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Recap written by Christine

At The Grand Phoenix, Phyllis and Amanda lamented that they didn’t get much time to catch up at the wedding reception. Ashley showed up, and she was mad about something Phyllis had done. There was a bit of a communications breakdown because Phyllis thought Ashley was talking about something else. “I don’t know how you found out about this, but honestly, it’s none of your business,” Phyllis said. Ashley asked why Phyllis let Diane stay at the hotel. Amanda asked who Diane was. Phyllis said Diane was the worst person in the world. Ashley asked if business was so bad that Phyllis had to let Diane stay. Phyllis said her business was doing great. Phyllis let Diane stay so that she could keep an eye on her. Phyllis had asked Diane to leave, and hopefully, she’d leave town. Ashley said she and Phyllis both knew Jack had a habit of forgiving women he shouldn’t. Phyllis said she and Ashley were on the same page when it came to Diane, and they should just keep it at that.

Ashley thought it was strange that she and Phyllis were being allies. Phyllis brought up the adage that the enemy of her enemy was her friend. Phyllis noted that she’d just been having a conversation with her actual friend – Amanda. Phyllis and Ashley admitted that Diane’s return had caused them to revisit some pretty dark places. They had a common goal of protecting Jack and Kyle. Phyllis asked if Ashley would mind her getting close to certain members of the Abbott family. Ashley could handle anything if it got Diane out of their lives. She offered to help Phyllis oust Diane from the hotel, if necessary. Phyllis said okay, and Ashley left.

Amanda was curious about Diane. Phyllis said she was accused of murdering Diane once, and this time she might follow through. Amanda didn’t think that was an appropriate joke. Phyllis insinuated that it wasn’t a joke. She said last time, the whodunit list was so long because every person in town wanted that bitch gone. Phyllis said Diane believed she deserved Jack and Kyle back. Amanda thought Jack was smart enough to see through whatever Diane was doing. She wondered if there was some other reason Phyllis was so worried. Phyllis said her relationship with Jack progressed a lot last night, and it was amazing. Amanda was happy to hear that. Amanda thought that Diane’s presence helped things progress between Jack and Phyllis. Phyllis was adamant that it had nothing to do with Diane. Phyllis said she and Jack had a bond and feelings for each other – mutual respect and admiration. She thought it was nice to have someone who got you and would tell you when you were out of line. Amanda was happy about this development. She told Phyllis to hold onto it and not let anyone take it from her. Phyllis said she wouldn’t.

Ashland glumly ate fruit salad at Society. Victoria walked up and said hi. She decided to leave him to his breakfast, and he told her he was about to leave. She boxed up the things he left at the house. He said he’d pick them up, but she suggested he send someone instead, since he shouldn’t carry anything heavy and put weight on his ankle. He had residual pain, but he could handle it. He asked about her knee. She was healing. He told her he wasn’t going to leave town while Harrison was here. She understood. They said their goodbyes, and he left.

At the Abbott house, Kyle was curious about what time Jack got in last night. At that point Summer came in and said Harrison was on a sugar high after licking the icing off cinnamon rolls, so they should probably get to the park soon. Kyle and Summer mentioned that they might have a way to relocate to Genoa City full time. Jack loved the idea, and he was eager for details, but Kyle and Summer decided to keep it to themselves for now. Summer asked Jack not to say anything to Phyllis, so they didn’t get her hopes up if things didn’t work out. Kyle said he and Summer missed their family and friends, and Harrison missed his father. Jack had something about Ashland to share.

Summer and Kyle were disgusted to know that Ashland sat Harrison down and lied to him about being sick. Summer wondered why her family didn’t tell her that Ashland faked cancer. Jack was sure they planned to tell her. Summer felt bad for her aunt Victoria. Jack said the marriage was annulled and out of the company. Kyle ranted that Ashland preyed on their sympathies and pretended to be noble about letting Harrison go, when he actually wanted the boy out of town, so he could exploit his fake illness. Kyle thought about how they’d reassured Harrison about his terminally ill father, who it turned out wasn’t even sick. “Who does that to their own son?,” he exclaimed. Jack and Summer looked like they were thinking something that they decided not to say. Kyle realized his mother did something similar to him.

Later, Jack was alone in the living room when Allie came in from a celebration-run. She got her final grades back, and she did way better than she thought. He couldn’t wait to brag about her. Allie didn’t have school to go back to, so she asked if she could stay for a couple more days. He assured her she could stay as long as she liked. He wanted to have a little cocktail party and invite some people her age. She appreciated that, but she was used to burying herself in the lab. Ashley came in and said she could relate. Ashley asked what a chemical engineering degree entailed these days. Allie said it took nine math courses, physics, biology and organic chemistry. Ashley thought that was impressive. Jack was worried Allie would get bored, so he wanted to help her connect with people socially. She appreciated that, but she didn’t want to be the center of attention. She met plenty of wonderful people at the wedding. She listed everyone she met, including Noah, the artist. Jack said that Noah was a bit of a rolling stone who might not be in Genoa City for good.

Jack left. Ashley asked what Allie was going to do with her degree. Allie wasn’t sure. Ashley understood – she knew from experience that your 20s could be tricky. Allie usually liked to make plans and stick to them. Ashley felt exactly the same way. They seemed to be connecting over their similarities. Ashley commiserated over Allie losing her father. Ashley said her own dad was her biggest cheerleader. Allie said her dad was too. Allie excused herself to take a shower.

Jack went to the hotel to see Phyllis. She offered to make him a cup of coffee so they could watch Diane check out, knowing she’d never darken their doorstep again. Jack was sorry Diane had been so disruptive in their lives. Phyllis said Diane lead her to having a bonding experience with Ashley. Part of Phyllis was relieved Kyle, Summer and Harrison were going back to Italy and as far away from Diane as possible.

At the park, Kyle and Summer sent Harrison to play with the ducks. Kyle hoped Harrison would remain this happy. Summer said they’d make sure he did, because they’d protect him. Kyle knew that Diane was one thing they needed to protect him from. Summer was worried Diane wanted more from Kyle than his forgiveness and that she’d take advantage of how much he missed her. Kyle promised he’d keep his guard up around his mom, but he still needed time. Summer said they had a lot to decide, so they’d extend their visit. Their talk was cut short, because Harrison spotted Ashland arrive and ran to him.

Ashland asked if he could have some father-son time with Harrison. Summer said that wasn’t going to happen. Victoria happened show up, and she stayed in the background, so they didn’t see her. Kyle sent Harrison off to play, then he informed Ashland that they knew what he did, and they didn’t want him around Harrison. While Ashland conceded that he’d made several mistakes, he said they didn’t change his relationship with his son. Summer countered that Harrison wasn’t Ashland’s son – Tara lied about that, just like Ashland lied about so many things. Ashland was trying to make amends. He just wanted to spend a little time with Harrison. Kyle said no and told Harrison to leave. Ashland yelled to Harrison that he had to go, but they’d see each other soon, and he loved him. Ashland left. Victoria walked up, and Summer hugged her. Summer expressed sympathy for Victoria and outrage about Ashland. Summer wondered why Ashland couldn’t just leave.

After Victoria left, Summer said they couldn’t count on Ashland doing the right thing and leaving town. Kyle said they’d have to keep their guard up with Ashland and Diane, which made the prospect of moving back to Genoa City more complicated.

Ashland went to Crimson Lights and looked at pictures of Harrison and Victoria from the wedding. Ashland had a memory of spending time with Victoria in Tuscany on their wedding night. They’d overlooked the villa and talked about their future. He’d told her he deeply regretted the lies he felt he had to tell. He promised to spend the rest of his life making it up to her. At Newman Enterprises, Victoria was apparently reliving the same memory. After she returned to the present, she called Nikki and said she wanted to take that trip together after all.

At Crimson Lights, Chloe appreciated how much her mom did for the kids, but being a grandmother wasn’t supposed to be a full time job. Chloe thought Esther deserved to kick back after a life of hard work. Esther had never been good at that. Chloe reminded Esther of Katherine’s book “I’m Gonna Live Til I Die.” Chloe thought Esther needed to live and do something that was just for herself, like going back to the theater. Esther thought she’d top the performance she gave in Streetcar, and she wanted to go out on top. Esther wanted to find love – it was never too late. Chloe noted that there were a lot of sketchy guys out there. Esther knew that firsthand, through her own experience and the dating past of Katherine and Jill. Esther flashed back to talking to Katherine about Tiny, Chloe’s father. Esther was in tears because Tiny didn’t care about her or her unborn baby. She hoped the baby was a girl, so she didn’t have anything to remind her of Tiny. Esther yelled that men were no good.

Esther had another flashback, talking to Jill about Roger. Jill said Roger was a conman, and Esther revealed that she’d married him. Jill informed her that Roger was a bigamist. In a third flashback, Esther and Katherine talked. Esther was in tears because a man had gambled away all her money and disappeared. In the present, Esther told Chloe that there were good men out there. Chloe asked if Esther knew what dating was like these days. Esther was already on the dating apps, and she’d just joined one for seniors, but she hadn’t gotten any responses, and she thought her profile needed work. Chloe offered to help.

Esther had included her work history on her dating profile. Chloe decided to change that because Esther wasn’t just a maid – she was a high level peacekeeper in the Chancellor house, dealing with Katherine and Jill’s feud. Esther said she knew Chloe was disappointed about her being a maid. Esther had some insecurities too once – she’d even pretended to be wealthy to impress a man, but she’d never do that again. She was proud of the work she did for Mrs. C. Esther wondered if Chloe still took issue with her being a maid. There was a flashback to Esther and Chloe talking about her job. Esther felt that Katherine had been good to her, like letting Chloe live there when she was a baby. Chloe sulked that Katherine shipped her off to boarding school. Esther thought Chloe was being ungrateful about getting a great education at an expensive boarding school, which meant she wouldn’t have to clean toilets for a living. Esther was happy with her life. Chloe thought Esther’s job was pathetic and that she was living like a loser.

In the present, Chloe said she had no issue with Esther’s job, and she was embarrassed she spoke to Esther that way. Chloe liked to think they’d come a long way since then. Esther said whatever differences they had in the past, it didn’t change how much Esther loved Chloe, and who Chloe – Katherine Tina Valentine – had become.

Chloe helped Esther post her new profile. She said she wouldn’t trade Esther for the world. Esther said Chloe wouldn’t get rid of her any time soon. Esther immediately got a hit on the app.

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