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Brady and Kristen’s daughter Rachel brings Marlena pumpkin pancakes at home. Rachel is dressed as a princess for Halloween and then Kristen joins her in the room, dressed as a queen. Rachel mentions that Brady will be a king. Kristen comments that they will then be the royal family. Rachel asks if there’s room for Marlena in the royal family. Kristen guesses that is up to Marlena.

Brady enters Kristen’s room and finds her bag on the bed. Brady opens it up but John walks in and questions what Brady is doing by going through Kristen’s things.

Nicole brings Holly to the Basic Black office. Holly runs in and excitedly hugs Eric. Eric tells her that she looks terrific and so does Nicole.

Stefan brings Chloe in to the DiMera Mansion and invites her to have coffee. Chloe doesn’t want to interrupt him working but Stefan says he’s just getting caught up on DiMera Enterprises. Stefan picks up a stack of papers and sees his divorce papers, then he flashes back to signing them. Chloe asks Stefan what’s wrong. Stefan claims nothing at all.

Li calls Dr. Rolf from his room at the Salem Inn. Li tells him that Gabi told him about confronting him at the lab. Li wants to know how Dr. Rolf convinced Gabi that he didn’t brainwash Stefan so they can keep their stories straight. Li questions what exactly Rolf told Gabi that got her to back down. Dr. Rolf reveals that he injected her with a drug to erase her memory because he told her the truth. Li argues that he wouldn’t have had to erase her memory if he didn’t tell her what she was never supposed to know. Li angrily calls Dr. Rolf spineless until Gabi comes out of the bathroom in a cat costume and questions who Li is talking to. Li hangs up and lies to her about the call being work related. Li tells Gabi that all she has to do is trust him when it comes to them taking over DiMera.

Stefan tells Chloe that he’s been thinking about her non stop. Chloe brought back the sunglasses and shirt from when he created a beach set up in her hotel room but Stefan says there’s no need and that they are a gift. Chloe thanks him and decides she should go but Stefan points out that she hasn’t had her coffee yet. Chloe then takes it and thanks him. Stefan calls it very kind of her to stop by and drop the stuff off so quickly, but he was hoping that she was just stopping by to see him.

Marlena compliments Rachel’s pancakes and thanks her. Kristen sends Rachel to the kitchen to get some jelly. Kristen then mocks Marlena’s Halloween spirit. Marlena thinks Rachel is pretty excited while Kristen complains that Marlena is treating her like an intruder. Kristen feels Rachel can see Marlena sneering at her. Marlena points out that this is Brady’s home and he invited her here without notice or warning. Marlena feels sad for Chloe because she thinks she and Brady were very happy together. Kristen argues that she can take that up with Brady because it was his idea to dump Chloe.

Brady claims that he wasn’t going through Kristen’s things but looking for Rachel’s favorite stuffed animal and now he found it. John tells Brady to cut the crap and questions him breaking up with Chloe out of the blue and now they have Kristen DiMera. John says when he asks him repeatedly, he goes in to his doing it for Rachel mantra. John questions it not being good for Rachel and how Brady could move Kristen in without talking to Marlena first. John asks if Brady has forgotten what Kristen has done to Marlena and everyone she loves. Brady shouts that he hasn’t. Brady apologizes and says things moved fast with Kristen and he intended to tell him. Brady asks John to just believe him when he says he’s doing what is best for the people he loves. John responds that he never doubted that for a moment but argues that he can trust him and tell him whatever the hell is going on here.

Holly invites Eric to come with her and Nicole to the town square but Nicole points out that Eric is working. Holly talks about all the candy they give out. Eric suggests Holly come back after in her costume and they can take photos. Nicole then gets a text and declares that she has to work today now too. Holly questions who is going to take her trick or treating.

Li tells Gabi that he likes her outfit a lot. Gabi explains that she’s taking her daughter Arianna to the Horton Town Scare where they decorate the town square and give out candy. Gabi talks about how Arianna wanted them to be cats and she’s missed so many Halloweens with her. Gabi feels now that she’s out of work, she’s making up for lost time. Gabi comments that Arianna will be a teenager soon and won’t want anything to do with her. Li remarks that he cannot imagine anyone wanting nothing to do with her. Gabi asks what about Stefan.

Chloe admits that she did want to see Stefan but it didn’t seem fair since she’s not the greatest company these days. Stefan says he’ll be the judge of that. Chloe brings up Stefan saying he was madly in love with her. Chloe thinks Stefan wants a girlfriend while she just wants pretend trips, so it didn’t seem fair to let him think it was something else. Stefan tells her not to worry about being fair as he enjoys spending time with her. Stefan knows she won’t get over Brady in a day and says it wasn’t cool how he dumped her. Chloe says she understands that Rachel hates her and Brady is really worried about her. Stefan feels it still doesn’t excuse how he treated her. Chloe gets that Brady is under pressure but doesn’t understand letting Kristen move in to John and Marlena’s. Chloe apologizes for talking about Stefan’s sister. Stefan acknowledges that Kristen is not popular. Chloe repeats that moving Kristen in to the house makes no sense and calls it so absurd. Chloe says she didn’t come to unload all her problems on him but Stefan says that’s what he’s here for. Stefan offers Chloe breakfast. Chloe says she’s late for work but Stefan convinces her to stay for 30 minutes and adds that they can pretend they are on Miami Beach.

Kristen tells Marlena that she’s always been mystified by Chloe’s ability to garner sympathy. Rachel returns with jelly for Marlena’s pancakes. Rachel asks if they were fighting. Kristen says no and that they were just waiting for King Brady. Kristen wonders where Brady and John are.

Brady tells John that he trusts him more than anyone on the planet and he knows this must be hard for him. John argues that he knows Brady is just handing him a cover story. Brady repeats to John that he’s doing what he thinks is best for his family and he’s doing it the way John would do it. Brady asks John to trust him. John asks if he’s sure there is nothing he can do to help him. Kristen comes in and interrupts them, questioning them being in her room, going through her things, and talking about her. John responds that it’s his house and Brady is his son, so he can talk to him when and where he wants to about anything he wants to. John then exits the room. Kristen tells Brady that this is only day one so she hopes John won’t crack under pressure. Brady assures that he won’t and neither will Marlena. Kristen says not to expect her to because she can take whatever they dish out. Brady asks if she’s given one ounce of thought about the environment she’s created for Rachel. Kristen complains about Brady so he tells her to move out. Kristen accuses Brady of invading her privacy and says she may be many things but not stupid. Kristen reminds Brady that her hold over him is that she has the serum to help Marlena. Kristen says if Brady had the serum, she would not have hold of him, so it’s not in her underwear drawer or under the floor boards. Kristen declares that the serum is some place where he will never find it and he is under her thumb.

Li acknowledges that Stefan hurt Gabi but says any man who doesn’t want to be with her is a damn fool. Gabi says it’s just the way that Stefan hates her and how it’s different from when they first met. Gabi says they used to fight but had an underlying connection and now he looks at her like she makes him sick. Gabi adds that’s why she knew Dr. Rolf had to have done something but she talked to Rolf and found out it wasn’t true. Li reminds Gabi that Stefan’s attitude towards her makes moving on easier because the Stefan that she knew and loved is gone, but he’s here and swears that the way he feels about her will never change. Gabi says she feels the same about Li and will concentrate on him. Gabi swears to forget about Stefan as she kisses Li.

Stefan and Chloe have breakfast together until Chloe gets a call from Nicole. Chloe tells her that she’s on her way. Nicole apologizes and says she needs a big favor. Nicole asks Chloe to take Holly to the Horton Town Scare because she promised they would go but something came up. Chloe says she’d love to so Nicole asks her to pick Holly up from the office. Chloe says she’ll be right there and hangs up. Chloe tells Stefan that it must be her lucky day as first she gets breakfast with him and now gets to take Holly trick or treating. Stefan offers to go with her.

John brings Rachel her favorite stuffed animal. Rachel goes to get John some orange juice. Marlena asks if everything is okay. John doesn’t think so and asks if she does.

Kristen tells Brady that she’s not angry with him which Brady laughs at. Kristen says she expected him to go searching for the serum but reiterates that he’s not going to find it. Kristen asks Brady to accept what he cannot change. Brady points out that she never does. Kristen thinks the three of them need serenity. Kristen declares that what they wanted is in their grasp and asks Brady to stop fighting it. Kristen reminds Brady that not long ago, he wanted them to be a family and now they are. Brady disagrees and says she’ll always be Rachel’s mother but what they had is gone. Brady tells Kristen that using three human beings to blackmail him is not a family. Kristen asks if Brady wants power over her and to bring her to her knees. Kristen sits on the bed and suggests this could be the time and place to do just that. Brady tells her no, not here, now or ever. Kristen says she wouldn’t count on that, remarking that there is a thin line between love and hate. Kristen reminds Brady that he used to love her. Brady argues that she’s not the woman he used to love because the Kristen he loved would never humiliate herself by trying to blackmail someone in to sleeping with her. Brady concedes that she has all the power and can make him do whatever she wants, but she can’t change how he feels and what he feels for her is contempt. Brady then walks out of the room. Kristen remarks that Brady is not going to win this one.

Stefan tells Chloe that he and Holly are like old friends and used to hang out all the time when she lived in the mansion. Chloe admits that Holly always liked him. Stefan decides the three of them will go together then. Chloe points out that they don’t have costumes, but Stefan says they do.

Gabi apologizes to Li for continuing to talk about Stefan. Li understands that her husband came back from the dead so she’s going to talk about him. Gabi admits that she’s having a hard time accepting that Stefan hates her and that’s why she was sure that Dr. Rolf did something to him but she knows that’s not true. Gabi feels like when Stefan died, so did his love for her. Gabi knows it’s over and they signed the divorce papers. Gabi thanks God that she has Li. Li responds that she always will. Gabi kisses him and says she has to get going to pick up Arianna from the Kiriakis Mansion. Li offers to go with her. Gabi says it’s for the kids and corny so she thinks he would hate it. Li thinks it sounds like a really good way for he and Arianna to get to know each other better. Gabi asks if he doesn’t have to go to work. Li says he can take the morning off, but he doesn’t have a costume. Gabi points out that she and Arianna are both cats, but Arianna doesn’t want to wear her cat ears because she says it messes up her hair, so she puts the ears on Li and they kiss.

Kristen rejoins Rachel in the living room and wonders what’s taking Brady so long. Rachel offers to go get him but Kristen decides to give him another five minutes. Kristen invites Marlena and John to come with them which Rachel agrees with. Marlena points out that they don’t have costumes. Kristen asks about Marlena’s Devil costume from last year and suggests John could find a collar around here. Kristen asks if it’s too soon. John says they will pass so Kristen says maybe next year. Brady then comes in dressed as a King. Brady, Kristen, and Rachel then exit together. John tells Marlena that this is a nightmare. Marlena points out that Rachel is having a good time. John says that helps some but Brady refuses to tell him what’s going on here. Marlena admits she’s baffled as she can’t figure out why Brady brought Kristen to stay with them.

Nicole finishes a call and tells Eric that they loved their proofs but the problem is, they want more photos now so they are sending over more clothes. Eric thinks that’s good news but Nicole says there’s more as they want her to do that shoot too. Eric isn’t seeing why this is bad news. Nicole says she wanted to spend time with Holly. Eric points out that Holly seemed pretty happy to go with Chloe and Stefan. Eric suggests they zip through it and get Nicole there in time to catch up with them. Nicole doesn’t want Eric to rush through the photoshoot because they were crazy about his work and this could get his photography career started again. Eric declares that when Nicole is the model, everything just works better and faster and they work really well together.

Stefan and Chloe bring Holly to the town square, dressed in their beach outfits while Holly is dressed as a shark. Holly goes to the bakery to get a brownie. Chloe tells Stefan that Holly seems to remember everything they did together. Stefan jokes about introducing her to Metallica and the Fast and the Furious. Stefan states that when he’s with Chloe, it’s like he’s not a money-driven corporate warrior. Gabi and Li arrive with Arianna. Gabi remarks that she really didn’t expect to see Stefan here.

Eric sets up for the photoshoot and tells Nicole that he’s ready whenever she is. Nicole comes out in a red dress and asks where he wants her.

Holly and Arianna run off together to get popcorn. Li gets a call from his dad and steps away to take it while Chloe goes to help Holly with her costume, leaving Gabi and Stefan. Stefan tells Gabi that she doesn’t need to make small talk. Gabi agrees that they have absolutely nothing to say to each other.

Marlena tells John that he hasn’t said a word in 20 minutes. John responds that he’s just mulling over something that Brady said when he was pounding him about leaving Chloe and moving Kristen in. John informs her that Brady said he’s doing what he thinks is best for the people he loves, not for Rachel, but the people he loves. John thinks he knows why Brady was in Kristen’s room going through her things, because he was looking for that serum.

Brady and Kristen bring Rachel to the town square and she goes to join the kids in bobbing for apples. Kristen comments on missing doing these things together and asks Brady to meet her halfway for Rachel’s sake. Brady argues that none of what Kristen is doing is for Rachel’s sake. Kristen argues that Rachel has never been happier with everyone she loves under one roof. Kristen adds that she’s making a huge sacrifice by living with John and Marlena. Kristen then sees a kid cut in front of Rachel so she decides to go make him regret it. Brady remarks to himself that it won’t be as much as he regrets ever laying eyes on her. Brady then turns around and runs in to Chloe.

John tells Marlena that they know Dr. Rolf was always on the DiMera payroll, so he asks what if Kristen got the serum from Dr. Rolf and used it to blackmail Brady. Marlena argues that it doesn’t make sense because Brady would have left Kristen and gone back to Chloe as soon as they got better, but instead, he moved Kristen in. John wonders why Brady was in her room then. John declares that whatever is going on, Kristen is calling all the shots and Brady is doing whatever he can to try and change that.

Chloe and Brady greet one another. Brady comments on still not believing adults should wear Halloween costumes but he’s doing it for Rachel. Kristen comes back and comments that she saw Chloe arrive with Stefan and she knows he adores her. Chloe says she hopes Rachel has a happy Halloween and walks away while Kristen remarks that she will because she’s with her parents and is very happy that they are a family again. Chloe goes back over to Stefan. Gabi comments on Chloe being with Holly and questions if Nicole is okay.

Eric and Nicole go over her photos. Eric picks one and says she looks beautiful. Nicole then goes to change out of her dress.

Chloe informs Gabi that Nicole asked her to take Holly. Stefan adds that he volunteered to tag along. Gabi asks how Brady feels about that. Chloe clarifies that she and Brady are no longer together. Gabi acknowledges that’s why Brady is here with Kristen. Chloe points out that Brady is here mainly for Rachel. Gabi remarks on Stefan not wasting any time making his move. Chloe responds that Stefan and Holly are her friends. Gabi mocks the idea that Stefan came to hang out with Holly and storms off. Li follows Gabi and asks if she’s okay. Gabi claims she’s fine and is just surprised to see Chloe and Brady broke up because she saw them a few minutes ago and it looked like there was still a connection. Gabi goes to check on Arianna while Li complains to himself about there still being a connection between Gabi and Stefan. Chloe apologizes to Stefan about Gabi but Stefan assures that they just signed the divorce papers and it’s exactly what he wanted. Chloe knows it’s not easy as she has experience. Stefan hugs Chloe while Gabi looks on. Kristen comes over to Li and remarks that it looks like they both got what they wanted. Kristen then goes back to Brady while Gabi rejoins Li.

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