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Marlena enters the living room at home and is surprised to see Sami is already up, dressed, and reading the news. Marlena comments that yesterday the world knocked her down and now she’s pretending nothing happened. Marlena then sees that Sami was reading The Intruder on her tablet with an article about Lucas kidnapping her. Marlena questions it being a good idea to read about the worst day of her life. Sami responds that her other option was to stay in bed and cry in to her pillow all day. Marlena knows that when Sami really gets hurt, she’s able to build a wall all around herself. Marlena is amazed that Sami even got up and got dressed this morning. Sami insists that she’s fine but when she slows down to think about it, she might cry and if she does, she won’t be able to stop.

Kate brings Lucas coffee in the interrogation room. Lucas tells her that she didn’t have to come and he doesn’t want her here because he’s put her through enough. Kate says he doesn’t have to worry about hurting her feelings. Lucas doesn’t want her to see him like this. Kate doesn’t want to see him like this either, so she has hired the best defense attorney in the midwest to get him out of here. Kate encourages that Lucas is going to beat this but Lucas says not if he pleads guilty.

Roman goes to the DiMera Mansion. EJ tells him that Johnny isn’t there but Roman says he came to see EJ.

Brady shows up at Chloe’s door in the Salem Inn and asks where she was as he was knocking for like five minutes. Chloe says she just didn’t know he was coming. Brady says he just got back in to town and wanted to see his girl. Chloe thought he was coming back tomorrow. Brady walks in, commenting that there was a time when she liked surprises. Brady then looks around the room and sees the bedsheets messed up and two wine glasses on the end table. Brady asks Chloe what’s going on and if someone’s in the bathroom.

EJ offers Roman coffee or juice but Roman says he’s good. EJ asks if he literally meant that he came to see him since that usually implies talking. Roman says it’s not easy for him to say, but he owes him an apology. EJ jokes that there really is a first time for everything. EJ says he’s a little taken aback because they are on new ground here. Roman admits he was never wrong about EJ before but he was this time as he blamed EJ for kidnapping Sami and he’s a cop, so he should’ve known better than to rush to judgment. EJ understands Sami is his daughter and he’s not always impartial about his children either. Roman adds that he misjudged Lucas even more than he did EJ. EJ tells him not to be too hard on himself because Lucas fooled everyone. Roman points out not everyone. EJ asks if someone was onto him. Roman tells EJ that it was Kate.

Kate tells Lucas that there’s no time for jokes but Lucas says he’s serious. Kate argues that if Lucas pleads guilty, he could go to prison for life. Lucas feels the punishment fits the crime as he kidnapped Sami and pinned it on an innocent man. Kate remarks that EJ’s a lot of things but not innocent. Lucas tells Kate no more covering for him, no more blaming his victims, or cleaning up hs messes. Lucas declares that he did this on his own, so he has to face the consequences.

Marlena tells Sami that they were all wrong about Lucas. Sami says she spent all night laying in bed thinking about Lucas. Sami says it’s not just what Lucas did to her, but all of it and the times they spent together. Sami talks about confiding in Lucas because of everything they had been through and last night, he blew it all up in her face. Marlena knows how upset Sami was and how she threw her rings across the room and stormed out. Marlena wonders where Sami went after she left the church. Sami admits she went to see EJ. Marlena asks how that was. Sami responds that it was not great because EJ was otherwise engaged.

Chloe jokes to Brady that the person in the bathroom is who she spent the night with and asks if he’s going to break down the door. Brady says that’s not funny as Belle then comes out from the bathroom in her robe and greets Brady.

Kayla finds Steve trying to put a stroller together at Shawn’s. Shawn comes in and talks about thinking he got baby Shawn down for a nap. Kayla tells him that she’s installed baby monitors so they can be alerted. The baby then wakes up crying so Kayla says she will go check on him and suggests Shawn help Steve with the stroller, though Steve says he doesn’t need any help. Steve complains about the instruction manual being too small. Shawn sits down in frustration. Steve encourages that he’s got this. Shawn responds that he’s got Steve and Kayla acting like this is normal and like the baby is a good thing and not an obstacle like Belle called him. Shawn tells Steve how much it means to him. Steve states that the baby is Bo’s grandson and Bo was Kayla’s brother and his best friend which means the baby and Shawn are stuck with them for life. Shawn offers Steve a beer while working on the stroller which he accepts.

Kate tells Lucas that she’s not going to let him wallow in his guilt. Lucas asks if he’s supposed to shrug off the fact that he kidnapped the woman he loved. Kate tells him to think about it and focus. Lucas says he is thinking about what he’s done and what kind of man he is. Kate encourages him to think about someone other than himself, like his children. Lucas argues that if he pleads guilty, his children won’t have to worry about him, go through a horrible trial, or read headlines about their loser drunk father who kidnapped their mother. Kate argues that if Lucas pleads guilty to kidnapping, it will make Chad’s case and he’ll be charged with Abigail’s murder. Kate asks if he thinks that will be good for his children.

EJ asks Roman how long Kate knew about Lucas. Roman reveals since January 5th which EJ notes was quite early. Roman explains that Kate kept it all to herself until she found out it was all coming out anyway and there was nothing she could do to stop it. EJ guesses then she was really sorry. Roman says he does believe her. EJ points out that must have been last night and now Roman is here early. Roman says he wanted to apologize. EJ asks if he also wanted to let it slip about Kate. Roman insists that was not his intention at all. EJ says he can’t be expected to be discrete after finding out. EJ remarks that Stefano said the Bradys were just as fierce about their children as the DiMeras are and anyone who hurt them, must pay. Roman says that’s what the justice system is for, so he’s trusting that EJ won’t take the law in to his own hands. EJ responds that he can always trust him. Roman says he means it and orders EJ not to take the law in to his own hands with Kate. Roman says he’ll see him later and exits the mansion.

Marlena tells Sami that it must have been so upsetting but she’s sure EJ believed Sami was marrying Lucas, so he probably thought it was alright to date someone else. Sami argues that he wasn’t just dating someone else, he was sleeping with someone else, and it wasn’t just someone, it was her sister which shocks Marlena. Sami tells Marlena that Belle was pleased as could be about it. Marlena can’t believe it’s true. Sami argues that Belle has been waiting for an opportunity to get back at her for her entire life and saw that EJ was vulnerable, so she took it just to hurt her. Sami explains how Belle came out of hiding in the bathroom in EJ’s robe on purpose, so that she would know and see that it was her. Sami tells Marlena not to defend Belle or make excuses for her. Marlena says she’s just aching for both of them and argues that this shouldn’t happen to anybody on their wedding day. Marlena asks Sami not to take her anger out on her sister because she wouldn’t just be hurting her, but herself as well. Sami says that’s what she always does. Marlena tells her to take it easy and she’ll go make them something to eat. When Marlena leaves the room, Sami gets up and storms out of the house.

Chloe jokes with Brady that she took it to the next level with Belle. Brady guesses things didn’t work out at the DiMera Mansion and asks if Belle finally realized that EJ is an arrogant, selfish jerk. Chloe tells Brady to stop. Brady sees that Belle is upset and asks what happened. Chloe doesn’t think she wants to share with someone who is being judgmental and self-righteous. Brady apologizes and says just the thought of Belle being with EJ pushes all his buttons. Belle responds that he doesn’t have to worry about that anymore as she got her comeuppance. Brady says he didn’t want that. Belle then reveals that she got it when Sami found her in bed with EJ.

Steve understands Jan whacked Shawn pretty good with an oar. Shawn responds that Belle whacked her back too but says there’s been no word from search and rescue. Shawn adds that Jan hitting him wasn’t the worst thing she did as she pretended like she was holding the baby, but it was a sack of oranges that she threw at him. Shawn questions what kind of person could do that. Shawn knows Jan is crazy but he thought she loved the baby so it kinda proves that he doesn’t think Jan could love anything. Steve says he’s sorry. Shawn says it teaches him a lesson that if Jan comes back, she can’t be anywhere near his son as he can’t let that happen. Shawn declares it’s just going to be him and the baby. Kayla comes back and says she and Steve will be there too. Kayla mentions that the baby is sleeping now. Kayla tells Shawn about when she first found out about Tripp and says she knows it’s not the same, but it was like being kicked in the stomach and she was in emotional shock, but over time, her resentment towards Tripp turned in to loving him like her own son. Kayla thinks in the beginning it was because of her love for Steve. Shawn says he’s never stopped loving Belle. Kayla doesn’t think Belle stopped loving him. Shawn says that might be true since that’s what Belle says, but he thinks she has moved on.

Belle tells Brady that Sami went on quite a tirade and says she was so hurt. Belle explains that Sami left and EJ took off after her and she didn’t know why, so she followed him and from what he said, it’s pretty obvious that EJ is still in love with Sami. Chloe notes that Belle didn’t tell her that part. Belle says she already knew. Brady warns Belle that Sami will retaliate and won’t keep it to herself. Belle then worries about Shawn and declares that she owes it to him to tell him, herself and goes to get dressed. Brady hopes that she’s not too late.

Sami goes to Shawn’s and greets Shawn, Steve, and Kayla. Steve asks if she’s alright. Sami says she decided a little short term humiliation was better than being married to her kidnapper. Sami is sure they know all about it from the news. Kayla asks if Sami has slept. Sami complains about everyone knowing her feelings. Kayla notes that she just seems wired. Sami says she’s sure a big crash is coming but she came to talk to Shawn before the inevitable meltdown. Shawn asks what she wants to talk to him about. Sami guesses she’s the one who is going to have to break it to him that Belle is sleeping with EJ.

Kate tells Lucas that he won’t have a lot of time with his attorney before his arraignment and encourages him to just plead not guilty now so he doesn’t burn his bridges before he even gets started. Lucas thinks he burned his bridges a long time ago. An officer comes in to take Lucas to his arraignment, so Kate follows them out. Lucas tells Kate to go home but Kate says she needs to be in the room when he talks to his lawyer. Lucas declares he’s going to do this on his own and tells Kate to go. EJ then arrives and asks Lucas if that’s any way to talk to his mother since she made him the man he is today. Lucas tells the officer to get him out of here. EJ says he’ll catch him later as they have a lot to talk about. Lucas is escorted away. Kate tries to leave but EJ grabs her and asks her what the rush is, saying it’s almost like she’s trying to avoid him. Kate guesses that Roman told him. EJ states that Roman was very upset and let it slip that Kate knew Lucas kidnapped Sami and said nothing as he framed him for it and he went off to prison. Kate mocks EJ living high in a moral dungeon now like he lived a blameless life. EJ says she’s coming out swinging like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid then reminds her of what happened to them.

Kayla asks if Sami could think about somebody other than herself and complains that Shawn doesn’t need this. Shawn says it’s okay as he can’t unhear what was said, so he might as well hear more. Shawn asks Sami what happened. Sami explains that after her wedding blew up and Lucas confessed to what he had done, she went to see EJ since he was accused of kidnapping her and she thought EJ should know that Lucas confessed which is when she saw EJ and Belle in bed together. Shawn questions her seeing Belle. Sami responds that Belle was hiding in the bathroom at first but then she came out because she wanted to make sure she knew it was her. Sami says she hates having to tell him this. Belle then arrives and says like hell she does.

Chloe encourages Brady about Rachel getting to spend time with Tate and Theresa and how Brady and Theresa are on good terms but Brady remains distracted by being worried about Belle. Chloe points out that Brady and Theresa have worked things out so that could be Belle and Shawn in time. Brady states that Belle is on her way to tell Shawn that she slept with EJ DiMera and asks how he’ll get past that. Chloe says Belle is more important than his hate for EJ. Brady says he knows his sister and she has only ever really been happy with Shawn, but thanks to Jan Spears and EJ, he thinks this time, their marriage may be over for good.

Belle argues that Sami doesn’t hate telling Shawn about her and EJ as she’s having the time of her life. Sami says she’s not. Belle knows what Sami went through last night but asks if she knows or cares what Shawn went through. Belle says Sami doesn’t care because telling Shawn about her and EJ was the way to inflict the most pain on her and that’s all that matters to her. Belle tells Sami that she will never forgive her for doing this to Shawn. Sami laughs at the idea that she did this to Shawn and says Shawn’s going through Hell while Belle is sleeping with EJ and questions how it’s her fault. Kayla tells Sami that’s enough and tells her that she’s done her damage so she can just go. Sami wishes Shawn luck and laughs as she walks out. Kayla decides she and Steve will go to let Shawn and Belle have a moment. Kayla says to call if he needs anything as they exit. Shawn guesses they finally have to have a talk.

Roman goes to Marlena’s. Marlena says it must have been quite a hard time for him with the wedding and then hearing Kate’s confession. Roman says the hard part was that Kate seemed genuinely miserable, like she was really sorry, but he just couldn’t get past knowing that she was only telling him because she knew it was going to come out later. Marlena can imagine how difficult it was for Kate to tell Roman and how difficult it will be for her to tell EJ.

Kate informs EJ that she led Belle to the files that got him out of prison. EJ argues that he wouldn’t have been in prison if she hadn’t enabled Lucas. Kate says she was protecting her son. Kate asks what EJ is going to do with her. EJ says he has a myriad of options from civil litigation to something more visceral and hands on. EJ states that the Italian side of him is seething inside but Stefano was always adamant that revenge is a dish best served cold, so Kate will just have to wait until he feels rational and ruthless enough to decide her fate. EJ tells Kate that he’ll see her around and then exits the station.

Brady gives Chloe a necklace and says he forgot to give it to her to show her how much he missed her because of all the drama with Belle. Chloe thanks him and says she missed him too as they kiss.

Belle tells Shawn that she came to tell him herself. Shawn argues that she came when she realized Sami wasn’t going to keep her secret. Belle asks to keep Sami out of this. Shawn thanks her for the update then and says he doesn’t want to hear any more details. Belle is sorry about how he had found out but says he had to know they were heading this way. Shawn argues that he wasn’t heading any way as he’s here in their house while Belle headed out and went straight to EJ’s bed.

Marlena calls Belle, leaving her a message to call her back right away as it’s really important. Marlena prays not to let Sami be doing what she thinks she’s doing. Kate then shows up at Marlena’s door. Marlena questions what the hell she’s doing here. Kate says she needs her help.

Sami sits in the living room of the DiMera Mansion as EJ comes home, surprised that she came back and says thank God.

Brady and Chloe continue kissing and begin to undress as Chloe welcomes him home.

Lucas returns to the police station from his arraignment. The officer with him remarks that when Lucas plead not guilty, he looked like even he knew it was a crock.

Kate asks if Marlena is going to let her in. Marlena argues that Kate knew her son kidnapped her daughter and said nothing and she knew they were about to get married, but still said nothing. Marlena then questions why in God’s name she would let Kate in to her home.

Belle argues that she and Shawn were having problems long before she got involved with EJ. Shawn blames Jan and the Devil tricking him in to getting in bed with Jan and then Belle decided that he betrayed her. Shawn says something terrible happened to both of them but from day one, she acted like it was only her and she was the victim. Shawn argues that Belle walked out on her and their marriage while he was dealing with a psycho that was pregnant with his baby. Shawn asks how to protect the baby without dealing with Jan. Belle shouts that it was too much after everything Jan did to them to know that Jan was having his child. Belle knows Jan tricked him in to bed and she never blamed him for that, but he never told her and then there’s a baby. Shawn argues that the baby has no choice of how he was brought in to the world. Belle complains that Shawn refuses to understand. Shawn mocks that EJ understands perfectly so she runs right in to his bed. Belle then storms out.

Sami questions what EJ just said. Sami says that his arrogance never ceases to amaze her. Sami asks if he thought she came back to be with him. Sami goes over how she was about to marry Lucas last night but that didn’t work out, so she came to see EJ and found him in bed with her sister. Sami asks if that’s supposed to bring back all the old feelings. EJ guesses that she hasn’t come back to him then. Sami clarifies that she came to say goodbye to Johnny because this is it and she’s leaving Salem. Sami says she’s gone back and forth between EJ and Lucas for the better part of two decades and she’s sick of it. Sami remarks that EJ’s not worth the powder it would take to blow him up. EJ points out that they would be together right now, if she hadn’t believed Lucas’s lies. Sami agrees that he’s right about that and thanks God it happened the way it did so she could learn her lesson, because she can’t even count the different ways that EJ has found to break her heart. Sami declares that she’s done and wishes EJ luck with Belle or whoever comes after her as she hopes they make each other miserable. Sami repeats that this is it as she’s had it with him, this place, and all of it. Sami then walks out of the mansion, leaving EJ upset.

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