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Allie and Chanel wake up together. Allie jokes about her son Henry actually sleeping in and Chanel praises her own idea of hiring extra help at the Bakery so they could be off together. Chanel checks her phone and notes that both of their phones are blowing up with messages from Alex, wanting to take them out for drinks again. Allie jokes that Alex is like a dog with a bone.

Stephanie walks through the town square until Alex runs in to her, causing her to drop her coffee and Alex to fall to the ground. Stephanie tells him to watch where he’s going. Alex looks up at Stephanie in awe with a smile as he thinks back to Sonny’s words, saying that he would meet someone who just knocks him off his feet and then he’d fall just as hard as the rest of them.

Chad goes to see Sonny at Titan and tells him about seeing Stephanie at the hospital. Sonny is surprised as he didn’t even know she was in town. Chad guesses she’s landing some big client here in Salem. Sonny mentions hearing that she’s doing great with her firm and jokes that he gets his business sense from his mom’s side of the family. Sonny notes that he has been looking for a new PR firm as Titan could use some rebranding. Chad is sure Stephanie would be up for the challenge and hands Sonny her business card.

Eric comes downstairs at the Brady Pub and wishes Roman a happy birthday. Roman jokes that he doesn’t want a big deal made of it. Roman mentions hearing from Sami an hour ago and she claims she’s fine. Eric has a water while Roman asks if he went for a run since it looks like he worked up a little sweat…

Nicole knocks on Eric’s door but is surprised when Jada answers the door wearing a towel and she sees the bed not made. Nicole apologizes as she thought it was Eric’s room. Jada informs her that it is.

Chanel asks Allie if she should text Alex back and tell him they’re on for tonight. Allie questions her wanting to go out for drinks with him. Chanel asks why not, pointing out that Allie had a good time last time. Chanel thinks it’s time they get back to having a social life. Allie agrees but she doesn’t necessarily think they should include Alex. Chanel thought she had fun the other night. Allie admits that she did until Alex brought up a threesome and she doesn’t think them saying no will stop him from asking again. Chanel agrees but questions if that would be such a bad idea…

Alex tells Stephanie that she is perfect and asks her out. Stephanie calls that a cheesy pick up and turns him down. Alex asks her to think about it. Stephanie tells him that she has to go get another coffee. Alex offers to replace it which she allows. Alex tells her not to go as he goes to get her coffee. Stephanie worries that he’s going to screw up her order.

Sonny thanks Chad for Stephanie’s business card. Chad says he has to head to the court house which Sonny questions. Chad wants to make sure that Leo and Gwen pay for what they did to Abigail. Sonny reminds Chad to reschedule with Marlena. Chad wishes him luck with Stephanie. Sonny knows Chad is going through a lot right now with Abigail and he just feels like he’s talking about himself a lot and that he let Chad down. Chad tells Sonny that talking about his life and business is not letting him down. Chad admits he should probably be thinking about anything else, so it helps. Chad doesn’t want Sonny feeling guilty as he is his best friend and they hug. Chad then exits the office.

Roman notes that Eric couldn’t have gone for a run since he just came downstairs. Eric explains that Jada’s air conditioner was broken and he said he’d try to fix it, so he asks for the toolbox. Roman asks if any other units are broken, noting that his room and the Pub are both cool. Roman presents the toolbox and asks Eric about his unit. Eric says his is fine, so Roman questions why Eric is so flushed and sweaty.

Jada tells Nicole that Eric should be back shortly if she wants to wait. Jada explains that Eric is fixing her air conditioner, so Eric let her use his shower. Nicole laughs as she realizes Jada is using Eric’s shower. Nicole admits that seeing Jada in a towel in Eric’s room made her think that they slept together. Jada then reveals that they actually did which shocks Nicole.

Allie questions if Chanel is saying she wants to have a threesome with Alex as she thought she wasn’t interested. Chanel assures that she’s not interested but says that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy the attention. Chanel asks if it didn’t feel good having Alex practically begging to sleep with them. Allie calls it like a conditioned response with him while Chanel feels it was flattering. Chanel admits Alex is a very hot guy and he’s interested in them. Chanel adds that Alex is right that Allie is irresistible. Allie accepts as long as Chanel knows that going out with Alex doesn’t mean going home with Alex. Chanel assures that she’s only interested in a twosome with her as they kiss.

Alex returns to Stephanie with her coffee. She thanks him and takes a drink, surprised that he got it right and actually listened to what she said. Alex admits that he didn’t and just asked the barista what she ordered while he compliments her eyes and calls her the most beautiful woman he’s ever seen. Stephanie asks if he came onto the barista too. Alex insists that he didn’t even notice her as he was just looking forward to getting back to her. Stephanie says she’s never encountered anything like this before. Alex asks if she’s never had anyone fall for her then. Stephanie questions how shallow he is to fall for her without knowing a damn thing about her. Alex tells her about the mental process of intuition. Stephanie is weirded out by all this intensity coming from a total stranger and says goodbye. Alex stops to introduce himself. Stephanie points out that he never apologized for running in to her. Alex says that’s because he was dumbstruck. Stephanie then introduces herself. Alex invites her to an incredible French place in Chicago but Stephanie continues to turn him down, reminding him that she’s weirded out by the intensity coming from someone she doesn’t know. Alex admits he came on too strong and offers to apologize over a nice bottle of wine. Stephanie tells Alex that she’s not interested as she’s too busy to date someone she’s attracted to, let alone him. Alex questions her being too busy to date. Stephanie responds that running her own business takes up all her time. Stephanie then gets a call from Sonny, who mentions that Chad just told him that she’s in town and he might have a business proposition for her if she’s interested. Stephanie asks what it is. Sonny offers to tell her in person and invites her to the office. Stephanie says right now works for her so Sonny says he’ll see her soon. Stephanie hangs up and tells Alex that this has been interesting, but duty calls. Alex asks about dinner. Stephanie suggests maybe the barista is free tonight as she then walks away. Alex comments to himself that he thinks Stephanie really likes him.

Eric questions Roman asking why he’s sweaty when it’s the middle of summer. Roman points out that he hasn’t been outside. Eric says he just came down to get some tools and questions getting the third degree. Roman says it was just a question and they definitely gotta get Jada’s AC fixed. Eric says he will do that and wishes Roman a happy birthday as he takes the toolbox and heads back upstairs.

Jada tells Nicole that she doesn’t know why she just told her that. Nicole says neither does she. Nicole then questions Jada sleeping with Eric and feels it’s kind of fast. Jada questions her. Nicole argues that Jada just got to town. Jada points out that it’s been a couple of weeks. Nicole says as far as she knows, they’ve only been out on one date unless she’s mistaken. Jada questions how this is any of her business. Nicole thought that since Jada volunteered the information, that she wouldn’t mind talking about. Jada says that’s true but Nicole and Eric are now divorced and Nicole is married to Rafe, so she’s not sure why she cares. Nicole says that she and Eric are divorced but he is and will always be her friend, so she is concerned about his welfare. Jada assures that she’s not a threat to Eric, but it seems like she may be to her. Nicole questions what that’s supposed to mean. Jada calls this somewhat awkward but asks if she’s sure that the way she feels about Eric isn’t more than friendship. Eric then comes home and is surprised to find Nicole inside with Jada.

Kate goes to the Brady Pub and brings Roman a birthday present. Roman thanks her but says he would’ve preferred that she kept her word. Kate asks what makes him think that she didn’t. Roman points out that Kate is still out and about when she told him that she was going to turn herself in. Kate explains that she went to the police station and told them that she didn’t know Lucas was the kidnapper while Sami was captive, but shortly after, she did and she didn’t come forward. Kate says that they charged her as an accessory after the fact.

Chanel and Allie continue kissing. Allie suggests maybe they need another shower but they are interrupted by a knock at the door. Allie answers the door to see Abe and Paulina. Abe hopes they aren’t too early. Paulina jokes about them being up because they are bakers and how she used to have to drag Chanel out of bed in the mornings. Chanel asks why Paulina is here. Paulina says it’s to share the wonderful news as she announces that Abe is going to run for Governor. Abe jokes that he won’t have to look for a spokesperson. Chanel congratulates Abe. Paulina says they still have work to do and they want Chanel and Allie to be part of the campaign. Chanel reminds her that they have a bakery to run. Paulina says that her PR person had the most wonderful idea to reach the voters through the Bakery by having Chanel and Allie make thousands of “Vote for Abe” cookies. Chanel tells Paulina that she needs to apologize to Allie first.

Stephanie goes to see Sonny at Titan. They hug and Sonny says it’s so good to see her. Sonny brings up Chad saying that she had a big new client in Salem, so he hopes he’s not pulling her away from anything. Stephanie says actually he saved her because she just bumped in to a guy in the town square who was trying to pick her up with cheesy lines. Alex then arrives to tell Sonny about what happened but he’s then stunned to see Stephanie inside. Stephanie questions if he followed her and accuses him of stalking. Stephanie asks Sonny to call security to have Alex thrown out. Alex then reveals that he works here and realizes Stephanie’s call was from Sonny. Sonny then reveals that Alex is his brother. Stephanie questions them then being cousins but Alex clarifies that he is Sonny’s half-brother as they have different mothers which means there is not a single impediment standing in their way but Stephanie insists that there is.

Allie tells Paulina that she doesn’t need to apologize but Chanel insists that she does for teaming up with Johnny to try to break them up. Allie insists that it’s fine but Chanel argues that it’s not. Paulina admits that Chanel is right that she was wrong and there is no excuse for it. Paulina says she was just holding onto an old fashioned idea of what she wanted for her daughter. Allie says she understands. Paulina is glad that Chanel got on to her about how out of line she was because in the end, all that really matters is her happiness and she sees how happy Allie makes Chanel.

Roman is glad that Kate accepted responsibility for what she did. Kate calls it a rather novel experience for her. Roman knows it couldn’t have been easy under the circumstances and he appreciates it. Roman adds that kidnapping is a felony, so if Kate’s been charged as an accessory, that could be a prison sentence of up to three years. Kate says she’s aware of that. Roman then questions if this means she’s going to prison.

Eric asks what Nicole is doing there. Nicole explains that she came to see him but Jada answered the door. Jada says she should get back to her room. Eric mentions being on his way to fix her AC. Jada says she should get dressed and that it looks like Eric and Nicole have a lot to talk about as she then exits.

Allie thanks Paulina, who says that they are family. Chanel thanks Paulina and admits that was really big of her. Paulina asks if this means they will take the cookie order. Chanel and Allie say they would love to. Paulina says they’ll need at least a thousand. Abe suggests checking the campaign laws first so they aren’t accused of bribery. Paulina says she’ll get her PR woman on it and tells them to get to the Bakery to make sure they have everything they need. Chanel asks if she wants to check out a sample first but Paulina says nobody has time for that. Allie says they are on it then and tells Abe that they are happy to help with his campaign. Chanel wonders what they have gotten themselves into.

Sonny explains that Stephanie owns her own PR firm and he thought that Titan could use a rebranding. Alex agrees and he knows how busy Sonny is so he will take this one as he thinks he and Stephanie will do an amazing job. Sonny says they still have some details to work out so he will call Alex when they are finished. Alex decides he’ll head to his office now but realizes that he doesn’t have his keys and must have dropped them when he bumped in to Stephanie. Alex says he’ll be right back and calls it a very eventful morning. Alex adds that Stephanie literally knocked him off his feet as he then exits. Sonny comments to Stephanie that Alex make a big first impression.

Kate tells Roman that she’s not going to prison since she came forward voluntarily, so Melinda knocked the charges down to a misdemeanor and she will be paying a fine along with 200 hours of community service. Kate jokingly asks if waitressing at the Pub for free would count but Roman doubts it. Kate asks if Roman is disappointed that she’s not going to prison. Roman says he’s not. Roman admits he was upset that she covered for Lucas and he believes that actions have consequences, but he also cares about her, so he doesn’t want her to go to prison. Kate asks if he really means that. Roman assures that he does. Kate then asks if there is any chance that they could get back to what they had.

Eric guesses Nicole was surprised to see Jada in his room and explains that her air conditioner was busted, so he told her that she could shower here. Nicole says it’s okay as Jada told her that they slept together. Eric calls that very forthcoming of her. Eric then asks why Nicole stopped by to see him again. Nicole thinks back to her sex dream about Eric. Nicole then tells Eric that she came by to tell him that she had a dream about him this morning. Eric calls that weird. Nicole asks why. Eric then reveals that he had a dream about her too.

Alex returns to the town square and retrieves his keys, saying it really is his lucky day. Allie and Chanel approach, noting that they haven’t even said yes yet. Alex asks say yes to what. Allie says to getting drinks and asks if he already forgot all the texts he sent them.

Roman tells Kate there are no guarantees but he is ready to give it another try. They hug as Kate says she’s so happy he said that. Abe and Paulina arrive. Paulina asks if this means what she thinks it means. Kate confirms it does which Abe says is great. Kate announces that Roman forgave her, so they are going to give it another go. Abe calls that fantastic while Paulina calls it a reason to celebrate. Paulina calls for a toast. Abe wishes Roman a happy birthday. Roman says his birthday is no big deal but Paulina calls for champagne. Roman says she doesn’t have to do that but Abe says when his wife decides to celebrate, they are going to celebrate.

Eric asks Nicole about her dream. Nicole responds that she dreamt that Eric came over to her house and then claims that he was just cooking and a mess was made, so she thought it was funny and wanted to share it with him. Nicole then asks Eric about his dream. Eric thinks back to his sex dream about Nicole.

Alex remembers sending Chanel and Allie those texts. Allie asks if they are still on. Alex says sure unless he has to work late. Chanel questions him having to work late when his brother is the CEO. They question if Alex doesn’t need them to be his wing women to help him scope out his next conquest. Alex suddenly responds that he’s not all that interested in that anymore. Chanel questions him. Alex says he does love all women, but he’s only interested in one as this morning, he met the woman of his dreams.

Sonny tells Stephanie that he’s really looking forward to working with her. Stephanie stops and says she doesn’t think this is such a good idea.

Before Eric can tell Nicole about his dream, Jada comes back and tells Eric that she has to get to work but she left her door open if he can still look at her AC which he assures that he will. Jada kisses Eric on the cheek and then exits. Nicole asks Eric again about his dream. Eric claims that Nicole showed up at his door with a singing telegram. Nicole jokes that it must have been a nightmare but Eric says in his dream, she had a beautiful voice. Nicole comments on them both having dreams about each other on the same day and how that’s weird. Nicole decides she will see him later and exits.

Paulina and Kate sit together in the Pub. Paulina tells Kate that she told her that Roman would come around just like Abe did and now they are back together while she and Abe are married and Abe is running for Governor. Kate says that’s great. Roman and Abe join them. Roman says Abe told him that Paulina talked him in to running for Governor. Kate says this has turned in to a great day in all ways. They toast to Roman’s birthday, Abe being the next Governor, and the four of them all having a great year. Paulina declares that nothing can stop them now while someone watches them through the window from outside.

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