GH Short Recap Friday, May 19, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Curtis and Jordan kiss again and almost go somewhere to make love but, they stop themselves from going too far. Jordan tells Curtis she loves him but he needs to make sure he wants to be with her before they go any further. Curtis says he needs to think about what he wants to do with his life.

Josslyn asks Sonny to fire Dex so he can be free to live his life. Sonny tells Joseph that if Dex wants to quit he can ask to quit himself. Josslyn tells Dex what she asked Sonny and they argue because Dex tells Joseph she can’t keep rescuing him. Dex and Josslynn promise to trust each other in their relationship. Josslyn goes to talk to Michael about Dex hoping that he will help her get Dex away from Sonny’s business.

Taggert once again tells Portia not to interfere with Spencer and Trina and instead focus on fixing her marriage. Portia thinks that she can do both things because she has no intention of letting Spencer put Trina in more danger.

Cody is hesitant to sign an affidavit claiming to be the son of Leopold Taub to sue the WSB for the value of the ice princess necklace which was lost when the Haunted Star exploded.

Maxie tells Sasha Cody threatened to streak on live tv if the Home and Heart Channel didn’t take the crying baby sound effect out of Sasha us earpiece.

Gladys tells Sonny that he should buy stock in Deception because it will be going up soon, but Sonny doesn’t want to get in trouble for insider trading.

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