Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, November 1, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Mariah tells Kyle that the hearing specialist did some more tests on Aria and confirmed that she has significant hearing loss. Mariah tells Kyle she and Tessa are taking Aria to the doctor later to get her fitted for hearing aids. Mariah tells Kyle she is worried the hearing aids won’t work. Kyle tells Mariah that she, Tessa, and the doctors will figure out what treatment is best for Aria.

Kyle tells Mariah that he told Jack that he would only come back to Jabot if he can be the Co-CEO. Mariah suggests that Kyle start his own company because she doesn’t think it is right to take the job from Billy. Kyle tells Mariah that he has thought about starting his own company, but he wants to work at his family’s company and continue his grandfather’s legacy.

Chelsea returns home and tells Billy that Connor has moved into the dorms at school and has told her that she can move back to Genoa City if she wants to and visit him at school on the weekends. Chelsea tells Billy she also returned home because Summer and Chloe can’t agree on the Marchetti Spring collection and she has to smooth things between them. Billy tells Chelsea Kyle is after his job, but he intends to fight to keep his job.

Victor continues to pretend that he is losing his memory and Nate believes the act. Victor tells Nate he is going to fire Victoria and Adam to keep them from taking his company away from him.

Sally tells Adam she doesn’t regret sleeping with him but she needs time to think about things.

Adam calls doctor Skelton to arrange for him to meet Victor at Society.

Billy tells Kyle that he knows what he is trying to do and they need to clear the air.

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