to Alex if he wasn’t absolutely sure that Alex was his son. Justin calls it so damn disappointing that Victor would lie to him for all these years. Justin still doesn’t know why Victor tried to claim Alex as his son when he was first born and questions why he would do that if he wanted to keep it a secret. Justin says he has so many damn questions but since Anjelica and Victor are both dead, he guesses he will never get them answered.

Sarah thinks Bonnie could be right that it would be really nice for Xander to reconnect with the rest of his family. Bonnie can’t believe she’d go for it and asks if she’ll talk to Xander. Sarah decides it’s worth a shot. Bonnie calls that wonderful. Sarah thanks Bonnie for her and Justin’s RSVP coming so soon. Bonnie says there’s nothing worse than waiting for someone to respond. Bonnie then thinks back to finding Xander’s mom’s wedding invitation in the trash and mailing it herself. Bonnie then asks if she’s received any surprising RSVPs. Sarah says not really, just what they expected. Bonnie then tells Sarah that there’s something she should probably warn her about.

Leo brings Kerry to his room at the Salem Inn. Kerry can’t believe he lives in a hotel and compares him to Dylan on 90210. Leo compares himself to Brenda on the show. Kerry tells Leo that he’s here for all of his secrets. Leo says it will be a long night then and shows him the menu for room service. Kerry then decides he doesn’t want to slow down and removes his shirt, telling Leo that he’s ready to skip to the main course.

Sarah asks what Bonnie wants to warn her about. Bonnie says it’s about the invitations but they are interrupted by Xander coming home and asks what they are up to. Sarah says they were just looking at wedding dresses but they haven’t found anything. Xander says he hates to interrupt but Bonnie decides she should get going. Sarah feels it’s so soon and she’s sad to see her go. Sarah remembers Bonnie was about to tell her something but Bonnie claims that it’s not important and suggests she talk to Xander about what they discussed earlier. Bonnie then exits. Xander asks Sarah what Bonnie wants her to talk to him about. Sarah reveals that Bonnie thinks they should have a double wedding with Alex and Theresa. Xander questions why the hell they would do that.

Maggie asks if Alex and Theresa are actually considering it. Alex would hate for Theresa to give up her dream wedding just to score a more convenient date. Theresa insists that she’s totally fine with simple and low key. Justin comes in and guesses Theresa is still peeved at his prenup idea. Alex reveals that she already signed it and shows Justin. Justin says it looks good and that with this much money on the line, it’s never bad to have protections in place. Theresa declares that she plans to spend the rest of her life as Mrs. Alex Kiriakis as they kiss.

Chad tells Jack that he’s watched the video a thousand times and sometimes he’s convinced that it’s Abigail and that she’s somewhere, alone and scared and she needs him, while other times he watches it and thinks he’s just being an idiot. Chad asks Jack if it’s Abigail in the video. Jack gets emotional and admits he doesn’t know. Jack guesses his question is why that’s the proof that Clyde gave him if he wants him to believe it. Chad says he had the same question and went to ask Clyde but he had already been sent to super max. Jack asks if there’s no other way to get answers. Chad then gets a text from Paulina, who says the crew is ready to exhume the body so it will be too late to file an injunction. Chad says if Jack is not on board, he will do it. Chad knows it’s a lot to ask but insists that he needs to do it.

Kerry begins to remove Leo’s shirt, but Leo says there’s one thing he needs to know first. Leo questions if he’s really a fan of his column. Kerry says he never misses it. Leo says that means he is his first groupie and this is happening. Kerry says when he’s attracted to someone, he doesn’t like to waste time as they then kiss.

Xander questions Bonnie being really in to the double wedding idea and notes that it sounds like Sarah is too. Sarah says that Bonnie made a few good points but she totally understands if Xander doesn’t want to do it. Xander points out that it would be his second double wedding and the first one ended in disaster. Sarah asks if he’s saying no then. Xander clarifies that it was a disaster because he was marrying the wrong person which isn’t the case this time. Xander supposes he can have Alex on one side of him as he professes his love to Sarah. Sarah asks if she should call Bonnie to tell her they are in then.

Bonnie goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and announces that Sarah is going to talk to Xander about a double wedding, so she asks what they think. Alex responds that it’s fine by him. Theresa says it is with her too. Bonnie then gets a call from Sarah and asks if she talked to Xander. Sarah confirms that she did and that if Alex and Theresa are game, they are in. Bonnie declares that it looks like operation double wedding is a go.

Chad and Jack go to the cemetery where Abigail’s grave is being dug up. Chad thanks Jack, knowing it wasn’t an easy decision. Jack can’t believe they are doing this. The crew inform them that the coffin is ready to be opened.

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Y&R Short Recap Thursday, July 11, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Katie continues to be upset about Claire being her sister. Katie starts sulking when she sees Claire in the park with Harrison and she decides not to go get ice cream with Victoria and Johnny. Harrison later gives Katie flowers to cheer her up because he wants to cheer her up and Katie changes her mind about getting ice cream with her family.

Adam and Chelsea continue to behave nervously around Billy and Sally because they feel guilty about having comfort sex in Baltimore. Adam and Chelsea don’t want to hurt Billy and Sally, so they agree never to tell them the truth about what happened in Baltimore.

Chelsea gets a call from Connor’s doctor who tells her Connor has had a breakthrough and he is out of in-patient treatment and back in outpatient treatment. Connor texts Adam and Chelsea and tells them he wants to video chat with them. Connor tells Adam and Chelsea that, while he was in in-patient treatment, he realized it was up to him to fight his OCD and he could do it because he has people who love him and he deserves to be happy.

Lily finally makes up her mind about what to do and tells Billy she will work with him at Abbott-Chancellor.

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Y&R Transcript Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Jim

[ light footsteps ]

Sharon: Oh, Cassie. [ knocking on door ]

Lucy: Oh, hi.

Sharon: Lucy, hi.

Lucy: Hi, Ms. Newman. I’m so sorry to bother you. I was just, uh, looking for your daughter. Is she around?

Daniel: So, any interviews today?

Heather: Nope.

Daniel: How about tomorrow?

Heather: Maybe. Uh, waiting to hear back.

Daniel: Well, they’ll– they’ll call. They will. Soon.

Heather: Or not. I, you know, not sure.

Daniel: Hey, where is that can-do attitude? Hm?

Heather: Maybe I can be a barista.

Daniel: I just think that, you know, the right opportunity is going to come along. You just haven’t found the perfect fit yet. And besides, who wouldn’t want to hire you?

Heather: So far, everybody.

Daniel: Listen, you are an amazing, kick-ass lawyer. Don’t you forget that.

Heather: Who’s drinking an iced coffee in a park on a work day. I don’t know. Maybe it’s a sign.

Daniel: A sign of what?

Heather: Maybe it’s time for me to go back to Portugal.

Audra: Hm. I’ll get you an autographed hard copy, if you like.

Nate: The woman of the hour. Please, uh, join me. That is, if you have the time.

Audra: Hm. For the man who toasted me with champagne and caviar last night, I guess I can spare a moment from my very busy and exciting schedule.

Nate: So, what’s on the agenda?

Audra: More press interviews than I can count. Staffing particulars. Final details on coordinating with and coalescing the companies in France under the Glissade umbrella, so we can hit the ground running.

Nate: Sounds like you already have. Where do I send the flowers?

Audra: 1123 Franklin Avenue.

Nate: That new state-of-the-art building?

Audra: Penthouse suite.

Nate: Of course. I’d expect nothing less.

Audra: So, uh, what did you think about the article?

Nate: You’re officially an A-list mover and shaker, Audra. I’m impressed.

Audra: As you should be.

Nate: I also read the press release. You know, for a woman who’s so focused on every detail, it’s funny. You failed to mention that you’d be partnering up with another ex-lover. Fascinating.

Kyle: If you want a comment on Glissade, I’ll give you one. Prepare to be wowed. Sure. I’d love to sit down for an interview at some point in the future. Okay. Talk soon.

Summer: Is it true?

Kyle: What, not even a good morning? Congratulations on the new job? Although, you are kind of killing the vibe.

Summer: You’re moving and you didn’t tell me? If you think that I’m going to let you take Harrison away, you’re delusional.

Daniel: You want to leave Genoa City? I thought that things were good between us. Where– where is this coming from?

Heather: I meant, I’m not working, so it’s a good time to visit my dad.

Daniel: Oh. [ chuckling ]

Heather: Yeah.

Daniel: Oh, God. Good. Um, you had me worried there.

Heather: Really?

Daniel: Yeah.

Heather: Wh– why? Why would I want to leave the man of my dreams and our wonderful daughter and our beautiful, if slightly underfunded at the moment, life? Come on. We’ve worked too hard to get here. There’s absolutely nowhere else I’d rather be than sitting next to you in a park, drinking coffee on a work day.

Daniel: Well, it is pretty perfect. Minus the no jobs part.

Heather: Yeah. Minus that. But otherwise…

Daniel: You know, we could take these coffees and go back to the apartment. There are certain perks to being unemployed.

Heather: There are. And there’s nothing I’d like better.

Daniel: But?

Heather: But I am about to meet our wonderful daughter really soon. So, rain check?

Daniel: Uh-huh. Rain check. What’s up with your dad? Is– is he okay?

Heather: Yeah. I just, I haven’t seen him in a while and the last time I spoke to him on the phone, he seemed pretty lonely.

Daniel: Well, I think going to visit him is a great idea. I’ll miss you like crazy, obviously. But, you know, it is the summertime. Lucy’s done with school. I’m not really doing anything, obviously.

Heather: Mm-hmm.

Daniel: We can make this like a family trip. We could all go, see Paul, do some exploring. We could hit up Nazaré, catch some waves.

Heather: But since when do you surf?

Daniel: Since it’s like a bucket list thing of mine.

Heather: Okay. All right. I’m, uh, I’m all for it. But there is someone else in our family who has a vote, too, so.

Daniel: Ah, yes. Right. It’s gonna be tough to pull her away from town and away from fangirling over Faith Newman.

Heather: Yeah. But I remember when I was young and I wanted to hang out with the older girls. They just, they seemed so cool. You know, like, they have it together. And– and then the freedom? Oh, I wanted to be them and I could not wait to grow up fast enough to get there.

Daniel: Well, that’s not gonna happen to Lucy.

Heather: Oh, that’s so sweet. Full-on daddy denial.

Daniel: Stop. I just got my little girl back. There is no way I’m letting her grow up anytime soon.

Heather: Yeah. You don’t really get a choice, but I guess, uh, you’ll learn that the hard way, huh?

Daniel: I’m gonna learn it the hard way?

Heather: You’re gonna learn it the hard way. I’ll be here.

Sharon: Faith, uh, she’s not home right now. She went to a friend’s house. But come on in. I’m sure she will be home soon. Come in.

Lucy: Thank you. I, um, I knew I was taking a chance finding Faith at home. She’s so popular.

Sharon: Yeah, yeah, she does have a lot of friends. Everyone’s home from college, so they have a lot of catching up to do. Can I, um, get you a soda? Or some water?

Lucy: Oh, no, I– I’m okay. Thank you. I just, uh, I came to drop off this super cute bracelet I found at this vintage shop on Madison. I don’t know. I saw it, and it just kind of reminded me of Faith, so I got it for her.

Sharon: Oh, well, that’s so sweet. I’m sure she will love it.

Lucy: Oh, how cute. Is this Mariah when she was my age?

Sharon: Um, no, no, that, um, that’s Mariah’s sister, Cassie.

Lucy: I had no idea that Mariah had a twin.

Sharon: She died years ago in a car crash. She was 14.

Lucy: Oh, that’s, um, that’s terrible. I’m– I’m so sorry. You must think about her a lot.

Sharon: More than you could possibly know.

Kyle: Yeah, I was going to tell you.

Summer: When? After you’d moved?

Kyle: How do you even know?

Summer: Your mom told me.

Kyle: Of course, she did.

Summer: She wants me to convince you not to take Harrison away from here.

Kyle: And she knows how much you hate her, so she must be getting desperate.

Summer: She’s concerned, Kyle.

Kyle: No, she’s trying to run my life, which isn’t going to happen anymore now that I’m starting at Glissade.

Summer: Wait, Glissade is based in Paris. If you think that I’m going to let you take Harrison to France–

Kyle: I don’t know. Paris is kind of nice this time of year.

Summer: No, you cannot just be making unilateral decisions.

Kyle: Relax, I’m not moving Harrison to Paris. I’m just moving out of the house. Something I should have done a long time ago.

Summer: Why, though? This is Harrison’s home.

Kyle: Summer, do you have any idea what it’s like to live under the same roof as the woman who fired you and the father who stood by and did nothing?

Summer: You know what? I have an idea. How about we not make this all about you and instead we focus on our son?

Kyle: Yeah, that’s what I’m doing. Do you really think it’s healthy for Harrison to live in a house full of anger and resentment?

Summer: Kyle, that’s a dynamic that you helped create. This is the only home that Harrison has known since we got back to Genoa City. And it’s filled with all the people that love him most. His grandparents, Aunt Traci, Aunt Ashley, Mrs. Martinez. He’s happy here, Kyle. He feels safe.

Kyle: And he’ll get to decorate a whole new bedroom. I may even throw in a swimming pool. Ooh, and a puppy.

Summer: So, you’re going to bribe him?

Kyle: I’m kidding.

Summer: Yeah, I don’t think you’re taking this very seriously.

Kyle: You’re making too much of it. He’ll still go to the same school, have the same friends. Hell, you can still visit him at will. I figured you would appreciate the fact that you wouldn’t have to run into my mother anymore.

Summer: I cannot believe how selfish you are. I’m an adult. I can tolerate seeing Diane for the sake of continuity for our son. Why can’t you?

Sharon: She was pure joy. She was funny and smart and kind. She loved to draw. And she loved flowers and every four-legged creature in the world.

Lucy: Well, she sounds amazing.

Sharon: She was.

Lucy: Hello.

Faith: Hi.

Lucy: I hope you don’t mind me coming by like this. I just got this really cute bracelet and um, I thought you might like it. Um, the beads are jasper. They’re supposed to bring peace or something. I don’t know. I just thought they looked really pretty.

Faith: You got this for me?

Lucy: Gosh, is that weird? I’m so sorry. I just– I saw it and it reminded me of something that you were wearing the other day and I– I got it. I really didn’t mean to be weird.

Faith: No, it’s– it’s super thoughtful. I’m just surprised. Thank you.

Lucy: Then, uh, you like it?

Faith: I do. It even goes with my outfit.

Lucy: It does.

Faith: What were you guys doing? It looked like I was interrupting something.

Lucy: Oh, your mom was just telling me all about Cassie. I had no idea that Mariah had a twin until now.

Sharon: I explained that Cassie died years ago in a car crash.

Lucy: It’s the most terrible thing ever. I really can’t imagine anything worse.

Faith: Yeah. So, what’s up?

Lucy: Oh, um, I was just wondering if you could maybe hang out if you’re free.

Faith: We totally can, but I’ve got some stuff to do. Um, wanna meet up later?

Lucy: Yeah, that– that would be great. Just, um, text me when you’re free and I’ll come find you.

Faith: Sounds good. And thanks again for the bracelet.

Lucy: You’re welcome. Okay, I’ll– I’ll see you in a few.

Faith: Bye.

Sharon: Well, you definitely have a new fan.

Faith: She’s sweet. But, Mom, I’ve got to ask, why were you looking at Cassie’s scrapbook?

Sharon: Um… I was just, uh, thinking about her.

Faith: Is it my fault? Because of all those questions I was asking you and Dad the other day?

Kyle: Kids move to new schools, new houses, new states all the time and they’re not warped for life.

Summer: How many of those kids were just recently kidnapped and still have nightmares? Harrison already lost his mother to prison. Ashland died. You and I got a divorce. I mean, there’s been so much upheaval in his life already, Kyle.

Kyle: Harrison and I are thinking about this more like an adventure.

Summer: You are unbelievable.

Kyle: No, I am tired of having you in my face about a decision that’s not going to change. Harrison is excited about this move, so how about you just get on board and help him pick out some things for his new bedroom?

Summer: I cannot believe that you told Harrison about this before you talked to me about it.

Kyle: You don’t get a say about where I live anymore.

Summer: I get a say in where my son lives.

Kyle: Do you?

Summer: Really? So, you’re just going– You’re going to cut me out?

Kyle: Of course not. You’re the one hurling accusations and creating a problem where there isn’t.

Summer: I just, I don’t understand how you can be so dense.

Kyle: You know this lecturing me about how to behave is unbelievable. You barge in here unloading on me in self-righteous mommy mode when the truth is you refuse to agree with me about anything these days. It’s like your whole personality.

Summer: What Harrison needs right now is stability. And you refuse to see that. Or, you know what, I’m thinking maybe you actually just don’t care.

Kyle: That’s your opinion.

Summer: No, it’s what I’ve seen, Kyle. You would much rather be spending extra time with the babysitter or getting back into business with your ex-bed buddy, Audra, than doing what’s best for our son. And if that’s the kind of father that you want to be, then yes, I am going to do something about it.

Audra: I didn’t mention partnering with Kyle because it’s not a big deal.

Nate: Are you lying to me or to yourself?

Audra: You know, I liked you better last night.

Nate: All I’m saying is you had a relationship with Kyle that didn’t end well. Kind of like the one you had with Tucker. And now, you’re about to work side by side with the guy.

Audra: My relationship with Tucker ended very well for me. I mean, I wouldn’t be sitting on top of Glissade otherwise.

Nate: With Kyle Abbott?

Audra: I can handle Kyle.

Nate: You used to say that about Tucker.

Audra: Okay. Maybe I learned more than I care to admit from my time with Tucker. But I also used it to my advantage. As for Kyle, he couldn’t be more different than Tucker.

Nate: Not sure about that. They’re both rich, cocky, entitled. Wait. Kyle’s not this mystery investor, is he?

Audra: There’s no way Kyle could afford Glissade’s price tag out of his own pocket.

Nate: Then, if you needed a co-CEO so badly, why hire Kyle of all of the choices out there?

Audra: Having someone who’s run a cosmetics company that’s an industry leader is a huge asset to Glissade. So, maybe admire my business savvy for making such a smart hire.

Nate: I really do want to admire your business savvy, Audra, but Kyle, really? Look, I don’t care how much experience he has or how sparkly his resume is. Why hire a man you have such a complicated history with?

Audra: You know, if I didn’t know any better, I’d almost say you’re jealous.

Faith: I just, I hate if my nosiness of the past is making you think about Cassie. How much you miss her.

Sharon: Cassie is never far from my thoughts. But I will admit, our conversation did cause me to start thinking a little more about the past.

Faith: I’m sorry.

Sharon: There’s no reason to apologize. Or look at me like that. Really. Everything’s fine. Nothing to worry about.

Faith: Cassie’s scrapbook is out and you’re obviously not exactly happy.

Sharon: Okay. I’ll let you in on a little secret. Every once in a while, I need to have a good cry. Cassie was just so special and I don’t want to forget a moment we ever had together, so I– I look at her photos so that it will keep her memories fresh for me and– and it makes me feel connected to her.

Faith: I just, I hate seeing you sad. I– I still kind of feel responsible.

Sharon: Absolutely not. Okay, maybe Cassie has been on my mind a little bit more than usual lately, maybe, but that’s all. There’s nothing to be concerned about.

Faith: Okay. So, you’re good?

Sharon: I’m more than good. Thinking about Cassie, thinking about Cassie’s life and the joy that she brought us, that’s a good thing.

Nate: I am not jealous of Kyle.

Audra: Are you sure? You really wouldn’t want to be the one running Glissade with me, taking on the world together, showing the doubters what we can do?

Nate: I like what you did there. Avoiding my question. I’ll ask it again. Why Kyle, of all people?

Audra: He and I are not lovers anymore, if that’s what you’re actually fishing to hear.

Nate: Good. Wise decision.

Audra: Why is that?

Nate: Because you don’t want a repeat of the situation you had with Tucker. That’s why.

Audra: I learned my lesson, all right? I’m not putting myself in a vulnerable position like that ever again. At least not by mixing business and pleasure.

Nate: Then, why does it seem like this conversation has suddenly putting a damper on your big day?

Audra: Okay. You’re right. Things are not quite as ideal as I hoped.

Nate: Talk to me. What’s going on?

Audra: Well, it’s day one and I’m already under attack.

Kyle: You’re calling me a bad father. I would do anything and everything for my son. You know that.

Summer: Up to a point, apparently.

Kyle: I am really trying to be fair here. I have been thinking about what your brother said.

Summer: You saw my brother?

Kyle: Yes, we ran into each other.

Summer: Okay, what does this have to do with Daniel?

Kyle: He said I need to see things from your perspective.

Summer: You– you talked to him about me?

Kyle: You just want to be a part of Harrison’s life and that I should give you more compassion.

Summer: So, I’m needy now? Is that what you’re saying?

Kyle: Okay, maybe this is your way of trying to feel more involved. Pushing the custody issue. Trying to have a say in my decisions. Because you feel like you’re being squeezed out of Harrison’s life.

Summer: That’s ridiculous, Kyle.

Kyle: I am just saying, you don’t have to come at me with lawyers because you feel insecure about Claire or my professional decisions.

Summer: Do you see how you’re trying to make this my problem now? My concern has nothing to do with Claire. I know how important she is to Harrison, okay? This has to do with all the bad decisions that you’ve been making lately. Suddenly yanking our son out of his home? Getting back into business with Audra? That can only end in disaster, Kyle. You’re starting a war with Jack and Diane, Harrison’s grandparents. So yes, clearly, you are not putting his best interests first. You are practically handing me ammunition to win primary custody.

Kyle: Okay, you want what’s best for Harrison? Then, stop it with the threats. You want to come at me because you disapprove of the way I’m living my life? Bring it. I will be ready and I will win.

Summer: Oh, is that a threat?

Kyle: No, it’s a fact. You are not even Harrison’s biological mother. So, go after custody. You will fail. attack? Is it Tucker?

Audra: It’s nothing like that. This attack is coming directly from inside the C-suite.

Summer: I have been Harrison’s mother in every single way.

Kyle: But you’re not his biological mother.

Claire: Sorry.

Summer: Claire, um, you’re here. Is– is Harrison here?

Claire: I picked him up from camp early. He’s in the backyard. I just came in to make him a snack and I– I heard voices.

Kyle: The doctor’s appointment.

Summer: Don’t think you could have warned me that our son might be able to overhear us.

Kyle: You know his schedule as well as I do and you didn’t exactly give me a chance because you came in here swinging.

Claire: I can leave.

Summer: No, it’s… I need to get back to work. This conversation is not over.

Kyle: Hm. [ Kyle sighing ] Damn it! [ door slamming ] [ Claire sighing ]

Claire: I’m sorry for interrupting.

Kyle: Sorry you had to witness that.

Claire: Harrison and I just planted a little vegetable garden. We have radishes and peppers, but not the hot ones. And some tomatoes. He’s really excited about it. He’s telling Mrs. Martinez all about it.

Kyle: So, he didn’t hear us fighting?

Claire: No.

Kyle: There’s that.

Claire: Why don’t you come check it out? Get some fresh air.

Kyle: Yeah, yeah. Yeah. I could do some air. Um, how about a walk? I don’t want my son to see me like this. Could you ask Mrs. Martinez if she can watch Harrison for a bit? Will you join me?

Claire: Of course, I’ll join you. [ Sharon sniffling ]

Heather: You know we’re going to be over-caffeinated, right?

Daniel: Sure. But, you know, the sugar is going to compensate for it.

Heather: Okay. Maybe you can get a job as a comic.

Daniel: Hm. Maybe not.

Heather: Maybe we need you to.

Daniel: Hey!

Summer: Hi. Um, can I talk to you? In private?

Heather: Yes, because I have to meet Lucy. Soon. So, I’ll catch up with you later.

Daniel: Sure. Sounds good.

Heather: Okay.

Daniel: Bye.

Heather: Bye. Good luck. Hi, Summer.

Summer: What were you thinking?

Daniel: About what?

Summer: You talked to Kyle about me?

Daniel: Yeah, that. Yeah. Yeah, I did.

Summer: Uh, do you want to walk me through how you thought that was a good idea?

Daniel: Well, I’m concerned. I know that you’re upset about his new job he’s taking, about how it might affect Harrison and I know how you feel about Claire. And last night I ran into him, totally unplanned, and I got to hear his side of the story.

Summer: And what, you thought you’d help by offering him advice on how to handle me?

Daniel: No, no, no, no. He was being a jerk. All I did was tell him that he should look at things from your point of view. That you love Harrison.

Summer: Daniel, you should have stayed out of it.

Daniel: I was just trying to help.

Summer: Your help made it seem like I’m being irrational. Like I’m overreacting to Kyle’s choices and how they will affect Harrison. Wait, is that what you think?

Daniel: Okay, listen, I think that you are upset. I think that Kyle has made some choices that you were unhappy with, and I get that, but jumping straight to a raging custody battle without trying to talk it out? I mean, it– it seems like a mom move.

Summer: Seriously? You too?

Daniel: What is that supposed to mean?

Summer: I did talk to Mom and my dad about this and they suggested I not get lawyers involved.

Daniel: Look at that. Too extreme for Mom. That doesn’t tell you something?

Summer: What am I supposed to do? If Kyle’s not going to listen to me, what choice do I have?

Daniel: I don’t know. You could choose to take a step back, and take a breath, and just let reason prevail.

Summer: Daniel, this is not just about Kyle getting into business with somebody who’s going to bring nothing but chaos into his life, okay? Did Kyle tell you that he’s planning on taking Harrison out of the only home that he’s known since we’ve been in Genoa City?

Daniel: He did not.

Summer: Yeah! Because Kyle is only thinking about Kyle right now. He’s ripping Harrison out of a home where he has grandparents who dote on him, and all of these people who love him, and where he actually feels safe. All because Kyle is fighting with his parents. So no, I don’t feel like I’m being unreasonable when I’m just looking out for my son’s well-being.

Daniel: You can’t talk about stability in one breath, and then talk about dragging your son through a custody battle in the next. I went through that as a kid and it was an absolute nightmare. I don’t think for one second that’s what you want for your son, and you know what it did to my relationship with Mom. You really want to risk that?

Claire: It’s a beautiful day.

Kyle: Hey, um… Look, I– I feel like a bit of an ass for what you walked in on earlier.

Claire: Don’t worry about it.

Kyle: Yeah, Summer and I need to learn to tone it down. At least when Harrison’s around. Probably in general. [ Claire sighing ]

Claire: People disagree.

Kyle: Eh, this is turning into a full-blown battle. Look, we both want what’s best for Harrison, but we have two completely different ideas on what that means.

Claire: So, the custody agreement?

Kyle: Am I moving us out of the house? Am I working with Audra Charles?

Claire: Yeah, you did mention that Summer had an issue with her. Your… How did you put it? Your tumultuous past?

Kyle: Which has nothing to do with Harrison. Look, these days, Summer looks at everything as a threat to Harrison’s happiness. Or maybe she’s feeling a lack of control, and that’s why she’s pushing for a new custody arrangement. Making me the bad guy in the process. I don’t know, it’s ironic that all this tension she’s stirring up is not good for Harrison either.

Claire: It does take two to stir things up.

Kyle: Okay, okay, yeah, maybe– maybe I have been a little hard-headed or a little difficult, but I really do want to find some compassion where Summer’s concerned. I mean, even you called me on it earlier, a couple weeks ago maybe. I– I’m trying to see things from her perspective. Unfortunately, our arguments are just getting louder and more frequent. We’re even further apart.

Claire: It doesn’t help when one of the people that Summer has a problem with walks into the middle of things.

Nate: And you didn’t lead with this? All your talk about being able to handle Kyle, and he’s already got the knives out.

Audra: All I know is that he’d prefer to be running Glissade without me. And now that you know, I could use your advice.

Nate: Really? Not sure I should chime in here, Audra.

Audra: I trust you, Nate. As a friend and as someone who’s no stranger to corporate intrigue.

Nate: Well, I do have one idea about how to deal with Kyle Abbott.

Audra: I’m all ears.

Nate: Fire his ass before he takes you down. udra: I would like nothing more than to fire Kyle. But that can’t happen. At least not right now.

Nate: Why the hell not?

Audra: I can’t fire Kyle because he was handpicked for the job by my investor.

Nate: Oh, my… You gotta be kidding me. What happened to being able to run the company as you see fit, Audra?

Audra: With one caveat.

Nate: Kyle.

Audra: Saying no wasn’t an option, so I have to make it work.

Nate: Are you sure Kyle and this mysterious investor of yours aren’t somehow in this together, using you?

Audra: Not a chance.

Nate: How can you be so sure?

Audra: My investor was the one who warned me about Kyle, that he wants me out.

Nate: This investor. It would be helpful to know who this mysterious person is, Audra.

Audra: I can’t take the risk of telling you.

Nate: Even though you trust me. I hate to say this, Audra, but this venture might be more trouble than even you can handle.

Kyle: Claire, do not apologize for walking in on Summer and me. None of this is about you. Okay, maybe it’s a little about you, but you were one of the most amazing things to happen in Harrison’s life. Especially given what he’s been through. If Summer can’t see the positive effect you’re having on him, that’s her issue, not yours.

Claire: The way you defend me and your kindness means more to me than you know.

Kyle: And you’re a good friend. Especially given I don’t have much of a support system these days. Claire, I’m glad you’re in Harrison’s life. And mine.

Summer: No, of course I don’t want to put Harrison through a custody battle. But Kyle keeps on making decision after decision that’s not in Harrison’s best interest. So, if I have to fight for my son, I’m going to.

Daniel: I think you should try and have a real conversation. I mean, up until recently, you guys had the whole co-parenting thing figured out, so everybody knows it’s possible. Look, no drama, no yelling, just Harrison front and center.

Summer: Daniel, how am I supposed to talk to a man who’s made it clear that he will weaponize the fact that I’m not Harrison’s biological mother? Does that sound like somebody who’s willing to sit down and talk?

Daniel: I just think you’re both running hot. You know, everybody’s emotional. Nobody is putting Harrison first.

Summer: Says the guy that practically bailed on his own daughter.

Daniel: Okay, no, no, that’s not fair.

Summer: No, you’re out of line.

Sharon: What’s going on here?

Summer: I know what I’m doing and it’s what’s right for everybody.

Daniel: You keep pushing and you are going to regret it.

Summer: Stop it! Stop interfering. Stop giving advice to Kyle and to me.

Daniel: Oh, my God. Family, right? [ chuckling ]

Sharon: It happens. Just hope everything’s okay.

Daniel: Me too.

Sharon: Actually, I’m glad I ran into you.

Daniel: You are?

Sharon: Yeah, um, Lucy stopped by to see Faith.

Daniel: Yeah, uh, she is very excited at the prospect of having an older friend. Hope she wasn’t a bother.

Sharon: Oh, not at all. I just wanted you to know that she saw my scrapbook photos of Cassie, and it was clear that she didn’t know anything about the history.

Daniel: What did you tell her?

Sharon: I only said that Cassie died in a car crash. I thought it would be best that you’re aware in case Lucy asks more questions.

Daniel: You know, that night, it, um, still haunts me. All these years… it never goes away.

Sharon: For any of us.

Lucy: Oh, Mom, I, um, I went to Ms. Newman’s to see Faith and give her that cute bracelet that we found at the vintage store. She totally loved it.

Heather: Of course, she did.

Lucy: You know, um, before Faith came home, Ms. Newman had this scrapbook out. All these pictures of Mariah’s twin sister, Cassie. She seemed really sad. I felt sorry for her.

Heather: Cassie’s death was terribly tragic. It’s taken your dad a long time to get past what happened.

Daniel: I appreciate you not telling Lucy more about the accident. I don’t know if she’s ready to face knowing the truth about

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B&B Transcript Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Jim

Steffy: What was that for?

Finn: I just don’t want you to forget.

Steffy: Forget what? That my husband is an amazing kisser?

Finn: No. I just– I don’t want you to forget how much I love you. Never question that, okay? [sighs]

Brooke: Is everything okay over there?

Hope: No, it’s fine. It’s just I– I’m having a hard time concentrating, and I’m making all of these little mistakes.

Brooke: Would you like an extra set of eyes on it?

Hope: Well, you know what I have to inventory today? Jewelry. And you know what kind of jewelry? Rings. So…

Brooke: Honey, I know you’re upset to find out about Thomas and Paris’s engagement. But he made a decision because you made a decision. More than once.

Hope: We both understand the situation. It’s just… I’m having difficulty understanding how he was able to move on so quickly.

Brooke: I think there’s more going on here. I think you wanted to reunite with Thomas so badly for another reason.

Deacon: I keep looking to where the stage was set up, expecting him to play. Just can’t wrap my head around the fact that Tom’s gone.

Hollis: The place just really isn’t the same without him.

Deacon: He was only with us for a short time, and he really became a part of the team, didn’t he?

Hollis: Yeah, he did.

Deacon: Hey, welcome back.

Luna: Hi.

Deacon: Sit down.

Luna: Thank you.

Poppy: Thank you.

Bill: Uh, I read about what happened with your employee. My condolences.

Poppy: I’m sorry, Deacon. It was a real tragedy.

Deacon: I appreciate that. Tom’s deeply missed.

Bill: One of Deacon’s employees died here. It was during the live music night.

Luna: Oh, my God. Deacon, I’m so sorry for your loss.

Deacon: Thank you. Just like your mom said, it was a real tragedy. We’re all still in shock.

Luna: Yeah, I can only imagine.

Bill: Did Tom have any family? Siblings? Kids?

Deacon: I– Not that I know of.

Steffy: I have never questioned your love for me or our family. Okay?

Finn: Mmm. Look, I know. But wait. I just– [sighs] Look, I wanna tell you this. I’ve been thinking a lot lately, and I want you to fully understand that… I know I have given you reason to wonder if I’ve truly been putting you first. I mean, especially recently. And I don’t want that to be a worry. Okay? Not anymore. I’m really sorry.

Hope: Well, of course it is about more than just Thomas being able to move on from me.

Brooke: Well, good. I’m glad that you can see that.

Hope: Douglas is involved, so obviously it becomes so much more complex. But I know that this was my choice. I had ample opportunity to say yes to a marriage with Thomas, and I just– I wasn’t ready to say yes.

Brooke: Mm-hmm. And we know Thomas can be impulsive.

Hope: Oh, is that what this feeling is, all these knots in my stomach? Because I am worried that he is going back to that impulsive nature.

Brooke: Well, that could be it, but I think there’s something else going on here that I’m not even sure you’re aware of.

Hope: Like what?

Brooke: Honey. Your feelings for Finn.

Hope: Mom–

Brooke: Just hear me out. You told me you were having these feelings. And then Thomas comes back in town, and suddenly you’re trying to pick up where you left off with him. Maybe this is just a way for you to run away from your attraction to Steffy’s husband.

Bill: Thank you.

Deacon: I didn’t know Tom for a long time, but he never mentioned a family. Definitely not any sons or daughters.

Luna: It’s awful. I mean, I remember suggesting that we come here for live music that night. Did you know him well?

Deacon: I was learning about Tom, about his music. He was so excited that he was gonna play again on stage. I guess back in the day, he was actually pretty successful. And the thing I know about Tom or remember about him, was he always had a smile on his face. I mean, he had his challenges, you know, but he was working through ’em. At least I thought so. Apparently, Tom died of a drug overdose.

Finn: I let myself lose sight of what’s important. Sometimes I get carried away with helping people and believing in the good.

Steffy: I mean, you were like that with me when we first met, and I never want you to change that about yourself.

Finn: Yeah, okay, but that’s no excuse. I asked that you embrace Sheila and include her. This woman who has been nothing but destructive in her life and our happiness. You forgive me? [sighs]

Hope: The connection between Thomas and me was very real. It was passionate. It was exciting. He made me feel like I was the only woman that he ever saw, that I was the only woman that he would ever want to be with.

Brooke: And I’m glad that he made you feel secure, honey. It was probably a breath of fresh air after everything that Liam put you through. But I just feel like maybe… it’s a false sense of security.

Hope: What does that mean?

Brooke: Well–[sighs] I have had experience in this area. I’ve been involved in passionate relationships, and… sometimes you ignore very important key ingredients that should be involved. I feel like maybe you’re covering up. You’re just running after Thomas in order to forget about the feelings that you have about Finn.

Hope: Are you suggesting that I am using Thomas?

Brooke: No. Not intentionally.

Hope: I love that man, Mom, and I have been grieving the loss of our relationship. And now that I know that there is no chance for us, that we don’t have a future, I–

Brooke: I know the feelings that you two have. Those were real. But I also know the history you had. I know what Thomas put you through and how hard you worked to get past all of that. [sighs] You know what I want for you? I want you to find the man of your dreams, somebody that makes you happy, makes you feel secure, respected, and loved. And you will find that, you know? You will. It just won’t be Finn. It can’t be Finn.

Luna: Hey, Hollis, I’m sorry about your co-worker.

Hollis: I really appreciate that. Yeah, he, um– he was a really good guy.

Luna: Hey, if it makes you feel better, maybe you should come out with us next time I go out.

Hollis: Yeah, for sure. That’d be awesome.

Bill: Yeah. With R.J. Her boyfriend.

Hollis: I’m well aware… [clears throat]…sir.

Luna: Okay, we’re all friends, Dad. I’ll just text you.

Hollis: Sounds good.

Bill: What? Oh, come on. Can you blame me? All right, until you graced my life, I’ve only had boys, and… I know how guys’ minds work.

Luna: Oh! [scoffs]

Poppy: And you thought you missed out on all the years of your father embarrassing you in front of cute guys.

Luna: Stop.

Bill: Oh, no. Listen. I can do embarrassing really well. But, more importantly, I will always look out for you and for your mother.

Poppy: Aw, Bill. You really have changed our lives in so many wonderful ways. All these new experiences and the fact that Luna doesn’t have to wonder anymore. She has the doting father that she’s always wanted and deserved. And I can’t wait to witness it all, to live it. Truly, Bill, I’m so grateful for this future that we now have… with you. And I don’t wanna look back ever again.

Finn: I handled this whole thing wrong. I said things and I did things that I wish I could take back. And you deserve none of it. What you really deserve is to be loved and respected and heard. And I’m gonna do all of it. I promise that from this day forward, I will always put you first.

Brooke: I truly believe that you wanna reconcile with Thomas because you’re afraid of the feelings you have for Finn.

Hope: Okay, hold on. I am not afraid of my feelings. I am just trying to understand those feelings and what they mean. But obviously Thomas’s return was unexpected and it has caused a bit of confusion, given the fact that my feelings for him haven’t just disappeared.

Brooke: I know.

Hope: It’s still very fresh for me.

Brooke: Okay. I understand that. I won’t expect for you to be over it. But, honey, if you really wanted to be with Thomas, you would have accepted one of his proposals. [Hope sighs] And you didn’t. I know you said that you’re not ready. But I don’t think I’m far off saying that you’re trying to reconcile with Thomas ’cause you wanna push those feelings away. Those feelings that you have, you know, at least make them easier to ignore.

Hope: Mom, none of this has been easy.

Brooke: Honey, you are a good person, and you deserve so much more. But I just don’t want you to fall for Steffy’s husband. I know you don’t wanna get involved in that.

Hope: No. Of course I don’t. [sighs]

Deacon: I’m sorry. Uh, Hollis, what were you making?

Hollis: Marg. Rocks. No salt.

Deacon: Okay. No problem. Uh, this one’s on us. If you just give us a second, take care of that for you, all right?

Man: Okay. Thanks.

Deacon: Okay. Hey. You all right?

Hollis: Yeah. You know, I’m just–I’m still kind of struggling with everything, you know?

Deacon: Yeah, I know. I know. It’s tough to march on. As far as feeling off, I mean, Spencer really took me off guard.

Hollis: Yeah. I know the feeling. He’s a very protective guy.

Deacon: Well, I mean, he’s got a daughter now. That’s to be expected. But that’s not what talking about. I mean, he gave me his condolences for Tom, and he was–I don’t know– understanding. Kind. Definitely not the guy I know.

Hollis: I just–I–I still can’t get it, man. I mean, he was such a nice guy. Overdose. It doesn’t make sense. He was in such a good place, man.

Deacon: I know. Look, you know, we may never know what challenges Tom was dealing with, you know, what demons he was wrestling with. I can’t stop thinking that we must have missed something. How did we not pick up on something? [sighs] Look, Hollis, you, uh– you wanna get off the floor for a few minutes? Maybe go in the back and do something for me?

Hollis: Yeah. Sure. Whatever you want, boss.

Deacon: Just go back and, uh–I don’t know– straighten up the supply closet, you know, take a little inventory, take a few breaths. Okay?

Hollis: Okay.

Deacon: Okay.


Hollis: Tom’s bag.

Luna: Okay, renting out an entire venue for a father/daughter dance is where I draw the line.

Bill: Just tell me who you’re listening to, and I’ll hire them.

Luna: No, it’s not gonna happen.

Poppy: I have to admit that our girl has never been a big fan of parties in her honor.

Bill: How about a dance party right in our living room? How about that?

Luna: Okay, fine. If we have to.

Poppy: By the way, have I mentioned it how thrilled I am that your Luna’s father?

Bill: She’s mentioned that.

Brooke: I can see it clearly because I’m on the outside looking in. And you getting involved with Thomas would be a distraction from Finn, a way to push down those feelings. I also know that you’re afraid of turning into somebody else.

Hope: Who?

Brooke: Me. It’s okay. I know how you feel, sweetie. You’re terrified of that. And you’re on the precipice of becoming exactly like your mother if you allow yourself to have those feelings for Finn.

Steffy: I appreciate everything that you’re saying. I really do. Look, I have to admit it was– it was really hard at the beginning. I mean, the way you were just talking about Sheila, it was– it was really upsetting. And I thought I was losing you all over again.

Finn: No. Honey, never, okay? I was just– I was just momentarily led astray by my emotions.

Steffy: Sheila knew how to fan those emotions.

Finn: Yeah.

Steffy: Look, I don’t wanna talk about her anymore. I can’t. I’m done. [sighs]

Finn: Okay. And, like, I– I understand if you can’t forgive me right now. But just know that I will spend the rest of our lives trying to get forgiveness for this, okay?

Steffy: Finn, I– I believe you. I believe what you’re saying. That’s why I forgive you. [sighs, laughs]

Finn: Okay. I will never let you down again. Okay? I love you.

Steffy: Oh!

Finn: I love you so much.

Steffy: I love you. I– It’s you and me, Finn. [Finn chuckles] We can’t lose sight of that. And we can never let anything or anyone come between us again. Okay?

Finn: Okay.

Steffy: Oh, I love you. [Steffy sighs]

Brooke: With Thomas engaged to Paris, it’s more important than ever that you don’t let these feelings take over. I’m serious, Hope. You can’t allow yourself to feel that way for Steffy’s husband.

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Days Update Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Theresa goes to see Brady, who mentions dropping Eric off at the airport this morning. Theresa looks around and asks where Tate is, but Brady informs her that he’s not there.

Tate meets Aaron in the park. Aaron tells Tate that he’s ready for lacrosse camp and cleared everything with his brother. Tate gives Aaron his license in case they check for ID at the camp. Aaron points out that they look nothing alike. Tate doubts they’ll look too closely and asks Aaron to make sure no one sees him with it before he leaves. Alex comes by on a jog and startles them. Alex asks if they are up to no good.

EJ pours a drink in the living room and tells the portrait of Stefano that Stefan and Gabi are going to pay dearly for this. EJ takes his drink and then smashes the glass against the wall as he screams out in frustration. EJ swears they will wish they were never born. Holly then walks in and ask who will wish they were never born.

Stefan questions Gabi why she would blow EJ’s secret when she promised she wouldn’t. Gabi argues that she never promised anything. Stefan complains that she gave him no warning that she was going to blurt it out in public. Gabi tells Stefan that she’s sorry he’s upset but she couldn’t keep something like that to herself. Stefan asks why the hell not. Gabi responds that Eric has a right to know the truth.

Eric ignores Nicole’s call and goes to board the flight but Nicole arrives with Jude. Nicole says she tried calling him. Eric questions what she is doing here. Nicole informs him that she had to stop him from getting on the plane. Eric doesn’t understand. Nicole then reveals to Eric that he is Jude’s father. Eric asks what she is talking about and calls that impossible. Nicole says it’s not impossible and insists that Jude is their son which shocks Eric. Eric doesn’t understand how all those test results could’ve been wrong. Nicole says only if someone changed them, which Sloan did to make it look like EJ was the father. Eric questions how and asks if she’s sure about this or how she even knows about it. Nicole reveals that Gabi found out and decided they needed to know.

Gabi tells Stefan that ever since he told her, she couldn’t stop thinking about how EJ kept Eric from his son. Gabi felt that if the truth never came out, Eric would go his whole life without knowing his own son. Gabi relates to the time being kept away from her daughter and not knowing how she was doing, wondering if she needed her when she couldn’t be there for her. Gabi declares that she couldn’t let another parent in Eric suffer that loss, so she had no choice but to tell the truth. Stefan calls that a load of crap, arguing that she didn’t do this for Eric but to stick it to EJ.

EJ apologizes to Holly as he didn’t hear her come in. Holly says she didn’t mean to interrupt but he sounded really mad, so she hopes he wasn’t talking about her and Tate. EJ assures that he wasn’t and guesses she didn’t see his press conference today which Holly confirms, assuming she knew all the details already. EJ informs her that Gabi had a little more to say than simply thanking him for her freedom and felt the press conference was the perfect opportunity to reveal his personal business to everyone watching. Holly says that’s really messed up of her and understands that’s why he is upset. EJ supposes he should tell Holly the truth since she will hear it soon enough. EJ then reveals to Holly that Jude is not his son and he is Eric’s.

Theresa questions Brady about Tate not being home and says he better not be with Holly. Brady says Tate’s stuff is packed, so he’s sure he just went out for last minute errands. Theresa worries that he could go off with Holly again and complains that Brady was supposed to be watching him. Brady encourages her that Tate is going to be on his way to New York, a thousand miles away from Holly, so there will be nothing to worry about. Theresa agrees to calm down and then questions why Brady felt the need to fill Alex’s head with all these ideas that she’s only marrying him for his money. Brady argues that he wasn’t filling his head with ideas and that they just spoke casually about it. Brady asks why she even cares since Alex doesn’t believe that. Theresa calls it a very big deal for him to call her a gold digger. Brady admits that was unkind of him. Theresa questions why he’s out to hurt her. Brady says he’s not and that he was just speculating on what might have happened while they were in Greece. Theresa questions what he thinks happened. Brady then admits that he thinks there’s a chance she might have gone through Victor’s briefcase that Shane brought to the room, so she would’ve already known that Alex was Victor’s heir when she slept with him.

Tate introduces Alex to Aaron. Alex talks about staying fit and how he usually has his ear buds in but they had to charge, so he reveals to them that he heard their chat and knows what they are doing.

EJ explains to Holly that the DNA tests got switched up months ago which Holly calls insane. Holly talks about how EJ spent all that time thinking his son was dead and then finally gets him back but he’s not even his son. Holly tells EJ that she’s really sorry. EJ thanks her for being kind but says he’s afraid her sympathy is misplaced which she questions. EJ then admits that he already knew the truth before Gabi revealed the details at the press conference.

Nicole explains to Eric that Stefan found the original test results that Eric really is Jude’s father, so he held it over EJ’s head to exonerate Gabi and then Gabi decide to do the right thing for once in her life and told the truth to everyone at EJ’s press conference. Nicole picks Jude up and tells Eric that he really is his. Nicole comments on Jude having Eric’s smile and hands Jude to Eric.

Theresa tells Brady that’s absurd to think she would snoop through Victor’s briefcase. Brady feels it’s not that far-fetched but Theresa calls it insulting. Theresa questions Brady thinking she was just crass enough to just open the briefcase and rummage through it. Theresa claims she didn’t do it and that she was grieving Victor’s death too which Brady finds hard to believe. Theresa says she happened to love Victor but Brady doesn’t buy it. Theresa says Victor was hard on a lot of people but had a soft spot for them too. Brady says even if he believed her, it still wouldn’t prevent her from going through the briefcase. Theresa insists she didn’t and claims she’s really hurt that Brady would accuse her. Theresa says she’s not like that anymore as she has matured and aspires to be a woman of integrity so her son can be proud of her. Brady calls it only a theory and says he was obviously wrong about it so he apologizes. Brady adds that if Theresa was only after Alex’s money, she wouldn’t have agreed to sign the prenup.

Tate begs Alex not to say anything to Theresa. Alex tells them to relax as he’s not going to say anything and then reveals that he thinks Tate made Aaron a fake ID to hook him up before he leaves for the summer. Tate and Aaron go along with the thought that it’s what they were doing. Alex advises Aaron to be responsible and not drink and drive which Aaron agrees to. Alex tells Tate to have a good time at a camp as he goes to continue his run. Tate and Aaron talk about the bullet they dodged there. Tate then presents Aaron with an airplane ticket and reminds him to use his proper ID there. Tate says in a couple hours, Aaron will be in New York while he will be free to spend his summer with Holly.

EJ explains to Holly that he originally believed that Nicole was carrying his baby but by the time Eric brought Jude home to them, he knew he wasn’t the father. EJ admits it was terribly wrong of him to hide the truth and admits he wasn’t thinking of Eric at all, but of Nicole. EJ was afraid that if Nicole learned the truth that Eric was the father, it would drive her right back in to his arms and he’s quite certain that he’s right because as soon as she left here awhile ago with the baby, he thinks he knows exactly where she went.

Eric says he can’t believe that Jude is his son. The airport calls for the final boarding alert. Eric guesses he’s not boarding the plane after all and that he can’t take the job in Paris now. Nicole says now he has a chance to get reacquainted with his son. Nicole talks about her and EJ having a hard time comforting Jude and she thinks that Jude knew he was taken away from his dad. Nicole points out how happy Jude is in Eric’s arms. Eric realizes that Sloan knew. Nicole thinks maybe Sloan felt less guilty knowing that Eric would be raising his own son. Eric points out that Sloan would’ve let Nicole and EJ think their son was dead. Eric can’t imagine what EJ must be going through but Nicole says not to feel sorry for EJ.

Gabi tells Stefan that he’s way off base and that she did not do this to stick it to EJ. Stefan argues that if this was about Eric, she would’ve told him privately but instead, she chose to expose EJ in the middle of a press conference that he was giving to credit himself for her release. Stefan complains that Gabi made the choice to embarrass EJ in the most public way because she hates him. Gabi admits that she hates EJ because he sent her to prison and talks about living in fear every day and spending weeks in solitary, worrying that she’d never see Stefan or Arianna again. Gabi says if it were up to EJ, he would’ve let her rot for the rest of her life, so as far as she’s concerned, he got off easy but for some reason, Stefan is suddenly on his side. Stefan says he’s not and insists that he hates EJ as much as Gabi does for what he did to her. Gabi says that he should. Gabi tells Stefan that EJ got what he deserved and asks if they can just go on and forget about this but Stefan tells her that they can’t.

Theresa questions Brady about Tate not being back home yet and worries he will miss his flight. Brady assures that he won’t. Theresa argues that Tate feels like he can get away with murder because Brady never pays attention. Brady calls that unfair. Theresa decides she’s done waiting for Tate and she’s going to track him down. Theresa goes to leave but Tate then comes home. Theresa questions where he was. Tate says he was just saying goodbye to Aaron. Theresa worries that he could’ve missed his flight which Tate calls crazy since the flight is 3 hours away. Brady offers to take Tate to the airport but Tate insists that he’s fine, pointing out that Brady just took Eric to the airport. Brady assures that he wants to see him off but Tate says he’s fine and that Aaron is giving him a ride. Theresa questions that since he said he was saying goodbye to Aaron. Tate claims that Aaron had an errand to run so he will be coming by this way and offered to give him a ride if needed. Theresa tells Tate that he doesn’t need a ride. Theresa adds that Tate has proven they can’t trust him, so they are taking him to the airport.

EJ can only imagine what Holly thinks of him. Holly admits she’s pretty shook right now and is confused, not knowing how to feel. EJ says he understands. Holly says Eric used to be her stepfather and he was always so great to her, so she is happy that he has Jude back. EJ feels it’s clear that Holly thinks Eric is the good guy here, which makes him the villain. Holly points out that EJ admitted to hurting Eric and Nicole, so he can’t blame her for hating what he did to them. Holly then admits that she totally gets why EJ did it which surprises him. Holly says she knows what it’s like to be so desperate to feel like lying is the only choice you have. Holly then thinks back to her and Tate’s plan to send Aaron to lacrosse camp in Tate’s place so they can be together. EJ thanks Holly for saying that. Holly tells EJ that she has to go, so she’ll see him later as she then exits.

Eric is shocked to learn that EJ knew the truth even after he brought Jude back to them and he let him believe Jude was his. Nicole thinks the only reason was not because EJ wanted to be a father again but because if they knew Jude was their son, they would get back together. The airport makes the final boarding call, so Eric tells Nicole they should get out of there.

Stefan tells Gabi that she is his wife and he loves her, but right now he is furious with her. Gabi responds that she’s furious with him too, accusing him of siding with EJ over her. Stefan repeats that he’s not on EJ’s side but Gabi says it feels that way. Stefan complains that maybe EJ got what he deserved, but now he has to deal with the fallout since he gave his word and promised EJ his silence in exchange for Gabi’s freedom. Stefan thought they could just be relieved that Gabi was out of prison and for once, the DiMera family could live in peace but now thanks to Gabi blowing up the press conference, he has to prepare for an all out war. Stefan declares that Gabi fired the shot heard around the world and now he gets to deal with the consequences. Stefan then storms off.

Holly meets Aaron in the park. Aaron tells her that Tate went home to get his luggage and jokes that he’s now officially Tate Black. Holly hopes Tate comes back soon. Aaron assures that nothing is going to mess this up for them.

Tate insists that Theresa does not have to take him but Theresa says they will see him off, no arguments. Brady jokes that it could be worse. Theresa tells Tate to get his stuff and they will wait in the car. Theresa then gets a call from Alex, who says he needs her to get to the Kiriakis Mansion because they have to get the prenup signed. Theresa asks if it can wait since she’s about to take Tate to the airport. Alex says it has to get done since he promised the lawyers to get it done by the end of the business day so Theresa agrees to be there. Theresa hangs up and says she has to get back to the house. Tate questions her meaning right now. Theresa knows this isn’t the summer Tate had in mind and says she gets it if he’s mad at her but that she’s just looking out for his best interests and hopes one day he will see that. Theresa then hugs Tate goodbye.

Eric takes Jude through the town square and runs in to Gabi. Gabi sees he’s been reunited with his son. Eric understands that he has her to thank for that. Gabi says she can do the honorable thing and says she owed him one, especially after withholding her bone marrow from Rachel to get her immunity deal. Eric tells Gabi that he’s grateful to her for doing the right thing. Gabi responds that she’s glad she did it and she’s happy for him while proud of herself too, if only her husband wasn’t furious with her.

EJ pours another drink in the living room and thinks back to Nicole leaving with Jude. Stefan then comes home and guesses EJ won’t pour a drink for him. EJ asks if he wants a drop of arsenic in it or if he should stab him in the back so they are even. EJ says he’s always been aware that trusting any member of his family would be a risky enterprise, but he still overrode his instincts to make a deal with Stefan and let Melinda walk, so Gabi could go free. EJ says he asked for Stefan’s silence in return, so he simply had to do nothing but he couldn’t even manage that. Stefan knows the damage has already been done but insists that it wasn’t some elaborate scheme as he had every intention of taking EJ’s secret to the grave, but Gabi had other ideas. EJ agrees that the damage is done and thanks to Stefan’s wife, he lost his wife forever. Nicole then enters the room.

Theresa joins Alex at the Kiriakis Mansion. Alex tells her the papers should be there any minute and apologizes for interrupting her goodbye with Tate. Theresa says it’s okay as Tate’s glad that she didn’t drive him to the airport since he hasn’t been happy with her. Alex is sure he’ll come around and mentions running in to Tate in the park earlier as he was with his friend Aaron. Theresa calls it weird that Tate didn’t tell her that he ran in to him. Alex guesses Tate had his mind on other things.

Tate, Aaron, and Holly arrive at the airport. Aaron confirms he is checked in for the flight so as far as the world is concerned, Tate Black will be at lacrosse camp so they will be free to do whatever. Tate and Holly thank Aaron. Aaron says he’ll see them in three months and goes to board the plane. Tate then asks Holly where she wants to spend the rest of the summer.

Gabi remains in the town square and thinks back to revealing the truth to Nicole.

Stefan decides he will leave EJ and Nicole alone and exits the room. EJ is thankful that Nicole came back and says now they can finally talk.

Eric returns to Brady, who questions why he’s not on a plane to Paris. Eric then introduces Brady to Jude as his nephew.

EJ knows Nicole is angry but says he can explain. Nicole doesn’t want to hear it and says she only came back to pack her things. Nicole then removes her wedding ring and tells EJ that she wants a divorce.

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Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, July 10, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


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Recap written by Eva

Kyle and Summer argue because Summer thinks Kyle is making a mistake moving Kyle out of the Abbott house where he is happy. Summer thinks Kyle can manage living in the same house with his parents for the sake of Harrison’s happiness.

Summer once again brings up changing the custody agreement, but Kyle once again reminds Summer she isn’t Harrison’s biological mother and she will lose a custody battle. Kyle tells Summer that Daniel advised him to put himself in her shoes.

Summer later tells Daniel to stay out of her arguments with Kyle and stop giving her and Kyle advice. Lucy goes by Sharon’s house looking for Faith and notices Sharon looking at pictures of Cassie. Sharon tells Lucy, Cassie was Mariah ‘s twin and she died in a car crash. Sharon later tells Daniel that she told Lucy about Cassie’s car accident, but she didn’t tell her about the role he played in her death.

Lucy later tells Heather she stopped by Sharon ‘s house and she told her about Cassie’s accident. Heather tells Lucy that Daniel has never gotten over what happened to Cassie.

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Y&R Transcript Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Jim

Victoria: Is everything okay with you? You seem a little quiet this morning.

Claire: Yeah, sure. Everything’s fine.

Victoria: There’s no new drama with Summer or anything like that?

Claire: Nope.

Victoria: The job’s okay?

Claire: Everything’s good, really.

Victoria: All right.

Claire: I was just thinking about Grandpa.

Nikki: Oh? What about him?

Claire: Well, I ran into him last night at Crimson Lights, and he asked me to join him. But I think it was really more of an excuse to check in and see how I’m doing.

Nikki: Hm. You’ll find that’s not unusual with your grandfather. He is very protective over his family.

Claire: And I love that he cares so much, that he’s so supportive, but… I mean, I’ve never had anything like that in my life.

Victoria: Well, you better get used to it, because your family is going to shower you with it all the time.

Claire: And I feel very lucky.

Nikki: So do we.

Victoria: So what else did my dad have on his mind last night?

Claire: He kept trying to talk me out of pursuing a friendship with Kyle. Do you think it has something to do with Kyle’s father? I know that Grandpa doesn’t like him very much.

Nikki: Unfortunately, that part is true. There are few people on this earth that Victor despises more than Jack Abbott.

Diane: Hey, good morning.

Jack: Morning.

Diane: How long have you been up?

Jack: I didn’t get to bed last night.

Diane: Why? What happened?

Jack: Kyle came home late. We had a discussion. It got very heated.

Diane: Well, you should have woken me up.

Jack: I didn’t want you to have a sleepless night, too.

Diane: Oh, no. Was it that bad?

Jack: Kyle’s revolt against the family is a lot worse than we thought.

Audra: Yeah, you bet we’re excited. Although, you know, I can’t comment on anything specifically until it’s official. You will absolutely be among the first to know. Okay, talk soon. Yeah, I’m already getting calls about the Glissade coup. The press is champing at the bit. We’re gonna be leading the news everywhere today. Is your phone blowing up?

Kyle: Not yet, but I’m surprised it’s not, after the bomb I dropped last night.

Audra: What do you mean? What bomb?

Kyle: Well, I filled my father in on what we’re doing.

Audra: Hm. Was that smart?

Kyle: What can he do about it now? Like you said, we’re about to be all over the news, and there is not a damn thing he can do to stop it.

Audra: I guess that was the classy thing to do.

Kyle: Oh, I wasn’t taking the high road. I just wanted him to know.

Audra: I get it.

Kyle: Mm.

Audra: After the way your family treated you, you wanted to see the reaction. So what was it, Kyle? Threats and guilt, or shock and awe?

Kyle: Ah, I didn’t stick around to find out.

Audra: I sure would have. Just for the satisfaction.

Kyle: I already know what their reaction’s gonna be. Once my folks have time to process it, it’ll be game on.

Billy: Hi.

Chelsea: Hi.

[ Chelsea sighing ]

[ Chelsea and Adam panting ]

Sally: Hi.

Adam: Hi.

Sally: I didn’t know if you wanted to eat, or rest. You tell me, whatever you want. Anything you want.

[ Adam and Chelsea panting ]

Victoria: Here’s something you should remember about your grandfather. He can be the most loving and generous and protective person in the whole world, but sometimes he goes a little bit overboard.

Nikki: A little?

Victoria: Okay, a lot.

Nikki: He always means well. But it can be suffocating, unless you call him on it.

Victoria: I can’t tell you how many times that he and I have butted heads over the various men in my life. I mean, few, if any, were ever good enough. Although, sometimes, he was absolutely right, even though I didn’t care to admit it.

Claire: But it isn’t like that at all with Kyle. I mean, we’re just– we’re just friends. And I work for him.

Nikki: Maybe you should remind Victor of that.

Claire: I did. He still was trying to warn me off of Kyle. So what do you think it is? Is it just guilt by association because he’s Jack’s son?

Nikki: Jack is a good man. And so is your grandfather. The problem is, they have been at war with each other for so long, I doubt that either one of them remembers what started it, or why it still continues.

Claire: What do you think I should do?

Nikki: Be respectful, but take his warnings with a grain of salt.

Victoria: And just remember, it’s your life. You get to make your own choices.

Jack: Remember when Tucker came to me in Paris and accused me of being the mystery investor that got him booted from Glissade?

Diane: Yeah, and you promptly told him to take a hike.

Jack: I did, and I continued to wonder where he got this crazy idea. Turns out it wasn’t such a crazy notion after all.

Diane: What do you mean?

Jack: Someone apparently did drop a chunk of money, enough that Audra Charles backstabbed Tucker and took his company from him.

Diane: Oh, no, Jack.

Jack: Kyle and Audra Charles are back in bed together. Uh– Professionally speaking, anyway. They are the co-CEOs of Glissade.

Diane: I can’t believe this.

Kyle: Yeah, the giant irony here, this is a job Kyle was pretending to want months ago, when we thought Tucker McCall was our big problem.

Diane: I can’t believe he’d do something like this. I mean, yes, I know he’s upset with us, but he would be competing directly with his family’s company. Wh– what is this, payback?

Jack: Payback, revenge, whatever you want to call it. It’s real, and it’s about to hit the press any minute. I think we need to get to the office, and be ready to answer some calls today.

Diane: My God, Jack. Does our son really hate us this much, to want to do something like this?

Jack: I wish I knew the answer to that.

Victor: Good morning.

Audra: Hello. Morning.

Victor: My goodness. Nice to see both of you.

Audra: Nice to see you, sir. Everything’s on schedule. The press release will hit the news soon.

Victor: Excellent.

Kyle: You should know, I already told my father about what’s going down. Figured he would find out soon enough. I imagine my mother probably knows now, too.

Victor: Now, I have leased a suite of offices for both of you to work out of. Although, I assume you’ll spend most of your time in Paris?

Kyle: Yeah. Audra and I were just discussing that.

Victor: And?

Audra: We think it will be a better use of our time and talents if we split up the duties of co-CEOs.

Kyle: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Explain to me how that would work.

Kyle: Well, the goal is to relocate Glissade to Genoa City, correct?

Victor: Oh, but you first have to consolidate all of the satellite companies into one entity. That’s going to take effort, and time.

Kyle: It will, but that’s why we think having boots on the ground both here and in Paris makes sense for us. Audra already knows the players in Paris, so she’ll handle that. And meanwhile, I will handle getting ready for the relocation here.

Victor: But I’d assumed the two of you would be working together, as a team.

Audra: And we will be, Victor. We’ll just be doing it on different continents.

Sally: So, any new news on Connor’s inpatient status? How long does he have to be there?

Adam: Oh, it, um, it depends. He was still struggling this morning, so they’re probably going to keep him for another day or two. It’s usually a minimum of 72 hours, but it could also be weeks.

Sally: And when you say struggling, is he still hurting himself?

Adam: We– we haven’t really been given any specifics. But the way that I understand it is, the whole reason he’s in lockdown is so they can keep an eye on him. Make sure there’s no more physical harm.

Chelsea: Deciding to come home, it, um, it was agony.

Billy: I hope Adam didn’t push you into that decision.

Chelsea: No. No, we, um, we were both just torn about what to do.

Billy: I just feel awful. For Connor. And for you, of course. I mean, you– you said that the positive trip is– is part of what triggered him and made him act this way. How does that work?

Chelsea: The OCD was punishing him for having a good time with us.

Billy: I mean, I just don’t understand how that happens. I– I– It’s hard to grasp.

Chelsea: Tell me about it. It started to make more sense when the doctors explained it to us, though. Because we were having a great time. We were seeming like a normal family again. You know, we went for a long walk around the harbor, and Adam and Connor were kicking around a soccer ball, and we were really talking about everything. Connor was discussing, you know, his treatment, and all the strides he– he’s been making, and then he said, um…

Billy: It’s okay. Just take your time.

Chelsea: He said, um, he was really proud of himself, because he had eaten a new food. Now, to someone else, maybe that’s not a big deal. But to Connor, why, that’s– that’s conquering his fears. He was doing great, and he was getting better. And then, it all fell apart.

Adam: You know, maybe it was a mistake to– to go there.

Sally: But the doctors cleared it, Adam. They obviously thought that Connor was ready.

Adam: I know, but we were pushing them to see him. It was selfish. We were thinking more about our needs than his. You know, it just would have been better all the way around if I would have just stayed home.

Sally: What did the doctors think?

Adam: Well, they think it could actually be a positive thing. Since his OCD doesn’t have a grip on Connor anymore, it has to fight back with everything that it has.

Sally: And you don’t think it could be that?

Adam: I don’t know. I don’t know anything anymore.

Billy: How can I help?

Chelsea: I wish I had an answer for you, Billy.

Billy: You know that I’ll do whatever it takes. You know that.

Chelsea: I do know. You’ve been there for me through everything, and I’m so grateful for you.

Billy: How’s Adam handling this? I’m assuming not well. I just hope he’s not taking this out on you.

Sally: I wish I’d gone with you. At least I would have been able to help you through all this.

Adam: I– I do too.

Sally: How were things between you and Chelsea? I know that she can go off on tangents, and be a little difficult to deal with sometimes, but I hope that you guys were able to support one another, and find some comfort in each other through all this.

Diane: Thanks. You know, I ran into Kyle having a drink with Audra the other day, and I didn’t like what I saw, and I tried to warn him about her.

Jack: Was this after you fired him?

Diane: No, it was a few days before, actually. I mean, he claimed it was nothing. But then Audra made some cryptic remark about keeping an open mind. Could she have been trying to recruit him already?

Jack: And firing him just pushed him to say yes.

Diane: She seems devious enough to take advantage of a situation like that.

Jack: Now, what doesn’t make sense to me is that he already sold her out before, when she and Tucker were trying to recruit him months ago. Why would she want to team up with him again?

Diane: I don’t know. Maybe she admired him for trying to take Tucker down?

Jack: No, no, no. I think this is far more strategic than that. This– Maybe she’s not the one calling the shots.

Diane: The mystery investor?

Jack: Who would benefit from something like this? Creating a scenario where our son becomes our competition, drives a bigger wedge between us and the rest of the family. We can’t blame Tucker anymore. Now, who would have the motive and the means to create this kind of a nightmare?

Diane: I don’t even want to say his name out loud.

Jack: I’ll say it for you. Victor Newman.

Victor: We’ll discuss the separation of your duties at a later time, all right? Meanwhile…

Kyle: What’s this?

Victor: That’s the address where you can pick up the keys for the suites.

Kyle: I’m on it.

Victor: Why don’t you take a look at the offices while I have a– a word with Audra?

Kyle: Uh, does it have to be now?

Victor: Yes.

Kyle: Yes, sir.

Victor: Thank you. Please have a seat.

Audra: Of course.

Victor: I need to warn you about something.

Audra: Okay.

Victor: Kyle wonders if you will be able to pull your weight in this endeavor. He thinks you need to prove yourself.

Audra: I have to prove something?

Victor: He seems to think that two executives are one more than necessary.

Audra: He said that to you?

Victor: He said, “Why do we need Audra?”

Diane: Do you really think Victor’s behind this?

Jack: It would explain his sudden interest in Kyle’s future.

Diane: But this seems extreme, even for Victor.

Jack: No, this is classic Victor. The powerful puppet master pulling all the strings.

Diane: True, but Newman hasn’t been in the cosmetics business for years. I mean, would he really go out and buy a company, just to give Kyle a job and stick it to you?

Jack: Now, keep in mind, he’s sticking it to Tucker as well by bringing Audra on board. No, this is classic Victor. He’s taking care of both of his enemies with one grand gesture.

Diane: And he’s using our son as a weapon.

Jack: Because he knows it would drive me crazy. God, we’ve been here before, luring Kyle away from his family. I should have seen this coming.

Diane: And you know what set him off? You and Nikki.

Nikki: Oh, my God. Did you just get this, too?

Victoria: Yeah, I got it.

Claire: Got what?

Victoria: “Breaking news, Kyle Abbott and Audra Charles take over Glissade from Tucker McCall.”

Claire: That’s pretty big. Good for Kyle.

Nikki: You don’t seem very surprised.

Claire: Really? I’m not. Kyle told me last night, and he asked me not to share it with anyone.

Nikki: He must trust you very much to tell you something like that.

Claire: I guess so. I hadn’t really thought about it. We were just talking.

Victoria: But why would Kyle make a move like this? Glissade would be a head-to-head competitor with Jabot. That’s not going to make Jack very happy.

Nikki: No, it is not.

Jack: Well, now it’s official.

Diane: And no mention of the mystery investor.

Jack: None. And nobody should be surprised. Victor is a genius at covering his tracks, at keeping his fingerprints off his dirty work.

Diane: Damn him. This is just one more side effect of you trying to get Nikki sober. I mean, talk about your grand gestures.

Jack: Could we not go there right now?

Diane: But it’s true, isn’t it? I mean, Jack, things were pretty calm between you and Victor before you decided to save Nikki and almost kill yourself in the process.

Jack: Which you remind me of every chance you get. Victor doesn’t need a reason to come after me. Anything will work. You should know that of all people. And if he’s using that as his reason now, my impulsive, ill-advised, stupid, wrong choice to help Nikki keep from killing herself, then I will live with that.

Diane: I’m sorry.

Jack: I’m sorry, too. I was wrong.

Diane: And I’ve forgiven you. And– really, I have. I’m– I’m blaming you when I’m just as responsible for not making things work with Kyle at work. I mean, that’s– that’s who I’m really angry at, myself.

Jack: The only person who’s responsible is Victor Newman. And I’m gonna find out what he’s up to.

Diane: You think there’s more?

Jack: There is always more with him.

Diane: Well, be careful.

Jack: Maybe you should warn him.

[ Diane sighing ]

Kyle: Hello, ladies.

Victoria: Hello.

Nikki: Hi.

Victoria: So, uh, we hear, uh, congratulations are in order. We just saw the news.

Kyle: Ah, yeah. Thanks.

Victoria: It’s pretty sudden. Doubt many people saw this coming.

Kyle: Well, it’s been in the works for a while, but kind of sped up at the end.

Nikki: What do your parents think about this?

Kyle: Uh, we haven’t really spoken much about it.

Nikki: Well, seeing as you are about to be direct competitors, I’m sure some sort of conversation will be taking place soon.

Kyle: Yeah, it was such a golden opportunity for me. They understand why I couldn’t pass it up.

Claire: I’m happy for you, Kyle.

Kyle: Thanks, Claire. Hey, um, would you mind if I had a word with you for a minute alone?

Claire: Sure.

Kyle: Just some, uh, playdate scheduling for Harrison. It’ll only be a moment.

Victoria: Take your time.

Kyle: Thanks.

Victoria: Don’t say it. Don’t even think it.

Nikki: What? What am I thinking?

Victoria: Exactly the same thing that I am.

Claire: I’m guessing this isn’t really about Harrison.

Kyle: It’s not. I just want to thank you for not mentioning my family drama in front of your mom and Nikki.

Claire: Wasn’t my news to tell.

Kyle: Yeah, but still, I appreciate it. I want to keep this as professional as possible.

Claire: Kyle… is there… is there something going on between you and my grandpa?

Kyle: No. Why do you ask?

Claire: He warned me to be careful around you.

Victor: Interesting.

Audra: What?

Victor: Your reaction to what I said about your co-CEO.

Audra: I expected it, Victor.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Audra: Well, Kyle and I have a rocky history, as you well know. But we’ve made our peace with it and we’re ready to move forward.

Victor: Good. So, while you’re working in Paris, I will keep an eye on things around here. Just in case.

Audra: Well, I appreciate you going to bat for me. I’m grateful for the chance. I won’t let you down.

Victor: I didn’t tell you about Kyle to earn your gratitude. I told you about him so that you can watch your back.

Audra: I will. I never trust anyone a hundred percent. Makes me curious, though.

Victor: About what?

Audra: Do you trust Kyle?

Victor: Let me put it this way. I think he’s very gifted, but very ambitious. He wants to prove something to his father.

Audra: Well, that motivation can be a strength.

Victor: It can also be a weakness. However, I know that he will work his behind off to make Glissade a massive success.

Audra: But?

Victor: I never trust anyone completely. I always hedge my bets.

Kyle: Victor warned you about me.

Claire: Pretty clearly.

Kyle: Why would he do that? Wha– what did he say?

Claire: He said you had a lot going on in your life right now. He didn’t want me getting caught up in the middle of it.

Kyle: I don’t know why he would do that. Especially now.

Claire: What?

Kyle: Um, yeah, no– nothing. It doesn’t matter. Um… You know, it– it’s just that I’ve grown closer with Victor lately, and I’ve shared with him what’s going on with my parents, and my new job, so…

Claire: That’s probably where it’s coming from, then.

Kyle: Yeah. Yeah, uh, probably. Um… Look, Claire, I want you to know that I genuinely like you. I would never hurt one of my son’s favorite people.

Claire: I never doubted that for a minute.

Kyle: So, you’re not reconsidering the nanny position?

Claire: Not at all.

Kyle: Good. That makes me happy.

[ both chuckling ]

Audra: Hello there.

Kyle: Hey, how did you know where I was?

Audra: I just followed the breadcrumbs. Hi, Claire. It’s so nice to see you again.

Claire: Hi, Audra. Congratulations on the new company. I just heard the good news.

Audra: Yeah, it seems we, uh– We’ve both come a long way since working at Newman Media.

Claire: Yes. I’m a very different person now.

Audra: Well, that’s certainly good to know.

Kyle: Oh, um, I almost forgot. I need you to pick up Harrison early from camp today for his doctor’s appointment.

Claire: Summer already texted me about it. I’m on it.

Kyle: Thanks.

Audra: Did you, uh, pick up the keys to the offices yet?

Kyle: Not yet. I was on my way. Should we go together?

Audra: Yes, we shouldn’t waste any more time getting to work.

Kyle: See you back at the house.

Claire: Yeah, Harrison and I’ll be there.

Audra: Oh.

Claire: Bye, Audra. I sure hope you two don’t have to fight over the corner office.

Audra: Yeah, it’s– it’s not a contest. Come on.

Kyle: So, what were you saying about Victor?

Audra: Nothing important.

Kyle: If you say so.

Audra: Don’t get all paranoid on me, Kyle.

Kyle: Hm.

Audra: Life is good. We’re winning. Let’s go check out those new offices.

Kyle: Um, actually, I– there’s something I need to take care of first. I’ll meet you there.

Sally: Adam? Is everything okay between you and Chelsea?

[ Chelsea panting ]

Adam: Why do you ask?

Sally: Well, when I brought up her name just now, you suddenly got quiet, which leads me to believe that maybe something happened?

Adam: Oh. I’m sorry. I…

Sally: Oh, hey, don’t apologize. I know how hard this has been for both of you.

Adam: That’s probably what you’re picking up on. I’m just… I’m distracted. I’m worried about all this.

Sally: Yeah. It just feels like it’s more.

Adam: No, it’s not.

Sally: Listen, I– I know that I’ve been singing your praises about leaning on each other, and– and maybe I was wrong to do that.

Adam: Why would you say that?

Sally: Well, because it just puts a lot of pressure on you two to get along, and it’s like I’m pushing you towards each other.

Adam: No, you– you haven’t.

[ Sally sighing ]

Sally: Okay, look. I know that sometimes stress can bring up old issues. So, if you two are fighting again, you can tell me. I’m not gonna judge.

Adam: It isn’t, Sally. That part is fine. Chelsea and I, we are… We’re good. There’s no problem at all.

Sally: Well, I’m glad. Because Connor needs both of you pulling together for him.

Billy: Have you eaten anything since you got back?

Chelsea: I’m not hungry.

Billy: Well, might make you feel better.

Chelsea: I don’t think anything could make me feel better.

Billy: Look, you gotta keep your strength, Chels. For you and for Connor. This is gonna be a battle. There’s no doubt about that. But I guarantee you, Connor’s gonna be okay.

Chelsea: But you can’t guarantee that, Billy. No one can. The doctors can’t even guarantee it.

Billy: I get that. And look, of course, I don’t have a magic wand, but I know one thing. You are not a quitter. And you’re gonna do everything in your power to make sure that you are there for your son. There’s no doubt about that. But you’re gonna have a better chance of doing that if your blood sugar’s not all out of whack, okay? Humor me. Let’s go get some breakfast.

Chelsea: Okay.

Billy: Okay? Come here.

[ Chelsea sighing ]

Billy: Thank you very much.

Chelsea: I hope you don’t mind. I just want to leave this here in case one of Connor’s doctors call.

Billy: Yeah, of course. It makes total sense. Like I said, anything you need, okay? I got you.

Chelsea: Thank you. Well, you can distract me.

Billy: Distract you? How am I– how am I gonna do that?

Chelsea: Conversation. Gossip. Oh, you can tell me about Johnny and Katie. They’re home from school, right?

Billy: They are. They are home, yeah. I can fill you in on how it’s going with their new sister, Claire.

Chelsea: Oh, that’s right. I totally forgot. So, Johnny has found out about two new siblings this year?

Billy: Yeah.

Chelsea: How’s he handling that?

Billy: Like a champ. You know him, making inappropriate comments about her crazy aunt.

Chelsea: Oh, dear.

Billy: Yeah. But, uh, you know, Claire handled it well. She rolled with it.

Chelsea: And what about Katie? Is she excited to have a big sister?

Billy: Excited? Not the word I would use, no.

Chelsea: She’s having a hard time.

Billy: Yeah. She’s being a little bit prickly about the whole situation.

Chelsea: Well, that’s a lot to take in.

Billy: Yeah, it is. Victoria’s having to handle the moodiness and everything else, but, uh, I know Katie. She’ll come around.

Chelsea: Yeah, I don’t know. With kids, it’s– it’s not really so much about coming around, you know? Learning that you have a sibling you didn’t know about, that’s a big deal. You just have to give her time, you know, and space, and support. You’ve got to give her a lot of support, and– and make sure she doesn’t feel alone in all this.

Billy: Of course. You’re right. Hey, why don’t we have a bite to eat, okay? Then, I can take you home and tuck you in and you can get some rest. Take a look, see if anything, uh, looks appetizing.

Chelsea: You know what? To be honest with you, I’m so sorry. Nothing really looks appetizing right now. I know we came all this way. I think I just need to rest.

Billy: Okay, that’s fine.

Chelsea: I didn’t get a lot of sleep last night, and, um, I think I should just go home and I’ll make sure I eat later.

Billy: Okay. I– I’ll take you home.

Chelsea: I really appreciate it. I’m sorry.

Billy: It’s okay. We’ll stop, and we’ll get you some groceries, and, you know, get you all settled in.

Chelsea: You’re amazing. I don’t deserve you.

Billy: You’re stuck with me, okay? At least for as long as you want me around, which I hope is forever.

Sally: What do you want to do today?

[ Adam sighing ]

Adam: Honestly, doing nothing at all sounds pretty good right now.

Sally: Okay. Then, I will stay here and we can do nothing together.

Adam: Mm. What about work?

Sally: Chloe can cover for a couple hours. What?

Adam: You are so patient with me. You are so generous.

Sally: Well, we’ve… We’ve been through a lot together, Adam. And now that we actually are together, I know that we can get through this, too.

Kyle: Hello.

Diane: Well, I didn’t expect to see you here. Are you here to steal corporate secrets for your new job? Should I call security?

Kyle: Oh, that won’t be necessary. Jabot doesn’t have anything I need.

Diane: You sound awfully confident.

Kyle: That’s because I am.

Diane: Well, should I show you the sales figures, so you know how high a mountain you need to climb?

Kyle: You know, Glissade may not win tomorrow, but we will eventually. Having young, dynamic leadership goes a long way in this day and age.

Diane: Ah, youth. Hm. That, plus having access to all of Jabot’s marketing and research over the last several years.

Kyle: You know, I’ve actually found Jabot’s marketing to be kind of dated. I mean, you would know that if you listened to any of my suggestions.

Diane: I don’t want to do this.

Kyle: Do what?

Diane: This back-and-forth, this tit-for-tat. Kyle, you’re my son. And I love you more than anything in this world. But right now, I am really angry at you.

Kyle: Yeah, no kidding. I never could have guessed. So, um, where’s Dad?

Diane: Are you really not going to talk to me at all about what you’ve done?

Kyle: Oh, I think all the talking is over. We both know where we stand.

Diane: Then, why are you here? Hm? What do you want?

Kyle: I suppose you could say I came to pack up my desk or bury the hatchet, no hard feelings, all that stuff. But really, I’m just here to see how you and Dad are taking the Glissade news.

Diane: Oh, so you’re here to gloat, in other words.

Kyle: Well, you can call it that if you want, but I wouldn’t.

Diane: Kyle, this is breaking your father’s heart, and mine. Do you really not care about that at all?

Jack: Victor?

Victor: What are you doing in here?

Jack: I warned you. My family is off limits!

Victoria: So, what do you think Dad was really up to, warning Claire about Kyle?

Nikki: I think it’s all about the fact that Kyle is an Abbott, and your father doesn’t want any Newman involved with them.

Victoria: You know, talking about this has made me realize something.

Nikki: What’s that?

Victoria: Claire is a Newman.

Nikki: Yes, of course she is.

Victoria: So… she should be a Newman.

Nikki: I’m not sure I’m following you.

Victoria: Mom, I’m talking about Claire’s last name. Yeah, a while ago, Cole and I talked about her changing her last name to Newman, but we just never brought it up to her. I don’t know if that’s even something that Claire would want, honestly.

Claire: I would want to do what, Mom?

Victoria: Look, you don’t have to say yes right now. You don’t have to decide at all right now, but have you ever thought about changing your last name? You are a Newman and we’re your family. So, what do you think? Would you want to make it official?

Diane: Are you really so angry with us that you would go out and build a rival company, just to take a shot at your father, when you know it will hurt him the most?

Kyle: Well, uh, most fathers, most parents, want their children to succeed.

Diane: And you believe we don’t?

Kyle: Yeah, as long as it’s on your terms. As long as I don’t reach too high, or ask for too much, before I get my hand slapped like an insubordinate little boy.

Diane: Oh, come on, Kyle. What you’re doing is much more than insubordination.

Kyle: According to you.

Diane: You are going after the company that your family built.

Kyle: The company I was supposed to inherit.

Diane: And you still can. If you would just stop this nonsense.

Kyle: Oh, that’s what my ambition is to you, huh? Nonsense?

Diane: Yes, when it makes you hurt your father, when he would give his life for you? I’m– I am sorry. I can’t condone it.

Kyle: Well, luckily I don’t need your approval anymore.

Diane: Kyle, listen to me. This is not who you are. You are better than this.

Kyle: I will prove to you my worth the only way that either of you understand. I will beat you at your own game, and I will work 24/7 to do just that.

Diane: We do know your worth.

Kyle: Hm.

Diane: We always have. You’re our son. We love you. Even now. Even when we we’re so angry at you. Even when you were making foolish decisions. Our love is unconditional.

Kyle: Seems pretty damn conditional to me.

[ Diane sighing ] Tell Dad I stopped by.

Victor: Well, are you ready to throw another chair through the window?

Jack: I told you, you want to take me on, take me on. You leave my family out of this.

Victor: Get out.

Jack: I’m not going anywhere. I know exactly what you’re doing here. You are the mystery investor. You’re the one who bought Glissade out from under Tucker, and now you’re using my son to get back at me.

Victor: That’s nonsense.

Jack: You know it’s not.

Victor: Some more grandstanding? Is that what you’re doing?

Jack: This is a promise. You will pay for this.

Victor: Why don’t you face the truth? You’re a lousy father to your son Kyle. Now, you’re paying for that. Now, you’re dealing with the consequences.

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GH Transcript Tuesday, July 9, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


Transcript provided by Jim


[ Fireworks popping ] It’s amazing how much more elaborate fireworks are since I was a kid. I’ve never seen one that looks like rain before. [ Popping continues ] I’m your son. I’m sorry. What did you say? Mac, you’re — you’re my father. So you say you’re just asking questions. But isn’t that just a signal to your handpicked DA Robert Scorpio so that he can take the onus off of you? Robert Scorpio holds an elected office. He doesn’t answer to me. Even if Robert doesn’t petition to reopen the case, some enterprising defense attorney looking to make a name for themselves absolutely will. But that’s your goal, isn’t it? What? I-I’m sorry. My goal is to see that justice is served. I am also living up to an oath. Now, look. If new evidence comes to light after a conviction, the guilty party has the right to have their case reexamined. And if a mayor is indifferent to crimes committed by a family member, the people in her city absolutely have a right to ask questions, no matter how much you wish that we wouldn’t. Curtis is right. You’re gonna be spending a lot more time together at Aurora, and I think it’s best that we try to remove as much awkwardness as possible. Good. I know that we’ve had our problems, Michael, and I’ve done a lot of things to harm our relationship, and I truly regret it. But because of Drew and Willow’s big heart, I feel like I’m getting a second chance to make things right. [ Fireworks popping ]

I-I am so sorry. Why are you sorry? Because we — I shouldn’t have done that. Why did I do that? Willow, Willow, it’s — it’s okay. No, it’s not. It was just one kiss. I am married to your nephew, who I love, by the way. Yeah. No. I-I — Nobody’s questioning that, least of all me. Now I’ve put you in this hugely uncomfortable position. Yeah, the uncle-nephew thing makes it a little bit more complicated. I’m sorry. I-I’m just — I’m just trying to make you smile here. Look. We gave in to a random impulse. Doesn’t have to mean anything more than that. I just… What? I’m starting to wonder if it was completely random. On my part, at least. Are we being honest here? I guess so. ‘Cause in a different world, with vastly different circumstances… I really think there could have been something between us. How do you know? I ran a DNA test. Which said you and I weren’t father and son. That’s, uh — That’s the part I lied about. Why? The reason sounds — sounds so stupid now. Tell me anyway. Okay, well, you remember all that stuff with the Ice Princess necklace going down on that ship in Greenland? Yeah. Well, I had a claim to the necklace, but in order to file damages, I had to [Sighs] sign an affidavit swearing I was Leopold Taub’s son. Which, by that time, I’m assuming you knew to be false? But you signed it anyway. Yeah. Yeah. So, you know, fraud, prison, all that stuff. You kept this secret out of greed? I’m not proud of it. You found out over a year ago. Yeah. And in all that time — in all that time, I’ve done everything I possibly could to reach out to you. I’ve opened my family to you. I’ve opened my heart to you. I know. And at every turn, you slammed the door in my face. Finally have the boathouse to ourselves. And we deserve it after wrangling all those kids. We sure do. To you. [ Bottles clink ] To me? What did I do? You spent your day off from lifeguarding at the Metro Court lifeguarding at the Quartermaines’ instead. Well… Blessings. It’s a small price to pay. It is a really pretty setup, though, living here. Yeah, it is. And our rent is more than fair. And, I mean, we have full run of the place. And it really pays having your doting big brother as the landlord. How does that work, by the way? How does what work? It’s Monica’s house. But next to her, isn’t Tracy the senior Quartermaine? And then Ned and then Olivia. And Olivia seems to be the one who runs the house. So why did Michael get to decide that we could rent the apartment? Well, Michael is Monica’s grandson. Ohh. Mm-hmm. So he is a direct descendant of the owner. Mm-hmm. This is like the War of Roses. [ Chuckles ] Pretty much. You know the Quartermaines. They’re always at war with one another. Um, but anyway, Monica gave responsibility of overseeing the house to Michael because Michael’s a businessman and responsible, and Olivia oversees housekeeping and the staff. So lucky us, Michael gets to decide who lives in the apartment. Hm. Well, then I congratulate you for your good taste in brothers, and I congratulate myself in good taste in roommates, I will cheers to that. [ Both laugh ] [ Bottles clink ] Before we move forward, let me be clear. Your family business is your business, and I’m not trying to intrude. This is strictly about Aurora and how to move the company forward. I… agree. I will, uh, try for the sake of the company. But previous attempts for me and Nina to reach a truce has not ended well, and I own my part in that. I haven’t been willing to trust Nina, but she hasn’t really given me much of a reason to. I know that I’ve broken too many promises to count, Michael, and I don’t expect you to accept my apology on face value. But there’s something that you can believe in, and that’s my motivation behind my desire to make peace. Which is? My own self-interest. You have the right, along with any other citizen in Port Charles, to ask all the questions you want. But I’d like to be clear about something. I am not indifferent to Heather’s crimes. New evidence has come to light about why she may have committed them. Heather already pled guilty. I’m not okay with some sort of “friends and family” discounted sentence. That is not what’s happening here. If Heather’s case is to be reopened, and no one is saying that it will be, it would be up to the court to review it, just as they would for anyone else in Heather’s situation. Anyone else? Heather isn’t “anyone else.” She murdered five people. And if given the chance, she will do it again, Laura. We don’t know that. Okay, let’s go there. Let’s say Heather goes free and she goes after Trina. What are you gonna do? You gonna admit you’re wrong after the fact? No, this is my kid that we’re talking about here, and I will not stand for this. more than anything in this world is to have a relationship with my daughter and her children. And if I continue to be at odds with you, that won’t happen. So that’s motivation enough. But on top of all that, I love my job at Crimson, especially after the stint at The Invader, and I would be an idiot if I continued to antagonize Aurora’s CEO. Look, I realize you’re both — you both share a family, and not always comfortably. But I’ve also realized in the last month or so that you share similar work ethic. You’re both professionals. You’re both damn good at what you do. Your work is interdependent. The simple fact is… you guys need each other. And Aurora needs you both. Yeah, I’m starting to believe that, too. You really are? I’m — I’m willing to put down the past and focus on the here and now. And hopefully the future. And look, it doesn’t just apply to Aurora. Yes, I’m committed to the company and I want it to succeed. But I am a husband and a father, and I don’t want Willow feeling torn. So whatever she decides regarding you, I’m on board, because my top priority is always Willow’s happiness. You can defend Heather’s rights so easily, knowing that she won’t come after your family. I don’t have that luxury. The law is for everyone, Portia. Even people we don’t like. Did you just say “don’t like”? Okay, then people we hate. This is not about the law, Laura. This is about you feeling bad keeping one of your family members locked up. That’s not true. You are uncomfortable. And sitting in discomfort, it’s hard. Well, so is fearing for your daughter’s life. Has anyone seen Aiden? Oh, sorry. I’m obviously interrupting. You got your backup here. Oh, come on. She’s here just in time to take your side.

I’m sorry. That — That was a, uh — That was a rotten thing to say. That if we’d met someplace else, under vastly different circumstances, that we might have… meant something to each other? That’s — That doesn’t sound so rotten. It’s just a trap to think about things that might have been, you know, ’cause it’s not real. The people in “might have been,” they don’t mess up. They say and do all the right things. They don’t doubt their choices. The only way that you and I were gonna meet is the way that we did, and — and when we did, you were already in love with Michael. And I-I do love him so much. That’s why I-I can’t believe what I did. Willow, I was right there with you. Please d-don’t put all this on you. I just don’t know what I’m doing. Hey. Hey, listen, we — we just — Look, we just had a couple drinks and — and we got caught up in — in — in the fireworks and in the proximity and probably a little bit of election enthusiasm. I don’t know. I just — Things happen. It’s not the end of the world. Not even the end of the day. It happened. It’s over. It’ll never happen again. Ever. You see, we’re already on the same page. Well, what a coincidence. Us too.

I think we’re gonna be able to see the fireworks from the country club soon. Mm. Gio, hey! Hey. How was the concert? It was really good. Uh, my Aunt Lois said that there’s food in the house if anyone’s hungry. Oh, boy. I’m still so full. Yeah, me too. Why don’t you have a beer? Thanks. How was the barbecue? It was very eventful. In a good way, bad way? In a good way. Uh, Drew Quartermaine announced that he’s running for Congress. I thought he was Drew Cain. He was about 24 hours ago. According to my dad, Quartermaine has a higher recognition factor. [ Sarcastically ] No, I never would have guessed. So he brought a bunch of people back to the house, including the mayor and another congressman. But it wasn’t all business. There were friends and family here. But my Uncle Sonny wasn’t here, right? No, I-I didn’t see him. Why wasn’t he invited? Well, maybe he was and then couldn’t come. I don’t know. You’d have to ask the Quartermaines. I wanted to be your son, Mac. I… I wanted to be a part of your family. You have an interesting way of showing it. I wanted to — I wanted to tell you. I just didn’t know how. So you decided to actively lie. Like I said, I’m not — I’m not proud of it, Mac. You know what upsets me the most? I would imagine the list is long. I hate that you couldn’t be honest with me. Or you felt you couldn’t be. Mac, no, it wasn’t because of you. [ Stammers ] The worst part, Cody, is that you lied to Felicia. And Maxie and Georgie. You lied to James and Bailey Lou. Everyone you keep claiming you give a damn about. I-I do give a damn about them. I love those guys. You don’t give a damn about them. You know why? If you gave a damn, you wouldn’t treat them like that. Does it help at all that this has been killing me? No. No, it doesn’t help me. That I’m eternally sorry, Mac? It doesn’t help at all, Cody, because I don’t trust you. For all I know, you being sorry [Sobs] is just another lie.

in-law, right? Well, technically, yes, but that’s a — Of course you’re gonna agree with Laura. This conversation is over. Okay, okay, fine. But let me leave you with this. Heather Webber is a serial killer. And there’s every reason to believe that Trina was her real target. You think I’m gonna allow her to be placed at risk again? You continue this campaign to set Heather free, and I promise you this next conversation that you and I have, oh, it’s gonna be in public.

We’re not interrupting, are we? No. Not at all. Curtis: Good. No, no, we were just, uh — we were just watching the fireworks, talking a little politics. Yeah, which you’ll be doing a lot more of with this campaign ahead of you. Drew: Yeah. [ Claps ] So what’s up? You said something about being on the same page. Yeah, we just had an impromptu meeting about Aurora. And? Michael and I have agreed to put aside our differences and move forward. Yes, it’s counterproductive to keep rehashing old grievances. So, uh, yeah, it’s — it’s time to move forward. So you’ll be happy to know that Aurora is in capable and cooperative hands. No infighting or backstabbing. Or secrets. Everything aboveboard and all of our agendas put to bed. Wow, that — that is such a relief to hear. It really is. Yeah, it feels like the, uh — the beginning of a whole new era, doesn’t it? Like a…clean slate. With endless possibilities. So, how did it all come about? Well, talk to the head of the Wellness Division. You know, it occurred to me, while you’re on the campaign trail, in order for things to move smoothly, I think the CFO and the editor in chief of Crimson should be able to stay in the same room for more than two minutes at a time. Mm. Curtis, I need to go home. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Portia so angry. Yeah. I understand how she feels. She went through hell with Heather and then Esme, and she is genuinely concerned for her daughter. Yes, but Esme’s gone. And as strange as it is, Heather’s situation has changed. Oh, thank God you can see that. Portia can’t at all. A-And it — it surprises me. Why, because she’s a doctor? Yes, she knows. She knows that Heather was sick. She knows what caused it. She knows what the medical ramifications of it are. She was right there with all of us as we were trying to figure it all out, you know? But she won’t even consider the possibility that once the faulty hip has been taken out and the poison has left her body that perhaps — perhaps Heather is no longer as dangerous. But, Laura… Laura, it’s easier for you to see the possibility that Heather has changed and she’s not a threat. All Portia sees is the monster who tried to hurt her child. It’s kind of like my experience with Franco. I was able to look past what the brain tumor made him do. But the victims of Franco the serial killer, they couldn’t. And they certainly never forgave him. Do you think it’ll be the same way with Portia? I hope not. I hope she realizes that you’re not trying to set Heather free, that you’re just asking questions only a court can answer. And it’s not up to you or me or Portia to decide what happens to Heather. That’s why we have laws in place. And it’s supposed to be justice for all. Oh, my goodness, this is all I’ve been saying. Thank you for being able to hear it. Thank you. Now, you go along and you find Aiden and you guys get on home. Not before I give you this. Oh, it’s okay, really. [ Crying ] And tell you that I’m proud of you. And so are your grandkids. Thank you. [ Exhales sharply ] Oh, good. You’re here. Hey, have you seen James’s new riding gloves? He said he left them behind on accident, and he needs them for his next lesson, which he is obsessed with, by the way. He keeps asking me to come by and watch. Maxie. Well, he’s asking everyone to watch. He even asked the grocery bagger at the store the other day. Maxie. You might need to get some stadium seating. Maxie! Yeah, what’s up? I don’t think that I should keep giving James riding lessons. Why not? Did he say something or do something? Because I can talk to him. No. No, no, no. No no. It’s — It’s nothing like that. Cody, you cannot take these lessons away from me. It’s my only leverage. James will clean his room and help with the dishes as long as he gets to come to the stables. Mac’s furious with me. Mac? My Mac? That doesn’t sound like him. Yeah, well, uh… actually, it’s our Mac. Please explain. I’ve been lying to all of you for a while now. Everyone was right. I am Mac’s son. But the DNA test… Yeah, I told you, I lied. You? And Mac. I mean, I can see it. I can totally see it. But you lied. And now Mac knows the truth? I told him tonight. And to say that he is not happy would be a massive understatement. You know, this is my first boathouse party. Well, hopefully not your last. You ladies keep inviting me, I’ll keep showing up. Oh, we will. So, what do you normally do for the Fourth? [ Exhales deeply ] We have this huge block party in Bensonhurst. The Cerullos, Falconeris. [ Chuckles ] And everybody within a 10-block radius. Everyone within a 10-block radius is a Cerullo or a Falconeri. Of course. Okay, that might be a slight exaggeration, but not much. These are big Italian families. For every one kid who grows up, moves out of town, there are three kids who stay in the neighborhood. Not to mention all the cousins who come from Italy, like my mom. Your mom’s Italian? Like, from Italy, Italian? She was. Yeah. She always used to tell me that one of her proudest moments was officially becoming an American citizen, that I should never, ever take it for granted. So I never do. Neither do any of my relatives, which is why the Fourth of July is such a big deal. Wow. I love that, that it’s not just an excuse to have a picnic or fireworks, that it means something to your family. Is everything okay? Look, I’m sorry to barge in, but I really need to go home. Okay, that’s what we’ll do. Um, Drew, congratulations again. The future looks bright, man. Thank you so much. Yeah, I hope so. Drew, you want my vote? I’m gonna need you to pledge to keep Heather Webber in prison where she belongs, no matter what our mayor has to say.

Well, that was, uh… Yeah. Portia’s a mom. She’s entitled to her feelings. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. We’ll, um — We’ll go with that. I’m exhausted. Should we round everyone up? Well, the kids are staying here, so we can head back to the gatehouse whenever you’re ready. Ready. Okay. Good night. Good night. Good night. I’m really happy that you and Michael have made up and that you’re helping Drew with his campaign. It’s nice being on the same side again. I couldn’t agree more.

[ Chuckles ] There you are. I’ve been looking everywhere. You found me. What’s wrong? Cody’s my son. N-No, he’s not. Yes, he is. No, he can’t be. I did my own DNA test. I’ll give you the details later. Well, Cody must have found out and doctored the results. Better than the first paternity test, I guess, Where he just straight-up lied. How do you know this? Cody told me. He confessed at the stables not 45 minutes ago. And he’s known all this time? And he’s never said a word. Just gave me some convoluted excuse, but I was barely listening. Mac, this is — How do you feel? I’m furious! I have a son. I have a son. He knew it. And he lied about it on purpose. [ Exhales sharply ] You were right about him. You were right about Cody. He’s nothing but a grifter. A grifter who has some agenda, some reason that this had to come to light now. Come on. You don’t think he came clean because he needs a kidney or some points removed from his driver’s license. Well, I can’t think of another reason. Can you? e Cody doesn’t need an internal organ. I’m guessing not. But I’m telling you, Felicia — I’m telling you, that kid’s coming at me from some kind of angle, and I’m not having it. That kid is your kid. On paper only. Well, I think it’s Cody’s loss for him to not recognize a beautiful thing that’s right in front of him. Well, it’s sad, really. I would have welcomed him into the family. You did welcome him. It would have taken some adjusting. You don’t just become someone’s dad. I would have found a way to love him. Of course you would. Why are we talking about this now? It’s too late for that. Hold on a second, ’cause I feel like my brain is melting. You — Wait. Why did you lie? I mean, Mac is, like, hands down, the best father in the whole world. Why — Why wouldn’t you want to be his son? Uh, at first I thought that I wanted money more than I wanted a family. I know, I know. Pathetic. And by the time I changed my mind, the lie had been going on so long, I didn’t know how to take it back. You tell the truth. That’s easy for you to say. I was afraid that Mac would hate me. And guess what. I was right. No, Cody, Mac is upset. He doesn’t hate you. Anyways, um, I just want — want you to know I’m really sorry I messed all this up, because you guys are all — I mean, you’re a really terrific family. Uh, yeah, we are. Especially me. I am a fantastic sister. You do know we’re not related, right? Yeah, by blood or whatever, but Mac is my father in every way that counts. And that kind of makes you my brother and my kids your nieces and nephew. I have really loved teaching James how to ride. Not as much as he’s loved being your student. And when he finds out you’re Mac’s son, he’s gonna be over the moon. Might hold off on telling him, at least till after you’ve talked to Mac. I just want you to know that James is — He’s a really, really smart kid. And he — he’s actually — he is a good rider. I mean, it wasn’t much of a jump the other day that he went over, but he stayed in the saddle. And, I mean, you can’t beat James for enthusiasm. So, I don’t know. I just — I just want you to know that, uh, I’m really grateful for all the time that we’ve had together. Okay. I can see what you’re doing, Cody. And if you think you’re gonna get rid of us that easily, think again. It’s definitely patriotic, but even more than anything, Fourth of July is a reason for everyone to get together, to see each other. Thanksgiving, Christmas, it’s — it’s the same thing, but it’s cold. Fourth of July, you’re out in the street, even though it’s so hot, you feel like you’re just gonna melt into a puddle. Gee, I wouldn’t know anything about that. Have you been to the classic soft-serve truck yet? Not yet. Oh, boy, I should have warned him first. Look, it’s easy to overlook, but once you tried it, it’s — Oh, there’s nothing else like it. It is so good. It’s a classic old-school soft-serve truck. It’s usually parked on Van Ness, kind of by the west entrance of Rice Park. Okay. They only do chocolate and vanilla, no other flavors. They only serve in cones, no cups, utensils, anything. Yeah, they make sure that nothing’s in a landfill. They don’t even do milkshakes. Sometimes I wish they did. It’s just a classic cone, but, oh, my God, on a hot day, there’s nothing like it. It is so good. It’s my afternoon treat when I’m at work. I’ll take my break at the gallery, and then I’ll walk up to the park and just go to the soft-serve trailer. I’ll make a point of finding it, then. Are there any other Port Charles traditions I should know about? Well, one’s about to start. Country club fireworks. Usually starts an hour after the city fireworks, which you probably missed because you were playing. Yeah, I was maybe a little bit distracted. Well, now you can relax and enjoy the view. The company’s not bad, either. Honey, you want to tell me what’s going on? I had a chat with Laura. I gathered that when you stayed behind. I also gathered that it didn’t go so well. As long as Laura is continuing to help Heather go free, she’s the enemy. Whoa, whoa, don’t you think that’s going a little overboard? And so is anybody that decides to support her. And that includes Drew and the Quartermaines. Let’s be clear. I want Heather Webber to stay locked up till the end of time, and I’m gonna do everything I can to advocate for that. But that’s not my call to make any more than it is yours. Why aren’t you as angry about this as I am? What good is it gonna do? Because it’ll make me feel like you’re on my side. I am on your side. But if the court decides to reopen that case, that’s their decision, not ours. And that sounds like spin. That sounds like something straight out of a press release. Trina is your daughter, and you don’t even care. Okay, it’s one thing to fight Heather. It’s another thing to fight me. You know I want our daughter to stay safe. I know. I’m sorry. You’re not the one — You’re not the one that I’m mad at. I’m sorry. Okay. Gio: Beautiful. So, how do they rate compared to the ones in Bensonhurst? Let’s just say these are more tame. That tracks. Gio? Do you miss home? Be totally understandable if you did. I-I do miss my family, of course. I miss the neighborhood, how everyone knows me and how I know everyone. But I needed a change. To branch out, try something new. I really like it here in Port Charles. Feels like the perfect fit. Well, to finding your place. And making new friends. Together: Cheers! [ All chuckle ] [ Fireworks popping ] Admit it, in your mind, you’re already packing up your stuff, saying your goodbyes. Don’t do it. I don’t really see what other choice I have. Um, stay. Trust me, I have lots of experience with huge lies and life-wrecking mistakes. Running away is only gonna make things worse. I don’t think things can get worse. [ Laughs ] Okay. Uh, remind me to tell you sometime about how I pretended to be pregnant so I could get a guy to be in a relationship with me. What? My point is, you need to stay and process things. Give Mac time to figure out how he feels. Give us time to adjust. But don’t leave. For Mac, for Sasha, but mostly for you. Promise me, Cody. Okay. I’m gonna need you to say the words. I promise. That’s too vague. What exactly are you promising? I promise not to leave. Thank you. You won’t regret it. Maxie? Yeah. Aha. Thank you. [ Fireworks popping ]

Was I dreaming just now? I mean, Willow said “happy” and “you,” meaning me, all in the same sentence. Mm. She did. I never thought this day would come. I’m really happy for you, Nina. I — Look — Look at that. There it is again. Yeah, happy. Mm-hmm. Maybe I’ll start spending time with Wiley and Amelia, and I don’t know, maybe I’ll… be part of their family. It’s, um — It’s — It’s looking that way, yeah. Thank you. You, um, built a bridge between me and my daughter, and I’ll forever be grateful. You’re welcome. [ Fireworks popping ]

[ Fireworks popping ]

It’s a beautiful night. Yeah, it really is. Too bad Wiley’s missing the fireworks. Yeah, he was so zonked out from all the running around and swimming, he barely even budged when I came in to give him a kiss good night. Yeah. Amelia either. She looks so cute sleeping with her mouth wide open. So do you. I do not sleep like that. How do you know? You’re sleeping. I’m kidding. You do not sleep with your mouth open. But, you know, even if you did, you’d still look gorgeous.

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B&B Transcript Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Jim

Hope: You always know how to make me feel better, Finn.

Finn: Look, you don’t have to pretend with me, Hope. I can see you’re reeling,

Hope: But should I be?

Finn: So you have to forfeit your right to be upset because he’s marrying someone else? No. Look, your feelings are justified.

Hope: Thomas and Paris’s engagement really caught me off guard.

Finn: [sighs] Well, maybe you were hoping that he would come home and pick up with you.

Hope: You really do know me well.

Finn: We’ve been sharing a lot lately. Look, and I hope you know that I’m saying this to you as a friend, but I do think that Thomas is truly committed to Paris. And look, that’s a good thing, okay? Not only for him, but especially for you.

Thomas: Hey, buddy, show your aunt those pictures you took in the Luxembourg Gardens.

Douglas: They’re just practice.

Thomas: No, they’re not just practice, they’re amazing.

Douglas: Dad’s just saying that because most of them are of Paris.

Steffy: Oh, I like this new hobby.

Douglas: Paris said it’s a great way to get to know a place. We go out exploring. She even lets me use her cool camera.

Paris: And you take some awesome photos. His natural composition is so, so impressive. You can tell he’s an artist, the way he sees the world. And I know Steffy’s gonna love them.

Steffy: I’m sure. But you know what else I love? I love this. This beautiful little family. And the smile on my brother’s face. I can see how excited you are about the future. And I’m really thrilled how close you all become.

Eric: Well, I have to say, it makes me very, very happy that my grandkids are– are willing to carry on our family traditions. There you are.

Brooke: Weddings in this house are always beautiful.

Eric: I was very touched that he wants to do it here. I can’t wait to get started.

Ridge: All right, we don’t know when that’s gonna be.

Brooke: Thomas and Paris may have a long engagement.

Eric: Maybe. But whenever it is, I’m thrilled that it’ll be here in this room.

Ridge: Same.

Donna: Yeah. Yeah. I mean, we all want Thomas and Paris to be happy and satisfied, but, I mean, come on. Are you guys all buying this whole wedding thing? Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against Paris or their relationship, I– I just have to wonder if Thomas is over Hope.

[theme song playing]

Donna: Look, I’m not trying to stir anything up.

Brooke: No, you’re just concerned.

Ridge: But why? What are you concerned about? I talked to Thomas. I discussed it with him. And you saw him with Paris today, right?

Donna: Yeah. Yeah, sure. They were cute, and everyone is happy for them, so of course he’s gonna deny his feelings for Hope.

Ridge: He’s not denying his feelings for Hope.

Eric: No, he’s not, is he?

Ridge: No, he’s not. He will always have feelings for Hope. There’s gonna be a part of him that will always love her, and the same with Thomas. They’re always gonna be a little family together. But he’s with– with Paris now. This is what he wants. And I think they’re good for each other.

Thomas: Is my sister giving us the stamp of approval?

Steffy: You don’t need my approval but I will say that I am elated.

Paris: Ah, so are we.

Thomas: Yes, we are, and we’re even more excited to share the good news.

Steffy: You have more news?

Douglas: What is it?

Paris: It’s about the wedding.

Steffy: Oh, the wedding. I mean, are you thinking about eloping? Because if you want to, you could probably, you know, do it here. Douglas and I, we could be your witnesses.

Thomas: As fun as that might be, we wouldn’t want to disappoint great granddad.

Steffy: Granddad? Why?

Thomas: Well, we’d love to do the wedding at his house, make it a traditional Forrester family wedding.

Hope: Finn, I appreciate your support more than I can say.

Finn: Oh, I feel a “but” coming.

Hope: But I still think it is way too soon for an engagement, let alone planning a wedding.

Finn: Hope, no one is pushing them.

Hope: Steffy is.

Finn: Does she even know about the ceremony?

Hope: I don’t know if she knows about the ceremony, but she knew about them being together and said nothing, so Steffy would do anything to keep me and Thomas apart. And she certainly, I guarantee you, is probably pushing Thomas and Paris together.

Finn: Yeah, I don’t think she is. Yes, she believes in them. But you know what? I believe in you. And no offense to my brother in law, but I really mean it. I think you can do a whole lot better than Thomas.

Donna: Look, I’m not questioning Thomas’ love for Paris. I’m just curious about the timing of this wedding.

Ridge: Don’t be too curious about that. We don’t even know when they’re gonna do this.

Donna: But then why did he have to stand here and announce–

Ridge: Because he’s in love with somebody, wants to move on with his life. What is so hard to–?

Eric: I understand this here. Thomas’ feelings for Hope do complicate things.

Ridge: [sighs]

Donna: You think? Really? Because Hope had to leave the room. I mean, is she even okay?

Brooke: She was rocked by this.

Ridge: And I get that. I’m not insensitive to it, I’m– I’m sorry for what she’s going through.

Brooke: What she shared with Thomas was very special to her, and when it ended that way, it knocked her completely off her feet. Look, I am not lobbying for them to be together. I’m not. She’s my daughter, and I’m concerned. She’s lost, and she’s– confused by this. Do you think that maybe Steffy might be playing a part here? Maybe she is pushing Thomas and Paris together to keep him away from Hope.

Steffy: Wow, Douglas, these photos are incredible.

Douglas: We had a lot of fun taking them.

Thomas: Yeah, and Paris is a great subject.

Paris: Hey, I give all the credit to the photographer, though I must say, the selfie is my favorite.

Steffy: [laughing] I’m impressed you could do that with this camera. You’re really good. I’m really surprised, actually. You almost look as happy as you do right now.

Douglas: I’m excited about the wedding.

Thomas: Yeah, but it’s gonna take a little while to plan, right? We want everything to be perfect.

Douglas: As long as we’re all together, it will be.

Thomas: [chuckles]

Douglas: I miss my mom and my little sister, but I like my life the way it is now. Paris makes dad really happy. That means a lot to me.

Paris: Oh, and you and your dad mean so much to me. You make me feel very special.

Steffy: Having the three of you here makes me feel really special, too.

Paris: It’s good to be back.

Steffy: I’m so glad that you’re back, my goodness. It’s been way too long. Oh, hey, um, Kelly and Hayes, they’re playing in the guest house if you want to go join them.

Douglas: Yeah.

Steffy: See you in a minute.

Douglas: Bye.

Thomas: [sighs] Thanks for having us over, sis.

Steffy: Are you kidding? All the times we’ve texted and spoke on the phone, I finally get to see you face to face. It’s so nice. Here, let me get you a refill. Um, Douglas? I mean, how sweet and– and just a kind, smart boy in the way he talked about the two of you. It’s really beautiful.

Thomas: I know, I know. And we’re so proud of him. He’s so mature. He’s always just right there.

Paris: Yeah, he really knows how to express himself.

Thomas: Yeah.

Paris: I just hope that he can talk to Hope and actually get through to her.

Steffy: Talk to Hope about what?

Paris: I think she still wants to be with Thomas.

Finn: Thomas and I, we get along, and my kids love their uncle. I just– I don’t think he’s the right guy for you.

Hope: Well, I think that’s a bit of a moot point now.

Finn: You’re having a hard time with his engagement. I understand.

Hope: Oh, you do? You understand? Because I don’t understand any of this. It wasn’t long ago, he left town, and then he comes back engaged. It just–

Finn: Look, I can only tell you what I’ve heard from Steffy, but Thomas and Paris are in love, and they want a life together.

Hope: Why?

Finn: Wait, why do they want a life together?

Hope: No, I just, I keep asking myself that. Why did I turn him down?

Finn: Well, I can’t answer that question, but I do think it’s the right one to ask.

Hope: I can’t say yes. I don’t know what is wrong with me. I mean, Thomas proposes. I say no, but I don’t want to lose him. But the idea forever absolutely terrifies me. It’s just like– I don’t know what is happening to me.

[birds chirping]

Ridge: Steffy didn’t push Thomas and Paris together.

Brooke: She did tell Thomas that he can’t trust Hope.

Eric: Paris is not someone that Thomas just met. They used to live together.

Donna: Yeah, look, we all know that. But they weren’t lovers.

Brooke: They were roommates.

Eric: They were friends.

Ridge: Yes, they were friends. And then they fell in love with each other. Isn’t that amazing? No one forced them together.

Brooke: Okay, look, I’m not saying that’s the only reason. It’s just Thomas does value his sister’s opinion very much.

Ridge: Okay. [chuckles] Thomas is excited about his future with Paris, and so is Douglas. He loves Paris. And I’m– I didn’t even know what to say to this. I’m sorry about Hope. I’m sorry she’s going through this. But Thomas has moved on, not because of Steffy, but because of what he wanted. He’s moved on. And maybe your daughter can do the same. Maybe… she will find someone else, somewhere else.

Paris: I wasn’t gonna bring this up around Douglas.

Steffy: You have an issue with Hope?

Paris: No. No, I just– I’m aware of her feelings for Thomas.

Steffy: Well, she hasn’t exactly been hiding them. She may say that she’s worried that this is going way too fast, but I know that’s not the truth.

Thomas: That’s right. When it’s right, you know. You know, we just, we popped in over there. We dropped the news on everyone, and so it’s a very new thing.

Paris: Yeah, and it’s gonna take a little bit of time to adjust, but I’m not feeling insecure about it at all. I’m completely confident in our love for each other.

Steffy: You should be. I haven’t seen Thomas this happy and content in a very long time. And if Hope truly cared about him, she would see it, too.

Thomas: Steffy–

Steffy: I’m not wrong. The way Hope has been acting lately… makes me wonder what’s really going on with Hope.

Hope: I don’t know what this is.

Finn: It’s a shock.

Hope: No, shock… I would understand. Envy, even regret. But this, what I am feeling, it– It doesn’t make any sense. If I wanted Thomas, if I really wanted Thomas, all I had to do was say yes.

Finn: Yeah, but you didn’t.

Hope: No, I turned him down. And I am starting to wonder, is it just because I can’t have him?

Finn: Oh, like, I– I don’t know about that. But one thing that I do know is that you will find love again. Okay? People are drawn to you, Hope. All right? People want to be around you. And someday, someone is gonna show up and make you feel the same way. I assure you, Hope, There is life after Thomas.

Ridge: You don’t want to go down the pool with dad and Donna?

Brooke: No.

Ridge: Might clear your head on.

Brooke: [chuckles] Could take a lot more than fresh air to make me feel better about this.

Ridge: I’m sorry. I think Hope is gonna bounce back.

Brooke: You do? She’s all over the place right now.

Ridge: And I am sorry about that. I am. But it doesn’t change the situation. Thomas has moved on, he’s– He’s found some joy in his life. Hope’s gonna find somebody. Someone special to share her life with. Okay?

Brooke: Okay.

[distant birds squawking]

Thomas: Paris and Douglas are taking a little walk on the beach.

Steffy: She really is incredible with him.

Thomas: She is.

Steffy: And he absolutely adores her.

Thomas: We both do.

Steffy: So, uh, a wedding at Granddad’s.

Thomas: Yeah, well, you know, feels like, at some point, you gotta keep the tradition alive.

Steffy: What better way than to become a Forrester?

Thomas: That’s what I was thinking. Though I hope I didn’t make it weird asking granddad in front of everyone.

Steffy: Oh, you mean in front of Hope.

Thomas: [sighs] She’s struggling, Steff.

Steffy: She turned you down, Thomas. She didn’t want a life with you. You know who wants a life with you?

Thomas: [clears throat]

Steffy: Paris. She wants to be your wife. I mean, more than that. She’s just fantastic. She’s wonderful.

Thomas: Yeah, she really is.

Steffy: And I can really see how much you and Paris love each other and I know Douglas sees that, too.

Thomas: Yeah, well, he’s definitely her biggest fan.

Steffy: Well, I don’t blame him. Like I said, she’s wonderful. She’s kind. She’s sweet. She’s beautiful. Like I could go on and on.

Thomas: Yeah, she’s all of those things and more.

Steffy: I can really see how much she lights you up. I haven’t seen you this free and at ease in a very long time, probably since you started wanting Hope. Look, I don’t want to put all of it on her, but you were never enough. And as hard as you tried, you could just never measure up. And that’s not right, Thomas. And it’s not fair, because I know you, and I know that you’re an extraordinary man. All right, let’s, let’s put all of this behind us, okay? Put Hope behind you. Take Paris, take Douglas, and go to Europe and live a spectacular life. ‘Cause I’m telling you, when you come back, Hope will have moved on. She’ll be on to another man.

Finn: You and Thomas were more about timing than anything.

Hope: Timing?

Finn: Yeah. I mean, he offered you something that you needed in that moment, a one woman man. And I understand that kind of appeal and that kind of security and why it would have a huge impact on you.

Hope: Well, then why did I reject his proposals? People do have long engagements, and we were committed. So did I let the right guy go? We had incredible chemistry. I mean, did I make a mistake?

Finn: No, Hope, listen, the– the right guy for you is still out there.

Hope: Except I shouldn’t have to hear that. I have a wonderful life. I have a happy family. I have a great career.

Finn: You want love, too, right? And if anyone deserves it, it’s you. People look up to you. Hope you have a message that affects people all over the world, but you gotta be your best self. Don’t let these guys get you down. Right? You thought it was… Liam, and it never really was Thomas. But when you least expect it, the guy that you are meant to be with is gonna be standing right in front of you.

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Days Update Monday, July 8, 2024

Days of Our Lives Update


Days of Our Lives logo

Update written by Joseph

Jada tells Bobby that he has five seconds to spit it out or she’s gone. Bobby then tells her it’s about the murder of Li Shin. Jada questions how he could have information on that when he never even met Li and they already know who killed Li, but Bobby reveals that they don’t.

Connie goes home to the apartment that used to belong to Li, Wendy, and Tripp and flashes back to being the one who stabbed Li Shin! Connie remarks to herself that it wasn’t her fault and that Gabi is to blame.

At the town square press conference, Nicole asks Gabi what role EJ played in overturning her case. Gabi asks how she could forget and admits much credit must go to EJ for approving the immunity deal for Melinda, who then handed over the evidence to exonerate her even though EJ wrongfully accused her in the first place, but in the end he was big enough to admit he was wrong and that he let his personal animosity towards her cloud his judgment. Gabi remarks that she and EJ are similar in that way as sometimes they let their emotions guide their decisions. Gabi states that in EJ’s case, he sent her to prison out of hate but he freed her out of love for Nicole. EJ argues that Nicole has nothing to do with this but Gabi says this is all about Nicole. Nicole questions what she’s talking about. Gabi then announces that the only reason EJ exonerated her is because he was desperately afraid of losing his beloved wife to Eric Brady. Nicole asks why EJ would be afraid of that. Gabi responds that it’s because Nicole is still in love with Eric and that Eric is the father of her baby, shocking Stefan and EJ.

Eric walks by the Brady Pub and calls Holly, asking if she has a moment. Eric reminds her that he was thinking about leaving town and informs her that one of the jobs he applied for came through, so he’s moving to Paris today. Eric confirms that he saw Nicole awhile ago and they said their goodbyes.

Rafe questions what Gabi is doing, telling her this is not the place but Gabi calls it the perfect place. Nicole questions why she would say that. EJ argues that she doesn’t know what she’s talking about but Gabi says she knows exactly what she’s talking about. Gabi declares that EJ is not Jude’s father, Eric is, and that she can prove it. Stefan asks Gabi not to do this. EJ announces that Gabi is not thinking straight and thanks everyone for coming, saying they will meet privately to clarify the issue. Rafe tells everyone to move along. Gabi tells Nicole to stop and not listen to them because she is telling her the God’s honest truth. Nicole asks how this could be and questions Gabi’s proof. Gabi tells Nicole that she can see how it all makes sense and talks about what Sloan did. Gabi declares that Eric’s child being ripped from his arms is a wrong that needs to be righted immediately.

Eric assures Holly that he will come visit her and she can come see him. Holly reminds him that she’s still grounded. Eric assures that won’t last forever because nothing ever does.

Nicole questions how Gabi could possibly know this when she just got out of prison. Gabi asks why Nicole is fighting this when it’s her dream come true. EJ argues that Gabi is just out for revenge. Gabi repeats that it’s about righting a terrible wrong and she is not lying as she did not make this up out of thin air. Nicole asks where in the world she got the idea that Jude is Eric’s son. Gabi assures that her source is solid so Nicole questions who her source is, arguing that she’s not about to turn their lives upside down. Gabi then reveals that Stefan told her.

Jada tells Bobby that they already have proof of who killed Li Shin and they have evidence linked to Gil Carter. Bobby says he reads the paper but assures the evidence doesn’t matter because Gil didn’t do it. Bobby guesses Jada thinks he’s lying. Jada says it wouldn’t be his first time. Bobby points out that she has nothing but circumstantial evidence and no eye witnesses against Gil. Jada brings up having Li’s blood on Gil’s black book and a dried fingerprint in the blood which she calls pretty solid proof. Bobby argues that it’s not definitive. Jada then asks Bobby who killed Li if not Gil.

Connie repeats to herself that it was Gabi’s fault. Connie then imagines Li appearing before her and stating that Gabi is not the one who stabbed him.

Jada questions if Bobby is trying to tell her that Gabi stabbed Li. Bobby says no and that Gabi has been rightfully exonerated. Bobby remarks that they got the wrong perp twice now, but he’s definitely got it. Jada comments that he sounds awfully sure of himself for being confined to a mental institution which Bobby mocks. Jada question why he thinks the police have been on the wrong track this whole time. Bobby responds that it’s because he saw the person who killed Li Shin.

Connie calls it a miracle to see Li, but he assures that he is dead and remarks that she should know since she killed him.

Nicole questions Stefan telling Gabi that EJ is not Jude’s father. Gabi asks if Stefan is going to call her a liar in front of all these people. Stefan says no, so Nicole asks if he’s saying it’s true which he confirms as he declares that Eric is Jude’s father.

Eric enters the Brady Pub to say goodbye to Roman. Roman guesses he won’t talk him in to changing his mind. Eric calls it a pretty good job opportunity which Roman understands. Eric knows Roman thinks he’s running away and admits maybe he is. Roman says he did the same thing and in time, he chose to come back so maybe Eric will do the same someday. Eric mentions just coming from Marlena and she was understanding. Roman asks about Nicole. Eric says she knows and they said their goodbyes. Eric admits it was tough but they kept it short and sweet and she had to take off to cover a press conference at the town square.

Nicole argues that Stefan and Gabi just hate EJ and they did this just to hurt him. Gabi responds that maybe under different circumstances, she might get revenge but she is telling nothing but the truth here. Gabi declares that Stefan saw the original DNA test results in black and white. Stefan tells EJ that he’s sorry. Nicole tells EJ that if this is true, she’s so sorry. Gabi asks why she’s apologizing to EJ when he already knew.

Jada asks how Bobby could have possibly seen the person who murdered Li Shin when Li was murdered in his apartment. Jada asks if he was there and witnessed the murder. Bobby says not exactly. Jada asks if he’s telling her that he was the murderer then. Bobby asks if she really thinks he’d go around blabbing about it if he was. Jada questions how he could have possibly seen who did it then.

Connie tells her vision of Li that she didn’t mean to kill him and it was an accident as she continues to blame Gabi. Li points out that Gabi didn’t stab her as that was all Connie. Connie tells him to stop saying that but Li says it’s true. Connie argues that nobody else knows, so what happened will stay between them forever.

Nicole questions Gabi saying that EJ knew. Gabi responds that Stefan found the DNA test results in the living room safe and that EJ was the one who put them there. Nicole asks EJ if this is true that he knew.

Roman asks Eric about Jude. Eric says he already had a painful goodbye with him and doesn’t want to put them through that again, especially after having a dream last night that Jude was he and Nicole’s son.

EJ argues that Stefan and Gabi are lying because Gabi blames him for sending her to prison and this is her way of getting back at him. Rafe points out that EJ just freed Gabi. Gabi assures that she still hates EJ but insists that this is the truth. Nicole calls it impossible because they did a DNA test. Gabi says that Sloan kept switching the results. Nicole argues that Sloan had nothing to do with this as EJ came home with the test. Gabi questions going by what EJ said and tells Nicole to think about all the other things that don’t add up. Gabi asks how Nicole thinks Stefan got EJ to overturn her conviction and why EJ gave Melinda an immunity deal after stealing her child. Gabi asks if that seems like the fatherly thing to do or the DiMera thing to do. Stefan tries to stop Gabi but she continues, declaring that EJ had no choice as his walls were closing in. Gabi adds that Melinda knew the truth and used it to get her immunity. Gabi tells Nicole that Stefan used the information too to threaten to tell her everything if she didn’t go free. Gabi declares that her standing here is all the proof she needs. EJ calls her an ungrateful, vindictive bitch. EJ tries to go after Gabi but Rafe holds him back. EJ questions her after everything he did for her. Gabi asks if he expected gratitude after he sent her to prison for something she didn’t do. EJ argues that after everything she’s done in her miserable life, she deserved ten times the sentence she got. Gabi complains that EJ refused to help her even when Stefan begged him. Nicole asks what EJ has to say to her and yells at him to say something, asking if he’ll even say sorry. Nicole calls EJ a bastard for knowing and shoves him as she then storms off. EJ tries to go after her but Rafe stops him and says he’s not going anywhere.

Eric tells Roman about when they first took the DNA test that showed EJ was the father of Nicole’s baby, it was a big letdown as he flashes back to that moment. Eric says when he went to bed last night, he knew he was leaving today so maybe that’s why he had the dream. Eric declares that if he would’ve been the father, it would’ve changed his and Nicole’s entire lives. Eric decides he should go get his bags and get going. Roman offers to get Kate to cover at the Pub so he can give him a ride to the airport. Eric says he’s sorry but Brady already offered. Roman guesses he was just trying to buy some more time with him. Eric promises he will be back. Roman tells him to take care of himself and be well as they hug and say I love you to one another.

Rafe wants a statement from EJ because everything he just heard tells him that he perpetrated a fraud or at the very least was an accessory after the fact. EJ tells Rafe that if he wants to press charges, he can take it up with his office and storms off.

Jada complains that Bobby is talking in riddles and she doesn’t have time for his games. Bobby clarifies that he didn’t see the actual murder in front of him, but he saw the killer. Bobby explains that Everett and he had moved to Salem a couple days earlier and Chad was very upset because of Everett staying in Salem. Bobby says Everett got very upset so he had to take over for awhile and right then, he stumbled across his first big story in Salem, only it never gets published because Everett can’t remember it, but he does. Everett remarks that you tend to remember the times you come face to face with a killer, so Jada asks who it is.

Connie argues that prison served Gabi right but now she gets sprung when Gil Carter didn’t even kill Li and that’s just not right. Her vision of Li points out that Gabi didn’t kill him either. Connie complains that Melinda is to blame too and it made her skin crawl to kiss up to them so that they wouldn’t suspect her. Connie wishes they could go back in time to her and Li’s first date. Connie says she’s not crazy and she doesn’t want Li to be dead because she wants to be close to him forever. Connie talks about that being why she’s in the apartment where he lived and died. Connie declares that she had to do it but she misses Li and she promises revenge on everyone who is to blame for his tragic loss. Connie states that she’s going to make them all pay and when Li is finally avenged, they can live happily ever after. Connie then exits the apartment.

Jada asks who Bobby saw. Bobby says he had just moved here so he didn’t know anyone’s name. Jada asks if he can describe them. Bobby suddenly claims he’s tired. Jada argues that it’s 10 AM and says she knew he was just stringing her along so she’d come back and see him. Bobby says he’s not stringing her along if he actually has the goods. Jada questions how she knows any of this is even true. Bobby says she is smart and has a keen sense of when justice has actually been served. Bobby tells Jada that he will see her tomorrow and they will talk more about it then. Bobby then pretends to go to sleep so that Jada leaves. Bobby then goes back to reading his book.

EJ catches up to Nicole at the DiMera Mansion. Nicole cries that EJ knew her baby was Eric’s son and he let them mourn his death and spread his ashes. EJ explains that he did not know for months. Nicole questions why she should believe him. EJ insists that he loves her but Nicole disagrees. Nicole says he has to hate someone to do something like this to them. EJ repeats that it’s love and always will be. EJ asks if he can at least explain. EJ informs her that it was Leo who finally told him that it was their baby. EJ says he couldn’t believe it, so he confronted Sloan, who then told him that Jude was Nicole’s baby but the father was actually Eric. EJ adds that he didn’t believe her at first so he had another DNA test done to be sure. Nicole points out that he still kept it quiet. EJ admits he was devastated as he had already lost the boy once, so losing him a second time was too much to bear. EJ states that once it all sank in, Nicole and another man raising a child would be a stab in the heart to a man who gave his whole heart to her. EJ adds that it wasn’t just another man, but Eric, and he knew how much Eric wanted to have a child with her and that Nicole still had feelings for him. EJ brings up seeing her kissing Eric when he brought her home that night, so he made a terrible choice. EJ asks what he could do when Nicole means everything to him and he was so afraid of losing her. Nicole then responds that now he has as she walks away in tears and heads upstairs.

Rafe tells Gabi and Stefan to tell him everything they know, starting from the beginning. Stefan responds that they will gladly come to the police station to make a statement, but right now he needs to speak to his wife alone. Gabi promises Rafe that they will come in tomorrow. Rafe tells them to do that and walks away. Stefan then questions how Gabi could do this.

Nicole comes back downstairs with Jude. EJ tries to stop her and says they need to talk but Nicole cries that she has nothing left to say. EJ argues that they’ve weathered more storms than this. Nicole questions him thinking this is a storm and calls it a nightmare of EJ’s doing. EJ insists that he loves her. Nicole calls those empty words that she doesn’t want to hear ever again. EJ asks where she will go. Nicole tells him it’s none of his business anymore as she exits the mansion in tears with Jude.

Bobby thinks back to finding Connie crying in the park, swearing she didn’t mean to do it.

Jada meets Rafe outside the Pub and asks how the press conference was. Rafe calls it more eventful than expected and says he’ll fill her in later. Rafe asks about her visit with her ex and if he filled her in on the so called murder. Jada reveals it was Li Shin’s murder. Rafe says they already know who murdered Li but Jada says that Bobby said it wasn’t Gil Carter. Rafe laughs it off considering the evidence and asks who Bobby said did it then. Jada informs him that Bobby wouldn’t say but did say that he saw the killer shortly after they committed the crime. Rafe questions Jada really thinking there’s anything to this. Jada says Bobby wants her to come back to Bayview to discuss it further. Rafe worries that it sounds like another trick but Jada says maybe he’ll be ready to name some names. Jada suggests they go inside to the Pub where he can tell her what happened at the press conference. After they head inside, Connie comes around the corner.

Eric sits at the airport and thinks back to handing Jude over to EJ and Nicole. Eric gets up to board his flight but gets a cal from Nicole.

EJ pours a drink in the living room and tells the portrait of Stefano that Stefan and Gabi are going to pay dearly for this. EJ takes his drink and then smashes the glass against the wall as he screams out in frustration.

Stefan tells Gabi that he promised EJ to keep his secret, she agreed, and they had an understanding. Gabi says she knows, so Stefan asks why she blew it all to Hell.

Eric ignores Nicole’s call and goes to board the flight but Nicole arrives with Jude. Nicole says she tried calling him. Eric questions what she is doing here. Nicole informs him that she had to stop him from getting on the plane. Eric doesn’t understand. Nicole then reveals to Eric that he is Jude’s father.

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Y&R Short Recap Tuesday, July 9, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


Y&R logo


Recap written by Eva

A guilt-ridden Adam and Chelsea share with Billy and Sally about Connor’s condition. Adam and Chelsea are both distracted because they can’t forget they cheated on Billy and Sally.

Jack tells Diane that he thinks Victor is the mystery investor for Glissade and he is using Kyle against him. Kyle goes to the Jabot offices to gloat about his new job to Diane. Diane tells Kyle that she and Jack love him even if he is making the wrong decisions right now.

Victoria asks Claire if she wants to change her last name to Newman.

Jack goes to Victor’s office to tell him that he will pay for using Kyle against him. Victor tells Jack he has been a bad father to Kyle and he is paying for it now.

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Y&R Transcript Monday, July 8, 2024

Young & The Restless Transcript


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Transcript provided by Jim

[ phone ringing ]

Traci: Jack, Jack, it’s so late there. Is– is something wrong at home?

Jack: No, not at all. Not at all. I just wanted to see if maybe you wanted to trade places. I’ll come to Paris and have coffee and croissants in the morning, and you can battle insomnia here in Genoa City. What do you think?

Traci: Well, let me think about that for a minute. No, I’m good.

Jack: Darn. Well, at least I got you on the phone. We can chat. How’s my beautiful sister doing?

Traci: And which beautiful sister are you referring to?

Jack: Let’s start with you. But judging how radiant you are, I think I already have the answer to that question.

Traci: Well, I am having a lovely time in Paris. Now that the worst of it is over, of course. I wish they would let me spend a little more time with Ashley, but the time that I do get to spend with her, it’s so encouraging. Jack, I am so proud of her.

Jack: Oh, I am so proud of her. And I’m so relieved for you. I know this is a large weight lifted off your shoulders.

Traci: Yeah, you know, I– I do. I feel a million percent better. For the first time in a really long time, I’m finally remembering what it’s like to have a little hope. And I’m looking forward to all of the opportunities that are ahead for all of us.

Nick: It’s getting late.

Phyllis: At what point is another espresso a bad idea?

Nick: At the point when you get so wound up about Summer, I can start to see you twitch.

Phyllis: Oh, I’m not– I’m not wound up. I’m not stressed. I’m not. I’m just, I’m thinking methodically. Thinking methodically about all the things we put on the table as to what could really be going on with our daughter.

Nick: Have you got a winner yet?

Phyllis: I do. The last thing we came up with. I think that she is really going for custody for Harrison, or– or thinking about it, rather, because it’s a knee-jerk reaction. Because she’s angry, and maybe a little jealous.

Nick: Okay. Putting yourself in her shoes. Total stretch.

Phyllis: Yeah, but I’m not 100 percent sure. Because also, Nick, she knows Kyle. She knows when he’s distracted. And she knows when he’s reckless. And she knows if he’s going to be a bad influence on their son.

Nick: Well, there’s no denying how in tune she is with whatever Harrison needs.

Phyllis: She has really great intuition as a mom, doesn’t she?

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: I think Kyle could be going down a slippery slope.

Nick: I think we should just take a step back and let Summer handle this on her own, you know?

Phyllis: Let’s get out of here.

Nick: You ready to call it a night?

Phyllis: Mm-mm. Definitely not. I think we need to just change venue and go somewhere, you know, where I can really chill out and relax. You know what I mean? And we can talk about our daughter. Let’s go.

Kyle: Thanks.

Daniel: Hey, man. Grab a beer, please.

Kyle: Hi.

Daniel: I’m guessing that’s not work.

Kyle: Why do you say that?

Daniel: Well, I heard you’re no longer with Jabot. Sorry about that.

Kyle: Pretty sure I can guess where you got that little bit of intel? Hmm. It’s probably not as bad as Summer made it out to be.

Daniel: Oh, hey. No judgment here. Come on. It’s a secret that I was given the boot from Chancellor-Winters not too long ago. Not such a great feeling.

Kyle: Mm. Especially when you consider how it went down. You know, my mother firing me, uh, your ex firing you.

Daniel: Oh, fun times.

Kyle: Ah, the good news is, we don’t have to let them have the last laugh.

Daniel: What do you mean?

Kyle: Well, when one door closes, a bigger, better one opens. Nice and wide.

Claire: I want to bring home something yummy for my mom’s breakfast. Only I’m not sure what. Everything here looks really good. Um…

Victor: Can I help you decide?

Claire: Grandpa, are you following me around tonight?

Victor: No.

Claire: Because I told you I was fine.

Victor: I came here for a croissant. Now, look at these eclairs. You know, those were your mother’s favorite when she was a child.

Claire: They’re my favorite, too.

Victor: Really?

Claire: Yeah.

Victor: Okay. Well, why don’t we sit over there? There’s something I’d like to discuss with you.

Victor: Mmm. Mm-hmm. Good.

Claire: Do you want to hear something kind of funny?

Victor: What?

Claire: When I was a kid, I thought eclairs were named after me.

Victor: Oh, yeah?

Claire: Mm-hmm.

Victor: Perfect.

Claire: Note to self, don’t eat an eclair on a date.

Victor: Is that what you and Kyle were doing earlier when I saw you at Society?

Claire: A date?

Victor: Yeah.

Claire: You’re kidding. Grandpa, I work for him. I would– I would never cross that line.

Victor: I’m glad to hear that, okay?

Claire: This isn’t what you wanted to talk to me about, is it? I mean, I– I did join him for a drink after you left.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Claire: But I wasn’t trying to ditch you or be sneaky.

Victor: I’m very relieved.

Claire: Full disclosure, I had dinner with him earlier.

Victor: Hm.

Claire: But I didn’t think it was a big deal. Did I do something wrong?

Victor: No, sweetheart, you did nothing wrong, and I– I’m sorry if I gave you that impression. No, nothing.

Claire: Okay, good.

Victor: Except to say, I think you need to know some things about Kyle.

Daniel: Well, I’m glad to hear that one of us has job prospects.

Kyle: Eh, Give it some time. These things tend to happen exactly when they’re meant to.

Daniel: Oh, you got something concrete lined up?

Kyle: It’ll be announced publicly tomorrow. Wish I could share, but you’ll have to wait and hear with the rest of the world.

Daniel: Oh, well, that sounds pretty major. It must be what Summer was worried about. She knows what it is, right?

Kyle: Yeah. For the most part. What’d she say?

Daniel: Uh, well, she didn’t give me any specifics, but she definitely wasn’t as psyched as you seem to be.

Kyle: Summer needs to relax. What I do with my career, it doesn’t affect her.

Daniel: That’s not really true.

Kyle: Yeah, we’re divorced, Daniel.

Daniel: Co-parenting exes.

Kyle: Does having ambition in the workplace make me lesser of a father to my son?

Daniel: Maybe it’s just timing after everything that Harrison’s been through.

Kyle: Yeah, she’s threatening to come at me with lawyers to go after custody. Look, I’m telling you, Summer better tread lightly, or this is going to blow up in her face in a way she isn’t anticipating.

Jack: Are you spending much time with Abby?

Traci: Actually, she and I have been to see Ashley a few times now. You should see our sister’s face light up when her baby girl walks into the room.

Jack: I am so relieved the two of you are there for her. I still lie awake at night worrying about Ashley, hence this phone call.

Traci: And this is the only thing that keeps you awake at night, Jack?

Jack: There are always fires to put out here, you know that.

Traci: Anything you want to talk about?

Jack: Nothing that can’t wait until your return. Besides, I don’t want to ruin this glow you have. Paris really seems to agree with you.

Traci: On that topic, um, Jack, I think I’m going to stay a little while longer in Paris. I– I really like being close to Ashley, and I can write from anywhere.

Jack: Is there anyone else you’re close to these days?

Traci: Jack, stop.

Jack: Wow, that sounds like a yes.

Traci: Oh, okay, I have been spending a little time with Alan, actually.

Jack: That is wonderful. I like Alan. He seems like a really good guy.

Traci: He is.

Jack: I do feel for him with all he’s been through with his brother, but he’s lucky to have you to help him through it.

Traci: We’ve been supporting each other.

Jack: I’m sure you are.

[ knocking on door ]

Traci: Um, uh, that might be him now.

Jack: Oh, go. Don’t let me hold you, uh… Thank you for brightening my night. I love you, Trace.

Traci: Get some sleep, Jack. I love you, too. I’m coming!

[ Traci gasping ]

Christine: Bonjour.

Danny: Enchantй.

Traci: Oh! Oh, look. Oh, you guys. Oh.

Christine: Surprise.

Traci: Oh, come in. You– Sit down, you guys. I thought you weren’t going to be able to make it. You said you were so swamped with rehearsals and sold out shows.

Christine: We realized that there are things that are way more important.

Traci: Oh…

Danny: Yeah, I mean, come on. We’re all in Paris together at the same time, we had– we had to make this happen.

Traci: Oh, I’m so glad you did. I’m not kidding. You have to tell me everything. How’s the tour? What’s happening?

Danny: Oh, it is fantastique. The best that I remember.

Christine: Yeah, we’ve been having so much fun.

Traci: I can see that. You’ve left a little lipstick.

Christine: That’s not me.

Traci: What?

Danny: What? Right– oh, well, that was an overzealous fan in the lobby. You didn’t tell me she left a mark.

Christine: Well, you know what? You can have lipstick on your cheek. You’re a badass rock star.

Traci: She is not wrong.

Danny: Okay. Well, hey, if that’s the look I’m going for, then having two gorgeous blondes on my arm would do the trick then, you know? So what do you say, Traci? How about joining us for breakfast?

Christine: Oh yeah.

Traci: Oh.

[ knocking on door ] Hold that thought.

Danny: Trиs bien.

Alan: Hello.

Traci: Alan, hello. Please. My friends have stopped by. Come in.

Alan: Oh, my goodness. Are you kidding me?

Traci: Danny.

Alan: Wow, of course. Nice to meet you.

Traci: Christine, this is Alan.

Alan: Alan, yes. Christine, hi. Nice to meet you.

Christine: Nice to meet you.

Alan: Wow. Um, well, forgive me if I’m a little starstruck. I– I knew Traci knew you, but I didn’t think I’d ever get a chance to really meet you.

Danny: Well, uh, I’ll do you one better, Alan. Why don’t you join us for breakfast?

Alan: Really?

Traci: I– I didn’t want to accept until I’d run it past you.

Alan: What? Well, yeah, of course. I’d love to.

Danny: We’ll talk about when Traci was in the band, you know? She’s not as innocent as she pretends to be.

Alan: Oh, really?

Traci: Danny!

Alan: I’d certainly love to hear about that.

Traci: Oh, come on.

Christine: I kind of do, too, so let’s go.

Alan: Well, here we go, ah?

Traci: Thank you. All right, you guys.

Christine: This’ll be great. Thank you.

Daniel: I don’t think that responding to someone with threats of your own is the best thing to do.

Kyle: She said she’s coming after my kid, Daniel. I don’t take that lightly.

Daniel: That’s not what she’s doing. She told me she just wants to spend more time with him in light of everything that’s happened.

Kyle: No, she’s lashing out at me through my son. I saw it in her eyes. It’s some sick form of revenge.

Daniel: Revenge for what?

Kyle: She’s pissed that I hired Claire as Harrison’s nanny. And she’s even madder that he thinks she’s the greatest.

Claire: Hey, Grandpa.

Victor: Yeah?

Claire: How did you know that I ran into Kyle earlier? I thought that you left before I joined him.

Victor: As I was leaving Society, I looked through the window, saw the two of you together. A rather comfortable situation, you know?

Claire: Yeah. Yeah, we’ve– we’ve gotten to be pretty good friends.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Claire: I mean, obviously, our main connection is Harrison. He’s probably the number one thing we talk about.

Victor: You talk to him about other things?

Claire: Sometimes.

Victor: Hm.

Claire: Kyle confides in me.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Claire: I think he knows that I’m a safe person to talk to, that I would never betray his trust.

Victor: Don’t you think that’s rather odd? I mean, he barely knows you. You’re just his son’s nanny.

Claire: Grandpa, you can just tell me if you don’t approve of my being friends with Kyle.

Nick: Espresso with a red wine and french fry chaser. Legendary. I don’t know anyone like you.

Phyllis: Helps me think.

Nick: There’s really nothing to think about because we cannot control what happens with Summer and Kyle.

Phyllis: What? That’s not true. We’re her parents. We have influence.

Nick: I know you like to think that, but that went out the window the day Summer turned into a teenager.

Phyllis: No, it didn’t.

Nick: Yeah, it did.

Phyllis: No, it didn’t. Listen, we have experienced more life, okay? And she does take our opinions as sage. She takes everything that we say to her into consideration. She does. And if she doesn’t, we’ll just force her to listen.

Nick: Right. Like we tried earlier, because that went so great.

[ Phyllis sighing ]

Phyllis: I’m not giving up on her.

Nick: I’ve noticed that about you.

Phyllis: We have wisdom.

Nick: Mm. Yeah, we can have all the wisdom we want, but she’s just going to do whatever she wants anyway. We both know that.

Phyllis: What happened to you? You used to be so overprotective. What happened?

Nick: Look, I’m happy to sit here and plot ways to help Summer navigate whatever comes next, but don’t you think it’s best if we just let her work it out on her own? She can deal directly with Kyle, and then hopefully, they can avoid court altogether.

Phyllis: You know, I’d love that. In a perfect world, that’s a great idea. But I just want her to know that we have the cachet to back up what we say.

Nick: It’s crazy to think about– You know, it kind of felt like we were just kids ourselves while we were raising Supergirl. And now, we think we have all these answers. Why? I mean, why do we think that? Because we have a few gray hairs now? Just talking about me. Not you.

Phyllis: No. Not me.

Nick: Not you.

[ Phyllis sighing ]

Phyllis: It’s just really hard, isn’t it? Giving advice from the outside looking in, it’s a little easier.

[ Phyllis sighing ] I just, I don’t want her to feel any pain. I just want everything for her.

Nick: Everything good.

Phyllis: Yeah. Everything good. And you could see the potential mistakes, you know? And you want to stop them. And I say, don’t, don’t, don’t go over there. Don’t do that. Watch out for the cliff. You’re about to fall.

[ Phyllis chuckling ]

Nick: How come nobody did that for us?

Phyllis: I think some people tried to do it for me.

Nick: Mm. How come you didn’t listen?

Victor: Don’t misunderstand me. It is not up to me who you befriend. I just know Kyle a bit better than you do.

Claire: I realize that you want what’s best for me.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Claire: But I have no reason to believe that Kyle is a threat.

Victor: Mm-hmm. Do you know that he just recently divorced my other granddaughter?

Claire: Is that what this is about? Summer?

Victor: No, it’s not about Summer. How much did you know about Kyle before he came to town? I’m sure there’s some things he rather you not know.

Claire: It sure sounds like you’re trying to turn me against him.

Victor: Sweetheart, I’m asking you to proceed with caution. Okay? You just landed on your feet. You just recently escaped that ogre aunt of yours.

Claire: And I’m doing really well on that front.

Victor: And that is why I don’t want you to become involved in Kyle’s turmoil.

Daniel: You know, when you’re done blowing off steam there, I would strongly recommend that you take a look at this from Summer’s point of view. She loves her son. Your son. That’s the takeaway here.

Kyle: Yeah, if that’s the case, then why is she coming at me with lawyers? Is that really putting Harrison first? Making him live through all that trauma?

Daniel: Well, I get the trauma of a custody battle 100%, but her whole goal here is to try and keep from causing that kid any more trauma.

Kyle: No, her whole goal here is to cause me pain. So, how about instead of defending your sister’s attacks against me, why don’t you tell her to back the hell off before she lives to regret it?

Tessa: Yikes.

Daniel: Yeah, yikes.

Alan: So, you guys have been together a long time.

Danny: Uh, well, um, unfortunately, it– it was on and off.

Traci: But you’re together now and that’s all that matters.

Alan: And Christine, I’m sure that you’re the envy of many fans.

Christine: Oh.

Danny: Oh, believe me, she caused quite a stir on social media. Oh, it was, it was big.

Christine: Someone just posted a picture of me kissing Danny when he came off stage.

Traci: Oh, I’m gonna have to look that up.

Danny: Oh, no, no, you two. Look, I’ll show you exactly how it went down. See, no biggie.

Christine: Wha–

Danny: I’m kidding, it was a wonderful kiss.

Christine: Speak for yourself.

Danny: I love it, it was beautiful.

Christine: Oh, my gosh.

Danny: All right, enough about us. I want to know how you two became friends.

Traci: Um, well– well, um… we met through Ashley. Do you mind if I share this?

Alan: Yes, of course. No, I– I prefer it come from you.

Traci: Okay. Um, we did not meet under the best of circumstances. I won’t give you any details.

Christine: I– I’m sorry, is Ashley okay?

Traci: Oh, thank you for asking. Yes, yes, she is. She’s taking a little time for herself, and everything’s going really well. Um, in fact, for the first time in a long time, I’m feeling really optimistic about the future.

Alan: Me too.

Nick: So, guess who took a hardcore trip down memory lane recently?

Phyllis: Mm. What kind of memories are we talking about?

Nick: All of them. Faith is home, and she and Moses broke up.

Phyllis: Hm.

Nick: It sort of started this conversation about Sharon’s and my relationship and its history.

Phyllis: Oh. Its history. That’s a rocky road.

Nick: Yeah.

Phyllis: Hm. I mean, but not all of it, right?

Nick: We went with total honesty.

Phyllis: Hm. So, are you warning me to duck for cover next time I see Faith?

Nick: No, you– you don’t have to do that. I mean, she knew most of it already. And in fact, Sharon was, uh, charitable when it came to your role in all of our breakups.

Phyllis: So, how was that for you? Reliving all of that? I mean, did you get sucked into the romance of it all again? Or are you done with love? ve? Wouldn’t you like to know?

Phyllis: I don’t need to know. I know the answer. You’re a hot dad with a pulse. You’ll find someone.

Nick: What about you? You’re a hot mom. Nick/

Phyllis: With a pulse.

Nick: Yeah. How long until you get back into another relationship?

Phyllis: Oh, no, no, no. I’m not doing that. I’m not doing that ever again. No. I don’t need to remind you, last time we were in this building, and I was crying on your shoulder about that loser, loser singer that shall remain nameless.

Nick: Still stinging about Danny, huh?

Phyllis: Oh, what? No. I’ve so moved on. But I can’t help reveling in the thought of Christine sitting in the back of this bumpy tour bus going from town to town, sitting sweating in between two guys that she doesn’t know, with the smell of coffee breath and mystery meat from the night before, thinking about her miserable life. It makes me feel great.

Nick: You know, they probably went to Europe on a private jet, right?

Phyllis: Wh– why? What? Wha– Why would you kill the buzz? What’s wrong with you?

[ Alan laughing ]

Alan: I remember that one. Oops, excuse me.

Traci: Mm.

Alan: Oh, guys, I’m sorry. Excuse me. I have to take this, all right? Alan Laurent.

Danny: I like him. This is incredible. What– Yeah.

Christine: Alan is awesome. We are so happy for you.

Traci: Oh, you guys, I– Um, it’s– it’s moving a little fast. But somehow, it feels right.

Christine: Well, it must feel right if you’re staying in Paris for him.

Danny: Yeah.

Traci: Oh, I’m– I’m staying in Paris for my sister. But, um, being able to spend my free time with Alan is definitely an added incentive.

Tessa: Correct me if I’m wrong, but the last time we spoke, you requested step-by-step instructions about how to put the pieces of your life back together.

Daniel: And I took notes.

Tessa: Cool. So I’m going to assume that my brilliant advice holds, and whatever that was has no bearing on said genius.

Daniel: No, no, no, totally, totally. That– that– With Kyle, that was not about me. Although, now I’m starting to think that I might actually need your advice to help my sister put the pieces of her life back together.

Tessa: Oh, uh, yeah, sorry. I usually stay out of sibling issues. I’ve got plenty of my own, thanks.

Daniel: You’re smart.

Tessa: But I could offer a little insight if you’re desperate.

Daniel: Oh, Tessa’s tips round two. Let’s go.

Tessa: Did Summer ask you to fix her life?

Daniel: Not in so many words, no.

Tessa: Then, maybe let her do her own fixing? I’m sure you’re coming from a place of love and good intention, but meddling in someone else’s problems rarely ever has the outcome we’re hoping for, especially when it’s family.

Claire: I appreciate what you’re saying, Grandpa. My therapist actually cautioned me against taking on other people’s problems, too. But I really have never felt the need to do anything more than listen to Kyle. I think that’s all he’s looking for.

Victor: Okay. Glad to hear that. Well, sweetheart, I don’t think I’ve ever told you how much it breaks my heart to know what you’ve gone through, living with that Aunt Jordan, terrible woman. I don’t ever want anyone to take advantage of you again.

Claire: And I love you for that. I’ve never felt as cared for as I do by you, and– and Mom and Dad.

Victor: Yeah.

Claire: But I just… I don’t want you to think that my friendship with Kyle is in any way dangerous. It’s just simply not the case.

Victor: You know, I’ve lived a little longer than you have, and I got to tell you that I’ve known people who suddenly become a different person once their life turns upside down. They make enemies of former friends and they hurt people without intending to. And I don’t want that to happen to you.

Jack: Hey, thought I heard you. You’re home late.

Kyle: Mm. Sweet sound of judgment.

Jack: Not at all.

Kyle: Then what, an ambush? Sorry, I’m not in the mood for another round of “what’s wrong with Kyle.”

Jack: That is not what this is.

Kyle: Mm. Uh-huh?

Jack: I had an after-hours call with Traci. It’s morning in Paris. I wanted to check on Ashley. I heard you come in just now. Is– is everything okay?

Kyle: Mm. Did you seriously just ask me that? I’m gonna take my drink up in my room. Call when I–

Jack: No, wait, wait, wait, wait. Kyle. Can we just talk? Father and son. Tessa’s latest tip, in theory, is solid. Uh, ten out of ten.

Tessa: But you are going to ignore my super solid advice because…

Daniel: Mm. Well, have you met my family? I mean, we don’t really do hands-off.

Tessa: Mm. Well, anyway, here I am telling you to butt out of other people’s lives, while I’m totally meddling in yours.

Daniel: No, no, no, no, no. I– I appreciate it. I asked for the advice. It’s just, I feel like, you know, my family holds a trophy for most dysfunctional.

Tessa: Oof, really? Did Summer ever ask you for $20,000 to help repay the people who helped fund her life on the run?

Daniel: What are you talking about?

Tessa: Yeah, Tessa’s tip number three, don’t take the crown until you know the competition.

Traci: Oh my gosh, this has been so much fun. You guys, I don’t want it to end.

Danny: So, why let it? Yeah, come to the show tonight as– as my guests.

Christine: Yes, yes, please, please say yes. I would love the company. We would have so much fun.

Traci: Oh, I’m in if Alan is.

Alan: Uh, are you kidding me? Yes, of course. I wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Danny: All right, there it is. Wonderful. Oh, one thing, I am going to pull you on stage for a song or two.

Traci: Oh, no.

Danny: Don’t say no.

Alan: Yes. Come on.

Traci: No. No, Danny, no. I’m going as a super fan. I’m going to stand backstage and take candid photos of you and Christine, and I’m going to put them on my social media. I understand you can get really rich going viral.

Danny: Uh, I’m not sure if you’re going to get rich with just one stolen kiss.

Christine: Well, we’re never going to find out. Anyway, I love you.

Traci: Oh, I love you.

Christine: See you tonight.

Alan: Ah, nice to meet you.

Danny: You, too.

Alan: See you tonight. And if you see someone crowd surfing during “Rock On,” just know it’s me.

Christine: Oh, okay.

Danny: Yeah, I will be, yes.

Christine: Wow.

Danny: We’ll have a look.

Christine: See you guys.

Traci: Really?

Alan: Wow, I did not expect the day to go this way, huh?

Traci: I didn’t either. I– I hope it’s a good thing.

Alan: The evening was great. It was great. It’s wonderful to meet your friends and– I mean, not just because Danny’s famous, but they clearly adore you. And I can understand why.

Claire: It’s crazy how Jordan got me to believe she had my best interests at heart, and I legitimately did. I bought into doing terrible things for her, even though I knew on some level, they were wrong. And when I compare that to how you all treat me now, it’s just, how did I ever believe her?

Victor: Well, you got to forgive yourself, you know? You had nothing to compare it to. Having said that, if you ever in the future have any doubt about any– or anything, you come to me.

Claire: I will.

Victor: You promise? Good. You may have noticed by now that I’m very concerned about keeping my family safe. I grew up without a family. I grew up in an orphanage. So, family means everything to me, okay? Just want you to know. I keep them safe, no matter what.

Claire: I can see that. And I’m really so grateful for that.

Jack: Harrison sure went down early.

Kyle: Hm. She, uh, keeps him busy. He comes home exhausted.

Jack: Claire seems to be the perfect salve for his wounds. It was a good idea to hire her.

Kyle: Thanks for saying that, Dad.

Jack: If there’s one thing you excel at, son, it’s being a father.

Kyle: Oh, ha, that’s where it ends. Great father, lousy heir apparent.

Jack: Wait, wait. Let’s not go there.

Kyle: Yeah, why not? It’s the elephant in the room. You’re pushing me out of the company. And now you’re just pushing me out of my home, aren’t you?

Jack: That’s not fair. And you know it.

Kyle: It’s true. You just don’t like to hear it.

Jack: You are not an innocent bystander in this. You approved of this. You encouraged me to promote your mother. And then, you thwarted her every move.

Kyle: Yeah, because I realized she was in over her head. Dad, why couldn’t you just hand me the reins when Billy left? It would have been the smoothest transition ever. I would have killed it.

Jack: I thought–

Kyle: You didn’t trust me. That’s what you were thinking. You didn’t think I was capable. Well, guess what? I am out to prove to you and Mom just how wrong you were.

Nick: Looks like we closed down the joint.

Phyllis: Yeah, yeah. We could take a hint. Don’t have to turn off the lights. So, you never answered my question from before.

Nick: Right. Well, my people will be handling any interview requests for the foreseeable future.

Phyllis: Ah, and by your people, you mean all those potential women you plan to date, if– if you feel like it.

Nick: I’m not planning on dating a bunch of women. I’m not even planning on dating a single woman.

Phyllis: Oh, come on.

Nick: I mean it. Like, the whole app thing. I don’t get it. Like, you– Swiping left and…

Phyllis: Uh, no, uh– you swipe right, actually.

Nick: My point exactly.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: It’s not my thing. Not going to be dating any women at work, or any of the moms at Christian’s school. Just chilling solo.

Phyllis: Liar.

Nick: Name the lie in that.

Phyllis: We’ll see.

Nick: We will see. Thanks for the fries. I had a good time.

Phyllis: Yeah, it was a good time. Thank you for the coffee, and the caffeine intervention.

Nick: Any time. Hot Mom. Have a good night.

Phyllis: You too. Hot Dad.

Daniel: No, there’s no way that’s a true story. Is your sister really on the run from the law?

Tessa: Well, not anymore. But no, I did not make it up.

Daniel: Wow.

Tessa: Yeah, Crystal and I didn’t have the best example of what it was to be like, you know, normal, functioning humans by our parents. So, we got in with some shady characters when we were younger. We got away, but it wasn’t easy. But things are better now. She was even at my wedding.

Daniel: So, a happy ending.

Tessa: Yeah.

Daniel: Well, I will say that I am sorry for underestimating everything that you’ve been through.

Tessa: Hm. Well, just a good reminder that you never know what the people around you are going through.

Daniel: Write it down. Because of that, my friends, should be Tessa’s tip number four.

Tessa: For the win!

Victor: Well, my darling, thank you for the company.

Claire: Best part of my day, easily.

Victor: Do you need a ride back to the ranch?

Claire: No, thank you. I drove myself here.

Victor: Okay. Now, will you remember what we just talked about?

Claire: I will. Although, I’m still not entirely sure what it is that you don’t like about Kyle.

Victor: You know, it’s not that I don’t like him. It’s just that he is… Jack Abbott’s son. And that is enough reason to proceed with caution, okay? Enough said. Good night, my sweetheart.

Claire: Good night.

Victor: I loved it. And this croissant is damn good. I’ll come back for more.

Jack: You’re going to prove to us you’re capable? What does that even mean?

Kyle: You’ll find out soon enough.

Jack: Well, what is this about? You know how proud I am of you. You don’t have to prove yourself to me.

Kyle: Oh, if that’s the case, then we wouldn’t be having this little heart-to-heart.

Jack: What are we even talking about? This is all riddles. What is it you’re going to spring on us to show us that we messed up?

Kyle: I’m taking over Glissade.

Jack: Wait, you’re what?

Kyle: It’s about to come out, so you may as well hear it straight from me. You are looking at the new head of Glissade. I’ll be working with–

Jack: Tucker!

Kyle: Audra Charles. I had the chance to work with Tucker at one point, but I stupidly turned him down out of loyalty to you. Well, not this time. Tucker is out, and I am in. And this is going to be my coming out party as one of Genoa City’s most formidable players. And Glissade will be a powerhouse. We not only have bottomless funding to give Jabot a run for its money, we will put it out of business. I would have done anything for you, Dad. Anything. And for Jabot. But not anymore. I work for the enemy. And there is nothing you can do to stop it.

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GH Transcript Monday, July 8, 2024

General Hospital Transcript


Transcript provided by Jim


I will always be proud of the many things we were able to accomplish for New York’s storied 28th district. All the much needed infrastructure updates we completed, building more affordable housing and bringing so many well-paying union jobs to the area. Serving this district has been the honor of my life, and I did it all for you — the hardworking citizens of this great city we all call home, Port Charles. Port Charles has everything you could want in a place to live — a booming economy, culture and for families, great schools and a renowned university. Hazel and I have raised our children here. You know, McConkey is a good man. But he wears too much pomade. I swear, the man could stick his finger in a light socket, his hair wouldn’t move. I’m sad to see him go. It’s the end of an era. He’s been a fixture here for so long and everyone speaks so highly of him. The man could insult you to your face and still make you think you were his best friend. He’s gonna be a tough act to follow. I don’t know. Drew is looking pretty sexy in that suit. Don’t tell my husband, but I think so, too. Then again, if people around here wanted sexy politicians, they’d move to Canada. [ Laughs ] If Drew’s elected, Canadians might start moving here. [ Both laughing ] McConkey: And I’m here today to announce my retirement from Congress. It’s time for me to enjoy my golden years with my wife and family. But I will miss representing — Well, we can turn that off. So this right here is what you use to pick out the horse’s hooves. It kind of looks like what my mom gardens with. It does, yeah. Doesn’t it? Um, but you have to be really careful because you don’t want to accidentally hurt the horse. You know a lot about horses. Did your father teach you? Nope. Your brother? I don’t have one. Me either. Just sisters. There’s so many girls in my house. [ Chuckling ] Yeah, it sounds like you wish you had a brother. Not really. I see you a lot, and you’re just as good. As I say farewell to you in my role as your representative, please know that I do it with my deepest gratitude and respect. -Mac Scorpio, did you bring work with you to a 4th of July party? It wasn’t me. Portia wanted to see McConkey’s announcement. Really? Mac’s right. I brought the laptop because I was hoping to get a glimpse of Curtis in the crowd. Well, Drew is probably keeping him backstage because their two handsome faces would pull focus from McConkey. Oh. Excuse me? Well, if you were there, it would be three handsome faces. Nice save. I’m bored. When can we leave? Well, we just got here. It’s still warm out. Why don’t you go for a swim? Oh, no way. No. There are way too many boys at that pool. Boys you’ve known your whole life. Yeah, exactly. So I’ve spent plenty of time with them already. McConkey: The man I’ve hand-picked to run for my seat is beyond reproach. He is a Navy Seal, a successful businessman, a loving father. Why can’t I rewind this? I want to see that close up of Larry McConkey again. Oh, sometimes with live events, you can’t. Or it’ll only let you go back a few seconds. Oh, so we carry around expensive technology, and all it does is allow people to track us down wherever we are. I would prefer my old TV and VCR any day. Preach it. Port Charles already knows and loves him. So I know you’re going to be happy when I say that I am endorsing Drew Quartermaine. What? Did he say Drew Quartermaine? I am confident he can continue to do great things for you all. So without further ado, I present to you the man your votes will make New York 28th’s next representative to Congress, Drew Quartermaine. Thank you very much, Congressman. Thank you, everybody. [ Cheers and applause ] Whoo!

Everything looks, uh, pretty great. Are you sure? You sure it doesn’t look too bare? I think maybe if we move some of this, uh, bric-a-brac, we could hang up some more decorations. No, you don’t. If you want more bunting, hang it outside. Okay. Sam: You know, we’ve got sparklers. Who’s gonna want some? Oh, the kids love that. I’ll take some. So, are you excited for Drew’s campaign? Thrilled. Oh, I’m sure anyone would have reservations about a family member going into politics. I’m sure you’re not looking forward to all the scrutiny coming the Quartermaines’ way. Don’t worry, Tracy, I’m sure all the skeletons are out of the Quartermaine closet by now. Uh, yeah, one would certainly hope so. Well, one way or another, Tracy, it’ll all be over in a couple of months. Well, unless he wins. And then we have at least two years of this, and all eyes will be on the Quartermaines. Is that really such a big deal, Mother? I mean, haven’t we been through this before when I was mayor? Yeah. That’s right. We have dipped our toe into politics before. Is that ill-fated adventure supposed to make me feel better? And by the way, being the mayor of a mid-sized city is not the same as being a member of Congress. Well, I guess we’ll just have to take it as it comes. Here, Tracy. Maybe this will get you in the spirit. Drew’s announcement looked great on camera. How was it in person? It was fantastic. Drew is a natural. He had the crowd eating out of the palm of his hand. I agree with Willow. Seeing Drew up there, I really like his chances. Same here. It looks like you’re gonna have your work cut out for you at Aurora with Drew campaigning. Yeah, well, Michael and I will keep the company afloat. No, not just afloat. Thriving. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. It’s not a foregone conclusion that Drew’s gonna win. He’s got a hard road ahead of him. Laura: That’s true. Chelsea Grimes is a formidable opponent. She’s a shameless self-promoter. But, uh, she does have a following. Willow: Grimes is a scaremonger. All she does is exploit people’s worst fears. Drew appeals to people’s better nature. He’s been through hell more than once, and he still came out the other side smiling. I mean, who wouldn’t want a man that strong representing them in Congress? I’m with Willow. Drew’s charming, smart, successful, and he has a compelling life story to tell on the campaign trail. My money’s on him. Good. Because anyone who bets against this man is either a fool or a cynic. Thank you! Thank you. I love you guys. Honestly, I appreciate this so much. You know, I could not have done this without you. Thanks to those that came out to the announcement. Thank you for those that helped keep the ball rolling through all of this and to this man right here. Are you kidding me? Representative McConkey. Thank you, sir, for your wisdom, for your friendship. Certainly for your endorsement. That definitely helped a lot. I couldn’t have done it without him. Or her. Who the hell invited her? My brilliant idea to convince Drew to run was sparked by Nina’s timely introduction. Tracy: Nina, I applaud your commitment. You didn’t completely ruin Drew’s life serving him up to the SEC, but pushing him into politics may finally do the job. Ned: Mother, Mother, this isn’t the time. Learn to read a room. Enough shop talk! Everybody, the grill is open. Who’s hungry? Huh? I’ll be right back. [ Indistinct conversations ] You know, now that you’ve got that speechifying thing down, maybe you need a bigger gut, you know, and buy a pair of American shoes and you’ll be a fine representative, I’m sure. So what’d you think, Sam? Well, far be it for me to question the congressman’s judgment. Yeah, I think it’s time for me to get a drink. So how’d it go with Scout? It went really well. I mean, she’s a little vague on what it means to run for Congress, but she’s just so excited about the name change, she can’t wait to start telling people she’s Scout Quartermaine. We’re actually doing this. Yeah. No, I’m gonna have my lawyers handle her name change as well. So the passports, school registration, all the legal documents, I mean, it’s done. Sam, you know Cain was just a placeholder. It was a name given to me by the state. No, I know. It — It — Quartermaine is your family name, and I’m glad that you get to claim it. And I’m glad that Scout gets to have it, too. It’s just gonna take a little getting used to. That’s all. Okay. Hey, man. That was, uh… good job. You got my vote. Alright. Thanks, man. Yeah, I’m really happy the announcement went the way it did, but tonight is your night, so enjoy. Alright. Thanks, guys. Yeah. See ya. [ Sighs ] You okay? Yeah. Yeah. I’m fine. [ Sighs ] Sometimes I forget how I’m held with such universal contempt in this town. And then someone comes along, like Tracy, to remind me. You’re wrong, you know? [ Laughs softly ] Wrong about what? About the contempt for you being universal. I’m glad to hear that. So, hey, how did it feel participating in the whole political process today? Surprisingly good. Yeah? I’ve gotten really disillusioned by politics. The mudslinging, the infighting, the way no one seems to care about the important things. I think most politicians only pretend to listen to their voters when their jobs are on the line. But Drew’s made me feel hopeful about the possibility of change. Good, important change that could really help people. Yeah. You might be surprised to hear this, but I think the same thing. Yeah, I know. It is surprising because we didn’t really like each other much, was impossible for us to be in the same room without us making little digs at each other, which would spiral into knock-down, drag-out fights. I’m aware. But, um, he is building a bridge between the two of us, and that really changed the way I think about him and the way I think about myself, actually, because I realize that I have a habit of clinging on to grudges way too tightly. I’ve been guilty of that myself. Yeah. So, Ned, does Drew’s big announcement have you missing your mayoral days? No, no, no, not at all. As far as I’m concerned, the good people of Port Charles made their choice. And Laura is an excellent mayor. Thank you. I cannot imagine having to deal with some of the baloney that you do. Some days I can’t believe it either. [ Laughter ] Is there room for two more in this conversation? -Hey. -Hey, Mac. Welcome home. Thank you. It’s good to be back. Jordan: It’s so good to see you. I understand you’re doing a wonderful job as deputy mayor. Ah, well, you will have to talk to my boss about that. I couldn’t ask for a better second in command. That’s fantastic. Ned, Olivia, thanks for having us. -Thank you. Good to see you. -Thank you. Yeah, we all missed you so much. Ditto. [ Sighs ] I’m sorry about Spencer. Thank you. It’s — It’s all kind of — It’s still unreal to me. I’m sure. When someone so young is taken from us, it’s hard to make sense of it. Yeah, it’s been difficult. But today is a happy occasion, a celebration. I’m so glad that you made it back in time for the party. Me too. It’s been too long. That’s what I’ve been telling him. Well, it seems like everyone’s kept things together pretty well without me. Now, it hasn’t been all sunshine and free parking, Mac. I’ll take the back-stabbing that goes on at ELQ any day over the craziness of local politics. Thank God I don’t have to deal with the Heather Webber business. What Heather Webber business? Maybe that’s something we save for tomorrow. Mac is gonna find out soon enough anyway. It’s come to light recently that Heather may not be legally responsible for the crimes she committed. You really think of me like a big brother? I actually don’t know what it’s like to have one, but I’ll bet this is close. Is that okay with you? Yeah. Um… I mean, it’s a — it’s a little scary, to be honest. I don’t really know what it’s like to be anyone’s brother. Dante: Don’t listen to him, James. This guy’s been my brother since we were 12. I taught him how to pick up girls. He taught me how to ride horses and make cherry bombs. Cherry bombs are cool. You had to bring them up, didn’t you? So it’s okay for brothers to have different last names? Yeah. You know what? It’s kind of better that way. Why? Because it means that you’re not family by accident. Yeah, it’s like the family you want. You know, the family you choose. Want to be my brother? -Aw… -[ Chuckles ] Um… You know what? I think that would be really cool. Awesome. We need to do something to make it official, though. Something only brothers would do. [ Spits ] [Spits ] You’re right. Georgie would never do that. [ Laughs ] If Heather isn’t responsible for killing Britt Westbourne, who is? Felicia: It’s complicated. They’re saying Heather was sick. Well, you’d have to be sick to kill all those people. Hey, babe. It’s a day to celebrate. Honey, do not let yourself get dragged in to hypotheticals about Heather Webber. Ned, you know, I could use a hand in the kitchen. Oh, yeah. Of course. Heather was diagnosed with metallosis, which is a — it’s a kind of a blood poisoning which was caused by a faulty hip implant. You’re saying a bum hip made Heather a murderer? It’s a condition that causes psychosis, which no one knew about at the time that Heather pled guilty. So maybe her case should be reopened. Heather was a willing participant when Ryan nearly killed me and went after Felicia. You were there on Spoon Island. She knew exactly what she was doing. But the theory is she wouldn’t have made the decisions she made if that poison were not in her system. The world is full of toxins we all ingest. I mean, there’s always something new every day that we find out can be bad for us, but it doesn’t turn us into serial killers. Well, you don’t have a medical degree, neither do I. I’m putting all my faith in the experts’ opinions, whatever they may be. Have we met? I, um… I live in the same house as you. What’s your name? Drew Quartermaine. I have the court documents because I needed them for the FEC filing. Just in case you’d like to take a look. So tell me, Tracy, do you mind sharing a last name with me? A Quartermaine would always get my vote. And just for the record, my brother Alan would be very, very proud of you. Mmm. You couldn’t wait, huh? Yeah. Well, the cookies look amazing. I am so sorry. I couldn’t help myself. No, it’s totally fine. The food is here to be enjoyed. Please help yourself. How have we known each other for this long and I had no idea that you were a talented chef? I am full of surprises. Mm-hmm. I’m glad you are because I’m starving because… there was slim pickings at Drew’s announcement. You know, I’m actually kind of surprised that you went. I wasn’t the only one. The whole Aurora executive team went to support him. I get that. But by the way you’ve always talked about Drew, it was kind of obvious that you two didn’t get along. Yeah, I couldn’t stand him and I thought the feelings were mutual. But something changed when he hired me back to Crimson. I think we both realized that we have more in common than we thought. And Drew is the reason why my relationship with Willow seems to be healing. And I’m the one who introduced him to Congressman McConkey. So I guess you could say that we’re both seeing another side of each other lately. Go, Wiley. Drew: You mind if I hide out in here for a little while with you? No, not at all. hope I didn’t hurt your feelings earlier when I said I was nervous about the idea of being your brother. It’s just… I mean, it’s a real big responsibility. I don’t want to let you down. But you’re the best. You could never let me down. Thanks, James. That’s, uh — That’s a really nice thing to say. Do you like your hot dog? Yeah. Needs relish. For real. [ Laughs ] Hey, Cody. Oh. Hey, Mac. Good to see you. I told you James would be in here. Your grandma’s looking for you. The fireworks are about to start. Cody, are you coming? Um, no, I wish I could. I got to stay here. Make sure the horses don’t get scared from the loud noises. I could stay here and help. Oh, well, no. No way, dude, ’cause if you did, then who would record the awesome video of the fireworks to play and show me later? That’s true. I’ll get it all for you, I promise, brother. Thanks, brother. -Come on, let’s go. -Be back soon. You are really good with him. I just hope he isn’t too much. Too much what? Fun? I love having that kid around. He’s the greatest. Actually, it reminds me a lot of you. Wow. Well, that’s the nicest compliment I’ve gotten in a while. You know, you’ve had an effect on him, too. He keeps talking about the horses and your stunt-double days. Keeps telling Felicia and I he wants to do the same thing when he grows up. Oh, wow. Wow. I, uh, I didn’t realize that was his takeaway. Sorry. I’ll — I’ll walk it back a little bit. Don’t want to lead the kid wrong. No. James is way too smart for that. Uh, living above stables and mucking out stalls and wrangling Quartermaines isn’t for everyone. Maybe not, but I mean, I can see the appeal. Really? Your life seems pretty good to me. Don’t get me wrong. I know how lucky I am. I love my family. I wouldn’t do a thing to change my life with them. But if I had two lives, one might look a lot like yours. I’m sorry I brought the party down by talking about Heather. Clearly, Mac doesn’t really share my point of view, does he? Heather brings out strong feelings for people. It’s a complicated situation, and there’s no solution that is going to make everybody happy. Thank you for saying that. Okay, everybody, it’s almost time for the fireworks. Yeah. Let’s all head down to the water. Grab everyone you see. I don’t want anyone to miss out. Felicia: You coming down? Definitely. I’m gonna stay for a minute. Um, but I will be right behind you. It’s fine. Save me a seat. You got it.

Obviously you are angry with me. Would you like to talk about it? The only thing I want is your assurance that Heather will stay in Pentonville, where she belongs. Oh, well, look at that. We’re the first ones here. That means we get to, uh… pick a…spot. Lucky us. [ Sighs ] Those kids were having fun at the pool, huh? Yeah. Like they didn’t want to get out of the water for more than two minutes, I don’t think. Mnh-mnh. I’m really glad they were having a good time, especially Scout. And you know what? Drew was right. She’s really happy with the name change. Do you want to talk about it? Talk about what? My mother’s potato salad. Yeah. Or the fact that Drew dropped it on you that he’s running for Congress. You choose. [ Sighs ] You know what? I, um, I’m not gonna waste any time yelling at Drew for not telling me about running for Congress. You know, apparently, he and Jason really know how to compartmentalize. Yeah, I know that might not be easy for you. Eh. Whatever. It’s done now. Well, all I can — all I can do now is just, uh, be happy for Drew, and — and, I don’t know, maybe even show up to a rally or two and smile for the cameras. Yeah? And what if someone from The Invader calls you for an interview? I will refuse to talk to them. I have nothing to say to that sleazy rag after what that reporter DeWitt did to Blaze and Kristina. Right. But you should probably have a plan of attack as far as the press goes with Drew. I mean, maybe you do an interview with a friendly reporter or… I mean, saying no comment just might make it look like you got something to hide. You know what? That is Drew’s problem… Right. …not mine. The only thing I’m really worried about is Scout. Because this new would-be career of Drew’s could hurt Scout in all kinds of ways. Are you sure I’m not interrupting? No, it’s totally fine. I love this party, but it can get a little overwhelming sometimes, and I just needed a minute to myself. Wow. Overwhelming is right. I just had an honest to God moment with Tracy. Like, a positive moment. Kind of threw me for a loop. Wow. Yeah. If you can impress Tracy Quartermaine, there is no one you can’t impress. It bodes well for your campaign. Either that, or it’s just like Mercury in retrograde or something. No, that’s next month. Hmm. I am being serious about your abilities. It’s so impressive how quickly you’ve taken to politics. I saw it in your speech. Everybody did. People can tell that this isn’t just a vanity campaign, that you really want to carry on McConkey’s legacy and do great things for the people of our district. I really do. Thank you for saying that. I mean, I’ve said this to you before, but I was — I was blindsided when McConkey made that offer to me, you know? But the more I get into this, the deeper it goes, the more convinced I am I have a duty to do it right. And that right there is why you have to win. If I do get elected to Congress, you know some things are gonna change, including things for you and me. As a matter of fact, Drew and I… Say no more. I get it. You didn’t know, did you? I mean, did Maxie let it slip? No, she hasn’t said a thing. I did kind of pick up on a vibe between you and Drew earlier, though. I couldn’t put my finger on exactly what it was. Well, I guess I’m glad that we’re not being too obvious because neither one of us are interested in advertising it. I think the reaction would be less than ideal. So it’s just a casual thing then? I don’t even think that it — it reaches to that point. No, it just… It just happened a few times. A few very good times. Sounds like you’re enjoying yourself. I am, I am. I mean, it’s not gonna happen again… probably. Hey. No judgment. Drew is hot. Right, right. His body is amazing. You should see his abs. You could grate cheese on ’em. [ Both laughing ] I am so happy to see you laughing again. You really deserve it after everything you’ve been through. But now that you’ve had your fun, it’s probably time to stop, right? I mean, this is the kind of thing that can only end in disaster. s a pretty strong word, don’t you think? It’s just a little fling with Drew. I just want to make sure that you know what you’re doing. You are deeply in love with Sonny. And Drew was just as in love with Carly. And both your relationships ended abruptly and in ways that were heartbreaking. But the end of a relationship doesn’t mean the end of feelings. That much love is like a flood. It’s overwhelming and it takes time to recede. And until it does, it’ll try to find an outlet somewhere else. I get it. I don’t see anything wrong with wanting to have a little company sometimes, a human touch every now and then. It is really difficult to be on your own when you were used to being part of a couple for so long. You know what that’s like, don’t you? I do. And I might have been too careful with my heart since then, but maybe that’s better than having it be broken again before it’s had time to heal. If I do get elected, I’m gonna have to spend a lot more time in D.C. right after I lured you away from your job at GH to come work at the new Tomorrow Institute. I feel like I’m abandoning you. Really? Because I’m worried that you’ll think I’m exploiting you. What do you mean? When you’re a congressman, I plan on lobbying the heck out of you to further the institute’s efforts. And you’ll probably hear more from me in D.C. than you do living just up the drive. Well, I look forward to those phone calls. And as much as I’ll miss you, I don’t want you to feel guilty for anything. I loved working at the hospital, but I’m grateful for the change. I love the work I’m doing at the institute, and I get to spend more time with my kids. I’m glad. Yeah, it’s so funny. Wiley and Amelia are, uh, too young to understand now, but Wiley is fascinated by the fact that I smell like perfume now instead of antiseptic. The other day, he told me I smelled yummy. High praise. Yes. And it’s fun to dress up instead of spending all my days in scrubs. Pretty sure you could have won a beauty contest in those scrubs. Quartermaine stables, complete with an apartment upstairs, doesn’t exactly qualify as roughing it by any stretch. Uh, yeah. Being out here with all the horses reminds me of growing up in Australia. Really? Yeah. Something about the outdoorsy aspect of it, I guess. You know, it reminds me of the walkabouts Robert and I used to take with our parents. And the one time I flew over the outback in a prop plane, oh, man, you wouldn’t believe how beautiful the landscape is from up there. Wow. Yeah, that all sounds amazing. [ Sighs ] It really was. I didn’t realize how much I missed it. You know, I wouldn’t mind spending three months in a tree house or a year, or even just camping under the stars for a while. I got a little taste of it when I was away. It reminded me how much I liked it. Is that why you were gone for so long? You couldn’t tear yourself away? No, no, it just took a little longer than I expected. Came back as soon as I could. I hated being away from Felicia and all, but…I had to go… to honor a commitment I made so long ago, I don’t remember making it. Some things become such a part of your blood, you just stop questioning them. There’s a lot that I don’t love about Drew running for Congress. Especially the fact that if he does win, he’s gonna be living in D.C., probably. Which means he’s gonna be away from Scout. And Scout will miss her father so much. Hey, he’s got money and access to a jet. Drew can come and go as he pleases. It’s just so frustrating. How did I wind up choosing Jason and Drew to be parents when they don’t, like, prioritize their children? Okay, look, biologically, Danny and Scout have other dads, but we’re pretty good at this parenting thing. And I think that little crew that lives with us, they would agree. I don’t know, I think it would be hard to get that whole crew to agree on one thing. What I’m saying is, who cares what Jason and Drew are doing? Okay? Scott and Danny got us, and it’s not always gonna be easy, but it will — It will always be good.

I’m really glad we did that. I think Monica enjoyed catching up with you. Uh, yes. Uh, I enjoyed it, too. Um, how long has Dr. Quartermaine been laid up? She doesn’t like to talk about it, but it’s, uh… It’s been a very difficult year for her, and I understand it has been for you as well. Well, you and I have known each other long enough, so I don’t have to pretend. I have lung cancer. How advanced? Stage four. Oof. My father would be very annoyed. He didn’t believe in ill health. We thought it was a sign of carelessness. Like hitting a pothole that you could have missed. Yes, well, I share his annoyance. I mean, I feel like I’m in my prime. I think I’ve got a lot to do and more to give. My father felt the same way. Well, your father was a fine man and a giant pain in the ass. [ Laughs ] Yes. Well, that’s why we loved him. Listen, if you’re up to it, um, when all of this electioneering is handled, I would like to invite you and your wife over to dinner. Oh, I think that’s a lovely idea. I’ll have Hazel reach out to you, if, of course, I’m not six feet under by then. Well, if you are, I think I’ll just send a nice spread over to your wake. [ Laughing ] My family would appreciate that. Larry… take care of yourself. You too, Tracy.

-The fireworks are starting. -Oh.

Does Grandpa Mac know where to find us? Mac: Shall we? After you.

Wow, they really went all out. It seems like they get bigger every year. I know, right? Oh. It’s amazing how elaborate fireworks have gotten since I was a kid. I’ve never seen one look like rain before. I’m your son.

Trina told me you had some concerns about Heather. Actually, my concerns — they’re with you. Why go to bat for a convicted murderer instead of protecting your constituents from her? Portia, you were part of the team who diagnosed Heather. I mean, surely you can understand the questions that that diagnosis would raise. I treated Heather with the courtesy and professionalism that my oath requires, despite the fact that at one point, her entire mission in life was to murder my daughter. Hey, Nina. Want to join me to watch some fireworks? Hey, um, thank you, but I — I think I’m just gonna head home. Oh, you can’t miss the best part of the night. [ Stammers ] Nina. Michael. Thank you for the offer, but I’m gonna take off. Okay? So… happy 4th of July, gentlemen. Yeah. Nina, um… I don’t like to get in your guys’ personal lives, but, you know, as long as Drew is on the campaign trail, the three of us are gonna have to learn how to work together. Is that gonna be okay? Or is one of you always going to have to leave the room?

I hope I didn’t give you the wrong impression before. I believe in you… so much. You’ve always been there for my family, for my kids, for me. I wouldn’t even be alive today if you hadn’t risked your life in Greenland. You’re the reason I get to see my kids grow up. And everyone should be lucky enough to have someone like you in their corner. That’s why you need to win this election. And I will do everything in my power to help you. But selfishly, I don’t want you to move to D.C. I’d miss you. I’d miss you, too.

On the next “General Hospital” —

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B&B Transcript Monday, July 8, 2024

Bold & The Beautiful Transcript


B&B logo

Transcript provided by Jim

Thomas: I’m asking you again… Will you marry me? Yes or no, Hope? Will you be my wife?

Paris: I can’t believe Thomas said that.

Ridge: He put you on the spot a little bit, didn’t he?

Paris: No, it’s amazing. Being asked be married at the Forrester Estate? Shows how excited Thomas is to be marrying me.

Ridge: Yes, he as beaming. And so are you, my future daughter-in-law.

Brooke: So you didn’t discuss venues before?

Paris: No. It’s been such a whirlwind, but this, this is perfect.

Brooke: Any idea when?

Paris: No, um– But hopefully soon. I cannot wait to be Thomas’ wife. [sighs] ♪♪

Li: Finn?

Finn: Oh, hey, Mom.

Li: What are you doing here? I thought you were with Steffy and the kids today.

Finn: Oh, I’m on call, Had to scrub in for an emergency. I’m just wrapping up.

Li: Good. You should be home with your family. ♪♪ [theme music playing] ♪♪

Finn: If anyone can understand this insane schedule, it’s you, Mom.

Li: It’s not that I don’t admire your work ethic. I do. It’s important, however, to spend every moment you can with your family. Particularly after these last few months.

Finn: Steffy and I are good, Mom.

Li: Are you really though? Everything that’s happened with Sheila has caused so much conflict and drama in your marriage. You can’t let that happen. ♪♪

Brooke: Today was quite a surprise for all of us.

Paris: Yeah, I know this was a family party. Thomas and I didn’t mean to make it all about us.

Ridge: Why not? There’s a lot to celebrate.

Paris: Well, not everyone’s celebrating.

Ridge: Hope, you mean.

Paris: Yeah, she has her own opinions about Thomas’ and I’s engagement, we thought she would just move on, I mean, she had her chance with him and she let him go.

Brooke: She wasn’t ready to accept his proposal.

Paris: But I was. That’s why I said yes. That’s why I’m wearing his ring. I can’t wait to fully commit my life to Thomas. ♪♪

Ridge: And we’re ready to welcome you into the family.

Paris: Thanks, Ridge. Now if you don’t mind, I am off to find my adorable fiancé.

Thomas: What do you say, Hope? Will you marry me?

HOPE: Thomas… You know how I feel about you. And you know I want to be with you…

Thomas: “But…” You’re not ready to marry me.

HOPE: Thomas…

Thomas: It’s okay. I was expecting that. That’s why I asked this third time. I knew what you were gonna say. ♪♪ You can’t marry me. You’ll never be able to marry me. And that’s why I’ve moved on with Paris. ♪♪

Li: Sheila is obsessed with you, Finn. I don’t care if she gave birth to you. Her fixation goes beyond that.

Finn: No, I get it, Mom.

Li: I hope so. She nearly orphaned your son, left me for dead. You can never put your family in jeopardy ever again, Finn.

Finn: I know.

Li: Sheila doesn’t deserve your love and sympathy, Finn, okay? Save it for your patients, for your family.

Finn: I already told you, Mom, Steffy and I, we’re– we’re in a better place.

Li: Hope to God it stays that way. You need to prioritize your wife and kids. They must always come first.

Finn: Yeah, they do. They do. Of course they do. I mean– I love Steffy and the kids more than I can say.

Li: Don’t prove it to me. Prove it to them. Steer clear of Sheila. Don’t let her back in. Cut her out permanently.

Finn: I have. I told her I can’t see her anymore. No, I mean it. Sheila knows that I’m done, okay? And I’m serious this time.

Li: Good. But you know, you should never have ever been in the same room as her. Do you hear me, son? [chuckles] Don’t ever make that mistake again. If you’re not careful, Sheila will be the death of your marriage. ♪♪

Ridge: Should we grab our bathing suits and meet dad and everybody else in the pool?

Brooke: And leave our quiet little cozy spot?

Ridge: I was hoping you say that. I was also hoping to see you in the bikini.

Brooke: Well, I have an idea. When we go home later, why don’t we go skinny dipping?

Ridge: Get your purse, I’ll get the car. Let’s get out of here.

Brooke: [laughing] Oh, my gosh, you make me laugh.

Ridge: I didn’t think Hope would take it this hard.

Brooke: She still has feelings for Thomas.

Ridge: But she did reject him more than once.

Brooke: She didn’t want the relationship to end.

Ridge: Well, it has ended. Thomas moved on.

Brooke: And you don’t think this lifetime commitment is happening too quickly?

Ridge: I don’t know, they’re young, but they’re ready. You think they’re ready?

Brooke: Ridge, that’s a classic rebound. And that’s what Hope’s worried about.

Ridge: All right, I talked to Thomas about that, and this is what he wants. This is the life he wants. This engagement is real, and I believe it and… maybe Hope should believe it, too. ♪♪

Hope: You… didn’t mean it. Your proposal to me just now.

Thomas: Just trying to prove a point. And I think I did. It wouldn’t matter. I could grab our entire family, mine and yours, bring them together in here. I could get Carter to marry us right now. Your answer would still be no. That broke my heart before. But I’m okay now because I have found love with Paris. So my heart is whole. Like you and I, we will always be there for each other. I mean, Douglas connects us forever. But I’ve moved on. I found my person with Paris. And you’ll find your person, too.

Hope: [sniffles]

Thomas: I’m happy, Hope. And I know you’ll find happiness, too. ♪♪

Ridge: Hope couldn’t expect Thomas to just sit at the sidelines, right? It’s not fair. It’s not love, and it’s a little selfish.

Brooke: It hasn’t really been that long. I mean, Thomas jumped from Hope’s arms into Paris’.

All right, and I know she’s struggling with this, but if she wants what’s best for Thomas, she needs to get on board.

Brooke: She’s been struggling in a few areas. She hasn’t been herself lately.

Ridge: I know what that means.

Brooke: Well, I just think she was hoping that when Thomas came back in town with her son that maybe they’d get back together. But that’s not what happened. He didn’t come back to have a life with Hope. He came back engaged to another woman.

Ridge: What are you getting at?

Brooke: Hope’s been all over the place, and… I’m just worried she might do something that she will regret. [distant siren wailing]

Li: What about Hope?

Finn: What about her?

Li: Is she so close with that father of hers?

Finn: Yeah.

Li: Oh, dear.

Finn: At one point, you know, she cut him off as a result of his involvement with Sheila, but I think they’re trying to mend their relationship.

Li: Deacon must have a screw loose to be married to Sheila.

Finn: No, it’s not like Hope’s a big fan of Sheila.

Li: You and Hope have that in common, your ties with Sheila.

Finn: Well, mom, look, I already told you, Sheila’s not allowed around me or the kids, and Hope doesn’t allow her around Beth either.

Li: Well, finally I’m hearing some common sense. I don’t like how Hope is influencing you, though.

Finn: She’s not influencing me.

Li: What about your decision to stay for Sheila and Deacon’s wedding?

Finn: Yeah, I don’t, like– Yeah, I shouldn’t have done that, I just– I was there to get food, okay? It’s not like I was there by choice.

Li: But Hope was there by choice, and you could have left at any time. You chose to stay. That wasn’t only foolish and dangerous, and that was very disrespectful to your wife. You know how Steffy feels about Hope. Not only do you need to stay away from Sheila, you need to stay away from Hope. I only say this with love, son.

Finn: [chuckles] I know.

Li: Now get out of here. Go be with your wife. ♪♪

Paris: I know that Hope was a little shocked today when you announced that the wedding was gonna take place here.

Thomas: Yeah, I probably should’ve checked with you first, I didn’t– I kinda blurted that out, didn’t I?

Paris: No, no, no. I couldn’t be happier or more touched by everything that you said. It’s such an honor to be married here at your family’s estate.

Thomas: I’m glad you’re looking forward to it. I think everyone’s excited about the idea.

Paris: Yeah, everyone but Hope. I mean, I hate to say it, but it just seems like she’s playing the victim here, and I really don’t get why.

Thomas: Yeah, I understand what you mean, but I think for her, this is just hard. I mean, who would have expected me going off to Europe would have ended up with me finding love with you and– Yeah, I mean, Douglas is gonna have this new, amazing stepmom, and we’re getting married here– I think it’s just a lot for her to process.

Paris: I feel that. And just like I was saying to Ridge and Brooke, she had her moment, and she turned you down.

Thomas: Well, don’t worry about her. I’m focused on us and our life together. I found this wonderful, beautiful woman to spend the rest of my life with, and I am sure that she will find a man to spend the rest of her life with. ♪♪

Finn: Oh, uh– Oh, hi.

Hope: Finn, hi.

Finn: Um, have you seen, uh– Oh, hey, here it is. Steffy, she forgot this, so I thought I’d just swing by on my way home. You okay?

Hope: Yeah, I– I’m fine. I’m good. How are you?

Finn: Hope, what’s up? What’s going on? Something’s up. You can talk to me.

Hope: It’s nothing, really.

Finn: Hope, it’s not nothing.

Hope: Okay, well, I just, I don’t want to dump all of my problems on you.

Finn: That’s what friends are for.

Hope: Okay, fine. Uh– Did you know that Thomas was engaged to another woman? ♪♪

Brooke: Does it seem like I’m not happy for your son?

Ridge: A little bit.

Brooke: [sighs] Well, I’m just saying maybe Paris is just a distraction for him. What about that? I hope she’s aware of what she might be getting herself into.

Ridge: I think Thomas has been nothing but transparent with Paris.

Brooke: Maybe he’s in denial. He can’t just get over an intense breakup overnight. And Hope is trying to come to grips with him, too.

Ridge: Listen, I’m sorry it didn’t work out with Hope. I’m sorry it didn’t work out with the two of them. But at least Thomas didn’t come here with some floozy from Pacoima. He found a really nice girl. Paris is remarkable.

Brooke: Paris is a wonderful lady. She is. It’s just, how can he commit to her if he’s not fully over Hope?

Ridge: He is over Hope. Did you see these guys? They’re smitten with each other. They’re happy, and… I gotta believe that they know what they’re doing.

Brooke: Maybe he’s not being honest with himself.

Ridge: I know you’re in pain. I know you’re hurting for your daughter. I get it. But keep in mind that this is just temporary. Hope’s gonna be fine. And there is a man out there for her, I know that. ♪♪

Finn: Steffy filled me in on Thomas and Paris’ engagement. Definitely appears to have happened rather quickly.

Hope: Mm, yes. It wasn’t that long ago that he was proposing to me.

Finn: And you didn’t want to marry him.

Hope: I didn’t think I was rejecting Thomas. I just was rejecting the idea of another marriage at that time because I was still processing my divorce and trying to focus on the kids.

Finn: I feel for you, but I don’t think those are the only reasons.

Hope: What do you mean?

Finn: Okay, well, I’m talking about my brother in law, so I wanna– keep it nice. But I don’t blame you for not trusting Thomas and just letting go of everything that he did to you in the past.

Hope: Ah, okay, well, I moved on from that. I don’t get why everyone else can’t. And I also came to a place of trust with him. Or so I thought. Look, I know him, Finn, and I just– I think he has not given this enough time.

Finn: You think it’s impulsive?

Hope: Yes! That’s why I’m concerned.

Finn: I mean, Thomas has been known to battle impulsivity, but, I mean, it’s–

Hope: It is a weakness of his. Yes, he– Can make rash decisions without really thinking about the potential consequences.

Finn: Do you think this whole thing is gonna blow up?

Hope: I don’t want anyone in this situation to get hurt or to be disappointed, and I don’t want that for Thomas. I don’t want that for Paris, and I certainly don’t want that for Douglas.

Finn: No, no, you wanna protect your son from as much instability as possible.

Hope: Yeah, he is weathered enough as it is. First a divorce and then me breaking up with his father. And that’s not even what is the most upsetting part.

Finn: You still care about Thomas.

Hope: I just don’t understand the rush. I mean, first it’s a quickie engagement, and now they’re suddenly planning the wedding at Eric’s already? It’s just– It is too much.

Finn: Hey, look, you got this. Just try not to get so worked up.

Hope: I just feel like he’s running from something.

Finn: His feelings for you?

Hope: Does that sound conceited or…?

Finn: Conceited? No, come on. You– [chuckles] Hope– You could never sound conceited. You’re one of the most humble people I know. Seriously, Hope, you have no idea how incredible you are on all the wonderful qualities that you have to offer as a friend, as a mother, as a businesswoman. I so admire and respect everything that you stand for.

Hope: Well, thank you for saying that, Finn.

Finn: I mean, you know how I feel. Thomas, he was never good enough for you. That is the truth, Hope.

Hope: [sighs]

Finn: Hey. There is a man. Somewhere out there, some unbelievably lucky man, someone who’s going to come along and steal your heart.

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Days Nitpicks & Flubs For The Week Of July 1, 2024

Nitpicks & Flubs


by Michele & Cheryl

Kristen and Ava


Nicole didn’t hear Melinda tell EJ that she was going to tell the truth about Jude’s paternity. Melinda wasn’t yelling so she should have heard her talking.

Did Tate forget that he’s supposed to be working at the pub? He told Brady that he wanted to work at a club to pay him back.

Why would Ava and Kristen talk about her sleeping with Stefan in a public place? Anyone could have heard them talking about it.

Did we miss something? Will and Sonny went to New Zealand when they left the show, but they are back in Phoenix.

It was convenient that Gabi thought Stefan would be tempted by other women when we know he slept with Ava.


Chanel and Johnny were crying one minute, but their tears dried up the next time they were shown.

What made Kate think she and Abe were qualified to produce a TV show? How big would the show be since they live in Salem?


Julie talked about Clyde as if she knew him. We didn’t realize she knew anything about Clyde.

Stephanie told Paulina that the people of Salem didn’t like her firing a woman of color to rehire a rich, white man. It didn’t make sense for her to tell an African American woman about hiring a woman of color.

Chad wanted to talk about something private with Kayla, but he kept her office door open. Anyone could have heard them talking.


Tate balled up the pamphlet for lacrosse camp, but it was straightened out when Theresa looked at it.

The flashback Alex had could be heard before it was shown.

Brady managed not to hear Holly and Rachel talking about her bribing her to keep quiet about Tate.

Aaron could be heard talking while Holly was shown.


What are the odds that Connie would approach Melinda out of the blue.

Why would Melinda want to work for the woman who killed her daughter?

Nicole cried without any tears.

How did Connie get the keys to Tripp’s apartment? She used them to get inside and think about stabbing Li.



The opinions in these articles are those of the writer and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of TVMEG.COM or its other volunteers.

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Days Best Lines For The Week Of July 1, 2024

Days of Our Lives Best Lines

Days of Our Lives logo

Best Lines by Michele and Cheryl

Steve: I assume this felony has something to do with me breaking Clyde Weston out of Statesville?
Jada: Are there any other felonies that I should be aware of?
Steve: Not that I can recall

Jada: I have no choice but to formally charge and book you
Steve: It won’t be my first time posing for a mug shot.

Jada: There were two people in hazmat suits who escorted Clyde Weston to safety after that chemical spill. You’ve already admitted that you were one of them. Who was the other?
Steve: Rebecca Goldman. Who else?
Jada: Was it John Black?
Steve: John? No of course not.
Jada: You two are partners.
Steve: We’re partners at Black Patch, but we’re not partners in crime.

Stephanie: I care about Everett.
Bobby: You only care about yourself. You’re such a liar.

Bobby (to Stephanie): You have that annoying personality that thinks she’s always wanted. Don’t you? Let me say something to clear the air about it because it’s not totally getting through. I want nothing to do with you. I find you desperate and pathetic and unattractive. You do nothing for me.

Chad (talking about staring at the footage of the mystery woman): This is going to make me crazier than I already am.

Julie: We don’t need that do we?

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GH Short Recap Friday, July 5, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

Josslynn and Trina finally finish moving in to their apartment with the help of Dex and Gio.

Trina finds the art book that Spencer gave her and starts missing him. Gio tells Trina his mother died when he was eleven years-old and he misses her very much.

Drew tells Curtis he plans to announce he is running for Congress at the Quartermaine 4th of July picnic. Drew is
happy that his name is officially Quartermaine.

Blaze gets dropped from her record label because of the bad publicity and she is heartbroken. Brook Lynn is determined to make sure Blaze doesn’t give up on her dream of being a famous singer. Maxie tells Blaze that they will resume the advertising campaign with her in the fall once the bad publicity goes away but Blaze thanks its best to quit Deception.

Dante tries to persuade Sonny not to retaliate against Ava for Avery’s sake but he says Ava went after Kristina
and she has to pay.

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GH Short Recap Wednesday, July 3, 2024

Daytime Soap Opera Short Recaps


GH logo

Recap written by Eva

The Deception team decides to support Blaze by running an ad in Crimson magazine which says ” no one cancels love ” with the Deception logo at the bottom.

Lucy tells Scott that if he doesn’t drop Ava’s custody case, he won’t get any romance with her. Scott goes to Ava’s place and tells her he is dropping her case because she can’t win against Sonny unless Sonny has a very public life so miserable breakdown.

Sasha tells Blaze to not talk to the press or look at the internet and the scandal will go away. Sonny tells Alexis that he is going to make Ava’s life so miserable she will wish she was dead. Sonny tells Alexis Diane will make sure Avery will never lay eyes on Avery again. Carly tells Josslynn the details of then evidence the FBI has against her and that Jason became an FBI informant to keep her from going to prison. Josslynn agrees with Jason that Carly should not turn herself in to the FBI. Nina almost fires Adrain DeWitt from his position as editor of The Invader but Maxie persuades her not to do it because Mr. DeWitt will have to print what she wants in the paper and if he disobey her orders she will ruin his reputation by exposing the role he played in this scandal.

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Y&R Short Recap Friday, July 5, 2024

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Recap written by Eva

Adam and Chelsea agree that having sex was a mistake because they drank too much bourbon. Adam calls Sally and tells her if they don’t hear news about Connor tomorrow, he is going to go home because he needs to be with her. Chelsea calls Billy and tells him that she will head home tomorrow if there is no news about Connor. Chelsea tells Billy she misses him and needs to be with him.

Kyle assures Victor that he didn’t tell Jack or Diane about his job at Glissade. Kyle tells Victor that Diane thinks he is going to work for Newman Enterprises.

Summer tells Nick and Phyllis that Kyle is going to work at Glissade with Audra because she took over the company with the help of a secret investor.

Summer tells Nick and Phyllis she wants to go to court and get sole custody of Harrison because she feels that Kyle is making reckless decisions. Nick tells Summer she might not get custody of Harrison because she isn’t his biological mother. Nick tells Summer she would have to prove Kyle is a bad father or that Harrison wasn’t safe at home. Diane asks Summer talk to Kyle and keep him from moving out of the house. Summer didn’t know that Kyle was going to move out of the house. Summer tells Diane she never should have let things get this far with Kyle and she needs to fix the situation.

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