Days Short Recap Tuesday, September 26, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Justin and Maggie couldn’t believe that Alex wasn’t his son. Alex showed up and noticed the expressions on their faces. He wanted to know who died and immediately apologized for it. Maggie told him they found out some shocking things. Alex wanted to know why Justin wouldn’t look at him. Maggie left them alone to talk. Justin told him about the provisions Victor made for Maggie. Justin let him know that Victor left the other half of the everything to the son no one knew he had. Alex was confused by that and wanted to fight it. Justin wanted him to stop. It broke his heart to tell Alex that he is Victor’s son. Alex was shocked by the news. Justin said he never knew. Alex couldn’t believe they kept that secret from him. Justin told him they did that so he wouldn’t feel betrayed. Alex never thought they would find out something like that. Justin assured him that he was still his son. Justin wondered if he felt the same way. Alex said everything he knew was a lie. Alex was proud to have Justin as a father because he was a good and honorable man. He thought there was hope for him to be good too. Justin assured him that he was good too. He hoped it was a nightmare and wanted to be alone. Maggie ran into Bonnie at the town square. She told her about the new will. She let her know that she got half of everything and his son got the other half. Bonnie wondered which one.

Bonnie was shocked to find out that Alex was Victor’s son. Bonnie asked Maggie how Justin was handling it. She wanted to go to him. After Bonnie left, Maggie called Vivian so they could meet. Chloe told Xander that she couldn’t marry him. She told him that she couldn’t marry him because of Sarah. He assured her that he was over Sarah. Chloe told him that Sarah lied to him about the baby. She told him that the baby is his and not Rex’s. Xander was confused and she told him that she overheard Rex talking to Philip. He didn’t understand why she lied to him, but he realized that she hated him. She thought about keeping the truth from him, but her loyalty was to him. She also told him that Sarah isn’t in love with Rex. She’s only marrying him to keep the secret about the baby. Xander asked her if he should go to the pub and she thought he should do it. Rex and Sarah were ready to get married. Philip was the one officiating the wedding. Rex went through his vows quickly while Sarah hesitated. Philip pronounced them man and wife when Xander walked in the pub. He told her that he knew the truth about the baby. He said that Chloe overheard Rex and Philip talking about the baby. Rex said Chloe misunderstood them, but Sarah admitted the truth. Everyone left Xander and Sarah alone. He demanded to know why she lied to him.

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