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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Roman talked to Eric about hearing Kate’s voice coming from the urn. Eric was skeptical about that. Roman reminded him how he had to perform exorcisms in the past. He let Eric know that a DiMera has the orchid. Roman wondered if could find out from Nicole what happened to the orchid. Eric let him know that they aren’t speaking to each other. Roman told him that it wasn’t just a bad breakup. They were in each other’s lives for years. Eric reminded him that they knew each other for 25 years. Eric talked to Roman about his run in with Nicole on Valentine’s Day. Roman thought it was a sign for them that what they have won’t go away. Eric told him their relationship never works. Roman wanted him to try again. While they were talking, Brady sent Eric a message. Eric had to leave. Paulina told Abe about Steve and John going to see Orpheus. She assured him that they didn’t kill Orpheus. She told him that Roman informed her that a DiMera has the orchid. Nicole ran into them and they started talking. Nicole managed to bring up her relationship with Eric. She recapped what happened during their 25 years together. Nicole walked off and went to the park and ran into Eric.

John and Steve talked to Tony and Anna about Stefano keeping Megan alive in a cryogenic state until she could be healed. He also told them how Megan brainwashed them last summer so she could steal the prism. He said that she was out there somewhere with all three prisms. Steve told Tony that they didn’t tell him about it because the ISA told them they couldn’t say anything because it was an ongoing investigation. He said they weren’t going to keep quiet anymore because she probably took the orchid. He said she would pay if she did take the orchid and kill their wives. John wondered if Tony remembered anything that could help them find Megan. Tony didn’t know Megan was his sister until after she died. Anna said that Stefano kept a box of her things. Tony went to look for the box. John wanted to call Andrew Donovan because he’s heading up the investigation for the ISA. Megan arrived in the lab as Marlena, Kayla and Kate woke up. Megan injected them with something. Marlena told Megan that the last thing he remembered was being on the roof with John. Megan told her that she put something in her IV to make her appear like she died. She said she switched Marlena’s body with a lookalike. Megan explained how she faked Marlena, Kayla and Kate’s deaths. She wanted to avenge Stefano. Kate was confused so Kayla filled her in about Megan. Megan gave them another injection. She said they would need their rest for the next part of her plan. Anna said that Megan wanted the prisms to bring someone back. She wondered if she was bringing Stefano back. She thought Megan might have already brought him back to life. Tony dismissed her theory. Anna wanted to know who she would bring back if it weren’t Stefano. John and Steve met with Roman and told him that Megan might be the DiMera who took the orchid. Megan started caressing a hazy chamber.

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