Days Short Recap Friday, June 16, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Belle found Shawn at home getting a drink. She took the drink from him and told him to find another way to deal with his grief. He said the vodka was better than therapy. She said therapy would help him stop torturing himself. He threw his glass. He told her he might want to torture himself. He said he deserved to be miserable. He walked away from her. EJ and Kristen were tied to chairs in the wine cellar. He was worried about missing Nicole’s doctor’s appointment. Kristen said she didn’t realize how much the baby meant to him. He said Nicole’s happiness means a lot to him. He said he didn’t want her to go through another miscarriage. He said he loved her even if she didn’t feel the same way. Nicole got a message from EJ saying he couldn’t make the appointment. She wondered what was keeping him from being at the hospital. Belle showed up at the hospital. She ran into Nicole. She told Nicole that she heard about the pregnancy. Nicole told her EJ was the father. Belle told her it hit Eric hard. Nicole was upset. Belle apologized for being insensitive. They talked about Shawn and what he was going through. Belle said she was going to talk to Marlena about what to do. Megan wanted to know why Harris was at the DiMera mansion. He said he wasn’t going to let her hurt anyone else. He tried to grab for his gun when Shawn showed up. Shawn accused them of working together again. Harris assumed he was drinking. He told Shawn they were on the same side. Megan called him a pathetic drunk. Shawn threatened to make her pay for what she did. She pulled out her gun. Harris talked her out of shooting Shawn.

Dimitri went to see Gwen. He had flowers for her. Leo took the flowers and put them in the garbage. Leo said he was on to him and wasn’t going to let him take advantage of Gwen. Dimitri asked how he was doing that. Leo said he was just trying to get free publicity. He said Gwen was a real journalist. He said he would stand up for her. Dimitri wanted to know where that left them. Leo said with pistols at dawn. He told Dimitri to kill him if he had to. He said he would go out defending his best friend. Sloan went to see Eric. They ended up making love. When they were finished, she talked about going to court. He said he would go with her to support her. She was surprised he would go with her after what Colin has done. He said he would support her after everything she has done for him. She thought about using her own DNA sample for the paternity test. EJ told Kristen that Nicole didn’t return his feelings. Kristen said the circumstances weren’t ideal and that Nicole was under stress. She told him not to expect too much too soon. He was shocked that she was actually giving him support. They ended up talking about Megan. Eric and Sloan went to eat at the pub. She said she was moved that he wanted to go to court with her. He said he loved her and wanted to support her. She said she loved him too. She told him she didn’t want him to forget about her offer to have a baby. He said he appreciated it, but it wasn’t the right time to have a baby. Kate showed up and asked why. She suggested that they have a baby. After Kate left, Sloan asked what he thought about it. Gwen apologized to Dimitri for Leo’s behavior and made him leave. Dimitri told her he had an agenda. He said he wasn’t able to get her off his mind or his heart ever since he met her. He said he knew she couldn’t have feelings for him. She asked what if she did. They kissed each other. When Belle went home, she blamed herself for not realizing Shawn would go after Megan. He said he wished she shot him. She said she loved him. He walked away. After Nicole’s appointment, she went by the pub and saw Eric and Sloan. He asked if she was okay. She said the doctor said there was a good chance the baby could make it. They were happy for her. Sloan told her they were going to have a baby of their own. He said there was no need to wait for something he wanted. Harris and Kate met at the park. He told her that Shawn kept him from going through with the plan. He said when the time comes, he would go back. He said she would never hear or see Megan again.

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