GH Short Recap Friday, January 6, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Elizabeth tells Nikolas to stay away from Esme because seeing him might make her remember he held her captive inside Wyndamere.

Nina and Liesl have a long talk inside Esme’s room while Esme is asleep. Nina is able to persuade Liesl not to kill Esme because she, Maxie, James and, Scott need her, and Britt wouldn’t want her to spend her life in jail.

Cameron tells Spencer that Josslyn n broke up with him last night because she thinks that they grew apart. Sonny arrives at Kelly’s and tells Spencer and Cameron the details of Britt’s death. Spencer is devastated and tells Sonny he is tired and he doesn’t want to go back to Wyndamere. Sonny tells Spencer he doesn’t have to go back to Wyndamere he can go stay with him to his apartment.

Josslyn regrets leaving Britt alone and that Britt lost her life saving her. Josslyn tells Carly the details of the attack and that she broke up with Cameron last night, but she doesn’t tell Carly that she slept with Dex.

Drew tells Michael and Willow that he thinks Josiah could know the identity of her real parents. Willow tells Drew that Harmony took her to visit Josiah, but she was too little to remember the details of the visit. Willow gets a call from Dr. Randolph telling her that the national bone marrow registry found a bone marrow match for her.

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