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Recap written by Christine

Victor asked Victoria if she still loved Ashland after all the betrayal and lies. Victoria asked if it really mattered if she loved or hated Ashland. Nick said yes, because the emotional toll this was taking on Victoria would be worse if she still had feelings for Ashland. Victoria said the feelings she had for Ashland were very strong, and they weren’t going to go away overnight. She said her residual feelings didn’t matter – what mattered was the crimes he’d committed and what mattered was the plan to get him out of the company. Nikki pointed out that the plan seemed to be falling apart. Victor didn’t know that, so Nikki explained that Ashland was having second thoughts about framing Ashland.

Victoria said Ashland told her he didn’t want her to cross an ethical line by framing Adam. He also suggested he and Victoria run away together. Victor thought that Ashland was suspicious and he was testing Victoria to see if she was on his side. Victoria’s family was about ready to abandon the plan and do something else. Victoria was adamant that she could handle herself and Ashland. She said the plan was solid, and she was committed to seeing it through. “And you still don’t trust me,” she said. Victor said it wasn’t about trust. He thought Ashland was backpedaling from the plan because he was suspicious. “Or maybe he is seriously conflicted. Maybe it’s possible for him to be this ruthless and also love me and want to protect me. The two of those ideas are not mutually exclusive,” Victoria said. Victor sighed and said maybe Victoria was right. Victoria thought that was ironic coming from Victor. He asked what that meant. “She is comparing the dynamic she has with Ashland to what you and I have. That you can be ruthless, yet you love me. You always want to protect me and I’ve always loved you. Even at your worst, and vice versa,” Nikki explained. Nikki couldn’t give Ashland the benefit of the doubt. Victor thought the situations were completely different, but Victoria disagreed. Victor stated that Ashland was a narcissist. He said if Ashland were a man, he would’ve come clean to Victoria before the wedding and begged for forgiveness. “Or at least before he signed that contract to be co-CEO,” Nick added. Victor hated to say it, but Ashland used Victoria, and he would’ve tossed her away as soon as she wasn’t useful anymore. Victoria looked hurt. Victor promised to make Ashland pay, and he told Victoria not to question her plan.

Nikki said they didn’t mean to be heavy handed – they just needed to get through to Victoria. Nick demanded to know if Victoria had affection for Ashland. Victoria needed to think about it. She felt like they lacked faith in her ability to make good decisions. She needed time away from all of them to think. She rushed out of the office. Nick admitted he may have come on too strong. Nikki knew he was coming from a good place. Victor wondered if they were too tough on Victoria. Nikki thought they all said what needed to be said. Nick left. Nikki was going to get some work done. She had a feeling Victoria would be back sooner than later. Victor was going to stay at the office. Nikki hoped Victoria would calm down, so they could all have a civil conversation.

On the patio of Crimson Lights, Adam offered Ashland half a billion dollars to leave Victoria and the company. Ashland said he wasn’t strapped for cash, but that was a substantial amount of money. Adam said Ashland could buy a private island or a rocket and shoot himself off into space. Adam didn’t care how Ashland left – he was offering up a drama-free exit. Ashland was concerned that accepting this deal would be an admission of guilt. Adam told Ashland to stop pretending he still had cancer and that he didn’t prey on Victoria’s emotions to get his hands on the company. Adam didn’t care that Ashland lied, since Adam’s past was littered with similar schemes. Adam said Ashland’s plan fell apart, so he should just leave with his reputation intact. Ashland thought Adam was only doing this to get Ashland and Victoria out of the picture so he could have Victoria’s job. Adam didn’t think his motives should play a role in Ashland’s decision. Ashland asked if Victor knew Adam was making this offer. “You really think I have the temerity and the guts to make a deal like this without my father’s approval?,” Adam asked. Ashland supposed Victor would’ve had to sign off on such a substantial sum.

Ashland suggested that it was a bit cruel of Victor to have Adam offer Ashland five hundred million dollars. Ashland happened to know that Victor had been forced to pay Victoria, Nick and Abby five hundred million each over their trusts, but not Adam. Adam said he wasn’t part of the lawsuit. “It still seems unfair, don’t you think? I mean you never got that kind of money from your father,” Ashland said. “It’s almost as if he’s saying to you that you weren’t in the same league as his other children. As your siblings. That’s gotta hurt,” Ashland said. Adam grinned and said nice try, but he was doing fine. Ashland thought it must be exhausting for Adam to have to prove himself to Victor over and over and over. Adam said he and his dad were doing fine. He told Ashland not to read into the number – Adam and Victor had agreed on a sum that they thought would get Ashland out of their lives. Adam said this offer expired today. Ashland said it was a lot to consider, and he asked what if he needed more time. Adam said Ashland had one hour. If Ashland took the deal, the money would be wired into his account tomorrow morning. “And if not, good luck surviving what comes next,” Adam said. He left.

Adam went to Society and told Sally the latest. She was shocked Ashland didn’t immediately accept all that money. Adam said Ashland didn’t turn it down either, so he must be considering it. Sally thought Adam handled it masterfully. That meant a lot to him. They saw Victoria drinking at the bar. Sally asked if Adam wanted to leave, but he said he had to talk to Victoria. Sally went and got a table. Adam asked Victoria how the plan was going. Victoria didn’t want to get into it, but there might be a change in plans. He asked what that meant. She said he’d know when he needed to. “You really are a piece of work. I have put myself at risk to try and help you and you can’t even do the bare minimum to keep me informed? It’s like I’m a lesser being than you except when you need something from me,” he complained. She told him to calm down. He thought it was obvious that her plan didn’t work, and that she screwed it up. She denied it. He said that he told Victor this wasn’t going to work. He guessed that Ashland saw through her deception, and now he was backing off. He guessed it must suck to realize you couldn’t control the world. She said she accomplished more than he’d ever dreamed of. He suggested that was he wasn’t offered the opportunity. She countered that he’d been given plenty of chances, and he’d failed every time, because of who he was.

After Victoria left, Adam went to Sally. He told her that Victoria was refusing to admit that she blew it with Ashland and that her plan was a mess. He felt it validated his decision to take matters into his own hands and create an alternative plan. Sally asked how Victor would react to Adam offering Ashland a huge amount of money without consulting with him first. “If Ashland takes the deal and he leaves town, my dad will be fine with it, and if [Ashland] turns it down – [Victor] doesn’t even need to know,” Adam replied.

Ashland went to Victoria’s office and discovered her parents were still there. Ashland wanted to discuss the offer Adam made, and he asked if it was legit. Victor pretended that he knew what Ashland was talking about. Victor asked why the offer wouldn’t be legit. “The amount. You see, I happen to know that that’s the exact same number that you were forced to hand over to each of your children except Adam. So he was forced to relive that pain all over again, which I thought was heartless on your part. How exactly do you rationalize putting your own son in that position?,” Ashland asked. Victor said Ashland had no right to question his relationship with his son. He asked whether Ashland would take the five hundred million and get the hell out of town.

Ashland wasn’t sure if he was going to take the deal yet. He’d wondered if Adam made the offer on his own. “You think he’d agree to that sum of money without my permission?,” Victor asked. Ashland recalled that Adam had said almost the same thing. However, Ashland had picked up on some hesitation from Victor earlier, as if he’d been caught off guard. Victor said he’d been stunned by Ashland’s unmitigated gall to show up here, even though they all knew he was guilty. Victoria walked in and asked what was going on. Ashland said Adam, and perhaps Victor, offered him a lot of money to walk away from Victoria and his life in Genoa City. He asked her if he should take the deal and go. “Maybe I put you through enough pain. Maybe it’s time to put it to an end. Maybe we should just both move on,” he said.

Ashley found Traci staring out the window waiting for Jack. It reminded Ashley of when they were little and Traci would wait all day for their dad to come home from a business trip. Traci was eager to hear about Jack’s trip and about his granddaughter. She and Ashley hoped the trip went the way he wanted it to.

At the hotel, Phyllis told Jack he’d been chivalrous to carry in her bag. She wished there was something she could do for him. He asked if she could tell Kyle his mother was alive. He wasn’t serious, because he knew he needed to be the one to break that news. “Poor Kyle,” he said, and Phyllis hugged him. Jack felt that Diane ruined his trip to see Allie. Phyllis thought the trip was good because Jack made a real connection to Allie, and there was nothing Diane could do to change that. Billy texted about the trip. Jack decided to share the news with all his siblings at once.

After Jack left, Amanda dropped by to see Phyllis. She’d come yesterday too, and someone told her Phyllis was in LA. Amanda hoped Phyllis got to do something fun on her trip. Phyllis said the trip was one revelation after another. Amanda just went through that same sort of drama with her family, so she knew how intense it could be. Amanda was curious if Jack asked Phyllis to come to LA. Phyllis said that she offered to go. Amanda smiled and said the relationship was clearly getting deeper. Phyllis said she went out there as an advisor and voice of reason. Amanda laughed and said that didn’t sound like Phyllis. Phyllis said it went against her basic instinct. Amanda thought that showed how much Phyllis cared about Jack. Phyllis stated that she and Jack were just friends for now because that was what he needed. Amanda suggested she and Phyllis do a spa day. Phyllis was tempted, but she was behind on work. Amanda told Phyllis she should pamper herself after a long flight and hang out with her favorite person in the world.

When Jack got home, Billy, Traci and Ashley were there. Traci excitedly asked all about Allie, and Billy joked that Traci had already photoshopped Allie into the family portrait. Jack was glad to see the three of them here. He wanted to have regular family gatherings. Jack’s siblings liked the idea, but Billy sensed Jack was stalling. Jack said Allie was pretty, bright, curious and thoughtful. She reminded him of Keemo from time to time, but more than anything, she reminded him of Ashley. He said Allie was clear eyed, critical thinking and working on her Master’s in chemical engineering. Jack knew how skeptical Ashley had been, but Allie had been even more skeptical, and he thought when they met, they would hit it off.

Jack had everyone brace for some unsettling news. He revealed that Diane was alive and she was the one who sent the texts luring him to Keemo’s house. Billy, Ashley and Traci were in disbelief. Jack said Diane was hoping that after she brought him and Allie together, he’d help her reconnect with Kyle. They were all appalled. Jack said he had to tell Kyle. Ashley asked if Jack was sure. Jack said he couldn’t keep it from Kyle. Traci worried about what this would do to Kyle and she asked how Diane could put him through this. Ashley said Diane was inherently selfish. “Please tell us, how did this bitch come back into our lives?,” Ashley said.

Jack said Diane knew the whole town hated her and felt the walls closing in, so she faked her death with Deacon’s help. He said Diane claimed she’d rehabilitated herself and turned her life around. Ashley hoped Jack didn’t believe that. Jack didn’t buy it for one second. Jack hadn’t forgotten one thing Diane did to him – the lies, the games, using Kyle’s custody as a weapon… He didn’t forget what Diane did to Ashley too. “Where do I even start? She slept with my fiancee, she blackmailed me, what she did to my daughter, and then her so-called death, we were all turned into suspects,” Ashley said. Ashley said even Traci hated Diane, and Traci tried to see the best in everyone. Traci said Diane took pleasure in wreaking havoc. Billy hoped Jack had a plan to deal with Diane, because she was a potential threat to half the town.

Clearly you see that her leading you to Allie was just another one of Diane’s games,” Ashley said to Jack. Jack explained that Diane claimed it wasn’t a game and that she honestly wanted to make amends with Kyle. Jack’s first instinct was to say hell no, but Phyllis helped him realize this was Kyle’s choice. Ashley bristled at Jack telling Phyllis all this before he told his own family. He clarified that Phyllis was with him in LA. Ashley asked why. Jack said Phyllis flew out to support him, and he was glad she did because he’d been spinning out of control ever since Diane showed up. He said Phyllis kept him grounded, and that was what he needed.

Traci was very glad Phyllis was there to help Jack. He said Phyllis was a lifesaver and she was right about being honest with Kyle. Jack said that Kyle deserved the truth, and if he didn’t tell Kyle, Diane was going to. Diane almost called Kyle, but to Jack’s relief, he convinced her to let him contact Kyle. “Well how incredibly generous of her. She doesn’t want to traumatize her son, so she’ll just leave it to you,” Ashley griped. Jack was concerned about Kyle’s reaction. He was going to warn Kyle about Diane and tell him about the dark side of his mother that they’d all tried to keep from him when they thought she was dead. Jack said Kyle read about Diane in Restless Style, but there was so much more to know, and reading about her behavior was different than being affected by it. Billy asked if Diane was coming to town. Ashley was adamant that Jack couldn’t let Diane come back to Genoa City, because Diane’s return would have a big effect on a lot of people.

Back at the hotel, Phyllis and Amanda left the lobby for the spa. Just after they walked out, Diane entered and booked a room under her Taylor Jensen alias.

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