Days Short Recap Monday, February 6, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stephanie went to see Sonny, but she ran into Alex. She thanked him for the card and the flowers. She also thanked him for apologizing to her. She told him that they couldn’t go back to what they had before. He wondered if it was because he turned off her phone or if it was because she slept with Chad. She said being with Chad wasn’t planned. She knew that he didn’t mean to turn off her phone, but she wanted to see where things went with Chad. He didn’t plan on begging her to take him back. She said when things settle down they might be able to be friends. Alex wasn’t happy about that. She didn’t want him to think she hated him. He apologized to her again. She thanked him and walked away. Chad found Julie looking through the photo album and thinking about the people she’s lost. She also thought about the people who struggled. She thought about Nick. Julie wished she had did more to help Nick. She hoped he suffered in the after life. Chad wanted Kayla, Kate and Marlena’s killer to suffer too. Julie talked about Abby with Chad. He told her about his relationship with Stephanie. Julie approved of his relationship with Stephanie. He said that he was looking forward to his future. Steve, John and Roman talk about how they’re going to take down Orpheus. Steve was going to get arrested so he could go to Statesville. John thought they should visit Orpheus and get him alone. Roman wanted to get Lucas involved in their plan. Roman planned to see Lucas.

Orpheus offered Lucas a bottle of alcohol. Lucas didn’t want it so Orpheus started taunting him with it. Lucas went off because he killed his mother. Orpheus said the person who stole the orchid was the person responsible for killing his mother. Orpheus left the alcohol there and walked out. Roman went to see Lucas. Lucas was surprised to see him considering what he did to Sami. He reminded Lucas that he was Kate’s son so he didn’t want him to be alone. Lucas told him that he was falling apart in there. He let Roman know that he had a run in with Orpheus. He gave Roman the bottle Orpheus gave him. He didn’t want to fall off the wagon. Roman thought it might not be a bad idea for him to drink. Kate, Kayla and Marlena were surprised to see Susan turn into Nick. They were shocked to find out that he was Jordan, Susan and Adrienne to get them to sell their souls. Kate wanted to know if he was the devil. He said the devil was a different person. He said he works for the devil. He said he had their signatures and just needed to collect. Kate tried to find a loophole, but she couldn’t find it. Kayla didn’t think the contract was legit since they didn’t know what they were signing. Nick reminded her that they weren’t in a courtroom. He said he had the final word. They refused to go with him until they spoke to his boss. Nick left it alone and told them that things were about to get worse for them.

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