GH Short Recap Wednesday, June 14, 2023

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Recap written by Eva

Sasha goes to meet with a psychiatrist to see if he can recommend to the court that she no longer needs a guardian anymore. Gladys gets worried because she knows the psychiatrist is a guy she knows from Mrs. Wu’s poker games. but the doctor assures her that his personal life doesn’t affect his job.

Curtis celebrates his birthday at the Metro Court pool and Trina gives him a picture frame she decorated. She and Curtis take a picture together so Curtis can put the picture in the frame.

Taggert gets drunk while he tells Jordan how much it hurt him to find out he isn’t Tina’s biological father. Taggert tells Jordan he feels like his daughter has been taken away from him.

Zeke talks to the SEC in order to make a deal for Drew. Drew tells Carly that only one of them has to take the blame for the insider trading. Diane calls Carly to tell her that she has to meet with the SEC tomorrow to discuss her case. Carly tells Diane to tell the SEC that she won’t turn against Sonny or Drew.

Olivia is happy that Ned’s condition has improved a little and he doesn’t need surgery. TJ tells Olivia that they are going to bring Ned out of his medical induced coma and see how his brain has been affected by his injury.

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