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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Orpheus found Lucas’ bottle in the garbage. Orpheus realized he didn’t drink it. Steve and John let Lucas know that he could leave. They said they could handle Orpheus. Lucas tried to put up a fight, but they told him they wanted him to be safe. The doctor showed up. Steve and John told the doctor they were there to clean up. When the doctor checked on Lucas, he walked him out of the infirmary. Steve and John stayed behind. Roman told Kate’s ashes that Orpheus was going to pay for what he did to her, Marlena and Kayla. Anna showed up to check on him. He said he was fine. She said she heard him talking to the urn. He said he knew it wasn’t Kate’s but it brought they closer. He said she should understand that. She said she understood. She was sad that he was robbed of his chance to be with Kate. He said he missed her, but he knew she was at peace. Kate didn’t believe Nick when he said Roman, John and Steve were planning to kill Orpheus. Nick showed them when the guys agreed to do the plan. When Nick left, Kayla said if she knew about the plan when she went to see Steve, she would have stopped them. She said there was nothing else they could do. Kate said there may be something they could do.

Marlena agreed to the devil’s plan. She said she would stay with him for eternity if he would let Kate and Kayla go to the good place. The devil agreed to the terms. He said she could tell them goodbye. Nick took her to them. He said the next time she saw him she would see what he really looked like. Kate asked Kayla how she saw Steve. Kayla said she was thinking about him and missing him and that was when it happened. Kate said she wanted to reach Roman and talk him out of killing Orpheus. Kayla said Nick closed the firewall. Kate said it was for Kayla and Steve. Kate screamed out to Roman, but Kayla said she had to concentrate and imagine him being right there with her. Kate closed her eyes and called out to him. Anna told Roman to keep Kate’s ashes in a necklace so he would always be able to talk to her. Roman heard Kate’s voice. He looked at the urn when she told him not to kill Orpheus. She said it wasn’t worth condemning his soul for eternity. He told Anna that he was talking to Kate. Nick came back as Kate was telling Roman not to kill Orpheus. Nick pressed a button on a remote. Kate lost her connection. Nick said he didn’t know what happened, but he would consult the IT department. Kate told Kayla she was able to feel a connection. She said Roman got her message not to kill Orpheus. Marlena showed up. they told her what was going on with their husbands. Marlena told her what was going on with her. Kate thanked Marlena for her sacrifice. Kayla said she wasn’t going to let her trade her soul for theirs. Kate said she didn’t think they could talk Marlena out of it. Kayla said they were stronger together. Nick said he would have to take them all to the bad place if Marlena backed out of the deal. Kate said they didn’t have a choice. Kayla said if one went, they all went. Marlena appreciated what Kayla was doing, but she was okay with her decision. Kayla said she wasn’t happy. She said they couldn’t be happy in heaven if she wasn’t there. Kate finally agreed and told Nick no deal. He said he was hoping they would say that. He asked if they were ready to go. Orpheus went to the infirmary and saw John and Steve. Orpheus reminded them of what happened to their wives. Steve told him they found a way to ease the suffering. He said they were going to watch him die. They put him on a gurney and let him know how they were going to make it look as if he overdosed. Orpheus asked them if they wanted to risk going to hell for taking an innocent life. Roman called Steve, but he ignored the call. Lucas was in the visitor’s room. Roman showed up and told him they had to stop John and Steve. John got the syringe ready. Steve said he wanted to be the one to do it. Steve took the syringe. Orpheus tried to stop him. He said he knew who was responsible for their wives’ deaths.

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