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Recap written by Christine

At Crimson Lights, Sharon asked if the great thing Noah referenced had something to do with Allie. He said he liked Allie a lot, and he couldn’t remember being so comfortable and relaxed with someone this quickly. He was wondering if this thing with Allie could go anywhere. Noah had never been in a relationship like this before. He said first he and Allie irritated each other, then they became friends, and it wasn’t his usual thing. Sharon understood what was going on. She said that since Noah’s first girlfriend, he’d always been attracted to troublemakers and drama queens who had a lot of baggage and who were destined to break his heart. She didn’t judge, since she had her own history. She said he was raised by parents who had a complicated past, and maybe he grew up thinking that conflict in a relationship was normal and expected, but it didn’t have to be that way. She said she’d like to see him with someone who was smart, kind and honest and appreciated him. “Like what you had with Rey,” he said, and she agreed. She told him that a loving lasting relationship didn’t have to be contentious or a lot of hard work. She thought it was great that he and Allie got along. He thought that a healthy relationship sounded appealing. She told him not to over-analyze things or put too much pressure on figuring out where he and Allie were headed. Noah appreciated the advice. He had a date with Allie tonight, and he was going to live in the moment. Sharon told Noah to talk with Nick about New Hope before his date. Noah was hesitant. Sharon said that this was going to eat away at Noah, and Nick deserved the truth.

Victor went to Newman Enterprises and found Adam staring at Victoria’s portrait. Victor asked what it would take to get Adam back at Newman. Adam said Victor could’ve kept him in this very office, but instead, he chose Victoria. Victor asked why Adam was here. Adam was there to talk to Victoria about Sally. Victor heard Adam ended things with Sally. Adam was sure Victor was thrilled about that. Adam even realized getting involved with Sally was a mistake. Victor thought that was a sudden realization. Adam just hoped the family would give Sally a chance to prove herself at Newman. Victor asked if Adam broke up with Sally so she could keep her position at Newman. He said no – he broke things off because they weren’t working out. He didn’t want Sally to be punished because of their personal relationship. It pained Victor that Adam was going to such great lengths to protect Sally, but he was willing to walk away from the family and the company. “Do you dislike us that much?,” Victor asked. Adam scoffed and said there was so much more going on besides hatred – there was devastation, humiliation and betrayal. He’d thought they’d finally turned a corner, but he was wrong. Victor said Adam could’ve had another place at Newman, since he wasn’t happy at Newman Media; all he had to do was be patient. Adam said he’d been more than patient, but Victor had been jerking him around like a puppet. Adam felt like a second class citizen in this family who wasn’t good enough to be a real Newman, so he was through. Victor was adamant that he’d had Adam’s back the whole time. It upset him that Adam didn’t feel like he belonged in this family. Adam was frustrated because Victor never listened. Adam thought Victor expected to get his way all the time and assumed Adam would bow down to his will.

Adam said the situation with Locke should’ve ended when they paid him off, but Victoria just had to get the money back as a way to kiss Victor’s ring. Victor didn’t understand why Adam had a problem with Victoria returning the money to the family. Adam said Victoria humiliated Ashland and she made sure his cancer deception was exposed on the podcast, destroying Ashland’s chances of ever doing business again. Victor thought Ashland deserved worse than he got. Adam said that wasn’t how you put someone in their place – it was how you motivated them to get revenge. Adam noted that Victor set Ashland up to get arrested for seeing his son. Victor was unapologetic about setting Ashland up. Adam said Ashland was out on bail and gunning for a fight. Victor asked if Adam had been talking to Ashland. Adam was frustrated that Victor was questioning him instead of thanking him for the head’s up. Victor wasn’t worried about a potential threat from Ashland. “Let that bastard try whatever he wants to,” Victor said. However, Victor was concerned about Adam. Adam said Victor shouldn’t worry about him. Victor told Adam to take some time to come to his senses and realize he belonged here with his family. Adam gave up on getting through to Victor and left.

At Society, Victoria found Nick’s suggestion that Adam broke up with Sally so she could keep her job hard to believe. Nick said he wasn’t nominating Adam for sainthood, but he’d done selfless things, like saving Faith’s life. Victoria didn’t forget that, but she said Adam had done egregious things that far outweighed a few acts of kindness. She wasn’t going to give him the benefit of the doubt while he was making big moves like threatening to leave the family and company for good. She wondered if he broke things off from Sally because he had something bigger planned. Nick asked if Victoria thought Adam was plotting revenge against them. She didn’t know, but she didn’t believe he was sincere about walking away from the company for good. She said even when Adam was trying to stay on the straight and narrow, he was like a dark cloud hanging over Newman, and that wouldn’t change.

Nick thought Adam made some significant strides with his relationships in the family. Victoria didn’t blame Adam for how he was, given what they learned about his childhood. She conceded he’d been on comparatively good behavior, but she didn’t trust his loyalty because he was constantly flip-flopping, and he had an intense competitive streak, a constant need for Victor’s approval, and got resentful whenever he was shunned. She said those character flaws had always remained. Nick didn’t disagree. She said that was why there was no place for Adam at the new Newman Enterprises. She said time would tell what his true intentions were. Nick said soon they’d find out if Sally deserved her spot. Victoria was just glad to have Nick on her side.

Adam walked in and invited himself to sit with his siblings. He said he went by the office hoping to hear what the decision was on Sally, but he ran into Victor, who was no help. Nick said that Sally would remain interim CEO. Victoria was surprised when Sally made an incredible case for himself. Adam said Sally was right for the job, and they would’ve regretted cutting her loose. Nick noted that Adam didn’t regret cutting Sally loose. He said he’d had some issues and he informed Sally it was over, and it was no one else’s business.

Adam thought it was vicious to have Ashland arrested just for seeing his son at the park. Victoria said she and Nick had nothing to do with that, although it sent a very clear message. Adam said no one thought about the consequences now that Ashland was released on bail. Nick thought Adam should be warning the person responsible. Adam said he told their dad, but he wasn’t fazed. Nick got the feeling Adam had recently spoken to Ashland. Adam said he visited Ashland at the GCAC recently. Adam had gone there hoping to find a man fired up about Newman Enterprises. “I was hoping that [Ashland] was concocting some kind of corporate maneuver that would hit Dad back. I just wanted to let him know that I would be more than happy to lend a hand,” Adam said. Victoria wasn’t surprised by Adam’s revelation. She wondered why he was telling them this, not that they’d believe a word that came out of his mouth. She was sure they’d find out his agenda eventually. He said his agenda came to a screeching halt when he found out Ashland was out for blood, not revenge.

Adam said Ashland had been stripped of everything that ever mattered to him, and he wasn’t ranting or making threats, but he was pretty messed up, and he’d trashed his hotel room. Victoria was shocked because even at his angriest, Ashland had never done anything like that. The look in Ashland’s eye when he talked about “Victor’s darling daughter” gave Adam the chills. Adam wasn’t certain what Ashland was planning, but he just wanted to warn Victoria. Nick said he appreciated Adam telling them. Adam knew he was the last person they’d trust, and his feelings about them hadn’t changed either, but he didn’t want anyone to get hurt. He left.

Victoria hated to admit it, but Adam’s concern seemed sincere. She wondered if Ashland really had gone off the rails. Nick thought that Victoria should move to the ranch for the time being. She dismissed that idea because she didn’t want Ashland having that power over her, and she didn’t think he’d actually get violent with her. Nick thought the destruction of the hotel room was a sign of violence. She agreed to think about moving to ranch, but she said she refused to let Ashland scare her. Noah called and asked to talk to Nick. They agreed to meet up. Nick wanted to drive Victoria to work, but she said she wanted to take a walk. He was frustrated, because they’d just talked about her taking extra precautions, but she reminded him that their dad had his security detail watching her.

Victoria strolled through the park while conducting a business call. After the call ended, she tensed up and quickly glanced around. No one else was in sight, but she still rushed out of the park. Ashland stepped out of hiding, and he had a icy glare on his face.

Nick met Noah at Crimson Lights. Noah took his dad out to patio for privacy and asked him to sit. Nick had a feeling he wasn’t going to like what he was about to hear.

Ashley met Allie at the Abbott house. Allie was excited because tomorrow was her first day actually working in the lab. Ashley loved Allie’s enthusiasm and said they were both comfortable in the lab, just like Keemo. Allie said it must be in the genes. Ashley asked how getting to know the family was going. Allie said it was going better than expected – she’d been nervous and scared when she first got here. Ashley was sure it must’ve been strange for Allie to find out she had this whole family and that Diane orchestrated whole thing. Allie said it was a bit mind blowing, but she’d be forever grateful to be in this big loving family that she never knew she had. Ashley said Allie was a gift to the family, but this whole situation had to be very overwhelming. Allie sensed that Ashley was really talking about Diane.

Allie said that Phyllis had approached her and questioned her about the family, then Diane went on a fishing expedition with Allie too, now Ashley was here talking about Diane. Allie understood how people felt about Diane, but she didn’t want to be involved. Ashley was sorry if she made Allie uncomfortable, but she said she and Phyllis understood how manipulative Diane was. Ashley thought Diane did a great thing connecting Allie to the family, but Diane had an ulterior motive, and she used Allie. Allie knew that. Ashley didn’t want to see Allie get used again. Ashley said Allie didn’t know her well, but her concern was genuine. Allie didn’t question that. It was important to Ashley that Allie have her eyes open where Diane was concerned, because as long as she was here, she’d continue to hurt their family. Ashley wanted to know how Allie felt, and she promised it wouldn’t affect their relationship at the lab. “Even though I may seem innocent or naive, I am anything but, and I won’t let anyone manipulate me. Not Diane, not Phyllis and not you,” Allie said, then she excused herself to get ready for her date with Noah.

Allie came back downstairs in a summer dress for her date, and Ashley said she looked gorgeous. Allie mentioned that they were going to the Athletic Club pool bar. Ashley said that was definitely the most LA lifestyle-like place Allie could find here in town. Allie said Noah was more into the nightlife than she was. Allie asked Ashley to forgive her if she sounded harsh earlier. Ashley didn’t want Allie to apologize for standing up for herself. Ashley said she respected strong independent women – it was a family trait. She thought it would serve Allie well if she was able to hold her own against the strong opinions of this town.

Jack ran into Phyllis in the park, and they had polite, but awkward small talk. He was going to be meeting with the Marchetti board of directors later. They’d flown in from Italy. She knew, because Summer had booked rooms for them at the hotel. He was about to leave, but she stopped him and said she wanted to talk to him about his sister. She mentioned that she knew he told Ashley what happened between him and Phyllis. Phyllis stated that Ashley understood her reaction to Diane. “Ashley and I are on the same side. That’s a first,” Phyllis said. Jack said Ashley always had a unique perspective. He thought that Ashley and Phyllis were both determined to see the worst in Diane. Phyllis noted that Jack respected Ashley, so she asked if Ashley’s opinion on Diane didn’t change his stance. Phyllis really wanted Jack to know that Diane was never more important than her feelings for him. Jack said he had to go to work, and he rushed off.

Phyllis went to work, and Lily was there at the hotel bar, waiting for her. Lily had an offer. She was sure Phyllis knew Devon recently sold the GCAC. Phyllis thought that was good, since Diane was now living there. Lily didn’t know Diane that well. Lily thought Chancellor Winters needed a trendy hotel in this town for the artists on Devon’s label to stay at. Phyllis was open to a partnership. She loved the idea of The Grand Phoenix being the exclusive hotel for Chancellor Winters VIPs. Lily clarified that she wanted to buy the hotel. Phyllis said the hotel was named for her – she was the phoenix rising from the ashes. This hotel was her chance to show the world she was a legitimate entrepreneur and her slap in the face to all the people who didn’t think she amounted to anything. Lily understood this was more than a business for Phyllis. Lily said Phyllis’s commitment and drive made this place what it was – one that would net a hefty price. Lily told Phyllis to imagine what she could do with the money – she could have a new chapter in her life. Phyllis said the hotel was her new chapter, and she wasn’t ready to step away. Lily handed Phyllis a proposal anyway.

Phyllis’s eyes bulged at the offer, but she turned it down because it wasn’t about the money. Lily told Phyllis to think it over. As she was leaving, Jack arrived. He wasn’t there to talk to Phyllis – the Marchetti board wanted to meet at the hotel restaurant instead of at Jabot. He asked for the private dining room, and she said she’d make sure his guests were comfortable. She asked if she could get some business advice from him, and he said yes. She showed him Lily’s proposal, and he said the price was significantly above market value. She said she loved running this place and proving to the whole world that she did something successful. She also had good memories here. He said there were good memories and some that weren’t so good. He thought that she had to make a decision, herself. She said if it weren’t for Summer, she’d take this offer. She didn’t feel like she belonged in this town anymore.

If you are trying to back me into a corner it is not going to work. Stay in Genoa City. Go. Keep the hotel. Sell it. It is none of my business,” Jack firmly stated. “So the fact that I love you – that doesn’t matter,” Phyllis said. He said that was everything. “I have never stopped loving you. Why do you think it hurts so damned much?,” he replied. He stormed off.

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