GH Short Recap Tuesday, October 17, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Gregory tells Tracy that Finn can’t come to play backgammon with her because Violet has a cold.

Gregory thanks Tracy for telling Chase he has ALS. Gregory admits he is angry that he didn’t tell Chase about his condition. Gregory tells Tracy that his illness has taught him life is too short to be angry. Gregory takes Finn place in the backgammon game.

Chase meets Brook Lynn’s mom Lois. Lois tells Brook Lynn, Chase, and Eddie…Lois and Ned’s love story. Lois gets upset when Eddie apologizes to Lois for all the pain he caused her even though he doesn’t remember her.

Dex finds the warehouse in Pawtucket where Mason was holding Ava because Spinelli used his computer skills to help him. Ava isn’t in the warehouse because Mason has Ava sitting in a car waiting on orders from his boss Cyrus.

Austin tells Cyrus he testified so he could get released from Pentonville, so he needs to keep his end of the bargain and let Ava go. Austin tells Cyrus that Ava doesn’t know that he and Mason work for him. Cyrus calls Mason and orders him to take Ava home but he disobeys orders and takes Ava out of the car and drags her to the edge of the cliff but Dex arrives and shoots Mason. Ava gets away and grabs Dex’s gun which he dropped when he was fighting with Mason to keep Mason from escaping. Mason is choking Dex and is about to push him over the cliff but Ava shoots Mason and saves Dex. Dante arrives and Mason is taken to the hospital since he still has a pulse but is unconscious. Carly is upset that Drew has to go back to Pentonville.

Cyrus has just been released from Pentonville.

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