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Eli wakes up and greets Lani at home, questioning her not having her morning coffee. Lani guesses she forgot. Eli asks if she’s mad at him for going to bed before she got home last night as he knew she was dropping the kids off at Abe’s so he assumed she would hang out there for awhile. Lani then reveals that she was actually with T.R.

Allie and Chanel work at the bakery in the town square. TR approaches and comments on them being used to movie hours. Chanel tells him that they are working. TR says he is too as he’s delivering them the latest rewrite of the script and he thinks they will like the rewrites. Chanel and Allie both say they refuse to have anything to do with Johnny DiMera.

Will goes to the DiMera Mansion and sees Johnny. Johnny comments that Will looks great and that married life seems to be agreeing with him. Will remarks that he can’t say the same about Johnny. Johnny guesses he heard that he and Chanel couldn’t make it work. Will responds that he’s heard a lot of things and none of them are very good. Johnny questions him passing judgment. Will informs him that Marlena told him what he’s been up to and she’s tried to see his side of things, but Will wants to take the smirk on Johnny’s face and shove it down his throat.

Ben goes to see Marlena, who says it’s not a very good time. Ben apologizes and says he’s not here to ask for help but to tell her something upsetting. Ben knows they all thought that after the exorcism that they had gotten rid of the Devil. Marlena asks if he thinks she’s still possessed. Ben explains that he does think the Devil is out of her, but he’s not gone as he’s here in Salem.

Susan looks through the window at the Brady Pub where Belle and Shawn are eating inside. Susan thinks back to seeing “666” on Belle’s coat when Devil Johnny made her think that Belle is the Devil. Susan then heads in the Pub and looks through the coats hanging by the door to find Belle’s.

Eli asks Lani how that happened. Lani calls it kind of a coincidence as she ran in to TR on her way to drop the kids off with Abe and he asked her to have a drink at the Pub. Lani says at first she said no, but she changed her mind and she’s actually glad that she did because it ended up being not as intense as she thought it would be. Lani points out that TR eats his fries with mayo too. Eli makes a mocking remark so Lani tells him that this isn’t easy for her and to ease up on the attitude. Eli apologizes. Lani knows Eli went through something like this. Eli recalls wanting to know everything about his biological father. Lani points out that TR is the twins’ biological grandfather, so medically it matters. Lani adds that she thinks about Abe and everything TR did to Paulina. Lani admits that talking to TR makes her feel guilty. Eli acknowledges that it’s messy and there’s no easy way to go about it, so it’s whatever feels right to her. Lani likes that Eli sees how hard this is for her and that if she does decide to get to know TR, Eli trusts her. Eli responds that he does trust her, but not TR which Lani questions. Eli reveals that he’s investigating TR because she has the right to know the truth about her father, whether he wants her to or not.

TR reminds Chanel and Allie that he has signed contracts from both of them. They continue to refuse and threaten to go to the press to tell the truth about Johnny and TR. Chanel brings up TR’s abuse of Paulina. Chanel asks how Lani would feel about TR shoving her little sister around. TR says he doesn’t want them doing anything they don’t want to do but it’s not that easy. TR says he will try to make amends to Paulina and Lani, but the director has final say in casting.

Johnny remarks that Will is rushing to judgment. Will asks for his side of the story then and why he found it necessary to announce the end of his marriage in front of a room full of people without even giving his bride a heads up. Johnny tells him that he has work to do. Will comments on Johnny being a corporate big shot now. Johnny admits he might have embarrassed Chanel a little, but at least he didn’t knock her up and then dump her for some dude. Johnny asks about Arianna. Will points to the portrait of Stefano and says he did a lot of despicable things and caused suffering, but even he drew the line at torturing someone in his own family. Johnny argues that Will is the one on the attack. Will says he doesn’t give a rat’s ass about what he’s doing to him, but he’s talking about what Johnny is doing to Marlena. Will declares that what Johnny is doing to Marlena is unforgivable.

Marlena invites Ben in and questions him thinking the Devil has taken possession of somebody else. Marlena wants him to tell her who it is. Ben reveals the claim that it’s Belle.

Shawn suggests to Belle that they take a vacation together. Belle then spots Susan and questions what she is doing with her coat.

Lani argues that Eli investigating TR behind her back means he doesn’t trust her. Eli says it’s not behind her back since he just told her. Lani points out that he made that decision on his own. Eli agrees that he should have cleared it with her first, but he already contacted Billie Reed at the ISA so they should hear back from her later today. Lani then admits that maybe Eli is thinking more clearly than she is and this is probably a good idea to check him out. Eli hopes that TR has changed and they don’t find anything for her sake.

TR tells Allie and Chanel to tell Johnny what they told him about how it’s better for him and the movie to recast the roles. TR states that if Johnny agrees, he will let them out of their contracts. Allie agrees that it’s worth a try. TR thanks them and wishes them luck. TR tells Chanel that he lives with what he did to Paulina and he was on drugs then, but he’s clean now and hopes to prove to Paulina and Lani that he’s not the same man. TR then walks away. Chanel tells Allie that was a lot and then asks which one of them is going to go talk to Johnny.

Johnny tells Will that he’s contractually obligated to make this film and Marlena understands that, so he doesn’t see why Will can’t. Will argues that Marlena is losing patients and is fearing for her job if this movie gets made. Johnny argues that the producer is in town and the table read is tonight, so it’s too late as the movie is getting made and there’s nothing anyone can do about it. Will tells Johnny to rewrite it and take the Devil out of the story. Johnny responds that he’s sorry but the Devil is the story.

Marlena tells Ben that the Devil can’t be in Belle. Ben informs her that Susan saw Belle leaving the DiMera Mansion and saw a “666” on the back of her coat. Marlena points out that Susan has seen these things from the very beginning. Ben says that he and Ciara are convinced that after being at the exorcism, that it was Johnny but Susan found out it wasn’t him. Marlena worries about it being Belle.

Susan claims to Belle that she thought Belle’s coat was her coat. Shawn comes over and asks if something is wrong and what Susan is doing with Belle’s coat. Susan then admits she’s looking for evidence and tells Shawn that he could be in grave danger. Susan then shouts that the Devil is back in Salem and that Shawn is married to her as she points to Belle.

Eli is at the police station when a woman arrives, saying she got a call yesterday from Billie Reed, who said he is checking out TR Coates. The woman reveals that she is TR’s ex girlfriend.

TR sits outside with his phone and calls Lani. TR says he just wanted to say how much it meant to him to talk to her last night. Lani guesses it was nice. TR hopes he’s not pushing too hard but he was thinking that he wants to get to know her family too, so maybe they can have dinner sometime. Lani says she’ll talk to Eli about it and get back to him as they hang up. TR then texts someone, saying he needs to see them.

Johnny mocks Will’s idea to take the Devil out of the movie. Will argues that Johnny was ready to do his script of The Sami Brady Story which won’t destroy Sami the way that this will destroy Marlena. Johnny argues that this won’t destroy Marlena and that Will’s original script was never going to sell. Johnny adds that if he takes a hot property and waters it down, his film career will be over, so it’s his job to take a script and make it better. Will mocks not realizing how much this could hurt his career and how important it was for him to make yet another crappy Devil movie. Will guesses it’s screw grandma as the show must go on. Will then remarks that Stefano would be proud as he walks out.

Ben explains to Marlena that Susan went to check it out and talked to Johnny, but said she felt nothing then when she left, she saw “666” on the back of Belle’s coat and felt the presence of the Devil. Marlena prays for God to help Belle.

Shawn questions what Susan is talking about. Susan tells him that Belle had 666 on the back of her coat last night. Shawn argues that there was something on her coat but no numbers. Susan talks about feeling the Devil’s presence and points out that Belle was at the exorcism. Belle insists that she is herself. Shawn acknowledges that Susan was right about Marlena but Belle is not acting strangely as he would notice. Susan argues that the Devil won’t show himself until after he gets Ciara’s baby but she is going to stop him from doing that as she holds a cross up towards Belle. Belle swears that Susan is wrong. Susan says she’s not afraid. Shawn points out that the cross isn’t working because this is Belle. Susan agrees and decides to go. Susan says she will go to Marlena’s but warns that she won’t give up and the Devil will be vanquished. Susan then exits the Pub. Belle tells Shawn that the problem is that Susan had been right all this time. Shawn argues that she’s wrong this time. Belle doesn’t think anything has happened to her but something has happened. Belle worries that it’s not over.

Allie says she will talk to Johnny because he’s her brother but Chanel says she will do it because she kind of enjoys getting in his face these days. Allie tells Chanel to give him hell as they hug. Will then walks up. Allie introduces him to Chanel. Chanel says she’s sorry but she has to go. Allie wishes her luck as she walks away. Allie informs Will that Chanel is going to talk to Johnny. Will says he just talked to Johnny and he loves his brother, but he wanted to deck him. Allie thought she could get over this and it would all be for the best, but she doesn’t think she will ever be able to forgive Johnny. Will doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Allie is glad he’s here because she couldn’t do this over the phone. Allie then reveals to Will that she and Tripp broke up because Johnny told him that she slept with Chanel.

TR’s ex girlfriend tells Eli that she was in Chicago for an audition and figured it’d be easier to come talk to him in person. Eli appreciates that and asks if she met TR in LA. She confirms they met last year and dated for six months, but assures that it’s over. Eli explains that TR is his wife Lani’s biological father and TR has admitted that he used to be an abuser and addict. Eli says TR swears that he’s kicked all his bad habits in prison and hasn’t abused women since Paulina. Eli adds that he’s now in Salem and wants to get to know Lani and their twins, so he wants to make sure TR is telling the absolute truth. The woman declares that not one freaking word is true.

TR meets with a man outside, who delivers a bag of heroin to TR. He hands him an introductory offer on the house. TR informs him that this will be his home base for awhile so he asks if the man will be around when he wants more. He says he’s got his number and he lives around the corner, so he can just text him and he’ll be there in two seconds. TR says that sounds perfect.

TR’s ex girlfriend tells Eli that she didn’t know TR was an addict when they first met, but it didn’t take her long to figure out he was using heroin. She explains that TR tried to hide it but she could always tell. She says he would shoot up and then take out his frustrations on her. She remarks that he was such a gentleman to not bruise her face when she had an audition coming up. Eli asks if she ever reported him but she says TR threatened to ruin her acting career. Eli is sorry that she had to go through that. She thinks he’s really just sorry that she didn’t report it. She adds that he doesn’t have to just take her word for it as last time, she ended up in the hospital and they took photos. She tells Eli that time, she didn’t have an audition coming up. She warns Eli to keep TR away from his wife and kids because he is the devil incarnate..

Shawn decides he should call Marlena and give her a heads up. Belle talks about having to take this seriously. Belle thinks she’s going to talk to Johnny because Susan said she felt the Devil’s presence in the DiMera Mansion yesterday so she needs to figure out who else was there other than her and Chad. Shawn feels that makes sense that the Devil would be at the DiMera Mansion.

Susan goes to see Marlena and tells her that she needs her help as she has something very terrible to tell her. Marlena informs her that Ben told her all about Belle. Susan points out that she didn’t feel the Devil’s presence with Belle just now. Marlena gets a call from Shawn and confirms that she’s with Susan now and she’s told her about Belle. Shawn informs her that Belle went to go talk to Johnny to try and figure out what happened last night. Marlena decides she will go talk to both of them. Marlena tells Shawn not to worry. Shawn tells her to take care and hangs up. Susan warns Marlena to be careful. Marlena assures Susan that she’s not fighting the Devil by herself as they are all here beside her and they are grateful for all she has done to take care of them. Susan worries that The Devil wants the baby and they can’t let him have the baby. Marlena promises they won’t as she then exits.

Chanel goes to the DiMera Mansion and tells Johnny that she and Allie aren’t going to be in his movie and TR said that if Johnny agreed to recast them, he would let them out of their contracts. Johnny questions why he should. Chanel warns that if he doesn’t, they will make life a living hell for him and his producers. Johnny mocks her being upset. Chanel calls him a creep. Johnny wonders where all this passion is coming from and asks if she just can’t quit him.

Eli thanks the woman for coming in. She introduces herself as Beth. Eli asks if she’s in a hurry. Beth says she’s not, so Eli asks for an official statement from her. Beth assures that she would do anything to keep TR from harming another. Eli says he’ll be back and tells her that what she did took a lot of courage, so she should be proud of herself. Eli then exits the room.

Will questions Allie about Johnny telling Tripp that she slept with Chanel and that Tripp believed him. Allie explains that it’s true that she slept with Chanel. Will jokes that it’d be hypocritical if he was shocked. Allie says it’s not Johnny’s fault since she did what she did, but he was involved since it happened on the night that Johnny ended things with Chanel at the wedding reception. Allie admits that she was attracted to Chanel before that and they kissed a couple times, so she didn’t feel bad about that. Allie states that she loves Tripp, but she’s so confused about Chanel.

Chanel tells Johnny that she’s not over him because she’s human and she loved him enough to marry him. Chanel argues that she can’t just turn that off like a light switch. Johnny jokes about rewriting a scene for her since she has all this untapped passion. Chanel tries to slap him but he warns her not to even think about it. Johnny decides he doesn’t need this drama. Johnny agrees that if she drops her lawsuit, he will let her and her girlfriend out of his movie. Belle arrives and tells Johnny that she needs to talk to him. Johnny says he’s in the middle of something. Belle repeats that she needs to talk to him. Chanel says she needs a break, so they will pick this up when Belle leaves. Chanel exits as Belle informs Johnny that Susan just accused her of being the Devil. Belle asks if Johnny saw 666 written on the back of her coat last night. Johnny questions Susan saying that. Belle adds that Susan said she felt Lucifer’s presence in the house. Johnny argues that they saw him exorcised. Belle brings up Susan also saying that the Devil could have gone in to someone else. Belle starts to worry and says that Johnny said he was in the middle of something with Chanel so he can just call her. Johnny stops her and says there was something off about last night so maybe they should put their heads together and see what they can figure out.

TR pays the man for the drugs. He comments that it’s more than what they agreed on. TR says he’s a big tipper, so he says this could be the start of a beautiful friendship and walks away. Eli approaches. TR remarks that it’s funny running in to him here. TR says he was just talking to Lani about getting together some time. Eli says that’s not happening. TR knows Eli is busy but says he’s flexible. Eli warns that he won’t be for long because he was just heading to the Salem Inn to talk to him about a conversation he just had with Beth Howard. Eli asks if that rings a bell.

Lani goes to the police station and in to the interrogation room. She sees Beth and says she was just looking for Eli. Beth tells her that she just missed him.

TR claims not to know Beth Howard. Eli informs him that she’s at the police station right now and just told him that everything TR has been telling Lani and Paulina is a load of crap as he’s still using and that he used Beth as a punching bag last year. TR says she’s lying because he didn’t use her in his last movie and she didn’t take it well. Eli argues that his Hollywood crap doesn’t work on him. Eli then finds the bag of heroin on the ground and asks what they have here. TR claims to have no idea and that someone must dropped it. Eli says that someone is TR.

Will tells Allie that confused is not the worst thing to be and that figuring out who you are can be a life’s work. Allie brings up having a baby and being a mother, so she’s supposed to be a grown up but she doesn’t even know this very basic thing about her. Allie then wonders aloud if she’s gay.

Chanel returns to the living room and finds Johnny seemingly knocked out on the ground.

Susan goes to see Ben and tells him that everything is going to be alright as she just spoke with Marlena. Susan declares that if anyone can figure out what the Devil is up to, Marlena can.

Marlena goes to the DiMera Mansion where Devil Belle now answers the door with yellow eyes.

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