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Recap written by Christine

Nikki summoned Phyllis to the ranch to get an update on her first day at Marchetti. Phyllis said she handled it masterfully, and no one there knew she had a secret plan to sabotage Diane. Nikki asked if Phyllis had taken steps to damage Diane’s reputation yet. Phyllis said it was the first day, and the plan would take time and finesse. Phyllis stated that she was in the trenches while Nikki was home, sipping tea and not furthering their cause. “That’s where you’re wrong,” Nikki replied. Nikki had a meeting with an LA based investigative reporter. The reporter reached out to Nikki, because she was thinking of doing a story on Diane. Phyllis asked to meet the journalist too.

Kyle and Summer went to Dive Bar to get some time alone. They decided not to talk about their moms tonight and to focus on each other. He had a surprise, and he guided her through the establishment with her eyes closed to a table with Italian drinks. It was to remind her of their favorite rooftop bar in Milan. Summer was happy to be back in Genoa City, but there were moments when she missed Italy. Kyle felt the same way. They reminisced about dancing on a rooftop in Italy, then going home and holding each other while they watched the sun rise. Summer listed off the ingredients in the drink and said she wasn’t sure she’d like that combination of tastes together, but she did. “Things that don’t seem to go together, but somehow do,” Kyle said, clearly referring to more than the drinks. Kyle suggested they go home for a swim, and since no one was around, they could skip the swimsuits.

Summer spotted Nikki and Phyllis at at table and pointed out how odd it was, since her mother and grandmother barely gave each other the time of day. Kyle said setting aside old grudges and rivalries was the new trend, but Summer was sure something was up. Kyle said Phyllis and Nikki’s meeting wasn’t really any of their business. He reminded her tonight was supposed to be about them. She said he was right.

Talia, the reporter, joined Nikki and Phyllis. Nikki made introductions. Talia said Phyllis’s name had come up in her research. Nikki said Talia first contacted her wanting to do an article about Ashland’s death and how it affected the Newmans. Nikki convinced her that the better story would be about Diane. Talia hoped to speak to Jack at some point. Nikki said that could be arranged. Talia was curious about Diane’s time in LA. Phyllis found it hard to believe Diane was living a quiet life in LA and just stumbled across Jack’s granddaughter. Talia did think that was an unlikely coincidence. Nikki said she had people in LA digging around, but they hadn’t found anything. Phyllis asked if Nikki mentioned that Diane had sent Jack a bunch of cryptic texts to get him to come to LA. Nikki rolled her eyes. She didn’t think that was worth exploring because Diane already acknowledged that she did that to become sympathetic in Jack’s eyes. Phyllis thought the investigative reporter should be the one to decide. Nikki didn’t want to waste Talia’s valuable time. She said it would behoove all of them for Talia to publish her story quickly. Phyllis said she and Nikki had full access to Diane, so they could help with the investigation.

Talia said her goodbyes. While Kyle attempted to make small talk, Summer was watching Phyllis and Nikki across the room. Kyle realized Summer wasn’t going to be able to relax, so he sent her to the table. Summer went over and asked her mother and grandmother who that woman was that they’d been talking to. Nikki said she had to go, but she and Phyllis were meeting with a reporter who wanted to do a story on Ashland. She left. Phyllis said it was funny how a common enemy, even a dead one, could bond two people. Summer didn’t believe Nikki’s story.

Diane visited Jack in his office. He noted it was after-hours, and she said she just popped in to say goodnight. His dinner meeting just got canceled, and he was dismayed because he’d been craving Society. She said they could go to together. Diane had some questions about her job performance. He suggested she ask Kyle, but she thought their son would take a soft approach on her, and she knew Jack would give her the cold hard truth. She said she needed to do well with the job and prove herself worthy of the second chance Kyle gave her. He agreed to dinner, and she smiled.

At Society, Diane explained she was trying to find a balance at work her first few days. She didn’t want to come off too strong, but she also didn’t want to be invisible. Jack said Diane was a smart resourceful woman, and she should trust her instincts. Diane felt like a neophyte after her first visit with Mariah. Diane thought she’d be able to work really well with Mariah, but that young woman really knew what she was doing. Jack said Kyle recruited Mariah – she had no background in cosmetics or marketing, and he knew she was the right person for the job. Jack thought it showed Kyle had an eye for talent, and it was obvious that Kyle hired Diane because he believed in her abilities, not just because she was his mother. To Diane, it was humbling reporting to someone young enough to be your daughter. Jack said Diane should see it as another stepping stone. He noted that she’d been a model, architect and Realtor, and she’d climbed the ladder in so many different fields. Diane had a confession to make.

Diane knew she’d projected confidence, but in reality she’d been nervous about starting over with Kyle and starting a whole new life here. Right now she felt excited to have so many firsts at this stage of her life. Starting with being a respectable and upstanding member of society. Being a grandmother had been one of the most rewarding experiences of her life, and her job was exciting, but having Phyllis join the Marchetti team threw her off her game. She could imagine Jack understood her reluctance to trust Phyllis. She was determined to take the high road at work, even if Phyllis didn’t.

Jack toasted to Diane and Phyllis surviving as co-workers. Diane said even if Phyllis did try to undermine her, Diane was on the lookout. Diane refused to get worked up about it. Diane didn’t want Phyllis to know this, but in a way, Diane empathized with Phyllis. Diane said she came back into Phyllis’s life in a way that felt intrusive. Diane thought Phyllis felt threatened and displaced. Diane said she was getting to spend so much time with Harrison, Summer and Kyle, and now she was here with Jack. She thought that must really get to Phyllis. Diane said she wasn’t trying to take anything from Phyllis. Diane stated that Summer adored Phyllis, and Harrison was so loving that Phyllis didn’t have to worry about Diane lessening Phyllis’s connection to him. Diane said Jack and Phyllis had such a deep bond, that he might let her into his heart again.

Jack shut down that line of conversation. Diane was sorry. She just meant there was enough love, family and friendship to go around. She hoped Phyllis would stop letting the jealousy and resentment control her, because, as Diane knew, that was a terrible way to go through life. Jack was relieved, surprised and appreciated Diane’s candor and insight. Diane shifted to a lighter subject – dessert.

Elena bumped into Devon in the hallway of Chancellor Winters. She wanted to see Nate, but he wasn’t there. Devon officially welcomed Elena to Chancellor Winters, and he noticed she didn’t seem excited about it. Elena was grateful for the opportunity to work here, and even thought the hospital was her priority, she loved that she’d get to reach more people. She guessed she was just still coming to terms with the reality of Nate’s job here. She admitted she felt she and Nate were drifting apart; she thought they’d be okay, but it was a reminder that things didn’t always go as expected. He knew what she meant. Devon said no matter what professional issues he and Nate had, they would always be family. Devon considered Elena family too, and he thought it was nice that she was literally across the hall. Devon didn’t want the tensions of the job to affect Elena’s home life with Nate. She thanked him and decided to leave.

Nate met with Lily at Crimson Lights on the patio. He congratulated her on knocking it out of the park on her trip. She was glad to be home. He assumed she spoke with Devon. She did, and she thought it would be good if she and Nate discussed it away from the office. Lily knew the transition would be a challenge. She said she went from running a media division to this huge entity, and it was the same for Devon, and Nate had an even bigger career shift. She wasn’t looking to place blame; she just wanted Nate’s take on the tension between him and Devon at the office. He asked if he was talking to the co-CEO of Chancellor Winters or to his cousin. She thought that if they were going to fix this, he had to be as open with her as possible.

Nate admired Devon and respected his experience, but he thought Devon had been autonomous for so long, he’d forgotten how to collaborate. Lily said that wasn’t her experience with Devon. Nate said that could be because Lily and Devon were equals – co-CEOs and siblings. Nate thought Devon was being inflexible and egotistical. He said Devon refused to accept any of Nate’s good ideas. Nate conceded he’d made some missteps, but he was motivated to make the company a success. He felt Devon was holding him back. Lily asked for an example. Nate wanted to broaden the talent pool of the acts then run their own showcases across the country to showcase the talent. Lily liked the concept, but there were logistical issues. Nate said even if it wasn’t viable, they could expand their streaming platform to appeal to a wider audience. He said Devon was too selective, and he picked acts based on personal taste. Lily thought that set the company apart. Nate thought that was fine for a boutique company, but a place like Chancellor Winters should be thinking of global conquest. Nate thought that Devon only had problems with the ideas because they were Nate’s.

Lily appreciated Nate’s candor, and she thanked him for sharing his ideas with her, because she though they were worth considering. She asked how he saw things moving forward with Devon. She didn’t think all the tension was coming from Devon. Nate apologized for his part in that tension and said this discussion made him wonder where he went wrong with Devon. After talking with Lily, Nate truly felt he and Devon could find their footing. He told her she was pretty good at this whole leadership thing. Lily wanted to have a talk with Devon.

After Lily left, Elena met Nate. He greeted her with a kiss, and she told him about going to the office to see him. He explained that Lily had wanted to meet at Crimson Lights to talk, so they wouldn’t get interrupted by Devon. Elena asked if it was a rough conversation, and Nate said just the opposite. Nate said Lily got what was going on with Devon, not that she let Nate off the hook either. Lily made it clear she thought it was a two-way-street, but she understood Nate was doing what he could to make Chancellor Winters better, sometimes in spite of Devon. Nate said once Lily backed him up, Devon would have no choice but to stop instantly squashing Nate’s ideas. Nate was confused that Elena didn’t seem happy about this.

Lily met with Devon in her office. She pitched both of Nate ideas as if they were her own. Devon thought the idea of running their own festival was pretty ambitious, and he was worried they’d get stretched too thin, but if they could pull it off, it’d be pretty damned cool. He said they should get everyone together and have a meeting about it. That’s when Lily revealed that these were Nate’s ideas. He asked if Nate put her up to this to try and trick him. She said Nate shared his ideas, and she chose to pitch them to Devon. Devon asked why his COO was bringing his ideas to Lily before bringing them to Devon. Lily said she asked to meet with Nate and encouraged him to open up to her. Lily asked if Devon changed his opinion of the ideas now that he knew they were Nate’s. He said no, but he thought that she’d gone about this in an underhanded way. She was sorry, but she suggested he might have bias against Nate. She wanted to solve this before it got out of hand. Devon said this was between him and Nate. He left.

Back at Crimson Lights, Elena wanted things to turn out the way Nate wanted them to. He said he wanted Chancellor Winters environment to be a better environment for Elena too. He hoped that Lily could get Devon to understand they were all on the same side. Elena really thought Nate needed to manage his expectations when it came to Devon, because he might push back harder than Nate thought. Elena got called into the hospital. She and Nate agreed to talk about this later, and she left. Devon walked in and confronted Nate. “Would you like to tell me what you’re trying to pull?,” Devon said.
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