Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, March 22, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Mamie, the woman that helped raise Jack, Ashley, and Traci after Dina left, returns for the Genoa City Bicentennial Masquerade Ball and Jack tells her all the latest Abbott family news.

Billy accepts Jack’s job offer to become Jabot’s co-CEO.

Daniel is excited about Chelsea’s game concept and he tells her he is happy to be working with her.

Kyle gives Jack and Diane his blessing for their marriage.

Jill arrives at the arbitration hearing before the arbitrator makes a decision about the merger, and Devon and Lily agree to listen to her before continuing with the hearing. Jill tells Devon and Lily that Chancellor Winters is not going public and she hopes they can put their differences aside and work together at the company. Devon tells Jill that he can’t do that because he has been hurt by everything that has happened.

Kyle tells Summer Diane thinks Jeremy and Phyllis are working together on a plan against her. Summer sends Phyllis a text message asking Phyllis that they need to talk and Phyllis considers not working with Jeremy. Summer is angry with Phyllis and asks her if she is working with Jeremy to do something against Diane. Phyllis doesn’t answer the question. Summer knows she is working with Jeremy. Summer asks Phyllis to stop her vendetta against Diane or just go away because she is hurting her family. Phyllis tells Jeremy they are putting their plan in motion tonight at the Masquerade Ball because Diane has to be stopped now.

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