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Craig is outside on the phone, saying he misses them too and calls them sweetheart. Craig says it won’t be much longer before they see him, as Chloe approaches from behind.

At the Brady Pub, Nancy tells Brady that yesterday she would’ve been positive that Craig was lying about his phone call but today she’s perfectly calm because her husband has shown how much he loves her. Nancy says she came to Salem really upset and had to have Chloe talk her off the ledge, but she’s really happy to be here with them. Brady says it’s wonderful to spend time with them. Nancy jokes that they disrupted their entire lives but Brady assures they didn’t. Nancy declares that as happy as she is, the only thing that would make her happier would be getting Brady and Chloe back together again.

Ava is at Rafe’s, reading an article about Rafe being arrested. Ava remarks that’s what he gets for cheating on her with that cheap slut. Nicole then shows up at the door. Ava calls it a coincidence as she was just thinking about her.

Shawn joins Rafe in the interrogation room and says he’s really sorry about this. Rafe says he has nothing to be sorry about as he had no choice but to make the arrest. Shawn argues that it’s not an ironclad case. Rafe says he’s usually here behind the desk so these guys accusing him doesn’t look good. Shawn argues that it’s obvious he’s being framed but he couldn’t find any connection between the accusers. Shawn brings up Rafe saying he thought Ava was behind this and asks if he still thinks she’s the one who set him up.

Lani is at home reading about Rafe’s arrest and says there’s no way. Abe then shows up and says he was in the neighborhood so he decided to stop by to say hello and brought a present for the kids. Lani tells him that the kids are asleep. Abe asks where Eli is. Lani informs him that Eli is in Washington DC visiting his mom, so she’s dying for adult company. Abe says it works out for both of them. Lani reminds him that he doesn’t need an excuse to visit the twins. Abe says he was just in the neighborhood but seeing her always lifts his spirits. Lani asks if he’s having a bad day already. Abe admits he ran in to Paulina earlier.

In the town square, Paulina turns around and is shocked to see T.R., who she acknowledges as Ray, her ex and Lani’s biological father. He greets her while Paulina yells at him to stay away from her and threatens to knock him out right now.

Lani asks Abe what Paulina did this time. Abe says they were civil, even friendly, but there will always be tension between them. Lani says she’s so sorry. Abe says at least things are better between Lani and Paulina since she saved her life according to her. Lani jokes that she’s so dramatic. Lani adds that she’ll always have her guard up with Paulina, but they are on better terms and she hopes that happens for Abe someday. Abe doesn’t think that’s possible when she wants him to be something he can’t be for her. Abe doesn’t think he could ever trust Paulina again, especially after letting him think that he was Lani’s real father while Paulina always knew otherwise.

Ray remarks about Paulina having fight in her and assures he’s not going to hurt her. Paulina says it’s too late for that and questions what he wants from her. Ray informs her that he goes by T.R. now. Paulina mocks him going by an alias to run from the skeletons in his closet as she calls him Terrell Raymond but says he’ll always be Rotten Ray to her. Ray comments that some things never change, like her mouth. Paulina asks him again what he wants. Ray says he doesn’t want anything. Paulina questions why he tracked her down then after all these years. Ray argues that he didn’t even know she was in this town. Paulina questions what he’s doing here in Salem of all places.

Craig finishes his phone call and asks what Chloe is doing here. Chloe says she came to bring his coat since Nancy thought he could be cold, but he sounded like he was pretty hot to her…

Brady reminds Nancy that he and Chloe are just friends. Nancy believes Brady is the only man for Chloe. Nancy argues that Chloe only went back to Philip this time was because Brady was entangled with Kristen. Brady points out that Chloe and Philip were together when he disappeared and they don’t know if he’s alive or dead, so there’s no way that he can pursue something with Chloe right now. Brady admits that he does have feelings for Chloe. Nancy guesses he’s basically in limbo then. Nancy asks what if they never find out what happened to Philip and asks if he’s okay in limbo forever. Brady responds that it might have to be that way but Nancy disagrees.

Craig tells Chloe that he doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Chloe informs him that she heard him on the phone. Craig tells her it’s not what she thinks but Chloe argues that it is and now Nancy’s meltdown makes sense. Chloe accuses Craig of lying to her and Nancy. Chloe starts to cry as she asks if Craig is cheating on Nancy. Craig then admits that he is.

Rafe reminds Shawn that he has no proof that Ava is behind this, it’s just a gut feeling and what happened to Duke. Shawn says it wouldn’t be difficult for Ava to orchestrate with her mob ties. Rafe brings up Ava being so proud of leaving her past life behind. Shawn brings up the dead mobster that Rafe found on his kitchen floor not long ago, showing her life isn’t that far behind her. Shawn still doesn’t get Ava’s motive. Shawn knows Rafe said Ava doesn’t like he and Nicole’s friendship, but he also said they have been solid for months. Rafe responds that’s not exactly true.

Nicole asks Ava why she was thinking about her. Ava says she should’ve sent her home with some of the food from last night but she was too upset after Rafe was arrested. Nicole says she didn’t have an appetite after that either. Ava is surprised to see her back so soon and asks what’s up. Nicole thinks back to talking to Rafe about Ava possibly setting him up. Nicole claims that she came to check on Ava and asks how she’s doing. Ava calls her the sweetest and best friend. Ava says she couldn’t sleep last night as she kept thinking about what will happen if Rafe is convicted and ends up in prison. Nicole has faith that won’t happen because Rafe is innocent. Nicole remarks that Ava knows that better than anyone.

Lani argues that Abe is her real father in every way that matters. Abe brings up that Lani has a biological father out there and ever since she found out, he’s barely heard her mention him. Abe understands and appreciates that Lani thinks he would be threatened by her seeking out information on him, but they are connected biologically, so he would think she would be somewhat curious about him.

Ray informs Paulina that he has business here in Salem which she questions. He reveals that he’s now a movie producer. Paulina mocks it but he insists it’s all totally legit. Ray says he knows what the public likes and one of the film makers he’s working with lives right here in town. He reveals that it’s Johnny DiMera. Paulina calls him the son of a bitch that broke her daughter’s heart. TR then questions Paulina having a daughter. He says he had no idea that she had children. Paulina says her family is none of his business as her daughter has nothing to do with him. Paulina clarifies that she had Chanel years after they split, with her husband George. Ray asks if she’s her only one which Paulina claims that she is. Ray remarks that she’s a very lucky young woman to have Paulina as her mom and that George is a very lucky man.

Rafe reveals to Shawn that he and Nicole slept together. Rafe doesn’t think Ava knows about it. Rafe talks about Ava being so sweet, loving, and extra thoughtful to he and Nicole. Rafe says he has seen this act before and talks about how a few months ago, Gabi and Ava were at each others’ throats then out of nowhere, Ava was being super sweet to Gabi while trying to screw her out of Gabi Chic. Shawn asks if Rafe thinks Ava knows about he and Nicole. Rafe thinks that ruining his career is her revenge.

Ava asks Nicole what she means by saying she would know better than anyone that Rafe is innocent. Nicole says that Ava is the closest person to Rafe so she knows what a great guy he is, how honest he is, and how seriously he takes his work. Ava remarks that Rafe is nothing if not honest. Nicole says she must know that he’s being setup then. Ava responds that she very much wants to believe that. Nicole asks why she wouldn’t. Ava argues that the police wouldn’t arrest one of their own without a mountain of evidence. Nicole insists that it’s fake and she knows Ava knows that. Ava responds that when she needed Rafe to believe in her innocence, he didn’, so she questions why she would automatically believe in his.

Nancy tells Brady that she’s seen the way Chloe looks at him and she loves him too, so she just has to convince her to admit that to herself. Brady calls it sweet of her to want to help, but he thinks they should handle this on their own. Nancy asks Brady if he wants to be with her daughter or not.

Chloe argues that Craig swore to Nancy that she’s the only woman for him. Craig says she is. Chloe questions how can possibly say that when he just admitted to having an affair. Chloe asks who the other woman is and if they know her. Craig tells her there is no other woman. Chloe tells him to tell her the truth and argues that he’s not making sense after just admitting to cheating on her mom but says there’s not another woman. Craig then reveals that he is cheating on Nancy with a man.

Brady tells Nancy that it’s not that simple. Nancy argues that it is since they love each other, so he needs to man up and put it out there. Brady says that sometimes manning up means taking a little step back. Nancy says that kind of thinking will get them absolutely nowhere. Nancy asks if he will let her help him make this happen or not. Brady says that will be hard considering Nancy and Craig have to leave today. Nancy then reveals that she will stay here until she makes sure that Brady and Chloe are on the road to happily ever after, just like her and Craig.

Chloe is shocked to learn that her father is sleeping with another man. Chloe argues that he and Nancy have been married for so long, so she doesn’t understand. Craig says he doesn’t either. Chloe breaks down crying. Craig says he didn’t want her to find out this way. Chloe says he obviously didn’t want her to find out any way. Chloe knew he and Nancy had problems but all couples do at times. Chloe thought maybe Nancy was a little more crazy about him than he was about her. Chloe asks if Craig is trying to tell her that he’s gay.

Lani tells Abe that she knows everything she needs to know about Paulina’s ex, as he was abusive, controlling, and cruel. Lani says she wondered who her father was while growing up, but now that she knows the truth, she has zero interest in meeting him. Abe points out that she might have other relatives that she’d like to know. Lani says she has zero interest in them either if they even exist. Lani is convinced that biology is overrated. Lani calls Abe the father that she always dreamed of when she was little. Lani asks why she would want anyone else as a dad when she has him.

Paulina tells Ray not to try to sweet talk her. Ray says he didn’t mean to be inappropriate as he knows she’s taken and he didn’t mean to offend her. He asks if her husband is with her but Paulina informs him that George is dead. Paulina remarks that she’d rather be in a grave beside him than anywhere near Ray. Ray understands because the way he treated her was unforgivable and he’s truly sorry. Paulina is shocked to hear him apologize. Ray adds that he doesn’t expect her to forgive him but he’s not that man anymore. Paulina questions him saying that he’s changed. He says he got the lord and got sober. Paulina says it will take more than a miracle because a man like him doesn’t change and never will.

Brady appreciates Nancy’s enthusiasm but says she has to get back to New York. Nancy asks why since Parker is in boarding school and Joy is in grad school. Brady asks what about Craig’s job. Nancy says he’s been to so many medical conventions, he has a lot of vacation days. Nancy thinks it would be so fun to stay here and visit with Chloe. Nancy can’t wait to see Chloe’s face when she tells her. Nancy comments that it’s taking an awful long time for Chloe to get Craig his jacket, so she wonders what could be keeping them.

Craig informs Chloe that he loves her mother very much and had two beautiful children with her. Chloe notes that he did not respond to her question. Craig confirms that he’s attracted to men and cries that if that makes him gay, then he’s gay. Chloe asks if he’s had these feelings forever and never acted on them or what. Craig tells her about meeting a guy that he had great chemistry with. Craig says she has to believe that he never meant to hurt Nancy. Chloe tells him to call the guy back and tell him that he’s not rushing back to see him because he has to end this. Craig responds that he can’t because he’s in love with him.

Rafe tells Shawn that he fell in to this relationship with Ava and convinced himself that it was real, but the whole time he’s been thinking about Nicole. Shawn asks why he didn’t break up with Ava a long time ago then. Rafe talks about Nicole not wanting a rebound relationship after Eric and then she started dating EJ. Rafe talks about living with Ava and not wanting to hurt her. Rafe says he just kept telling himself that what they had was real. Shawn understands but now Nicole and EJ are over. Rafe confirms that he’s realized that he always wanted to be with Nicole. Rafe says he told Nicole that he was going to break up with Ava but he didn’t get the chance because Shawn showed up to arrest him. Shawn asks Rafe what he’s going to do now.

Nicole questions what Ava was innocent of. Ava talks about Rafe thinking she was guilty as hell as he was convinced that she chopped Duke’s head off. Ava questions what possible reason she would have to go do something like that to her best friend or the man she loves, who wouldn’t hurt her any more than she would hurt them.

Rafe tells Shawn that there’s not much he can do while in here. Shawn points out that Rafe is still his boss, so he can give him orders and asks what he needs. Rafe says not for long as he can’t imagine Abe will keep him in his position until he clears his name. Shawn assures to do his best to make sure that happens. Shawn offers to dig deep in to Ava to find a link to her and the accusers. Rafe thinks that’s the best bet to get to the bottom of this. Rafe warns Shawn to be careful because if Ava is using her mob connections, there’s no telling what she will do…

Nicole assures Ava that she and Rafe would never hurt her. Ava remarks that she did wonder for awhile about the two of them and sharing custody of Duke. Ava admits she was a little jealous at first and the old her might have chopped Duke’s head off. Ava says the old her was the one who sabotaged Steve’s plane and kidnapped Kayla. Ava adds that the old her might have thought about framing Rafe and how good it might feel to bring him down. Ava says the old her might have thought if she can’t have Rafe and he’s rotting in prison, then neither can Nicole. Ava admits it would’ve been the perfect revenge. Nicole agrees that it would’ve been. Ava says that she’s not the old her, she’s the new and improved Ava Vitali, who is perfectly sane and a law abiding citizen who would never believe that her best friend and the man she loves would hook up behind her back. Nicole says of course not and she has to go. Nicole asks how Rafe is doing. Ava responds that she has no idea. Ava says she would love to see him but thinks it’s best if she stays away right now because she wouldn’t want her past connections to make anything worse for Rafe. Nicole thinks she knows exactly what she means…

Lani tells Abe that she’s glad she’s not on duty today due to Melinda having Rafe arrested on charges that everyone knows is bogus. Lani is afraid of what she would say to Melinda if she saw her. Abe completely believes that Rafe is innocent, but until he is exonerated, he still has to find someone to run the police department. Abe asks if Lani would be interested. Lani thanks him but says she has her hands full. Abe says he has to get down to the police department. Lani is sorry that the kids stayed asleep through his visit. Abe says he will come see them when they are awake. Lani tells Abe to come back any time he wants. Abe comments on how much it means for her to still call him dad.

Ray understands Paulina’s doubts but bets he can prove to her that he has changed. Paulina doesn’t give a damn. Ray offers to take her out to dinner for old times’ sake. He knows he can’t begin to make things up to her, but he wants to help her see that they were happy in the beginning. Paulina doesn’t want to have dinner or another conversation with him. Paulina tells him to get out of her way.

Nancy decides she should take Chloe her coat since she’s probably freezing out there. Brady offers to go with her but Nancy says she’s sure everything is okay and bets they went to get a hot chocolate in the town square. Nancy jokes that Craig cannot resist temptation…

Chloe questions Craig being in love with some guy that he just met. Craig says it’s been a few months. Chloe asks if it’s love. Craig confirms he’s never felt this way before. Chloe cries that he said he loved Nancy and questions if he’s still in love with her. Craig says he never meant to hurt Nancy. Chloe asks again if he’s still in love with her. Craig looks away without an answer. Chloe questions him not being willing to break things off with this man. Craig says he can’t. Chloe asks him to at least respect Nancy enough to tell her the truth then.

Shawn tells Rafe that he’s on it and will report back to him as soon as he knows anything. Rafe thanks him and says he owes him. Shawn assures they will get him out of here. Nicole then enters the room and asks if she can talk to Rafe. Shawn says it was perfect timing and he will leave them alone as he then exits. Shawn runs in to Abe, who asks how Rafe is doing. Shawn says he’s as well as expected but hopes he’s out from these charges soon. Abe says until these charges go away, he needs someone to step in as acting commissioner. Abe asks if Shawn would be willing to take on the most thankless job in Salem. Shawn asks if he has a choice. Abe thinks Rafe would be grateful that the department is in the hands of someone he trusts. Shawn agrees to do it, but wants Abe to tell Rafe that he can’t wait for him to have his job back.

Nicole comments on Rafe looking pale. Rafe says it’s only been one night and he’s fine. Nicole doesn’t think he’ll be in here much longer. Nicole mentions going to see Ava this morning. Nicole assures she didn’t say anything to her and played it cool, but Ava did too and didn’t admit to anything, but Ava left no doubt in her mind that she’s guilty as Hell.

Ava remarks that Rafe is lucky that she didn’t chop off his unmentionables. Ava jokes that maybe someone will take care of that in prison.

Chloe tells Craig that he has to tell Nancy that he’s in love with someone else. Nancy finds them and asks if everything is okay. Craig claims everything is fine but Chloe tells her that Craig has something he needs to tell her. Craig brings up his phone call. Nancy hopes they didn’t call him to come home as she announces they are staying in Salem.

Paulina questions why Ray is still standing here. Ray argues that she doesn’t own this town and he still has business with Johnny DiMera, so he’s not going anywhere until it’s settled. Paulina tells him to stay out of her way and warns him about going anywhere near her family. Lani then arrives with the twins in a stroller and asks if everything is okay.

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