Days Short Recap Monday, June 5, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Megan was happy to see Dimitri at the DiMera mansion and home where he belonged. Kristen wasn’t happy about him being there. She rehashed what happened with the Peacock caper. Megan wanted her to let it go since they were going to be married. Dimitri and Kristen were surprised by her announcement. Kayla approached Nicole, Eric and EJ about the paternity test results. NIcole wanted them to go somewhere private, but Kayla was dealing with Abe’s disappearance. Nicole was shocked by the news. Eric wanted to know if Nicole was okay. EJ stepped up and assured her that DiMera security would help with the search. Kayla handed Nicole the results and left to meet with the head of the hospital. Sloan was upset about what happened with Colin. Jada showed up at her place with a warrant. The women start arguing. Sloan told her to go on with the search. She was dealing with enough since Nicole was pregnant. Jada was shocked. Sloan told her that Eric might have got Nicole pregnant. She blamed Talia for drugging the biscuits. Sloan thought she brought up bad memories for her since she would still be with Eric if she didn’t get an abortion. She thought he would get to be a father after all. She let Jada know that Colin was talking to Leo. She told her to talk to him about it.

Nicole read the results with her back to EJ and Eric. She turned to them and told Eric that he wasn’t a match. EJ became excited. He had a feeling that he would be the father. He thought it was a miracle. Eric congratulated them. EJ knew it was hard for him, but it was best for everyone. Eric walked to the elevator as EJ held Nicole. EJ said that it changed everything. Nicole’s face fell as she agreed with him. Megan reminded Kristen and Dimitri that they weren’t blood related and that Stefano groomed Tony and Kristen to be together. Kristen and Dimitri passed on the idea. Megan reminded him that he was going to inherit the Von Leuschner fortune, but he had to be married by the time he turned 40. She told him that he was 39. He wanted to know how much money was involved. She said it was more than enough for her and Kristen to take over the world. She thought Dimitri would agree to go through with the plan. Eric went to Sloan’s place. He told her that he wasn’t the father of Nicole’s baby. Sloan admitted that she was hoping that was the outcome. She knew he was hurting about it. Eric said it wasn’t the right time. He assumed it was for the best. EJ wondered if they should tell everyone the news or keep it quiet. Nicole wasn’t sure if she would carry the baby to term. He wanted her to get the best care possible. Dimitri decided not to marry Kristen. Kristen agreed with him. She didn’t think she could win her custody case if she were married to her nephew. Megan said they would have to find someone else to marry him. Gwen showed up there looking for him. Sloan told Eric that she hated seeing him in pain. He was happy to be there with her and he was looking forward to their future together. Sloan flashed back to taking the DNA sample. She watched Eric sleep. She couldn’t risk losing him. She wanted the test to come back negative. She swabbed her own cheek instead of Eric’s.

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