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Recap written by Christine

Summer followed Phyllis downstairs to the hotel lobby and told her not to run away. She wanted her mom to explain what she meant when she said she screwed things up with Jack. Phyllis spotted Amanda and used her as an excuse to end Summer’s questioning. Phyllis said she had to get to work planning for the launch party that was going to take place in the ballroom. Amanda asked if everything was okay. Phyllis said she and Jack just had an argument but she could fix it. Amanda didn’t want to interrupt Phyllis and Summer’s discussion. Phyllis turned to Summer and said that she (Phyllis) had just overreacted, and everything was fine.

Once Amanda and Phyllis were alone, Amanda asked what happened with Jack. Phyllis stated that Diane goaded her, and Phyllis stuck it to her by engaging in PDA with Jack. Jack walked in on the argument between Phyllis and Diane. Amanda recalled asking Phyllis if that’s what she’d been doing, and she’d denied it. Phyllis said she lied to Amanda – she’d even lied to herself. Phyllis was scared because all her old habits were coming back. She said Diane knew how to exploit her insecurities. Phyllis admitted that it felt good to stick it to Diane, but then she saw how hurt Jack looked. Phyllis felt horrible about hurting Jack, and she detested Diane.

Amanda thought Phyllis needed to stop blaming Diane and own her mistake. Amanda told Phyllis to fight for Jack. Phyllis said she went to Jack’s house. She felt bad for betraying him. She admitted she did everything she swore she wouldn’t do. She’d said she wouldn’t revert to her old ways, and Jack said he wouldn’t tolerate it. Phyllis wanted to be in a great and loving relationship, but Diane was making her revert to her old ways. Amanda said that trying to change was a process, and a momentary slip wasn’t proof that Phyllis was beyond redemption. Amanda asked if Phyllis was going to work and try and fix things with Jack. Phyllis didn’t respond. Amanda thought Phyllis should try and hold things together with Jack after everything they’d gone through to get to this point.

Ashland was in his suite when a courier served him with the restraining order. He stormed out of the room.

At the Abbott house, Kyle asked what was going on with Jack and Phyllis. Jack said it was none of Kyle’s business. Kyle noted that Phyllis was his mother in law, and Jack said that was all the more reason to end this discussion. Jack said that he and Phyllis had a minor disagreement, but they’d get through it. Kyle sensed that Jack and Phyllis weren’t taking things slow, like Jack had said they were going to. Kyle asked if Phyllis and Jack were together. Jack said he and Phyllis were not together in any meaningful sense. Kyle recalled that Jack was so happy the morning after his night with Phyllis. When Jack had questioned Phyllis’ timing, Kyle had just assumed Jack was just nervous. Kyle asked if he’d been wrong.

Jack changed the subject and said he looked over Kyle’s proposal and decided that Jabot should purchase Marchetti. Kyle was excited, but he hoped Jack wasn’t doing this just to get him and Summer back home. Jack said he learned a long time ago not to let emotions interfere with his decisions. At first he didn’t want to buy another fashion house, but Marchetti was still a powerful brand, even if their books were messy. Jack admitted the best part was that Kyle, Summer and Harrison were coming home. He said Kyle would have to run this by the board, though. Kyle marveled at how quickly things were changing. He and Summer loved Milan, but there was nothing like being around family. Jack said the Abbott house was starting to feel like a home again.

Summer got home to the Abbott house, and Jack made up an excuse to leave. Summer and Kyle touched base on their parents. Summer was bewildered because she thought Phyllis and Jack were doing so well. Phyllis had been so happy things were progressing. Kyle got the impression that Jack was playing it more cautiously. Summer wanted to get to the bottom of the argument so she could help. Kyle wanted Jack and Phyllis to be together too, but he didn’t think he and Summer should get involved.

Kyle told Summer the news about Jack deciding to buy Marchetti. She was elated. He said that the board had to improve it, so it wasn’t a done deal. She was sure it’d work out. He was wondering how she felt about moving back with Diane and Ashland in the picture. She said this was their home, and it was where she wanted to be and where she wanted to raise Harrison. He got a text saying Ashland had been served. The restraining order was in effect. She was glad. He hoped that was the last they saw on Ashland and that they didn’t just pour gasoline on a fire.

Traci bumped into Allie and Diane at Crimson Lights and accepted Allie’s invitation to join them. Traci and Allie hadn’t crossed paths at the house much, because Traci was a night owl and Allie was an early riser. Allie was falling in love with Genoa City, and she’d gotten Jack’s permission to stay a little longer. Diane shared that she was thinking of sticking around too. Traci thought it was great to having so many relatives under the same roof again. Allie found it strange, since she was an only child, but she was enjoying herself. She’d been hanging out with Harrison and Summer. Diane asked if Allie missed LA. Allie said California was filled with memories of her dad, and she thought it was good to stay away a little longer. She didn’t want to overstay her welcome at the Abbott house, though. Now that she had her Master’s she thought it was time to think of the rest of her life. Traci encouraged Allie to stay as long as she wanted to. Diane said Jack must be over the moon with Allie, Kyle and Harrison under one roof. Traci said they were all grateful to have Allie in their lives. Diane asked Allie what she was going to do with her degree. Allie said she wasn’t sure. She was rethinking her original plans. Traci asked if Allie wanted to tour the lab at Jabot, where Ashley started out. Allie said Ashley was in a different field of study, but Allie was still eager to learn more. Traci said Keemo was a chemist at Jabot too. Allie wanted to stay here longer to learn more about her family, including her dad.

Noah went to Crimson Lights, and Allie introduced him to Diane, as the one who bought her father’s house. Noah was aware of Diane as Kyle’s mom. Noah asked if Allie heard the latest episode of The Grinning Soul. Traci loved that one too. She asked what the latest episode was about. Allie said it was about ambition and how to chart your own course for a successful career. Noah said it was actually about how following your bliss was the path to success. Diane thought it was so interesting how Noah and Allie had different interpretations of the podcast. Noah and Allie bantered about it, and Traci politely suggested they go settle this somewhere else because she had some stuff to talk about with Diane.

Diane and Traci were alone. Diane thought Allie was cute with Noah. Traci thought he seemed to bring out a different side of her great niece. Traci didn’t know Allie well, but she seemed to be an intelligent and thoughtful young woman. Diane crowed about her good decision to bring Jack and Allie together. Traci noted that she’d already thanked Diane for this, and she wondered if Diane was fishing for more praise. Diane admitted she had her own agenda for introducing Jack and Allie. She said she’d just apologized to Allie about it. Traci was impressed, and she asked how Allie felt. Diane stated that Allie didn’t pull any punches with her. Traci was glad Allie was holding her own. Traci wanted to get to know Allie better. Diane said Traci and Allie had a lovely connection. Traci burst out laughing and said Diane used to have more finesse. Diane laughed too. Traci thought Diane was doing all the right things.

Out on the patio, Noah said when he pursued a job to please other people, he was the least happy, but when he did started focusing on his art, doors opened for him. Allie said Noah was a Newman, so doors would always open for him. He explained that those doors were in the business world, where he was the least happy. She said most people didn’t have the luxury to choose happiness over a paycheck. He agreed. She was raised to chart her own course. The message Allie received from the podcast was to set your goal and go after it. He asked what goals she was setting for herself. She had no clue yet. That was why she hadn’t gone back to California. For the first time in her life, she didn’t know what was coming next. She worked hard for her master’s and she’d assumed she’d have a job by now, but then her dad died and she found out she had a whole new family. It was making her rethink what job she should have and where she should live.

Noah could relate to packing up his life and moving. It wasn’t easy. He teased that she might go to the dark side and follow a non-linear path. Not a chance; Allie said she was going to make a bunch of lists after this. She guessed that was alien to him. He said he received a lot of lists when he was designing a venue for his sister’s wedding. Allie suspected Noah ignored the lists and followed his instinct. He said that was true.

Allie said Noah struck her as someone who followed his gut. He said he’d take it as a compliment, but she smiled and said it was an observation. He suggested they could come to a compromise on The Grinning Soul episode. He thought the message of the episode was that there were wildly diverging paths to happiness, and your mission was to find the one that worked for you. She teased that he missed the point entirely.

Nikki and Victoria were back at work after their spa trip. Victoria appreciated Nikki agreeing to come home early so they could make it to a work meeting. Nikki thought Victoria should go home and rest from the jet lag, especially since her injury from her accident had flared up. Victoria said she was fine. Nikki was concerned because Victoria had been quiet on the jet and at the spa, and she’d only been talking about work since they returned. Nikki asked if Victoria was able to get Ashland out of her system. Victoria didn’t want to have this discussion now. Nikki said that, before they left, Victoria said that she couldn’t turn off her feelings for Ashland on a dime. Victoria did some thinking in Europe and realized she couldn’t run away from her feelings. She said she had to face the sadness, pain and humiliation and learn to live with it. Victoria felt like the family felt that they knew her needs better than she did. She’d decided not to talk her feelings through with anyone. Nikki texted Victor that she wasn’t sure the trip worked.

Victor got Nikki’s text. He was at Newman Media. Ashland showed up and accused Victor of being behind the restraining order keeping him from Harrison. Ashland thought that Victor had the judge pull some strings. He said not to deny it. “Why would I deny that? The boy needs protection from you,” Victor replied. Ashland didn’t think he deserved this. Victor hoped Ashland would violate the order and go to jail.

Ashland didn’t know why he was surprised that Victor was just as ruthless as everyone said he was. “I warned you not to cross me or my family. You ignored the warning. So now you got to suffer the consequences,” Victor said. Ashland said he set this plan in motion before Victoria’s love changed him. Ashland was sure that Victor had sought forgiveness in the past. Ashland asked why he didn’t deserve the same opportunity. Victor snapped that Ashland didn’t deserve forgiveness. Victor didn’t think Ashland knew the meaning of the word remorse. Ashland wished he could make Victor understand how sorry he was. Victor blasted Ashland for ensnaring Victoria and using her to try and enlarge his empire. Victor said he wouldn’t allow Ashland to use that innocent little boy as a reason to stay in town. He ordered Ashland to take the half a billion dollars he received and get the hell out of town. Ashland decided to stop trying to convince Victor that he was redeemable. Ashland said Victoria still loved him, and they still had a bond. He predicted that the more Victor treated Victoria like a child, the more she’d resent him for driving Ashland away. Victor was sure he and Victoria would be fine. He reiterated that Ashland should take the money he gave him and leave. Ashland left the office.

Victor went to Newman Enterprises and reunited with Nikki. He asked why she didn’t stay in Europe longer and give him more time to get rid of Ashland. She said Victoria insisted on returning now. Victoria walked in, and Victor told her that Ashland paid him a visit, and they had a productive conversation. Victor thought their problem might soon be over. Victoria asked Victor what he’d done now.

Ashland went back to his suite and remembered what Victor told him about leaving town. He grabbed his suitcase and speedily began to pack his things.

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