Days Short Recap Friday, June 2, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Harris went to see Steve. Steve told him they didn’t need his help to keep an eye on Megan. He said he and John could handle it. He said Harris would be one more person he couldn’t trust. He told Harris to leave Salem if he wanted to help. Megan and Kristen had a drink at the mansion. Stefan and Gabi came in with a plan to get rid of EJ. Megan wanted to know what was in it for them. Gabi said they would play a big role in the company. She handed them the plan to make DiMera better. Their pictures were in the folder. Nicole told EJ that she wasn’t menopausing. She told him she was pregnant. He asked why she didn’t tell him. He realized she didn’t tell him because the baby wasn’t his. She told him she didn’t know because it might be Eric’s. He thought she didn’t want to marry him because the baby might be Eric’s. He asked if she would want Eric back if the baby were his. Eric told Marlena that Nicole was doing a paternity test. She asked him how he felt about that. He said part of him was hoping the baby was his. He said he felt bad about that. He said the last thing Sloan would need is for him to have a baby with another woman. He said she was a woman he still had feelings for. Marlena asked if he wanted to get back together with Nicole if the baby was his.

Harris told Steve they didn’t have to be friends. He said they should put their differences aside to make sure Megan didn’t go after Hope. Kayla showed up while they were talking. Kayla welcomed Steve home. He told her why Harris was there. She said they needed all the help they could get with Abe missing and Jada dealing with Talia. Kayla got a message about the test results and had to leave. Megan and Kristen told Stefan and Gabi they would think about their plan. When Stefan and Gabi left, Megan threw the plans in the fireplace. Megan couldn’t believe Stefan and Gabi thought they would want pitiful jobs. Kristen thought they should be running DiMera instead of their brothers. Megan said her ambitions were beyond DiMera. She said the world feared Stefano. She said his other children had their chance to copy him. She said it was her turn. Kristen asked if she wanted to be her father’s daughter. Megan said she was his daughter. She said just like the Phoenix, she was rising again. Kristen said world domination required money. She said she didn’t control the money. Megan said she didn’t need family money. She had another plan. Nicole said keeping her baby a secret wasn’t about getting Eric back. She said she kept it a secret so she could tell him they were having a baby. She said she was scared she wouldn’t be able to carry the baby to term. He told her there were medical advances. She said she hasn’t made an appointment with a specialist yet. She said she was taking it one step at a time. He wanted to know how Eric found out. She said Sloan found out. She said Anna and Tony knew too. She said they would have the results soon. Kayla called. Megan told Kristen that she wasn’t going to reveal her plan yet. She said she wanted all the pieces together for when Bo regained consciousness. Kristen wanted to know what her role was in it. Megan said it is vital. She said she needed her. Kristen said she wanted something in return. She wanted custody of Rachel. They started talking about Dimitri. He ended up showing up. When Nicole got off the phone with Kayla, she asked EJ to go to the hospital with her so they could get through this no matter what. He said nothing would make him happier than her having his child. Nicole sent Eric a message to meet her at the hospital. At the hospital, EJ wondered why Nicole sent Eric a message. She said she only wanted to do this once. EJ was upset when he saw Eric. EJ said Eric couldn’t be the father. He said she was only with Eric once while they have been having sex for a while. She told him it wasn’t a competition. She said it was about a child. She said it broke her heart that something she was longing for could end badly. She needed them to help her get through it.

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