Days Short Recap Tuesday, December 26, 2023

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Stefan and Ava talked about Gabi being in prison. Gabi knows what Stefan and Ava are doing for Clyde and planned on watching her back in prison. He wanted to get her out of prison as soon as possible. Stefan admitted that he went to EJ to get help with Clyde. Ava didn’t like how he talked to EJ about private information. She thought he could expose what they were doing. He let her know that EJ turned him down. Stefan knew that it wouldn’t be a good idea to upset Clyde. He didn’t think she should have broken up with Harris because she could have found out what the police knew about them. Ava did it to protect him from getting involved in their situation. They were about to move their product when Harris arrived. He wanted to know what they were doing. The Kiriakis family gathered at the mansion for Christmas. Alex didn’t want to join them, but he did it for Victor. Maggie was glad he came since it was the first Christmas without Victor. She talked to everyone about being a family and putting things behind them. Maggie gave Alex a gift. She gave him Victor’s watch. Alex was moved by her gift. Justin looked on with an awkwardness. The Kiriakises were on a video call with Sonny, Will, and Arianna. Maggie said that Hope called. She told her there was no change in Bo’s condition. He didn’t know that Victor died.

Konstantin arrived at the mansion. He had a gift for Maggie. He wanted her to know that he was leaving town that night. She invited him to stay for dinner. Justin wanted to make a toast to Victor. Maggie wanted Konstantin to start. He started and complimented Sarah and Xander’s daughter. Xander was glad that Konstantin was leaving. Theresa met Konstantin in the hallway. He told her that he planned to continue pursuing Maggie and staying at the mansion. Theresa begged him to leave. He pretended to hurt his foot. Maggie and Alex argued about the way the company was being ran. Xander took Maggie’s side. He offered to go back to Titan to oversee things. Xander and Alex started arguing. Konstantin told everyone that he fell down the stairs. They helped him sit down. Sarah checked his ankle. She noticed it was swollen but it wasn’t broken. Sarah told him to get an X-ray in the morning and postpone his flight. He pretended to protest the decision, but Maggie assured him that Henderson would take care of his luggage. She told him that he could get the X-ray in the morning. After everyone left, Maggie told Konstantin that she hoped for a good Christmas. He told her that she tried her best to make it a good day.

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