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Recap written by Christine

Nick gave Sharon a ride home from the airport, and she got a big hug from Faith. Sharon was in good spirits after her trip to Miami for Rey’s memorial. Faith wished she’d gone with Sharon, but Sharon said that it was the right decision to go alone. Sharon would tell Faith all about the memorial later, but now she wanted to talk about the wedding, which was tomorrow. Faith and Nick exchanged a look. Sharon assured them that she was okay, and she said they had to turn their attention to the wedding. Nick wanted to talk to Sharon alone, so Faith went upstairs.

Sharon was bowled over when Nick told her that someone wanted to donate 250 million dollars to New Hope in Rey’s name. She asked who the donor was, and Nick said it was Ashland. He assured her the donation would be anonymous. He’d been struggling with this. He couldn’t stand that creep, and he knew Ashland was only doing it to get Victoria’s forgiveness. “Just take the money, Nick” Sharon quickly urged. She knew he hated Ashland, and she did too, but Rey would want to see something bad turned into something good. She thought this was poetic justice.

Mariah and Tessa were at home, and they were looking forward to their big day. They went through a mental checklist – everything was all set. Mariah said she had to practice saying their vows without dissolving into tears. Mariah panicked because she never confirmed with Kyle that he’d officiate the wedding. Tessa was sure Devon would do it. Mariah loved Devon, but she had her heart set on Kyle. Noah showed up, and then they all left for the Top of the Tower to see how he’d set things up for the wedding. Mariah, Tessa and Noah returned to the apartment. The couple was very impressed with what Noah had done to Top of the Tower. They said it Noah asked if they didn’t trust him to make something special. Mariah said of course they did, but this was beyond. Tessa asked how they could ever thank Noah. Noah joked that their undying gratitude was more than enough.

Kyle showed up wanting to talk, so Tessa and Noah went downstairs to Crimson Lights. Mariah knew Kyle had a lot on his plate, but she pleaded with him not to say he was going to disappoint her. He’d planned to go to Milan tonight. He really wanted to get back to Summer and talk to her about Diane. He’d been so distracted, he forgot about the wedding until he started packing. Mariah thought Kyle would miss the ceremony, and she was disappointed, but she understood. Kyle said he talked to Summer, and she convinced him to stay for the wedding. She’d cleared her schedule, and she was flying to Genoa City to support him with his mom. Excited, Mariah said that this meant Summer was coming to the wedding and that Kyle could officiate it.

Kyle wasn’t thinking clearly right now, so he wasn’t sure he was in the right head space to conduct a wedding ceremony. He was worried he’d mess up. Mariah appreciated Kyle’s candor. She said he could never do anything to disappoint her. He said he’d never intentionally do that, but… Mariah said no buts. She thought that tomorrow would be a perfect wait to clear his head of some of the turmoil he was in. she said he’d be launching them into this amazing journey of, bonding, family, motherhood… She apologized for saying motherhood, but he didn’t mind. He thought Mariah and Tessa would make amazing moms. She said that none of this would be possible without him. She’d never forget what he did for them – pushing them into that first date. She said it would be like the magical completion of the circle, and magic was way too rare to say no to. Kyle agreed to do it. He was honored to be asked, and he didn’t want the fact that he’d had to be pushed into it to make it seem like he wasn’t thrilled to be involved. He promised he’d get ordained and be ready for tomorrow. She said it would just be a few clicks on the internet, and they had a script for him. He said he might want to say a few words too, and she was fine with that. She added that she had his back while he was dealing with his mom.

Downstairs, Tessa wondered if Mariah would be able to get Kyle to officiate. Tessa was going to have her sister at the wedding, and she wanted Mariah to have everything she wanted. Noah commented on how Tessa and Mariah always wanted the best for each other. Tessa first knew she was falling in love when she wanted something for someone else more than she wanted anything for herself. He hoped this was the most extraordinary wedding ever. She said the Top of the Tower looked magical. She was glad they got past the awkwardness. He was glad too, and he gave her credit for being so open and honest with him and Mariah. He’d always love Tessa as a friend and as the woman who made his sister so happy. She said his friendship meant so much to her, and soon they’d be family.

Later, Sharon, Tessa, Faith and Noah came upstairs. Kyle was already gone. Everyone was concerned because Sharon was up and about instead of resting. She wanted them to stop worrying about her. She wondered if it’d help if she told them about Rey’s service. She said it was lovely, and it helped to have that time with Celeste, Lola, Arturo and their extended family and friends. Everyone at the Miami service understood why Sharon came alone, and they all had nice things to say about Rey. Mariah asked how Lola was. She was excited about the wedding and sorry she couldn’t be there. Sharon said no more sorrys and sadness – all that mattered was pulling off the perfect wedding for their beautiful brides – Rey would want nothing less. Tessa was excited when Mariah said Kyle would officiate. Faith suggested they give Sharon a job to do. They put her on gift bag assembly, and she was happy to do it. Sharon brought a basket of things for Tessa and Mariah to use to pamper themselves – face masks, tea, nail polish etc. they both appreciated it. Sharon wanted the brides-to-be to relax and accept that everything would be taken care of. The guests left to take care of the last minute issues. Mariah and Tessa marveled that tomorrow they’d be bonding their lives together forever.

Victoria approached Ashland at Crimson Lights. She said Nick told her about his offer to donate half his buyout to New Hope to be used for work done in Rey’s name. He was meeting with Nick later, to hear his decision, and he hoped Nick would take the money. Victoria agreed – that money could do a lot of good in the right hands. It pained him that she no longer thought of his hands as the right ones. She appreciated his generous gesture, but after everything he’d done, she was sure he could understand how hard it was for her to believe he didn’t have an ulterior motive.

Ashland didn’t blame Victoria for being suspicious. He said his motivation was guilt. He felt he had to pay back the wrong he did to her and to her family and for Rey’s death. He knew it was an accident, but none of them would’ve been on the road that night if not for the pain he caused Victoria. Victoria revealed that Rey died of a heart attack, and that was what caused the accident, so Ashland didn’t need to feel guilty, at least not about that. He thanked her for telling him that, when she could’ve just let him blame himself. She reasoned that he had enough to feel guilty about. She wondered if he’d want to withdraw his offer to Nick, but he said Rey was a good man who deserved to be honored.

Victoria went back to work. Nikki dropped into the office for the coffee Victoria was supposed to bring her from Crimson Lights. Victoria admitted she forgot to buy it, because she got distracted by Ashland. Victoria brought Nikki up to speed on her talk with Ashland. Nikki sensed Victoria was haunted by her feelings for Ashland. Victoria said she’d pushed her feelings for him away. Nikki suspected that Victoria had just pushed them down, not away, which would only make the emotional turmoil worse later. Nikki thought Victoria should deal with her feelings now before they ate her up inside.

Victoria admitted part of her still loved Ashland. That mortified her. The worst part was that she kept wondering what if Ashland was actually telling the truth for the first time in his life. What if falling in love with her changed him and he regretted what he’d done? Those questions made Victoria feel week and humiliated. Nikki thought it was perfectly reasonable for Victoria to feel that way. Nikki said Victor had to show her a lot of proof before she could believe Ashland had actually done all these things, because his love for Victoria seemed so sincere. Nikki said Ashland’s love for Victoria might be the only true thing about him, but if that was the case, was it worth complete forgiveness? Victoria said of course not – nothing could undo the wrong Ashland did to all of them. “What about saving your life?,” Nikki asked.

Ashland and Nick met at Society. Nick accepted the money on the condition that the donation remain anonymous. He said that if Ashland was truly doing this out of the goodness of whatever heart he claimed to have, and not to repair his disgraced reputation, that shouldn’t be a problem. Ashland always intended to keep the donation anonymous, so he was fine with the stipulation. Nick said this didn’t change how he felt about Ashland. Ashland wasn’t surprised. Nick knew Ashland was only doing this to make himself look better in Victoria’s eyes. Ashland said Nick was making assumptions. Nick thought that if Ashland truly loved Victoria, he’d leave forever and give Victoria a chance to rebuild her life. Ashland refused to leave town. He said Harrison was here, and he planned to spend as much time with him as possible. Ashland wasn’t going to hurt Victoria any more than he already had. He was focused on improving himself, and this donation was a small first step toward making amends. Nick didn’t buy it or trust Ashland. He and he family weren’t going to let Ashland maneuver his way back into Victoria’s life. Ashland stated that he wasn’t intimidated by Nick. He said that the Newmans already closed ranks around Victoria and tried to run him out of town, and it didn’t work. Nick said next time, they’d get more creative and more extreme.

Sally dropped into Adam’s office. She wanted to discuss the budget, unless he’d decided to leave the company. He decided he couldn’t walk away from his family or the chance at ever running Newman Enterprises. It frustrated him that Victor couldn’t see that Victoria didn’t deserve the position after everything that went on with Ashland, but he felt that if he quit, she would win. Adam wanted to be the sole CEO of Newman Enterprises. Sally recalled Adam saying he had that job before, and it didn’t stick, so she said failure wasn’t an option this time. She asked how she could help him pull this off. He had the perfect plan, and Ashland was the key.

Sally wanted details. Adam initially thought that getting Ashland out would make him a hero in his dad’s eyes. That didn’t happen, unfortunately. Adam said that even after everything Ashland did, Victoria still seemed conflicted. Sally thought that was understandable, since you couldn’t just turn off your feelings. Adam said Ashland saved Victoria’s life when he pulled her out of a burning car. He didn’t think Ashland orchestrated that, but he thought Ashland would use it to try and win Victoria back. Sally suggested that Ashland’s love for Victoria was real, since betraying someone and loving them weren’t mutually exclusive. Adam thought it was more about ego and being rejected than love. Regardless, if Ashland won Victoria’s love and trust, either he’d take her as far away from Victor and all things Newman as possible, or Victor would be so angry with Victoria for taking Ashland back that he’d question her ability to run the company. Then the door would be open for Adam. Sally said all this was predicated on Ashland winning Victoria back. Adam suggested he and Sally help reignite Ashland and Victoria’s romance.

Sally was intrigued by the plan, but she was worried because Victor would turn on Adam if he found out about the scheme, and there would be no coming back. Adam said they’d have to be subtle, and they certainly couldn’t collude with Ashland. Sally agreed, since they knew Ashland couldn’t be trusted. Adam said the genius of the plan was they didn’t have to do anything overt to pull this off, and no one would ever know it was them.

Sally and Adam went to Society, and took a table near the bar, which was where Nick and Ashland were sitting. Ashland wondered if this had something to do with Nick’s warning that the Newmans were going to get more extreme. Nick wanted to get moving on the donation. Ashland made a call and transferred the money to New Hope. Nick thanked Ashland for the donation and said at least one good thing would come out of his lies. Nick left. Adam overheard everything. Adam said Ashland’s donation was a clever power play, but it didn’t mean Victoria would take him back. Ashland said this was none of Adam’s damn business. Adam thought that was rude to say, since he was the reason Ashland had a half a billion dollars.

Ashland regretted taking the money, since it wasn’t worth giving up the woman he loved. Adam didn’t buy that, he noted that Ashland wasn’t upholding his end of the bargain. Ashland pointed out that he agreed to leave the company and have his marriage annulled. Ashland asked what the problem was. Adam said that the problem was that Victoria fell for Ashland and she didn’t drive him out of town after she found out what he’d done. He said it was like Victoria was still holding onto the fantasy of the guy she thought she fell in love with. Ashland left. Sally could tell Ashland was affected by the hint that Victoria still had feelings for him. Sally said the best part was the fact that Adam made it look like an insult. Adam was going to go plant another seed. He said he’d see Sally at the office.

Victoria and Nikki continued their discussion at Newman Enterprises, and they didn’t notice Adam walk in. Victoria said that she was still trying to figure out what it meant – Ashland rescuing her. They finally noticed Adam. He said he couldn’t get over the lack of gratitude for getting Ashland out of her life and out of the company. Victoria told Adam that he’d never thrive in business if he didn’t get past his continual need for positive reinforcement. He said he’d come to tell her that he wouldn’t fight her on not naming him co-CEO, and he wouldn’t try and get Victor to change his mind. He congratulated Nikki and said he looked forward to working with them both. He left. Nikki asked what the hell that was about. Victoria had no idea, but she could use a break from all things Newman. She left to get fresh air.

Victoria wasn’t using her cane anymore, but she still had a limp as she entered Society and took a seat at the bar. Sally made a beeline to her and asked how she was doing since the accident. Victoria said she was healing, then she turned away from Sally. Sally persevered and continued to try and strike up a conversation. Sally was impressed Victoria was back to work. Sally assumed Victoria was here to escape the office intrigue. She wanted to talk with Victoria and offered to buy her a drink.

Nick and Sharon met at her place, and he told her about taking the money, even though he hated being near Ashland. She thought he did the right thing. She couldn’t wait to go to the first ribbon cutting ceremony. She knew Rey would be smiling down at them. He asked what she was doing today. She told him about the gift bags she was going to make. Faith was out getting the supplies. Nick wanted to know how Sharon was really doing. Sharon said it was hard in Miami at first, seeing how deeply other people missed Rey. She bonded with Rey’s family over their grief. Lola was excited about the wedding. Arturo’s little boy was too young to understand why everyone was together; he just knew he was surrounded by people he loved. Sharon said that was a reminder that they had to celebrate all they had right now, because life went on. That was why she was putting all her energy into making sure Mariah and Tessa had an amazing day. He was proud of her and her strength. Sharon said she and Nick had been through hell more than once, and they always made it through – what other choice was there? She thought this wedding – this joyous life-affirming event couldn’t happen at a better time.

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