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Eric questions Alex wanting him to model with Nicole. Alex doesn’t know why he didn’t think of it sooner. Alex says the energy in the photos Eric took of Nicole is one thing, but seeing it in person makes him feel the camera will eat it up. Nicole is not so sure but Alex says he is. Alex states that Brady was fine but the chemistry was lukewarm while Nicole and Eric will be blazing hot together.

Chloe brings up Brady saying that he still cares about her. Brady confirms that he does. Chloe says that moving Kristen in as soon as they break up was a funny way of showing it. Chloe notes that Brady said “if there was any other way” and questions what he was talking about. They get interrupted as Li arrives and says he’s glad he found them. Brady asks what’s going on and if there’s a problem at corporate. Li responds that it’s more like an opportunity and reveals that he came to speak to Chloe.

Gabi sits in the town square as a waitress from the bakery brings her wedding cake samples out. Gabi mentions that she will wait for Li but then Stefan approaches.

Wendy tells Johnny on the phone that she overheard Li telling Kristen that he shipped Dr. Rolf out of the country and she didn’t sound happy about it. Wendy adds that Kristen sounded convinced that Li was working with EJ so they are on the right track. Johnny guesses they just need to figure out where Li sent Dr. Rolf. Wendy wonders if she can find something in the papers that Li left but then EJ walks in to the office and questions if Wendy needs some help.

Stefan tells Gabi that he’s looking for Chloe as he’s hoping to take her to lunch. Stefan notes that she wasn’t at her room, so he’s assuming she’s at the office today. Gabi questions why he’s sharing this with her. Stefan asks Gabi about the wedding cakes.

Li tells Chloe that corporate has been very impressed by her work at Basic Black. Chloe says that’s nice to hear. Li adds that ever since she took over, sales and profits have taken over. Brady calls Chloe the best. Li reveals that they would like her to use that talent and expertise in a broader way, so he’s come to offer Chloe a job at DiMera. Li assures that they have a large pool of qualified applicants to fill Chloe’s role at Basic Black if she accepts his offer. Chloe says she wasn’t expecting this, so she doesn’t know what to say. Brady then asks Li if Kristen put him up to this.

EJ introduces himself to Wendy. Wendy responds that she knows who he is. Johnny questions EJ being there as Wendy hangs up. Wendy apologizes and introduces herself to EJ. EJ says he’s heard so much about her and hopes he wasn’t interrupting her conversation. Wendy says he wasn’t so EJ questions who she was talking to.

Li tells Brady that Kristen DiMera doesn’t order him to do anything. Brady argues that Kristen has been dying to get he and Chloe away from one another and although Chloe does deserve a promotion, this has Kristen written all over it and is her style. Li responds that even if that was the case, Kristen no longer has a position at the company. Chloe questions Kristen not working at DiMera anymore. Li reveals that EJ relieved Kristen of her duties, so he assures that they are offering Chloe this job on her own merit.

Alex asks Eric and Nicole if they are going to model for the cover. Nicole doesn’t think it’s such a good idea. Alex asks why not and brings up the photos Eric took of her. Alex remarks that when Eric and Nicole are together, it’s magic. Eric questions who would take the photos if he’s in front of the camera. Alex says he will as he has a ridiculously good eye. Nicole questions if he even has experience doing a photoshoot like this. Alex says he was an intern after college. Eric guesses he won’t want to spend money on a reshoot if this doesn’t work. Alex says this might not be the finished product and they can do test shots. Alex adds that if it works out like he thinks it will, they might have a whole campaign and calls it proof of concept. Alex tells Eric that first they have to get him in to wardrobe.

Chloe asks Li what exactly the job he’s offering her is. Alex comes out from the office and says he needs Brady. Brady responds that he’s been rethinking the modeling and he doesn’t want to be on the cover. Alex says that’s good because he’s replacing him and just has to get him out of the suit. Alex takes Brady and says he’ll explain on the way.

Gabi tells Stefan that these cake samples are for her wedding. Stefan thought the couples make the decision together. Gabi says that Li had something to take care of but he’ll be there any minute. Stefan remarks that sure he will. Gabi questions him not believing her. Stefan asks why she cares. Gabi calls it annoying and tells him to say what he needs to say. Stefan says he’s just curious what Li’s priorities are is all. Gabi tells him that Li understands they need to do this right away because they want to get married as soon as possible. Stefan questions the rush. Gabi responds that there’s no reason to wait now that Stefan’s feelings for her are buried and gone.

Wendy claims to EJ that she was just talking to a work friend on the phone from back home and hopes he doesn’t mind that she was making a personal call on company time. EJ says that’s fine and understands that employees have their own lives. EJ points out that it’s in the middle of the night in Hong Kong. Wendy reminds him that she was stationed in Alaska and she’s very happy to be here in DiMera HQ now. EJ understands why she’d be so eager to move on. EJ then reveals that he overheard that she’s curious about Li’s papers and asks if there’s something specific that she was looking for.

Johnny talks to the portrait of Stefano and admits he’s worried about EJ walking in on Wendy since EJ can be intimidating. Johnny knows Stefano wouldn’t approve of what he’s doing but if EJ and Li did something to Stefan, they shouldn’t get away with it. Johnny brings up Stefan carrying Stefano’s name and he always said that nothing is more important than family and family should never turn on each other. Susan walks in and says she couldn’t agree with him more. Johnny guesses she heard him talking to Stefano just now. Susan says there’s nothing to be ashamed of as she talks to plenty of her relations that have passed on. Susan tells Johnny there’s no reason not to talk to his granddad if it helps, but warns him not to listen to a word Stefano says because he was mean. Johnny points out that he doesn’t actually talk back. Susan compares it to the spirits talking to her. Johnny tells Susan that it’s nice to have her back in Salem as he missed her. Susan touches Johnny but then jumps back and says her bad connection just got cleared as the spirits just sent her a message loud and clear. Susan then questions if Johnny really is out to get EJ.

Wendy tells EJ that she wasn’t looking for anything specific in Li’s papers and says she’s just trying to drag him in to the 21st century. Wendy jokes about trying to get Li in to the digital age but he’s too loyal to their father to make that leap. EJ mentions hearing that Wei Shin likes the older way of doing things. Wendy says she’s given up on trying to change his ways and talks about how Li is his father’s son in many ways. EJ guesses Wendy is trying to help Li get more organized. Wendy jokes that it’s one of her first missions in Salem. Wendy adds that it must be a huge security risk to have all this confidential information just lying around. EJ says it sounds like Li is lucky to have her here. EJ adds that she has no need to worry about the company’s security because Li’s papers are all in the building and only people with clearance have access to the executive floor. EJ remarks that they have no reason to suspect anyone including Li’s very own sister.

Li tells Chloe that he’s not trying to pressure her and he knows the offer must seem sudden. Chloe didn’t realize she was even on his radar. Li explains that since the change in leadership, he and EJ have been trying to re-evaluate their entire structure and rebuild a team of superstars. Chloe says she’s flattered but feels there’s enough people just as qualified. Li believes in fresh voices and thinks Chloe could bring a new energy to the entire DiMera team, noting that he wouldn’t have made the offer if he didn’t think so. Chloe questions this coming from Li and EJ alone. Li insists that Kristen has nothing to do with the company anymore. Chloe clarifies that wasn’t who she was talking about. Li realizes she’s asking about Stefan. Li states that he’s aware of Stefan’s romantic interest in her and admits that it’s one he is happy to encourage which Chloe questions. Li explains that he believes in honesty and he would be lying if he said he wouldn’t want to see Stefan involved with someone who isn’t Gabi. Li adds that he’s not proud of the impulse but when his fiancée’s husband comes back from the dead, he can get insecure. Chloe points out that she isn’t going to work at DiMera and then suddenly be with Stefan. Li says it’s none of his business either way and calls it just a fringe benefit. Li assures her that this offer is about business and Stefan knows nothing about it.

Stefan asks if this means Gabi can finally accept that he doesn’t love her anymore. Gabi confirms that she got tired of banging her head against the wall, hoping that he would remember his feelings for her. Gabi informs him that she charged in to Dr. Rolf’s lab and demanded he tell her what he did to make Stefan stop loving her. Stefan questions what he said. Gabi responds that Dr. Rolf said that he saved Stefan’s life but did nothing to make him hate her. Stefan questions Gabi believing Dr. Rolf. Gabi asks why she wouldn’t since he has no reason to lie to her. Stefan says there’s none that he can think of. Stefan is glad she found Dr. Rolf since now she knows that he did nothing to influence his feelings and maybe she can move on from the past and go their separate ways. Gabi agrees and says they don’t ever have to see each other again. Stefan tries to take a cake sample but Gabi questions what the hell he is doing. Stefan argues that he’s hungry and thought she could use an outside opinion. Gabi responds that she doesn’t care about his opinion on anything as this is for her and her groom. Stefan remarks that he was her groom once and she denied him his rightful cake. Stefan recalls that they didn’t even have a wedding reception and that she kicked him out as soon as they were married like it was just a way for her to get revenge on him. Stefan argues that Gabi likes to pretend that they had this grand love story but there was no love involved. Stefan declares that their wedding day was completely meaningless. Gabi says that’s not true.

Eric tells Nicole that Alex seems pretty determined for them to take these pictures and asks if she’s okay with this. Nicole admits she’s not at all and notes that she hasn’t even told Rafe that Eric took pictures of her before and now they’re going to be on the cover of Bella together. Eric points out that they don’t have to do anything they don’t want to do. Eric adds that the last thing he wants is to cause trouble for her and Rafe. Eric tells Nicole to just say the word and he will tell Alex to find another way to recreate his magic.

Johnny tells Susan that he already told her that he wasn’t the clown outside that EJ saw. Susan says she believes him but she knows he’s up to something and wishes he would tell her what it is. Johnny claims not to know what she’s talking about. Susan tells Johnny that she loves him but she loves EJ just as much and she doesn’t want Johnny to hurt EJ. Johnny argues that he’s not doing anything to him while EJ is the one who did something wrong.

Wendy agrees with EJ that Li’s papers are completely secure in this office but she is a detail oriented person and thinks Li won’t work as efficiently if he’s stuck to all the papers. EJ compliments her work ethic and says he’s sure they will be seeing a lot more of each other. Wendy says she hopes so. EJ says it was lovely meeting her and welcomes aboard. EJ tells her to ask if she needs anything. Wendy stops him and asks if she could access the records for the DiMera Jet. EJ asks what for. Wendy explains that she promised to put all of Li’s expense reports on the accounting server. Wendy says Li’s expense reports are less than detailed so she wanted to cross reference with the DiMera jet reports. EJ asks if this is something that accounting is asking for. Wendy claims they’ve apparently been wanting to for awhile but haven’t considering Li’s position. Wendy adds that she could install a new algorithm for future data. EJ says he would be more than happy to get her in to the system.

Susan questions Johnny telling her that EJ brainwashed his own brother. Johnny clarifies that he’s not 100% sure but all the evidence points in that direction. Susan questions why he would do that to his own flesh and blood. Johnny points out that EJ barely knows Stefan and as important as family is to him, his legacy means more. Johnny brings up that EJ did everything he could to push Gabi out and take DiMera back, but if Stefan came back on Gabi’s side, they would have more than enough shares and EJ would be left out. Susan questions EJ having Dr. Rolf tinker with Stefan’s brain so that he would stop loving Gabi. Johnny declares that if it’s true, Stefan and Gabi have a right to know. Susan thought Gabi was marrying Li. Johnny says that’s because Gabi thinks Stefan despises her. Susan says that’s terrible if Gabi and Stefan still love each other. Susan declares that they can’t let Gabi marry the wrong guy because love is God’s greatest gift so they can’t let anyone stand in the way of that. Johnny asks if Susan agrees then that he needs to take down EJ for Stefan and Gabi. Susan stops him and asks if he’s telling her that he is doing all of this because he feels so strongly about Gabi and Stefan’s love. Johnny asks why else he would do it. Susan guesses he’s doing it for revenge because EJ kicked Ava out on the street. Susan adds that she knows Johnny said he was going to make EJ pay for it.

Stefan asks if Gabi is admitting that marrying him was an act of revenge. Gabi goes along with it and brings up that he framed her for Andre’s murder. Stefan questions her wanting him to believe that their wedding meant something to her. Gabi says it did. Stefan asks how he’s supposed to believe that. Gabi asks why they are doing this and why it matters. Stefan says he just wants to know. Gabi talks about wanting revenge for what he did to her while she was in prison and says that duping him in to marriage was a good way to ruin his life, but she is the one who ended up duped. Stefan asks how so. Gabi questions again why they are doing this. Stefan calls it closure but points out that nobody is forcing her to answer. Gabi admits that she started to have feelings for him while plotting against him and she didn’t want to admit it. Gabi says she fell in love with him but still hated him for what he did because of his obsession with Abigail’s alter “Gabby”. Gabi brings up how she got viciously beaten in prison and now can’t have any more children. Stefan tells her that he’s sorry. Gabi repeats that she wanted to get back at him which he deserved but she was fighting back real feelings. Gabi talks about the wedding planning and fantasizing it being real. Gabi tells him about the wedding cake she had. Stefan points out it being like one on her sample platter and takes a bite. Stefan says it’s good and then asks if Gabi wants to try. Gabi takes a bite and he asks what she thinks. Gabi calls it even better than she remembers it.

Li asks Chloe if she’s ready to turn the page and start the next chapter of her life by joining them at DiMera Corporate. Brady returns so Li jokes about not having a meeting like this in the hallway. Alex thanks Brady again for the suit and promises he won’t regret it as he declares that this is exactly what Bella and Basic Black need.

Eric tells Nicole that this is her last chance if she wants to tell Alex that they want to bail on the photoshoot. Alex comes back in and asks if they are ready. Alex then guesses they don’t want to do it. Eric admits they have concerns. Alex insists the cover will be killer and says they both have inspirational stories which is exactly what they need to revitalize Bella and Basic Black. Alex asks if they want to make history or what. Nicole then agrees to do shoot the cover.

Chloe tells Li that she’s loved working at Basic Black and she’s really proud of what she’s accomplished and with Brady. Brady notes that they make a good team. Chloe states that they did, but she thinks she’s ready for something new. Chloe appreciates the offer and tells Li that she’s going to take it. Chloe doesn’t know exactly what the job is but she’ll take it. Li calls that wonderful news and says they are happy to have her. Li says he’s running late but his office will be in touch to start the process. Li congratulates Chloe and then walks away. Brady then asks if Chloe is sure about this.

Wendy goes over the DiMera Jet reports and sees the last time Li used it was months ago, before Dr. Rolf left town, unless she’s missing something. Wendy then finds an inquiry where Li had requested the names of all the pilots who have left the company in the last five years and wonders why he would do that. Wendy then goes to the phone and calls the travel department. Wendy explains that she’s going over travel records for Li and is cross referencing other documents, so she asks them to send over the list of former pilots that Li requested. Wendy thanks them and hangs up.

Li arrives in the town square and finds Gabi with Stefan. Li asks if he’s interrupting. Stefan remarks that it’s about time he got there. Li questions what is going on. Stefan responds that Li’s bride has been patiently waiting for him to try all these delicious looking cakes. Li apologizes for being late as his meeting took longer than he thought. Gabi says it’s okay as she was just getting started. Stefan advises not going for the hazelnut because it might start out great, but the after taste is bitter, as he then walks away.

Alex takes photos of Nicole and Eric. Alex praises that they look incredible and make his job easy. Alex then instructs Nicole to look in to Eric’s eyes as he continues taking photos. Alex calls it hot and says it’s magic.

Brady questions Chloe really leaving Basic Black. Chloe guesses she is and admits this isn’t how she saw her day going. Chloe points out that they’ll both still be apart of the DiMera Universe. Brady says she won’t be here. Chloe says it’s probably better considering the current situation. Chloe adds that Li assured her that Stefan had nothing to do with this. Chloe decides she should pack up her things. Brady tells her that he never wanted it to be like this. Chloe starts to cry and questions what he’s talking about since he’s the one who broke up with her and then moved Kristen in to his home. Chloe questions him saying he cares about her and acting like he wants her to stay. Chloe asks what Brady is trying to say or not say to her. Brady says it’s nothing and congratulates her on her new job because she absolutely deserves it. Chloe then walks away, leaving Brady frustrated.

Gabi and Li taste their wedding cake samples. Li likes one of the vanilla and Gabi agrees, saying extra sweet is just what she wants.

Wendy gets the pilot list from travel. Wendy calls Johnny and leaves a message to call her back when he gets this because she got the list of former DiMera pilots so if she can identify which one Li used, then she can track down exactly where Li sent Dr. Rolf. Wendy declares that they will then be one step closer to finding out if EJ and Li did something to Stefan. Wendy hangs up right as Stefan walks in and asks if someone said his name.

Johnny tells Susan that EJ might have done something really wrong and ruined peoples’ lives so it’s a good thing that he’s trying to figure out if that’s true or not. Susan argues that it’s a big if and that Johnny just admitted that EJ might not be guilty. Johnny insists that he’s getting closer to proving it. Johnny adds that Susan can’t say anything about this. Susan questions him asking her to lie to her own son. Johnny says it’s really important and asks Susan to promise she will keep her mouth shut. EJ then walks in and questions keeping her mouth shut about what.

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