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Maggie enters the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion and comments on Victor being depressed. Victor tells her not to even try to cheer him up. Maggie responds that she won’t even try when he’s in this kind of mood. Maggie encourages that there’s nothing he can do about it but it’s not the end of the world. Maggie acknowledges that the situation is complicated and upsetting but they are talking about a baby, a new life. Victor complains about Jan trying to electrocute him in his own bathtub and now his grandson is going to have her hanging around his neck for the rest of his life. Victor then asks for another drink.

Shawn runs in to Belle at the hospital. Belle asks if he was leaving. Shawn says not now that she’s here. Shawn is glad she came and asks if they can go get coffee or something. Belle clarifies that she didn’t come to see him.

Clyde walks through the park with the bag of stolen jewelry. EJ approaches and says it looks like he’s been caught red-handed as he asks what Clyde is up to. Clyde thinks back to making his deal with Leo. Clyde then tells EJ that he’s just hanging out. EJ asks him what’s in the bag. Clyde says it’s nothing he needs to worry about. EJ says he shouldn’t mind if he takes a look then.

Chloe questions what kind of savage would brutally murder the mother of two young children. Brady says it would be someone who has no earth, the scum of the earth, and the lowest of the low. Leo then walks up. Leo questions who he’s calling the lowest of the low. Chloe says they weren’t talking about him. Brady says that’s unless he was the SOB who killed Abigail.

Sami arrives at Lucas’s hotel room on crutches, surprising Lucas, who says he wasn’t expecting her. Sami says she can tell and questions what the hell happened to his room.

Maggie tells Victor that he has every right to be upset but not to feel sorry for himself as that’s not who he is. Victor hates that there’s nothing he can do about it. Maggie encourages that he can stand by Shawn and let him know that he’s by his side when he’s trying to put his life back together. Maggie points out that Jan will be going back to prison again and then maybe Shawn and Belle can work it out. Victor says no. Maggie argues that Belle and Shawn at least still have a chance as they still have their lives ahead of them. Victor apologizes and acknowledges how much she loved Abigail. Maggie starts to cry and declares that whoever did that to Abigail has to pay.

Leo mentions that he heard about Abigail and asks what happened. Brady informs him that she was stabbed. Leo thinks back to taking the knife from his breakfast and putting it in his bag. Leo questions why anyone would want to hurt Abigail. Brady responds that the police think it might have been a robbery. Leo thinks back to stealing the jewelry from Abigail’s box. Leo calls it a tragedy and says he can’t imagine how hard this has been on her family. Brady tells Leo to cut the crap since he went to a lot of trouble to inflict pain upon Chad and Abigail, so maybe he felt that they didn’t pay enough. Leo asks what the hell he’s accusing him of.

Lucas sits Sami down on the bed and thought her flight was delayed. Lucas wanted to pick her up from the airport. Sami understands he has a lot going on and he’s still grieving Abigail. Sami asks how Jennifer is doing. Lucas responds that she’s barely hanging on, like they all are. Sami says that’s why she took a cab and left her luggage downstairs. Lucas wants to go get it for her but Sami says he’s not going anywhere until she answers her question about what went on in the room as it looks like a tornado went through.

Belle informs Shawn that she’s at the hospital to see Marlena as Chad is at the house, telling the kids about Abigail now. Belle thought Marlena could recommend a children’s counselor if Chad though they needed one. Belle starts to go but Shawn asks her to wait.

Maggie tells Victor that she knows to be there for Chad, Jack, and Jennifer to listen and talk about Abigail when they are ready, but it won’t be for a while. Maggie relates that Victor can be there the same way for Shawn and Belle when they are ready, but not now. Victor feels worthless. Maggie says they can try to treasure the time they have together. Bonnie and Nancy then arrive, upsetting Victor. Bonnie brings Nancy in to look at Maggie’s figurines on the mantle. Bonnie says they were just going to play some cards, so she came to get the deck and says they can play in the conservatory. Bonnie says they will leave them to it, unless they want to play. Victor says they are good but Maggie decides she would love to, surprising Victor.

Clyde questions why EJ would care what’s in his bag when it’s none of his business. EJ thinks Clyde might have an illegal weapon in there. Clyde reminds him that would violate his parole. EJ mocks Clyde behind rehabilitated and argues that he just reacted now like a lowlife scum with something to hide. EJ asks if Clyde’s lunch is in the bag or maybe he’s knitting. Clyde reminds him that it’s none of his business. EJ feels it’s very much his business. EJ thinks Clyde acquired a weapon to finish him off. Clyde argues that it’s not always about him. EJ points out that Clyde did try and have him killed once before. Clyde tells him to let things go. EJ recommends Clyde drop the act since before he got out of prison, he threatened to hurt his family and his family was hurt. EJ says he’s not part of the legal system, so if he thinks Clyde stabbed his sister in law. EJ warns that his last name is DiMera and they are an eye for an eye kind of family.

Brady tells Leo that he’s accusing him of being a cold, heartless, cowardly creep that has zero compassion for anyone but himself. Brady argues that Leo hated Chad and Abigail so he tells him not to pretend that he’s grieving. Leo complains about getting blamed again for things that aren’t his fault. Chloe asks what he’s talking about. Leo responds that he doesn’t want to speak ill of the dead, but says Chad and Abigail started it because when they destroyed what he had with Craig, they made an enemy for life.

Sami asks Lucas if he was robbed. Lucas says it wasn’t anything like that. Sami wants to know what it was then. Lucas informs her that he did this because he was looking for something. Sami asks what he was looking for. Lucas thinks back to Brady telling him that the cops think Abigail’s murder could have been a robbery gone wrong. Lucas admits to Sami that he was looking for some jewelry which Sami questions.

Shawn tells Belle that he wants to thank her for being there when Jan was in labor. Belle says she knew the baby might not make it and she knew how hard that would’ve been on Shawn because she knows better than anyone what being a father means to him. Shawn points out that she waited with him and he knows how hard that was for her, so he thanks her. Belle says there’s no need to thank her. Shawn says when he thought the baby wasn’t going to make it, Belle was there and held him so he thought there was hope for the two of them. Shawn hopes that Belle felt the same way.

Maggie and Victor play cards with Bonnie and Nancy. Bonnie asks if they are sure they are up for this with a lot of their minds. Maggie admits they might have too much. Nancy says she was sorry to hear about Abigail. Maggie calls Abigail a wonderful woman, who helped her bring Sarah back. Maggie feels for Jack and Jennifer as she knows how hard it is to lose a child. Nancy adds to Victor that she was so sorry to hear about Philip. Victor quickly responds that he’s not dead. Bonnie questions if they’ve heard from him. Maggie clarifies that they just haven’t given up hope. Nancy says that’s good as she knows Chloe still misses Philip terribly. Victor remarks that Chloe can grieve in Brady’s bed.

Brady questions Leo saying Chad and Abigail started it and asks if this is third grade. Leo argues that he found the love of his life but Chad and Abigail set out to destroy his one chance at happiness. Chloe blames Leo for destroying it by trying to con her father in to marrying him when he already had a husband. Leo argues that getting married was Craig’s idea, so it would’ve crushed him if he turned him down. Brady mocks that everything is everyone else’s fault and Leo is never to blame. Chloe brings up Leo drugging Sonny and then publishing pictures of them in bed. Leo claims it was consensual and that Sonny was lying. Brady doesn’t get why Leo spent all this time and energy in to getting back at Chad and Abigail and Sonny and Will, but not him when he’s the one who blew up his sham of a wedding and was very proud to do it.

Belle admits to Shawn that she did feel it too, but then the baby was born and he went straight to Jan. Shawn claims that’s because he knew EJ was there to hold Belle’s hand. Belle tells him not to make this about EJ. Shawn argues that he went to Jan because she just gave birth and was scared, so he couldn’t leave her there wondering if the baby was alive or dead, but then he came back and Belle was gone, so he assumed she left with EJ and went back to his place. Belle thinks back to kissing EJ at the DiMera Mansion. Belle confirms that they did go back to his place and then they heard Chad screaming and saw Abigail lying there. Shawn says he’s sorry as he knows what she’s been through. Belle responds that it’s nothing compared to what Chad is going through. Belle questions who would do something like that. Shawn swears they are going to find out as he asked Rafe to put him on the case so they can find out what happened that night.

Clyde tells EJ that he doesn’t know what the hell he thinks he’s talking about and tells him not to try to pin Abigail’s murder on him. EJ questions taking Clyde’s word and says only a low life scum would stab a defenseless woman and he fits the bill. EJ warns that whoever did it is not going to get away with it.

Lucas doesn’t want to tell Sami what kind of jewelry he was looking for. Sami questions what’s going on. Lucas says nothing but Sami says there obviously is something since he’s a wreck and she knows it’s not just because of Abigail. Lucas says he can’t say which Sami questions. Sami argues that she’s told him about her disaster of a marriage to EJ which helped her move on with her life. Sami tells Lucas that she loves him no matter what, so she asks him to just tell her. Lucas then sits down and informs Sami that he has something to confess.

Belle questions Shawn going to work. Shawn says of course he is. Belle argues that with Jan going back to prison, so even with help, Shawn’s going to have his hands full with the baby. Shawn reveals that Jan is not going back to prison right now which shocks Belle. Belle argues that Jan already played her high risk pregnancy get out of jail free card and she’s not pregnant anymore while still a dangerous, violent psychopath. Shawn explains that the warden extended Jan’s release so she could be with the baby a little bit longer because he’s premature and needs Jan’s breast milk. Belle questions how the warden knew that. Shawn informs her that Kayla spoke to him and explained the situation. Belle decides that she and Kayla will have to have a chat but Shawn reveals that she did it because he asked her to. Belle says she shouldn’t be surprised since Jan always has an angle to work and always knows how to get Shawn to work it for her. Shawn insists that it’s for the baby and only temporary until the baby gets a little more weight. Belle complains that it will always continue. Shawn says they are talking about his son. Belle argues that Jan will use his son for the rest of his life. Shawn insists that he’s just trying to do what is best for him. Belle says she tries to not let her feelings about Jan spill over onto his son. Shawn knows it’s not easy. Belle asks if they decided on a name yet. Shawn informs her that they named the baby Shawn.

Nancy argues that Chloe being with Brady now doesn’t mean that she doesn’t care for Philip. Maggie says that Victor is just doing his best to make everyone uncomfortable. Victor remarks that Chloe always eventually drives men to drugs, distractions, or out the door. Bonnie tells Nancy to just ignore him because he’s trying to bait her. Nancy complains that Victor is insulting her daughter. Nancy declares that Brady and Philip haven’t lived a blameless life. Maggie warns Victor that he’s going to be sleeping in the guest room. Victor mocks this being Bonnie’s pleasant idea to spend an afternoon.

Clyde assures EJ that he did not kill Abigail and if he wanted to send him a message, he would’ve gotten it and known it was from him.

Sami tells Lucas to just tell her. Lucas then claims that he was looking for a ring and he didn’t want to tell her like this after everything that’s happened, but he was going to ask her to marry him.

Clyde questions why EJ is so paranoid and asks why he’d want to hurt anyone in his family when EJ gave him his word that he’d keep his mouth shut about their arrangement and as far as he knows, he has, unless he has told someone. EJ thinks back to telling Belle about it. EJ claims to Clyde that he hasn’t told anyone. Clyde responds that he has absolutely nothing to worry about then. Clyde says he has a date and walks off.

Victor jokes that they are having so much fun as Nancy remarks that she’s had more fun doing laundry. Nancy apologizes to Bonnie and Maggie for leaving them alone with Victor, but says she has a date. Bonnie tells Nancy to say hi to Clyde for her. Victor questions if she’s talking about Clyde Weston. Victor remarks that he knows she’s desperate, but that’s the bottom of the barrel. Maggie tells Victor that’s enough. Victor argues that Clyde had Sonny stabbed in the back and even Nancy deserves better than that. Nancy doesn’t think Victor has the right to pass judgment on anyone with his history. Victor claims he was trying to help her out as he’s worried about her and understands it’s very difficult to start a relationship with a sociopathic criminal. Nancy asks how Maggie puts up with that as Maggie walks Nancy to the door. Victor jokes that he always thought Craig was the bottom of the barrel and Nancy sure can pick them. Bonnie remarks that not everyone can be as lucky as Maggie which Victor agrees with.

Shawn explains to Belle that the baby’s name was Jan’s idea. Belle says of course he went along with it and says she has to go talk to Marlena. Belle hopes Shawn, Jan, and little Shawn are very happy as she walks away.

Brady reminds Leo that he’s the one who recruited Will and Sonny, brought them to town, and had them tell Craig about Leo’s past. Brady says Craig would’ve never known about Leo’s other husband if not for him. Brady suggests Leo leave everyone else alone and focus on him. Chloe agrees and suggests Leo think of something new this time because the scandalous photoshopped sex selfies are getting old. Brady suggests doing it the old fashioned way in a bare knuckle fistfight. Leo argues that it wouldn’t be fair since Brady is bigger and stronger than him. Leo claims that he’s no longer interested in revenge and has given it up because it weighs on him that the photos of Chad in drag and the memoir he wrote upset Abigail and now she’s gone, so he can’t tell her that he’s sorry. Leo declares that he can’t change the past, so all he can do is look forward. Leo claims that he’s trying to move on with his life, so he’d appreciate it if they let him as he then walks away. Brady tells Chloe that he didn’t believe one word of that.

Lucas tells Sami that before she came back, he asked Roman for his blessing and he got a ring to give to her to surprise her, but he doesn’t know what he did with it and thinks he lost it. Sami questions him tearing the room apart. Lucas says he panicked. Sami tells him that he shouldn’t be doing this right now while he’s still dealing with everything that happened with Abigail and she can see he hasn’t been sleeping. Lucas says he just feels bad about everything that’s happened and he made a mess of everything. Sami says a ring doesn’t matter as she knows what’s in his heart. Lucas wants her to be his wife. Sami infoms him that she knows he doesn’t want to hear this, but right now her answer is no, she can’t marry him. Lucas questions why not when she just said she loves him and she knows how much he loves her. Sami reminds him that she’s still married to EJ because he tore up the divorce papers. Lucas calls him a bastard. Sami says she sent them and resent them but he never signed them and she doesn’t know why. Sami remarks that EJ has to know that she’d never stay married to a man who lied about kidnapping her. Sami tells Lucas to keep looking for the ring while she goes to talk to EJ in person. Sami thinks she’ll be able to confront EJ face to face without him able to weasel out of it. Lucas is not crazy about Sami being alone with EJ so he suggests letting the lawyers handle it. Sami says she tried that and it didn’t work, so she has to go with the direct approach. Sami tells Lucas not to worry about her as she kisses him and exits the room.

At the DiMera Mansion, EJ finishes a call with Chad, telling him that he loves him and the kids and to call if there’s anything he can do. EJ hangs up and tells Belle that Chad sounded awful. Belle says that Marlena canceled all her appointments, so she’s going home to spend time with Chad and the kids. EJ asks Belle what she’s not telling him and guesses it’s about Shawn. Belle confirms that she ran in to Shawn at the hospital and found out that Jan is not going back to prison. Belle knew Jan would find a way to keep her hooks in to Shawn and says that’s where they’re going to stay for the rest of his life.

Bonnie and Victor continue playing cards. Victor comments on Maggie not talking to him. Victor tells Bonnie that he’s sorry if he offended her friend. Bonnie says Nancy is friend and she doesn’t think one can date Clyde Weston and not expect a little blow back. Victor admits he’s in a bad mood. Bonnie asks who can blame him since he has a new baby in the family and everybody should be over the moon, but instead it’s that his grandson will have to deal with Jan Spears for the rest of his life. Bonnie complains that Jan Spears has had way too many sequels and compares it to Alien. Bonnie says she’s just running her mouth but Victor agrees with her and states that Bonnie has unexpected depth.

Outside the Pub, Nancy complains to Brady and Chloe about Leo. Nancy brings up that Leo told her to tell them that they are on his list. Brady questions what list. Nancy explains that he wasn’t specific but it sounded like an enemies list. Brady says he’s sure as hell on that.

Leo sits in the park with his enemies list which has check marks next to Chad, Abigail, and Sonny with Brady and Chloe the two names left. Leo then crosses out Abigail’s name.

Clyde joins Nancy outside the Pub and says she looks beautiful as always and asks if she’s ready. Nancy confirms she is. Clyde tells Brady and Chloe that it’s nice to see them again as he and Nancy head in to the Pub. Chloe complains about having to be civil to Clyde when he creeps her out and Belle told her to keep Nancy away from him because he’s definitely bad news..

Clyde hides his bag of stolen jewelry behind the bar in the Pub. Clyde then goes to his table with Nancy and presents her with a silver bracelet from the bag. Nancy calls it lovely.

Shawn runs in to Brady and Chloe outside the Pub. Chloe tells Shawn that she’s sorry to hear he and Belle are legally separated now. Shawn says it wasn’t his idea and he hoped they would be able to work things out when the baby was born. Brady notes that it doesn’t seem like he thinks that anymore. Shawn is afraid the whole situation is just pushing them further apart.

Belle explains to EJ that Shawn arranged for the warden to let Jan stay in the hospital with the baby, Shawn Brady Jr. EJ is surprised that they named the baby Shawn. Belle says it was bad enough that her worst enemy has her husband’s only son, but now the baby is his namesake. EJ tells her that he’s so sorry and asks what he can do. Belle suggests they can finish what they started the other night and go upstaris right now.

Lucas looks at his ring while thinking back to Sami saying there’s no way she’d stay married to a man who lied about kidnapping her.

EJ asks Belle if she’s sure this is what she wants. Belle and EJ then start kissing.

Sami arrives outside the DiMera Mansion and prepares to ring the doorbell.


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