Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, May 10, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Elena tells Audra that her relationship with Nate is over, and Audra tries to persuade her to do the podcast with JT to stick it to Victoria.

Chelsea tells Billy she is worried that Connor is sad since he found out he is having a baby sister. Billy tells Chelsea that they should arrange a get-together with Connor and Johnny to cheer up Connor.

Nick and Nikki both worry that Victoria’s relationship with Nate could hurt the company. Nick doesn’t trust Nate because he betrayed his family and his girlfriend.

Adam and Nick stand up to Victor and tell him that since Sally passed his test and didn’t take his bribe he should leave her alone. Adam tells Victor he will only take the CEO job at McCall Unlimited if he is allowed to run the company the way he sees fit and he is going to hire Sally for a job of her choosing. Adam also tells Victor that he will ask his advice when he needs it and if he can’t accept these terms he can find another CEO. Victor accepts Adam’s terms and they shake hands.

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