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Recap written by Christine

Sharon and her kids had a surprise party for Nick at Crimson Lights. Faith, Noah, Mariah, Tessa and Moses were there, and Nick felt touched. Sharon said Rey had to work, but he’d said the next round of beers were on him. Nick said his kids were obligated to be here, but Moses and Tessa chose to attend, and that meant a lot to him. Moses said Devon was passing on his best wishes, along with some light ribbing. Nick said this wasn’t a roast, but Faith and her siblings all said they wanted a roast. Nick was good natured about it, but he headed to the door, saying he just remembered he had a root canal appointment. Mariah told Nick to have a seat, and they put a crown on his head. Nick called Monique, the nanny, and told her he’d be home late. Nick told Sharon that Christian still thought he could do no wrong. Sharon said that while Nick was in Milan, all Christian talked about was how great his dad was.

Nick saw Mariah, Faith and Noah conspiring. He asked Tessa and Moses if he had anything to worry about. Tessa and Moses recommended being afraid. Faith told Nick not to stress because they all loved him and thought he was the best dad in the world, not that he couldn’t be overprotective. Faith brought up Danny Obermeyer. Moses asked if that was an ex boyfriend. Faith said that he was a second grader who tripped her during a soccer game, and Nick gave him the Newman death glare. Mariah suggested Nick give Moses a taste, just in case he ever stepped out of bounds, but Nick said it wouldn’t be necessary. Tessa wanted to see it, so Nick glared, and Moses and Tessa thought it was terrifying. Nick also once chased down a teen who stole Noah’s Halloween candy and made him apologize. Faith thought they were lucky to have Nick looking out for them. Nick and Faith hugged.

Next, it was Mariah’s turn and she wanted to dive into Nick’s love life. Nick said he didn’t have one. Mariah said that wouldn’t last long, since Nick was a hopeless romantic. Tessa thought Mariah was too. Mariah said she was a hardened cynic until recently, and given Noah’s current attitude, she guessed it ran in the family. She thought she and Noah should screen Nick’s future dates. Nick said he wouldn’t be dating for awhile, and everyone scoffed. Mariah said there was nothing wrong with being in love with being in love. Mariah thought Nick had a big heart, and that was why he was able to accept Cassie and Mariah into his family. Mariah and Nick hugged. Noah was glad to be in town to watch his dad grow old. Noah said Nick was always at his games growing up, and he’d been with Noah every step of the way even when Noah’s interests diverged from his. Noah knew that Nick was supportive of Summer’s entry into the fashion world too. Faith added that Nick started listening to Tigirlily because she liked them. Nick liked their music. Faith knew, because she heard him singing in the shower. Noah said Nick was proof no dad could be too involved in his children’s lives. Nick asked if Noah would accept his job offer.

Everyone except Nick and Sharon broke away to get the cake. Sharon wanted to hear about the job offer. Nick wanted to expand New Hope, and he wanted Noah to help him run it. Nick knew it’d be a big shift going from art installations to New Hope, but he thought Noah was looking for meaning in life, and New Hope would provide that, just as it had for Nick. Nick knew Adam offered Noah a job that Sharon pushed him to accept. Sharon said that she didn’t push Noah, she just asked him not to rule it out because it came from Adam. She wanted their son to do what was best, and selfishly, whatever kept him in town. Nick wanted Noah to stay too.

Noah asked Tessa about the baby plans, and she said they were looking into adoption. Noah said that would be a lucky kid, or kids, and he congratulated Tessa. Tessa wanted to stick with one child for now. She thought it was nice having Noah back, since she liked having a friend so close by. Mariah brought the cake out from the back and they all sang happy birthday. Nick got teased about being old because there were so many candles on his cake.

Nick got court side tickets to the Bucks from Mariah and Tessa. Tessa, the rock star, had pulled a few strings to get the impossible-to-find tickets. Noah got Nick a personalized bottle of wine. He’d designed a label that honored The Underground. Moses bought Nick an album. Nick and Sharon winced when Moses called the 1990s record retro. Faith made a photo album for Nick, filled with pictures of the both of them and a book of Dad jokes. Sharon gave Nick a basket of his favorite muffins. She said that Christian helped her pick out the last gift. It was an old shirt that Sharon found in a vintage shop that was just like one Nick used to own. Nick loved that shirt, and he’d been crushed when he lost it. She said that when she found the shirt, it brought back memories for her, and she thought it might for him too. He was excited to get it and all his other gifts. He thanked everyone for a special night. They danced, then Mariah read jokes from the book.

Nick pulled Noah aside and asked about the job. Noah was impressed with New Hope, but he already took the job at Newman Media, and he didn’t think Victor and Adam would appreciate it if he backed out. Nick thought that they’d understand, and he also believed Victor, who was a proponent of father/son bonding, would be especially understanding. Noah wasn’t saying no, but he needed some time to consider the offer. Across the room, Faith exclaimed about Mariah and Tessa having a baby. Noah looked sullen. Mariah said they were early in the adoption process, and it’d probably be a long while off. Mariah was sorry that her news slipped out, since this day was about Nick. Nick said not to apologize – he thought it was the best news ever that their family was expanding. Faith and Moses offered to babysit. Moses had a lot of experience with Dominic. Faith noticed Sharon wasn’t surprised. Sharon said she’d only known for a short time, and it wasn’t her secret to tell, but she was very happy for Mariah and Tessa.

Faith asked Moses what he told his mom about her when he went home for the holidays. Before he could answer, Sharon came up with a bag of food for him to take home to Amanda and Devon. Moses and Faith left.

Mariah asked Nick how Summer was enjoying married life and parenthood. Nick said she was great, and Harrison had stolen her heart. Tessa talked about how much paperwork adoption required. Noah started to quietly leave, and Sharon went over and said bye. Sharon looked at Mariah, Tessa and Nick, who were laughing and talking about the adoption, then she looked at the somber Noah.

Later, Sharon and Nick were alone, and they talked about their kids. They thought Faith and Moses were cute, and Nick was happy to see Mariah and Tessa doing well. Sharon had been a little worried to hear about the adoption plans at first, because Mariah had been so fragile, and there were all these stories about people getting their hopes dashed when they tried adoption, but Sharon noticed that Mariah was getting stronger every day. Sharon said Mariah barely reacted when Moses brought up Dominic. Nick noticed, and he saw that Sharon was paying close attention as well. He said they’d never be done parenting. She was worried about Noah, but she thought Nick was right about Noah needing a new direction. Sharon noticed Nick was at peace. He said he realized he had everything he needed to be happy, and his family was his touchstone. He thanked her for putting this evening together. He thought they’d created something special with their kids, and she said it was only getting stronger.

Devon and Amanda watched a movie, and she turned it off because he wasn’t paying attention. He was thinking that he’d been neglecting Hamilton-Winters. Amanda didn’t think that was true – she thought that he’d been understandably focused on Dominic. Devon said he couldn’t let the company he built with Neil fall apart.

Devon had a nightmare that Dominic was crying and lost. “Daddy’s coming!,” an alarmed Devon said. Amanda shook Devon awake, and he told her about the dream. “[Dominic] needed me and I wasn’t there for him,” Devon said. Amanda thought Devon had that dream because he couldn’t count on his mom when he was little. She knew how it felt because it was her story too. She was sure Devon probably promised himself that his child would never be alone or afraid. Devon said, according to the world, he didn’t have a child. Amanda knew Devon’s heart said otherwise. Amanda said Devon was a loving person, so of course he wanted to protect the baby. Devon theorized that he couldn’t find Dominic in the dream because Dominic wasn’t his child to protect.

Amanda asked if Devon wanted to step back from Dominic. He wasn’t sure what to do. Sometimes he felt like he was doing the right thing for Dominic, then other times, he felt like he was just doing what was best for himself. He had a natural instinct to look after Dominic. He knew Chance needed time to get his head right, but Devon didn’t just want to fill in until Chance was ready. Devon wanted to be there all the time for the rest of his life. He wasn’t sure that was selfish. Amanda knew she had her own issues, but she was adamant that it wasn’t selfish to want to love and protect Dominic. She felt that every child deserved that. She wouldn’t let him feel like there was something wrong with wanting to love the baby. Devon was too tired to make any decisions tonight. He though the dream was about the fear that all parents had, and he wasn’t going to make any life changes based on a dream. She said she’d be there if he wanted to talk or sleep. She went upstairs. He looked at a photo of Neil, then he followed her upstairs.

Chance came downstairs after reading Dominic a bedtime story. Abby was in the living room smiling. She’d been watching on the monitor, and she thought Chance and Dominic were cute. Chance felt like she was checking up on him. Abby said it wasn’t like that, but he said it was fine, and he walked away. When he returned, she said she didn’t want him to feel like she didn’t think he was capable of reading their son a story. He didn’t feel like he was doing enough to be a good father. Abby knew that feeling – she couldn’t carry their son or protect him and Mariah, or even nurse their son. Chance said that Abby did everything she could. She said that it ached though. She’d learned that parenting was a journey with no endpoint and there was no one right way to do things. “Your way is the right way because you love him,” Abby said. He thought she must be worn out looking after him and her son. She said he and Dominic were the greatest gifts of her life. He didn’t think she should have to deal with his problems, but she said he had to deal with hers, and marriage was about being a team. She suggested a bubble bath for two, and he took a rain check, so she went upstairs to shower.

Chance stared off into space and remembered the explosion. When he came back to the present, he heard Dominic crying over the monitor and Abby talking to him. Dominic had clearly been crying for some time, because Abby told him that she didn’t hear him because she was in the shower. She told Dominic that Chance must’ve fallen asleep, and that was why he didn’t come to the room.

Abby came downstairs and asked Chance if he fell asleep. He pretended he had dozed off. She said she helped Dom get back to sleep. She asked if he was coming upstairs, and he asked if they could sit here for a second, so she laid down on the couch with him. He looked at the monitor, then he adopted a thousand yard stare. She asked if he wanted to go check on the baby before they went to bed. He said he’d love to. She went upstairs. He paused at the staircase for a bit, then he followed her.

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