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Gwen and Xander lay in bed after having sex. Xander asks if now she’s finally convinced that he’s over Sarah and totally committed to her. Gwen responds that she might need more convincing. Xander says he’ll do whatever it takes but suggests they shower first. Gwen tells him to go start it so he heads to the bathroom. While Xander turns the shower on, Gwen falls asleep. Gwen has a nightmare about Sarah Horton showing up at her and Xander’s hotel room.

Brady has a nightmare about Kristen showing up at his door.

Kayla dreams of her and Steve kissing in the convent, dressed as nun and priest.

Nicole has a dream about having sex with Rafe on the Basic Black conference table again.

Ava has a nightmare about a life-sized version of Duke the teddy bear confronting her and threatening to kill her with scissors like she did to him.

Kayla wakes up from her nap and calls out to Steve, who assures he’s right there and asks about her nap. Kayla responds that she just had an intense dream.

Nicole wakes up from her dream on the couch at home.

Ava wakes from her nightmare in a panic, only to see Rafe standing in the doorway. Rafe asks if she’s okay.

Brady wakes up from his nightmare in a panic just as Kristen was going to stab him with a knife.

Gwen wakes up from her nightmare about Sarah reuniting with Xander and she’s in a panic. Xander comes out from the shower and asks her what’s wrong. Xander asks what in the world is going on as Gwen tells him that she had another nasty nightmare. Xander points out that she called out his name. Gwen says that’s because he’s the only person in the world who knows how to make her feel better. Gwen calls him her hero. Xander says it must have been a really scary dream. Gwen confirms that it was. Xander can’t imagine what would scare her and asks what the dream was about. Gwen claims not to remember the details and doesn’t feel like revisiting it. Xander asks what he can do to help make the dream go away. Gwen suggests he make love to her so they kiss until there’s a knock at the door. Gwen tells Xander not to answer it because they have everything they need. Xander doesn’t think they will go away. Gwen decides she will answer it then. Gwen gets up to answer the door as she did in her nightmare, but is surprised to see Abigail.

Nicole goes to work at Basic Black. Brady arrives behind her and calls out to her three times until she turns around. Nicole guesses she didn’t hear him. Brady asks if she was focused on the marketing reports. Nicole admits she was thinking about something else. Brady guesses it was important but Nicole says not really and that it doesn’t matter. Brady notes she seems flushed and asks if she was thinking about the time that she and Rafe had sex on the conference table.

Ava tells Rafe that she’s sorry as she just had a bad dream. Rafe notes that it must have been a rough one and says she was growling like a lion when he came in and now she’s still clutching a nail file. Ava mentions not hearing him leave this morning. Rafe says she was sound asleep so he decided to go to the bakery and bring her a coffee. Ava asks why he was up so early this morning. Rafe says he couldn’t sleep. Ava jokingly asks if he had a guilty conscience, then asks what he could possibly have to feel guilty about.

Kayla asks Steve if there’s anything to report about Kristen. Steve informs her that Mother Superior called and it turns out there is room for her at the convent. Steve suggests she get dressed in her nun’s habit. Kayla hesitates with that, so Steve asks if something is wrong. Kayla says she just needs a minute.

Kristen goes to see Mother Superior, who informs her that they have decided to take in “Sister Mary Elizabeth”. Kristen acts thrilled about that and calls it blessed news. Mother Superior asks Kristen to help her prepare for her arrival which Kristen claims would be her pleasure.

Nicole claims not to know what Brady is talking about. Brady says he’s not being judgmental and is just asking as a friend. Nicole remarks that it seems her other friend has loose lips. Brady tells her not to be mad at Chloe as she didn’t mean to let it slip out. Nicole complains that she swore her to secrecy. Brady says he pryed it out of her and apologizes. Nicole says it’s fine as it’s really Marlena’s fault anyways from when the Devil was in her, since she brought Deimos back from the dead to terrorize her. Brady says that’s not where he thought the story was going. Nicole asks if he thinks she’s crazy. Brady says no and that after Marlena was possessed by the Devil twice, there’s pretty much nothing he won’t believe. Brady is sure that she must have been terrified. Nicole thought she was losing her mind, so she called Rafe and he came over to make her feel safe. Brady understands that Rafe comforted her. Nicole says it started out that way, but the next thing she knew, they were on the conference table and tearing off each others’ clothes and he knows the rest.

Rafe informs Ava that she’s not the only one who has accused him of having something weighing on his conscience since Melinda and internal affairs have launched an investigation in to his policing practicies. Ava calls that crazy and asks what they could possibly suspect him of. Rafe reveals that one perp has accused him of planting evidence. Ava says they are obviously lying. Rafe says of course, but there’s a second accusation claiming that he framed him. Ava asks why this would all be coming up now at the same time and if he thinks it’s a coincidence. Rafe calls that unlikely so either these guys got together to make him look like a bad cop or someone put them up to it. Ava wonders who would hate him so much to go through all the trouble to ruin his life.

Gwen asks Abigail what she wants. Abigail says it’s nice to see her too. Gwen asks her again so Abigail says she’s there to speak with Xander. Gwen tells her that Xander is busy so she can come back tomorrow. Xander asks Abigail if she found something. Abigail confirms that she did and declares that she has tracked down their missing person. Gwen questions if she found Sarah. Abigail comes in and says not yet, but she did find Ned Granger, the pilot who flew a private jet the day that Sarah disappeared. Gwen tells Xander that Sarah didn’t disappear, she left, so she sees no crime. Abigail says they will see what Ned says as she is meeting him at the Pub in 30 minutes so she can show him Sarah’s picture. Gwen thinks it’s a waste of time but Xander decides he’s going with her. Xander declares that he wants to speak to the pilot himself to make sure that he’s telling the truth. Xander goes to get dressed. Gwen accuses Abigail of really enjoying this as she knows exactly what she’s doing. Gwen thinks Abigail wants Xander to find Sarah so that he will leave her.

Rafe tells Ava that he has some ideas about who might be setting him up. Ava questions if he thinks she did this to him. Rafe asks why she would say that. Ava brings up how he accused her of mutilating the teddy bear. Rafe apologizes for that and says he believes she didn’t do that. Ava doesn’t know why she would have any reason to be upset with him or Nicole when they are the ones she trusts most in the world…

Nicole tells Brady that Rafe and Ava are together and she accepts that, so what happened with her and Rafe was a one time thing. Brady tells her that she doesn’t have to explain it to him. Nicole just wants him to understand that she never meant for it to happen and it won’t ever happen again as they agreed to keep their distance. Brady asks if that’s what she wants or if she wants to be with Rafe. Nicole says no and then yes but admits she doesn’t know. Nicole feels like she’s going crazy. Brady apologizes as he can see she’s struggling with this. Nicole asks what is wrong with her as she can’t stop thinking about it. Nicole tells him that she had a dream this morning about Rafe. Brady understands that it’s hard to let go sometimes. Brady then reveals that this morning, he had a dream about Kristen.

Kayla gets dressed in her nun’s habit and tells herself no more impure thoughts as she has a job to do. Steve comes out of the bathroom with his priest collar on, startling Kayla. Steve apologizes and asks if she’s okay. Kayla claims she’s fine. Steve asks if she’s having doubts about doing this. Kayla says she’s not. Steve then reveals that he is, because Kristen may be hiding in the convent but some habits are hard to break. Steve worries that Kristen could still be dangerous. Steve tells Kayla that this is what he does as he’s trained for this kind of thing while she is not. Steve doesn’t doubt her bravery or her talents as he knows what she’s capable of, but he also knows what Kristen is capable of. Kayla reminds him that she locked horns with the Devil himself. Kayla says after being that close to evil, she’s not afraid of anybody on the planet, even Kristen DiMera. Steve decides if they are going to do this, she has to promise to look for evidence that Kristen is there but she won’t look for her. Kayla asks what if she runs across Kristen. Steve orders her not to approach or confront her and get out of there as fast as she can, preferably without Kristen seeing her. Kayla gives him her word.

Kristen tells Mother Superior that everything is prepared for the arrival of their guest. Kristen promises to move mountains to accomodate their new sister. After Mother Superior leaves the room, Kristen opens her bible, revealing that she has a gun hidden inside.

Ava can’t imagine how upsetting this must be for Rafe since his reputation is at stake. Rafe assures that he will clear his name. Ava tells him that no matter what happens, she will always believe in him. Rafe thanks her. Ava points out that he believed in her, when everyone else questioned her character and saw her as a criminal. Ava says that Rafe moved her in to his house and made her feel loved. Ava adds that nothing is more important to her than loyalty. Rafe feels the same as they kiss onto the bed.

Nicole questions Brady having a dream about Kristen. Brady assures that it was not a sex dream and calls it a nightmare. Nicole calls Kristen a nightmare in real life. Brady responds that she’s always been his nightmare. Nicole questions if Brady is thinking about her again after everything she has done. Brady points out that Kristen is Rachel’s mother so he’s always going to love her, but assures that he’s never going back to her as those days are over. Brady believes Kristen had him framed for Philip’s murder so that’s a dealbreaker. Brady adds that he has Steve looking for Kristen in hopes that they can get the truth about what happened to Philip. Nicole wishes Kristen would be gone forever but she would like to see her brought to justice for what she’s done to everyone in town. Nicole asks if Steve has had any luck tracking her down. Brady informs her that Steve is in Italy with a lead but so far, he has not found Kristen.

Kayla and Steve go to thank Mother Superior to thank her for letting Kayla as “Sister Mary Elizabeth” stay at the convent.

Abigail tells Gwen to take it easy as her helping Xander find Sarah has nothing to do with her. Gwen doesn’t believe her. Abigail tells her to believe what she wants as she’s doing it for Maggie, who asked her to help. Abigail believes there is a story here. Gwen mocks her journalistic integrity and calls it a conspiracy theory. Gwen asks if Abigail thinks Sarah was just taken from Salem. Abigail asks what if she was. Gwen insists that she wasn’t as Sarah walked out on Rex and Xander while now Xander has moved on, but Abigail is dragging him back in and getting him all worked up. Abigail is sorry if it’s upsetting for her but it happens that the circumstances of Sarah’s disappearance have left people with a lot of questions. Abigail says if Gwen is so sure that Sarah left on her own, then it shouldn’t matter if she finds her. Abigail asks if Gwen has a reason to doubt that. Gwen assures that Xander loves her and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop that. Abigail says she has no interest in changing that. Gwen tells her to be honest. Gwen doesn’t believe Abigail is over her sleeping with Chad. Abigail says her and Chad are fine. Gwen says they are not and argues that Abigail never really accepted her apology and now just wants to get back at her. Abigail calls her paranoid. Gwen remarks that unlike Abigail, she wasn’t handed everything in life and had to work for everything she had. Abigail assures her that no one is trying to take anything from her. Abigail says they are just trying to find Sarah. Gwen thinks if Sarah wanted to be found, she would’ve just turned up by now. Abigail notes that’s assuming she’s able to. Gwen says now she sounds paranoid. Gwen asks why she can’t let Sarah be and let her have a tiny bit of happiness for the first time in her life. Xander comes back from the bathroom and asks if everything is okay. Gwen claims they are and tells Xander that after he’s done, they can continue what they started before being rudely interrupted by her sister. Xander agrees and kisses her. Gwen tells Abigail it was nice to see her. Abigail and Xander then exit.

Mother Superior tells Steve that it’s time for him to leave since “Sister Mary Elizabeth” will be staying at the convent. Steve thanks her for all of her help. Kayla promises to be safe. Mother Superior then walks Steve out.

Brady tells Nicole that he’s accepted that he’s going to keep having nightmares about Kristen until Steve finds her. Nicole hopes he finds Philip too. Brady doesn’t see Nicole not having dreams about Rafe anytime soon. Nicole says she’s having trouble falling asleep anyways so there’s no escaping. Brady advises her to come to terms with how she’s feeling about Rafe. Nicole brings up that she tried to move on with EJ but acknowledges that was a big mistake that she won’t make again. Brady asks if she’s sure she can’t just be with Rafe. Nicole says she cares about Rafe and Ava, so she’s not going to come between what they have and she’ll just have to find a way to get him out of her head.

Rafe gets dressed after having sex with Ava and jokes that she’s making it really hard to have to go to work. Rafe mentions a package came for her and it’s on the kitchen table. Ava kisses Rafe more and jokes that she doesn’t want him to go but Rafe says he really has to. Ava says she understands. Ava adds that she knows Rafe will find out who is trying to hurt him because the truth always has a way of coming out. Rafe agrees as he exits the room.

After Brady leaves, Nicole tries to go back to work but thinks about having sex with Rafe again. Nicole decides to try getting rid of the conference table but she can’t move it. Rafe then appears and asks if she needs a hand.

Kayla looks through Mother Superior’s desk to try and find a list of names staying there. Mother Superior then returns to the room.

Steve goes back to his hotel and calls Brady to inform him that Kayla is on the inside and he will keep him posted. Kristen then arrives and tells Steve that Kayla will be just fine. Kristen then pulls a gun on Steve and declares it’s time for his last rites.

Abigail and Xander sit together at the Brady Pub. Abigail asks if he’s sorry he couldn’t hire Steve to find Sarah. Xander admits Steve was his first choice, but so far he’s very impressed with Abigail and jokes that it hasn’t cost him anything. Ned Granger then arrives and meets them. Ned asks what this is all about. Abigail says they have a few questions about a flight he took last March. Abigail shows him Sarah’s photo and asks if he remembers flying her out of Salem.

Gwen calls Ava and leaves a message, asking where she is because she needs her help since Abigail is not going to rest until she finds Sarah. Gwen worries that it’s only a matter of time before she loses Xander. Gwen tells Ava to call her back as there’s a knock at the door. Gwen then answers the door to see Sarah.

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